I’m. So. Cooked.

08.14.2005 | 4:00 am

I raced the Leadville 100 today. A few factoids from my day:


  • Number of Gu’s consumed: 24 – representing 2400 calories
  • Servings of Campbell’s Chicken and Stars Soup consumed: 2
  • Amount of water drunk: 1 gallon
  • Number of granola bars consumed: 6
  • Number of brief interviews conducted for my cyclingnews.com story: 24
  • Number of Advil consumed: 3
  • Amount of time spent in the rain: none
  • Most beneficial surprise: a tailwind – rather than the expected headwind – from mile 60 to mile 75, leaving me feeling good at the end of what is usually the part of the course that totally demoralizes me.
  • Fast friends:
  • Mark and Serena Warner won the Tandem category for the fourth time in a row
  • Chucky Gibson took fourth overall with a time of 7:28. I can’t even imagine those kinds of times.
  • Kenny Jones finished with a time of 8:08. Kenny and I used to ride together all the time before I moved; now he’s at a completely different level.
  • Bry Christensen finished with a time of 8:48, getting that sub-9 time I’ve wanted so bad for so long.
  • Most frightening moment of the day: a person passed me on a technical downhill, then immediately hit a little jump, landed too far forward, and stacked himself up spectacularly. I missed crashing into him by inches.
  • Goal finish time: 9:45
  • Actual finish time: 9:41
  • Finish place overall: 162nd
  • Most sore parts of my body:
    • My behind
    • My shoulders
    • My neck
    • My legs


    Today’s weight: Right after the race, I probably weighed around 150. After a big ol’ dinner, I’m confident I’m back to being the fat cyclist. Considering how much I ate, maybe fatter than ever before.


    1. Comment by Unknown | 08.14.2005 | 4:15 am

      YYYEEEEAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry I couldn’t make it there to see you finish, Great JOB!!!

    2. Comment by Robert | 08.14.2005 | 2:12 pm

      How are you going to shave off 42 minutes for next year’s race, fatso?

    3. Comment by Unknown | 08.14.2005 | 2:47 pm

      Nice job! Glad you hear you finished feeling good and that the weather was kind.

    4. Comment by Nick | 08.14.2005 | 7:04 pm

      Mate,Well done, was following you on the web. thinking about 9 hrs next yr yet ?-Nick

    5. Comment by Jeff | 08.14.2005 | 10:12 pm

      24 Gu’s alone would be an endurance record. Good job! I look forward to seeing you hobble around in person tomorrow.

    6. Comment by Unknown | 08.15.2005 | 4:29 am

      i feel i must put away the cynicism and sarcasm for today. remember way back when i took you to leadville for your first time? you were fat and slow. now, against all odds, you’re fat and fast.

    7. Comment by Richard | 08.15.2005 | 10:54 am

      Good job (y) That is a very respectable finish at a very tough race. Ya have any pics up? Congrats, you earned itRichard

    8. Comment by kris | 08.15.2005 | 2:59 pm

      Great job!! Thanks for the conversation and support from the North Face to the last aid station. It really helped bring me back from the mental pit I dug for myself on Columbine. That was a fantastic final leg for you, also. We were passing people consistently, and you still took about 15 minutes out of us. It was great to meet you, and again, great ride!! Enjoy Burrito Week!!


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