A Letter to Lance Armstrong

07.21.2005 | 3:33 pm

Dear Mr. Armstrong,
I’m very sorry to hear that you have lost your job as a bicycle rider. Being unemployed is a difficult, demoralizing experience, and to tell the truth I’m not absolutely sure that anything I have to say will help. However, like you, I have found myself "between jobs" before — and I’m happy to say that if you treat this as a learning experience, you can gain some important life lessons from these admittedly difficult circumstances. Here’s how you can take those lemons and make lemonade!
  • Don’t be proud. From what I understand, Lance (I hope you don’t mind if I call you Lance), this is not the first time you have lost your job. In fact, I hear that last year the United States Postal Service fired you. Maybe now is the time for you to go back to them, apologize for your shortcomings, and ask for a job. It seems like common sense to say that there will always be work for mail carriers. If you can start being more consistent in your work, perhaps you’ll find that you have a reliable career that can last a lifetime!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. No doubt you’re wondering how you’re going to make ends meet now that you have no job. Well, I understand you have a girlfriend who is a singer — in fact, if I don’t miss my guess, I believe she once had a hit song, "All Girls Wanna Do is Just Have Some Fun!" And while I think it’s safe to say that one-hit-wonders are a dime-a-dozen, she can probably still find work. In fact, I have several friends with younger children. I may be able to help her make some bookings for their upcoming birthday parties. In any case, if you need money, you should ask her for some. But keep a strict accounting of every penny you borrow, and an even more strict accounting of every penny you spend, to show that you’re not just throwing her hard-earned (and somewhat unsteady)money around foolishly. Pay her back as soon as you can.
  • Do something for others. I hope you don’t mind me being teensy bit little bit direct with you now, Mr. Armstrong. I can tell, just by looking at you, that you have always had it easy. You’ve never been sick a day in your life. Well, now may be the time for you to think about some of the less-fortunate people in the world. Help the sick, for once in your life. You’re a strapping young man; I’ll bet any hospital in the world would be happy to take you on as a candy striper.
  • Think about a career change. You’ve given bicycle riding a shot. That’s great that you’ve chased a dream. Now it’s time to come down to the ground and realize that it’s simply not a practical job. Try to find something you can be successful at. Perhaps you could get a job with Amway or Nuskin. Or maybe you could get a job making / selling those rubber bracelets that are so popular with kids these days. Or maybe you could take your former "career" experience and turn it into something practical — you could be a mechanic or salesman in a bike shop! Though, if you want to be a salesman in a bike shop, I recommend you stop acting like such a know-it-all about bike riding. Remember, the customer is always right!

You can’t help that you’ve lost your job, Mr. Armstrong. But you can help what you’re going to do now. Please accept this advice in the spirit in which it is given.


Kind Regards,


The Fat Cyclist


PS: I think you’ll be pleased to note, Mr. Armstrong, that my weight today is 166.2 lbs. Since I will be on vacation and then riding the RAMROD next week, however, I believe I will need to satisfy myself with maintaining my current weight for this week, as opposed to losing any. The Fat Cyclist Sweepstakes goal weight therefore goes to 166 lbs.


PPS: I will be in vacationing with my family Friday – Sunday, so I’m afraid I will not be posting, nor responding to posts for the next few days.


  1. Comment by Richard | 07.21.2005 | 11:09 pm

    As a fellow cyclist just now getting around to reading your newest posts, Im very entertained, and wonder where you find the time for it all. It is a very entertaining read and always brings a smile to me. Congrats on your weight loss, think what it would cost to buy a bike to save as much weight as you’ve lost. LatersRichard

  2. Comment by Unknown | 10.27.2005 | 10:33 pm

    Must see cameo in a movie appearance by Lance, Dodgeball!

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