Stable Creep

10.18.2005 | 4:05 pm

As I winterized my old Ibis Road Ti, I couldn’t help but think: It would be nice to not have to remove these fenders. I could keep this bike set up as a “rain bike” — a pretty common thing to have here in the NW. Of course, that would mean that I need a new road bike.

But really, that’s just the tip of the “bikes I want” iceberg. If I could build out my bike stable any way I want, I would have the following.

  • Road / race bike (likelihood of happening: 70%): This will be my main rig, the bike I put thousands of miles on each year. It needs to be both light and reliable. Out of all the bikes I own, this would be the only one I try to keep clean. If I’m not able to swing getting a new road bike, the Ibis will have to be de-winterized.
  • Rain road bike (likelihood of happening: 70%): If everything goes as planned, that’s what my Ibis becomes.
  • Track bike (likelihood of happening: 100%): Hey, I’ve already got it. The real trick, now, will be me finding the courage to go out and lose with poise on the actual track.
  • Matt Chester Fixie road / cross / supercommuter (likelihood of happening: 60%): Matt Chester, a friend of mine, builds heavy-duty, no-frills, emphasis-on-practicality titanium fixed gear frames: MTB and ‘cross. I’ve maintained his site for years, but it’s only in the past month or so that I’ve started understanding what he’s doing at a more than cerebral level. As I’ve started riding my track bike around town — and loving it way more than I expected to, I’ve started getting it: having a non-corrodable, bombproof fixed-gear bike that you can take on road or offroad equally well would open up all kinds of riding possibilities. Really, I could set this bike up with fenders and it could become a truly all-purpose, all-weather bike. A bicycle SUV.
  • Cyclocross bike (likelihood of happening: 10%): Eventually, I’m bound to take up cyclocross. Bound to. Not for a while, though.
  • Full suspension mountain bike (likelihood of happening: 100%): As I get older, I appreciate full suspension more, especially on endurance rides. Even as I write, the components from my old Fisher Paragon are on their way to UT, where they will be joined with Rick’s old Sugar 1. So I’ll be setting up a nice full suspension mountain bike for less than $500. That said, I’d really like to get a new mountain bike — something high-zoot with disc brakes and new XTR. I’d like — let’s face it — something that would make other MTB’ers envious.
  • Utah trip bike (likelihood of happening: 50%): I travel out to Utah to go mountain biking with friends several times per year. To date, I have relied on friends loaning me bikes, but as I ruin their bikes, I’m running out of loaner privileges fast. I’m hoping that by the time spring comes around, I’ll have got a new mountain bike to keep in WA, in which case the Sugar will become my UT trip bike.
  • Hardtail singlespeed mountain bike (likelihood of happening: 10%): All my friends are riding singlespeeds and talking about how they’re rediscovering mountain biking and falling in love with the sport all over again. I don’t want to be left out of the fun. On the other hand, my wife is going to have a conniption when she reads this and sees how I would fill our garage if she didn’t rule the credit cards with an iron fist. That said, this one can probably wait a little while.

That’s not too many bikes, right? I mean, most people have eight bikes, don’t they? Well, OK, probably not most people. But I bet that if I were to take a poll of the people who read this blog, it would break down like this:

  • 30% — Own 2 bikes
  • 20% — Own 3 bikes
  • 15% — Own 4 bikes or more
  • 10% — Own 1 bike
  • 25% — Own no bikes. Found the site when doing a search on “best cake in the world,” stuck around for the pictures of fat, middle-aged men.

‘Fess up. Whatcha got, bikewise? And what’s next?


Today’s weight: 161


  1. Comment by Cinco | 10.18.2005 | 4:26 pm

    I own two, a road/race bike and mountain bike.BTW, I just moved to the Redmond area from Texas and took on the Zoo twice over the weekend. I would now like to present the “Top 5 Things the Fat Cyclist Never Said About the Zoo Climb”:1. The section from the start to the horse crossing sign is murder. After that, not so bad.2. Stay off the wet leaves on the right as they are very, very slick (I learned this lesson the hard way).3. Also, stay off the shiny black stuff. Almost learned this the hard way.4. It gets VERY cold on the way down. I should note that I am coming off of a summer season in Texas where riding in mid-90s and into the 100s was the norm.5. This climb is the most fun I’ve ever had blowing out a lung.Your blog is the funniest thing going. Thanks for taking the time to write it. Nice to see you getting some schwag out of it too.

