The Fat Cyclist Wimps Out

06.1.2005 | 6:10 pm

Yesterday it was raining when I woke up. Raining hard. I was a tough guy, though — I put on the tights, the rain jacket, the neoprene booties (so humiliating to admit to wearing booties) and rode my bike to work. I was soaked by the time I got to work, but that’s not a big deal. Riding in the rain is kind of fun, once in a while.

It was still raining when it was time to go home. Still raining hard. Of course, all my bike clothes were still entirely soaked, but it’s not like I had another option. I suited up into the stinky, muddy, cold, wet clothes and got on my bike.

I did not think happy thoughts on the way home.

This morning, it was still raining. Harder than yesterday. So I got in my car and drove to work. And you know what? I really liked it. Traffic wasn’t bad; the stories on NPR were interesting. After having biked everywhere every day for a couple weeks, driving to work was a real treat.

If it’s going to keep raining like this, though, I’ve got to start planning for it and biking anyways. Which means I’m going to need to carry a second set of bike clothes to work each day for the return trip, along with a plastic bag to hold the waterlogged ones from the morning.

I can tell: I’m going to need a bigger messenger bag.

Today’s Weight: 181.2


  1. Comment by Matt | 06.2.2005 | 6:20 am

    Stop weighing yourself every dang day, you dolt. Keep pedaling and keep the salted-fat-log intake to a minimum for a month…then step on the scale. Seeing digits in the 160s will have you doing cartwheels. Or roundoffs.I will counter your technological geekdom with the modern marvel of the Wiffle Ball bat. Meaning that one by one I will stroke your gadgets into the woods with said marvel like Ichiro playing T-bat.Your blog output makes mine look very limp. Flaccid even. I am small. It is because I am building you a fixed gear. Soon. I am.yer pal,mc

  2. Comment by Fat Cyclist | 06.2.2005 | 4:28 pm

    Hey, if I stopped weighing myself each day, this blog would lose the freak-show/humiliation extravaganza effect that I’ve so carefully cultivated.Good advice on the low-fat, low-salt thing. I’m trying, man. But I’m a Fritos-and-Salsa (and guacamole, when I can get it) junkie. It’s time I admit I have a problem.

  3. Comment by Matt | 06.2.2005 | 7:28 pm

    Hey, what do you know? You’re right. I’m back again. This train wreck is awesome [pulling up chair].somewhat ashamed,mc


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