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Fat Cyclist Jerseys: Sold Out

All Sold Out -- Sorry!

You're riding your bike. People see your jersey, which says "Fat Cyclist" on it. And yet, paradoxically, this jersey actually bolsters your already overwhelmingly good looks, bringing you well into the smokin' hot zone. You are now as irresistably attractive as you are athletic.

You don't come across jerseys like that every day, my friend.

Designed and produced by the geniuses at Twin Six, The Fat Cyclist jersey identifies you as a Friend of Fatty, uses premium sublimated graphics, and is in short very likely to be your very favorite jersey ever.

Free Shipping

Just to save me the hassle of calculating shipping and whatnot, I'll just throw it in as part of the cost of the jersey. Hey, why not?

Jersey Info

Twin Six designed and is producing this jersey, which is why it looks so darn cool. Furthermore, this is not one of those cheap flimsy jerseys race promoters give you to make you feel better about the exorbitant entry fee you just paid. It's top quality stuff.

Here are the details:

  • 16 inch invisible zipper
  • Anti-Microbial Treatment
  • 100% Polyester Microfiber
  • Premium Sublimated Graphics
  • 3 back pockets
  • Now officially a collectors' item

The fit is between a Euro-cut and an American-cut (great for both road and dirt riders). Choose the size as if you would for a Pearl Izumi or Sugoi jersey, and you'll be fine.

Jersey Order Form

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Price: $60.00
Size Quantity
SMALL (35-37" Chest) SOLD OUT!
MEDIUM (37-39" Chest) SOLD OUT!
LARGE (39-41" Chest) SOLD OUT!
XL (41-44" Chest) SOLD OUT!
XXL (44-47" Chest) SOLD OUT!
XXXL (47-50" Chest) SOLD OUT!
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Q. Will you do a version of this jersey in womens' sizing?
A. If I did, I'd have to order 250 of them. I just don't think I'd sell that many. I'd love to be proved wrong, so if you want a woman-specific Fat Cyclist jersey, email me and get your friends to, too.

Q. When will the jerseys arrive?
A. They're here now. I ship one business day after I receive the order.

Q. What's with the colors and the horse? I thought your colors were purple and orange, and your logo was a cartoonish, paunchy guy on a bike.
A. The horse is a clydesdale -- a perfect symbol / metaphor for the Fat Cyclist. I traded out purple for black because a purple and orange jersey looks like a clown outfit. Besides, the black goes better with all those black shorts you already own.

Q. So are you going to re-do your site with the new logo and colors?
A. Yep.

Q. What does the "201" mean?
A. Originally we planned to put the number 200 there, which is the cutoff weight for clydesdales (i.e., "Fat Cyclists"). But I felt like going with the bare minimum number didn't give you as great a value as I would like. So...this jersey goes up to 201.

Q. How did you manage to come up with such an incredibly sexy jersey?
A. By thinking extremely sexy thoughts.

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