  2. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 4:44 pm

    I own four bikes: 1. A beater bike that I use for riding around town, a cheap road bike that I got for $50 and am not particularly concerned about locking up and leaving it, 2. A hard tail mountain bike which I haven’t ridden much recently, but used to ride a lot when I was racing mountain bikes, 3. A good road bike that I put most of my miles in on, and 4. A cyclocross bike that I just got this past year, and I am having a ton of fun racing in the local cross races. I plan to equip this bike with fenders and use it for a rain bike for the rest of the winter after the cross season has ended.Don’t you want a cheap bike that you could lock up somewhere without worrying? I would be pretty hesitant to leave an Ibex Ti bike locked up somewhere.

  3. Comment by Mike | 10.18.2005 | 4:45 pm

    2 bikes, one hard tail MTB and the other is a old road bike with twitchy handlebars. I think I’m gonna donate the old road bike to goodwill, it has served it’s purpose.Mike

  4. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 4:45 pm

    Okay. Four bikes. Unobtainium/carbon/kryptonite Serotta uber bike, my first real road bike (1970 Gitane Tour de France) existing as fixed gear instrument of torture without fenders, a classic Fisher hard tail MTB from the early eighties (first generation of road wheel-like rims) and a classic Raliegh Tourist which always elicits "cool bike" from fellow cyclists when I am riding it with Girlfriend. I am down from about , ahem, seven bikes. The "extra" bikes all were sold to finance the Otrott, a serious money move I have never, even once, regretted although one of them was a 1985 Super Record De Rosa (a classic bike if ever there was one). I ran with Girlfriend today. She keeps a merciful pace and only a few spots hurt. Yeah, I shoulda bought her a bike. But I didn’t.

  5. Comment by Rachael | 10.18.2005 | 4:57 pm

    LeMond for road – steel only of course Bianchi Milano for cruising (the most beautiful girlie bike ever and the internal 8 geared hub is awesome)Soma mountain bike -just sold due to lack of space in the basement (due husbands multiple fixed/cross/road bikes)…is there treatment for this kind of addiction?

  6. Comment by a | 10.18.2005 | 5:08 pm

    One road/commuter bike, but planning on purchasing a MTB this winter. Oh wait, one tandem too.

  7. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 5:09 pm

    I own 3 bikes:Litespeed Road BikeSpecialized Full Suspension MTBSurly SingleSpeed MTBYour friends are right, the singlespeed MTB is the way to go. I’ve found that most MTB trails can be done on a singlespeed. In fact, you remember the "goat trail" on the Jacob’s ladder ride? Dug, Brad and I road singles on Sat and Brad talked us into riding up the goat. I admit, I did walk a portion of it, but it is doable.Rick S.

  8. Comment by Tony | 10.18.2005 | 5:10 pm

    Two.A LeMond road bike and a cheaper Trek Aluminum hardtail from the late 90’s. Will likely make it 3 this spring, as the hardtail has seen better days, and is probably heavier then some of the full-suspensions out there today.

  9. Comment by Robert | 10.18.2005 | 5:11 pm

    5 bikes: 3 mtb, 1 road, 1 touring

  10. Comment by Lee | 10.18.2005 | 5:15 pm

    I own one bike … a recently purchased Trek mountain bike. Though really … I came to your blog on Raymond Chen’s suggestion and stayed for the funny.

  11. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 5:26 pm

    I own 5:1. Intense 5.5 mtb – full SRAM X.O, etc. (my baby).2. Scattante CFR carbon – full Ultegra roadbike (it did a century ride in Sept).3. Jamis Dakar Expert – my 1st full suspension mtb, 3 yrs old.4. Schwinn SuperSport – 1st gen Shimano 600 SIS! Late 80’s vintage. My 1st roadbike! My gf used it for a year until recently buying a Giant TCR. It sits on a mag-trainer.5. Schwinn 5-speed cruiser – late 70’s vintage. Converted w/BMX parts back around 1981, before mtb’s were even invented.I’d like to get a hardtail mtb for racing, as the 5.5 @ 29lbs is really too heavy for serious racing. Although it is fun to finish ahead of hardtails on it…

  12. Comment by Zed | 10.18.2005 | 5:32 pm

    Just two rigs: a Caloi Sigma (correct, as of 1999, they no longer exist) and a C-dale R500 (correct, as of 2006, they no longer exist). The only carbon fiber on either of them is my road fork. If I strike it rich in the next decade, I’m dreaming of a Synapse.Normally, the Cannondale gets more attention than does the mtb, but lately we’ve had some awesome good mtb weather, causing me to head for the hills. This must be the only place in the country where it’s not raining.

  13. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 5:49 pm

    1. Specialized sWorks E5 Road for road riding/racing and the occasional tri (105 /ultegra mix)2.Specialized Allez converted to fixed with eno rear hub for riding around town/commute/errand/beach and not to put extra miles on bike number 1 3. Surly 1×1 with fixed/free rear – front brake only -avid mech disc 4. Gunnar Singlespeed rigid w/ vicious cycles fork5. Specialized EPIC upgraded with all the goodies, for those long rides. The dual squish is nice after 4 hours. 6. 1996 Fisher HKEK (cromo frame) fit with parts off of bikes 3-5 that have been upgradedI feel the only redundacy is 3 and 4. Matt Chester Ti is a dream of mine also. his site is how I came to your site. Maybe I should E bay 3&4 and go for it. I should discuss with the wife about the kids going to state schools. In truth his prices are real reasonable.

  14. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 5:53 pm

    Six:1. Rando/Road bike (2×9, friction, retrogrouch custom)2. Single/Fixed road bike (for fast group rides)3. Single/Fixed touring/trail bike (Quickbeam)4. Rando/Cross bike (3×8, friction)5. Fixed, fendered townie bike w. fenders & basket6. MTB (no susp., C’dale, winter/rain bike)All are lugged steel except for the C’dale.I’ve ridden brevets on all but the last two.At this point, a Matt Chester is pretty much the only bike I want to acquire.Wife also has six bikes.But what I’d really like to know is where to find some good cake . . .

  15. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 5:58 pm

    Four, going on five:-1 Road-Mt. 5 inch travel super squishy pig-Mt. Single speed-My tricyclenext: Fixed gear because it sound fun and I need to round off my square pedaling.

  16. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 6:14 pm

    1) On-One steel-framed, fully-rigid mountain bike. SRAM x.9 Grip shift (once you try, you’ll never go back the expense and hype of high-end levers), Race Face crank, Easton Carbon Monkey Light bar, some off-brand carbon seat post, Shimano Deore disc-ready, pre-built wheels. Built the bike this summer for about $900; first time I could afford new anything. I need a fork still (100mm, air). This bike is currently winter-ized for commuting and winter training.2) Surly 1×1 steel-framed hardtail singlespeed. Also fully rigid. Everyone is right when they talk about the purity and joy of singlespeeding. Built the bike from a $200 frame and parts I scrounged in a bike shop. Total build $500.3) Circa-1995 steel-framed Bianchi Alfana. Everything on the bike is used, traded for or hand-me-down; from the 9-speed Shimano 105 shifters to the Dura-Ace front derailluer. I have a nice set of radially-laced Mavic ceramic rims on Dura-Ace hubs, titanuim bottom bracket and a Ritchey crank. I have kind of a girlie cassette though (12-27). I ride the crap out of this bike. Literally tens of thousands of miles in the four years I’ve owned it. I rebuild it from the ground up once a year and have probably, in all its life (including tires) not spend more than $700 dollars on it. Got it originally in a trade/cash deal that involved giving away a Yamaha acoustic guitar I bought in some lame moment when I thought I wanted to invest hours in something oter than cycling only to realize guitar practice would cut into my riding time.If I could swing it, I’d like a full-suspension cross country and a road fixie bike as well.

  17. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 6:21 pm

    I guess I should say that I own three. An old hardtail MTB that I now plan to convert to a rain bike since my recent arrival in the Pac NW. The third (wait for it) is a replacement for the second, which should be arriving at the LBS on Saturday. It’s a Giant TCR2 with no clearance for fenders, so for the winter it’ll be my trainer bike. Bike two (R.I.P.) was what turned me into Roadie Carbon Boy:

  18. Comment by Daniel | 10.18.2005 | 6:21 pm

    I ‘ave two boiks.Road bike and hardtail MTB.The road bike is cheap ‘n’ nasty, and I commute 180km per week on it, so next on the list is a *better* road bike. My wife will probably inherit the current one and use it for the occasional weekend ride. I don’t feel too bad about that, because her MTB is worth more than twice what I paid for mine.

  19. Comment by duane | 10.18.2005 | 6:30 pm

    Oh,this one causes big problems around the house. When I hit 12 bikes, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed (AKA The Owly Mrs. Draper) set a new Bike Acquisition Model (BAM! – yep, it hit hard!!). She makes me sell two (2!) bikes for every new one I buy. She doesn’t impose any pricing limits and – foolishly, as it turns out – the BAM doesn’t address component or accessory acquisitions. At this point, I’m down to 7 bikes covering nearly all disciplines.

  20. Comment by Kevin | 10.18.2005 | 6:46 pm

    I have 1.5 bikes. A mt bike and an old 70s(?) nishiki i’m building to commute on. My plan is to make it a fixie…My wife, on the other hand, has 4; for road, mountain, bmx, and a mt frame converted to a slalom bike./jealous

  21. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 6:46 pm

    This one hits way too close to home. Something about spending our daughters education fund. I worked my way through college why can’t she.Currently at 4 with one on order,C’dale R900 that I race and train onLangster fixed gear for commuting and winter training. (have developed the nerve to try the track yet)P3SL – I love time trialingHardtail MTB for fall and winter trainingC’dale Six13 on the way. The wife put her foot down on the cross bike. Cashing a few more expense checks that she doesn’t know about and I should be good to go.

  22. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 6:57 pm

    Fatty – damn you now I totally feal inadequate with only 2 bikes. I’ve been thinking of getting a commuter and or one for the trainer. Now I "have" to get one. But, the rides I do have are sweet.1. Look 386i – full Campy Record carbon (Zipp 404 as spares)2. Moots Smoothie Ti – full XTR (need I say more?)Can’t decide on my trainer bike just yet.

  23. Comment by Patty | 10.18.2005 | 7:15 pm

    I own one bike- it’s red…but I know how to make a mean cake!Patty

  24. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 7:53 pm

    I own two, a Giant OCR 2, and a vintage Kona Cinder Cone hardtail. I’m getting ready to pick up an old Fuji 10 speed to convert into a fixee, probably bringing it home later on today or tomorrow. Two plus a relapse? The Giant is my road and hopefully next spring racing mount; the Kona is around town, baby trailer pulling, wheelying, slow single track hooligan bike. I’d kill to upgrade to a nice Serotta, and probably will when I get the chance. Um, I mean I will probably upgrade to a nice Serotta, not that I will literally kill somebody to do it, although I understand the real Serotta aficionados approve of that sort of dedication to the brand. Or maybe a Rivendell. Which aside from having high quality, two wheels and maybe a custom fit, is about as far from a Serotta as you can get. I like their attitude and the idea of a do-everything mount. With funky handlebars and a honey brown Brooks saddle. But that’s today. Ask me tomorrow and I’ll tell you the next bike will definitely be a Bianchi. Or a Colnago. Or a full suspension hucker. Yep, I’m a bike whore.

  25. Comment by kris | 10.18.2005 | 8:18 pm

    Specialized Stumpjumper — bought used for $250 two years ago and has taken me through two Leadville 100’s.An early 90’s Bianchi road bike — bought used three years ago for $175. Complete with downtube shifters. I’ll keep this one until it breaks in two, then try to tape it back together. Nothing like fine Italian steel.

  26. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 8:19 pm

    I have 3.5:1. Opera Leonardo FP with: Mavic Ksyrium SL2 wheels, Campag Record Carbon (10sp – 12-23) and carbon cranks , Deda bars and stem, Sella Italia Gel Flow seat, twin Campag Record carbon bidon cages, Dura Ace pedals and in-cable gear indicator, Polar S725 cycle computer with cadence (my nice bike);2. Opera Leonardo (as above) except with: Campag Eurus Wheels and Elite carbon bidon cages (my former nice bike);3. Trek 2200 with the usual Bontrager stuff (my training bike); and4. Trek 4400 MTB; which I know doesn’t really rate in the MTB world but does quite nicely when going to the shops.

  27. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 9:32 pm

    I only have one bike (for my once a year bike enthusiasm based on the Houston to Austin MS150). A grey road bike, Specialized Sequoia Elite 2004, which I thought was pretty spiffy and expensive when I bought it, but now realize is pretty much a run of the mill type road bike. :P

  28. Comment by TIMOTHY | 10.18.2005 | 9:39 pm

    I’m up to 2 1/2:1. Road bike: Specialized Allez 2. Mountain Bike: Specialized Enduro (Full Suspension)1/2: 1970 Raleigh Superbe that is currently in several pieces. I rescued this bike from a garage that was going to be torn down. It’s in decent shape – mostly just surface rust from sitting forgotten for 15 years. At least now it’s sat in my basement for 3, accusing me every day of not finishing what I start. Eventually I want this to be my "grocery getter". So, what’ s the best way to remove rust from the original chain of a 1970 Raleigh Superbe?

  29. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 9:43 pm

    I have 7 for now (framesets don’t count, right? I don’t think I can even count that high). I am selling a few bikes so that I will be left with:1 good road bike1 commuter road bike1 track bike1 cross bike1 dual suspension mountain bikeThe ones that I will be unloading are a single speed mountain bike and an extra track bike.

  30. Comment by BIg Mike In Oz | 10.18.2005 | 10:06 pm

    It depends how you define own. I paid for and am responsible for the maintenance of 7 workable machines and enough spare parts for 2 and 3 halves. Ignoring those ridden by the-centre-of-my-universe and the 3 offspring, there are 3 that only need shoes/helmet/motivation and they are mobile. 1. "The bike" – 2002 Daromi (local custom frame builder) road bike with a mix of Ultegra & Dura-ace. 2. "The pig" – grandpa’s axe. This machine is the daily commuter/lock up anywhere machine with 3 frames, 3 handlebars and 5 seats in 18 years. A trip down componenet memory lane… Nadax sealed bottom bracket that has done over 200,000 miles since 1987 and is still smooth as the proverbial babies bum. Simplex down tube levers. Suntour (remember them) Superb Pro group set.3. "The fixie" – 1989 Daromi track frame with Suntour Superb group set. This is the premier machine in the collection and as is fitting for it’s place in the stable it has a list of spares/accessories to rival royalty. Training wheels (clinchers) plus 2 sets of race wheels (tubulars). 8 chain rings from 46-53, 3 full sets of rear sprockets from 13-18 (3 wheel sets remember).4. 1984 Daccordi Columbus SLX road frame which will become the fixie commuter when I find a decent set of cranks on eBay.

  31. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 10:22 pm

    2 Bikes. Road and Beater. Beater used to be a mountain bike, but since it’s a 1987 model, it’s hard to call it a mountain bike still. Would like to add a more modern mountain bike.You don’t want a recumbent?

  32. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 10:25 pm

    My girlfriend and I have set ourselves a 6-bike limit (total, not each). My contributions are:1. 2005 Bianchi Axis cross. pretty much bone stock, except for Candy SL pedals. Big changes coming, though, including going to a double in front and getting a second set of wheels, so I don’t chew through my knobbies that fast on the roads. Oh, and wider bars and fancy cross levers. 2. 1998-ish slightly-too-small Nishiki Backroads aluminum hardtail. Started out as fully-rigid, but now is a pretty serious Frankenstein affair, with one gripshift (hate ‘em!) and one trigger shifter, V-brakes grafted on, cheap-ass tires and mismatched grips. This bike needs to go, but it’s hard to justify two new bikes in a year. 3. Mid-90s Giant Aluminum fully rigid mt. Bike. Recently inherited this, and replaced all the cables, and now it runs pretty damn well. But boy is it a bumpy ride! It’s too harsh to run anything more than about 55psi in the tires, otherwise I would break a wrist. It’s my main about town bike, but I’d love to swap it out for a steel road-based fixie, but I refuse to spend a whole lot of money for a bike I’d need to lock up outside a movie theater. My Girlfriend has:4. An almost-finished singlespeed Fuji. (Just needs a back brake)5. A hybrid Bridgestone with drop bars that she uses as a road bike. 6. An old-school town bike. This goes as soon as she gets7. A real road bike. Ideally steel/triple, but we’re still looking for a good deal.

  33. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 10:27 pm

    Hmmmm … That would be my first good bike, a 1987 DeRosa (all Campy), the Turner Burner, the Surly 1×1 (full rigid), the KHS steel softail and my Lightspeed (Ksyrium wheels, Brooks seat & Ultegra) road bike that just got back from the Death Valley by Moonlight ride. I’m with you; I NEED a winter bike. I’m thinking about a Langster fixed gear for that.

  34. Comment by Unknown | 10.18.2005 | 10:44 pm

    1) Rigid Trek 8000, first purchase after my Yokota & Motiv bikes were stolen2) ProFlex 854, purchased 4 months later when I figured out what I wanted3) Trek 830 road bike, thought it would be fun to go faster on the road3.5) Schwinn Unicycle, when I remembered I always wanted one as a kid and now I could afford it4.5) Trek 5020 road bike, when I found out the Trek 830 was a real pain after the 1st 50 miles of any ride6) Bike Friday tandem, to ride with the kids when they were smaller7) Intense Spyder XVP, purchased the I found out ProFlex parts were getting hard to come by8) Schwinn Homegrown singlespeed (used), when I realized I was tired of adjusting bike parts

  35. Comment by DM | 10.18.2005 | 10:57 pm

    two and a half:1 – kona fire mountain (yay canuck!)- was once a super courier bike – now it hauls a baby trailer… it’s the one think of my ex husband’s that i kept. it was much nicer than mine (see brackets below)2 – big silver thing from freecycle. no idea, it seems to be a put together jobbie. hey, i worked on one of those for a many months before i could afford a real one. that was put together from the 3 bikes i destroyed as a courier… (the best was throwing the old giant (volvo of the the bike world) across the road when the chain snapped – AGAIN2 1/2 – radio flyer tricycle. hey, start ‘em young…

  36. Comment by Sarah | 10.18.2005 | 11:33 pm

    1 bike.Its just your basic bike.Hey, I’m only a teen, I just need something to get me to the library, friends houses, shopping center, mall, and (maybe) school and back easily. Plus that fun. And isn’t a car.Now when i have a car to go on bike trips and when i get a job, that’ll be a different story….

  37. Comment by Ariane | 10.19.2005 | 12:55 am

    I have two bikes, and am about a tree-fiddy short of having a third.1) Trek 7100 Hybrid. Hilde is the bike I use all the time, for everything. Don’t laugh, she gets the job done. (I find that hybrids are the bastard children of the bike world… many mock her neither here nor there MTB meets Road build, while others choose not to even acknowledge her existance, something like the elephant in the parlor, so offended are their sensibilities.)2) The Trundler, who was, once upon a time, before rotting in a garage for a decade, some sort of non-descript mountain bike. I got Trundie for $25, and am trying to get ‘er in working order before it starts snowing, but this may prove to be more work than I have time for.I’m working on getting a Specialized Allez, but at this rate, it’ll be next year before I can afford one. (<——-college Toad. New bike savings went to text books.)

  38. Comment by Karl | 10.19.2005 | 1:22 am

    Well, before I got married it was 8 bikes. Now we only a total of 6 between us.Mine:Trek 5900 – road nice bikeK2 Cross bike – cross and rain bikeTrek Fuel Project 1 carbon – competition mtn bikeTrek carbon y-frame – spare mtn. bikeHers:Trek 2100Trek fuel 98The real problem is the amount of room if you don’t have a house.

  39. Comment by EricGu | 10.19.2005 | 2:45 am

    Mine* Trek 5.2 Madone (Project One "Deep South" paint job). 20 pounds. Clean. Beauty* LeMond Tourmalet (yellow). Rain bike. 30 pounds. Clean (once a year). Beast* Diamondback HardTail (purple). 800 pounds. Dusty, flat tires, hidden behind junk at my cabin. Last ridden sometime in the 1990s. Decorative only. Zombie. Others* Wife’s Trek 1200. (purple, bright green bar tape). (pining for a new bike).* Daughter’s Giant kids bike (not "giant" in the size sense). Front suspension, tires slightly down, seat too low. 200 pounds. * Burley Duet Tandem (wife and daughter). Red, tiger squeeky toy. 50 pounds?That’s only two bikes per person, though I have been thinking of getting a better rain bike.

  40. Comment by Tom Stormcrowe | 10.19.2005 | 3:59 am

    I’m in the 15% with 4 bikes, 5 next month when I get my fast touring bike! I"M GETTING A RIVENDELL!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! Shipping arrival 2 weeks and custom fitted to ME!

  41. Comment by Tom Stormcrowe | 10.19.2005 | 4:03 am

    My other bikes: Banshee Chaparall MTB, Royce Union Cheapie MTB, 1974 vintage Scwhwinn Continental I’ve had since it was new, Hercules Commuter, 7 spd internal hub, W. German, AND MY RIVENDELL COMING SOON!

  42. Comment by TCP | 10.19.2005 | 5:37 am

    Before the accident.Roadbike: Marinoni Ultimo aluminum road bike. Glossy black with yellow and orange flames. Kept is spotless. Before getting married I kept it on my dresser in my batchelor pad so I could admire it while lying in bed. Fast, but stiff and painful on long rides. Great climber.MTB: Fisher Paragon. Nothing fancy, but a nice hardtail. I sucked off-road though. I once fell over standing still waiting for someone to catch up. I loved to climb though.Sold em both after the accident. The guy I sold the Marinoni to won his forst triathlon right after buying it.

  43. Comment by phil | 10.19.2005 | 6:07 am

    Greetings from New Zealand…I have 2 bikes, Kona Dawg fully suspended MTB and a steel frame single speed. I usually ride the SS. Both bikes are completely wrong for my riding. What I need is 3 bikes.1 nice light weight XC fully suspended .1 single speed jump bike with better bits, love my DMR frame, I just have a bad wheel set and old XC forks.1 geared alloy hard tail for commuting and road training – I dont think I need a road bike.

  44. Comment by Tom | 10.19.2005 | 6:18 am

    Two road bikes…A 70s Carlton Raleigh and a new-ish Vanilla. And please don’t send me to Matt’s vegetarian hell again no matter how cool his bikes are.

  45. Comment by Christina | 10.19.2005 | 6:49 am

    Husband: 2 road bikesMe: 1 road bike, 1 mtn bikeSon: 1 BMX bike, 1 mtn bike, 1 cross bikeDaughter: 1 cross bike, 1 trykeI guess that’s 9 for the fam. I can’t even begin to list the plethora of miscellaneous bike parts in our garage, kitchen, bedroom, closets, cartrunks, etc. We could be called "Recycled Cycles-East". I wonder how big a mountain of unused bike parts all your blog readers could stack up. I bet it would be as large as one of the foothills in the Cascades.Got caught up on your sidebar articles. Funny as always. :)-Beast Mom

  46. Comment by Unknown | 10.19.2005 | 7:43 am

    Huffy single-wheel you-betcha-gogettum. When I get ANOTHER wheel is when peeps will need to give me some thought as a quasi-hemi-demi-semi serious biker!But FAN, omigosh, do I FAN! I fan you, guy! I’m thinking I need a bumpersticker that says I (fan graphic) FatCyclist. And people would be lookin’ at it goin’ Whuuuuuuut? How about FatCyclist (stack of rocks graphic)? Hugs,MuMo

  47. Comment by Unknown | 10.19.2005 | 8:47 am

    My favourite bike at the moment is my On One il Pompino, setup with lights & mudguards for winter commuting. Then there’s my 15 yr old Ribble road bike, 105 down tube shifters, occasional tri-bars. And my Marin Mount Vision full sus.Plus a custom Swallow triplet (for sale!), a KHS Tandemainia (not for sale), just got rid of a Bike Friday Tandem Tuesday. These obviously don’t count as my bikes, they are family bikes of course.Then my wife’s Trek and three kids bikes – a Mongoose hardtail, a Giant full sus toy that weighs more than my Marin and an Emmelle cheapo.On my like to have listHewitt AudaxTT/Triathlon bikeMy old Orange P7 that I sold to Joe then wished I hadn’tNew Swallow custom tandem (not the Pete Bird is building bikes anymore)9 bikes (with 12 seats) between 5 of us doesn’t seem too bad.

  48. Comment by Unknown | 10.19.2005 | 10:19 am

    The fully rigid slicked tyred street bike. (GT Timberline)The converted singlespeed hardtail (you can’t have it). (GT Zaskar)The geared hardtail I haven’t seen for months because I’m dragging my feet on a new headshock. (Cannondale 800SL)The geared road bike. (Cannondale R1000Si)The mini bike, you know, for parades.Coming soon…the custom painted single/fixed gear road bike. (Old Cannondale, did they have models back then?)It’s inevitable/just a matter of time…the fully suspended mtb.When I’m 50…I’m getting bent.

  49. Comment by Katie | 10.19.2005 | 10:30 am

    I have one bike!! But then again, I am not a biker.

  50. Comment by tayfuryagci | 10.19.2005 | 10:59 am

    I have 2 bikes. it’s such a pity I cant commute to school everyday. but my schools 60 kms away from my house. road bike: the brand’s "Sprick" 1980’s west german made 12 speed, 30 pound. I love him. (dont hv the guts to call this bike a she) :)mtb: the brand’s "Kron" (some taiwanese aluminum frame builder) 2005, everything on it is Shimano Alivio except the rear derailleur which is deore. it DESPERATELY needs a decent fork. I’ll probably buy a manitou axel. weighs around 24 pounds. has about 4000 kms on it. my plans :turning my heavy weight road bike into a single speed. probably with a ratio of 2. 44-22 or something like that.buying a decent mountain bike maybe a cannondale. I would love to buy something boutique but living in a country were it is forbidden to import frames kills the idea. importing bicycle frames to Turkey is strictly controlled and most of the time you cant get your frame through customs. its bad, real bad. so I may buy a cannondale or a trek or something known and very expensive for its components or no bike at all. great!anyway I have 2 bikes and love riding them.

  51. Comment by Unknown | 10.19.2005 | 12:08 pm

    Just two for me:1) 1993 Diamondback something or other – bike from college that sat around for ten years until I went to see the end of the Tour De France in Paris. Immediately bought a new bike after seeing Lance win number 7.2) 2004 Trek 1500 – the bike I’ve been riding five days a week since the Tour De France.

  52. Comment by pete | 10.19.2005 | 12:51 pm

    Wow, I feel inadequate now. Just the one here: a low-end Ridgeback aluminium-frame road bike. I had been intending to spend a large chunk of an impending share windfall on an obscenely expensive (and for me, totally unnecessary) new bike. Had my eye on a Colnago to be honest, but as I find myself back at University for a year it has to go towards that instead.Good to see a couple of people still riding with downtube shifters. Kids these days probably wouldn’t know what to do with them, especially if they’re not indexed. When I were a lad, blah, blah, blah…

  53. Comment by Frank | 10.19.2005 | 1:19 pm

    I’m trying to remove bikes not add them. But this was a great post.Anyone need an 8-speed 2001 Trek X0-1 with some nice bits (like a Alpha Q Carbon Post & Wound Up Team X Cross Fork) and pieces, size 52?

  54. Comment by Nina | 10.19.2005 | 2:00 pm

    I have a Trek 6000 WSD. Yeah I was a sucker for the WSD but it really does fit me well. The shorter top tube was the key.I’m really angling for a road bike but since I "rule the credit cards with an iron fist" at our house, it goes against every fiber of my being. On top of eventually buying a house in the next 6 months it seems, logically, unnecessary…but I’m gettin’ one anyway. Anyone have any suggestions for a low to mid priced novice road bike for a 5′3 woman?

  55. Comment by Unknown | 10.19.2005 | 2:09 pm

    Well, as most every serious cyclist knows there is a precise mathematical formula to determine how many bikes you need to own.b = n + 1b of course is the number of bikes you need and n is the number of bikes you currently own. In my case n = 5, so I need to own 6 bikes. I’m working on it, but in the mean time here is my current list.Bike #1) 2002 Litespeed Tuscany – This is my main road bike the bike I ride the most. Bike #2) 1997 Trek 5000 OCLV – This is my backup/rain bike, but I live in California so I don’t ride it much.Bike #3) 2003 Specialized Epic S-Works – My racing mtb. Also handy for those "theres’s only 3,000 feet of climbing" rides.Bike #4) 2002 Specialized Enduro Pro – My all-around fun mtb.Bike #5) 2001 Specialized S-Works HT – My old race bike that is now my commuter.Bike #6) ???? – Fixed gear or cross bike???? Hmmm.

  56. Comment by Ralph | 10.19.2005 | 2:11 pm

    Three for me.I started out on a Trek hybrid and then got ambitious and tried to ride with the roadies, and it wasn’t long before I got a Trek 1000 – it was in my price range and is now my rain bike. It also got me through Bridge to Bridge, so I’m not knocking it!The next year, though, I got my baby – a Litespeed Tuscany, which I am racking up the miles on. What’s next? Dunno. I’m enjoying the road too much right now to look at anything else!

  57. Comment by Angel | 10.19.2005 | 2:13 pm

    I’m in that 25% that has no bike whatsoever (I’m not a fat, middle-aged man but I do love cake!) and is not ashamed to admit it!!~~name withheld~~:::snicker:::

  58. Comment by Unknown | 10.19.2005 | 2:28 pm

    Just one, an old heavy Trek pseudo-hybrid. I haven’t ridden it much since falling in love with rowing on a Concept II erg. ;)I really need to try that cake – but dude, have you tried Igor Bars?

  59. Comment by Stephen | 10.19.2005 | 2:41 pm

    1. 2003 Serotta Concours CS (race/road)2. 2004 Waterford 14 with S&S couplings (commute/travel)3. 2000 Trek X0 (old commuter that I’m converting back to a cyclocross bike this week!)4. 1997 Gary Fisher Mt. Tam (hard tail)5. 1995 Kona (old mtn bike that i’ll convert into a single speed some day)Need:1. New race bike (either a Calfee or a Parlee)2. Full suspension bike (Titus Racer-X)

  60. Comment by Unknown | 10.19.2005 | 2:54 pm

    2 bikes2004 Jamis Durango SX (mountain bike…even though delaware has 0 mountains)2005 Trek 1200 (road/commuter)

  61. Comment by Unknown | 10.19.2005 | 3:21 pm

    1. 2003 specialized epic – race rig2. 2003 haro x3 – all mountain3. 2002 trek 4900 hardtail – not used very much. i upgraded but kept it around4. 2005 giant STP2 – trials5. 2004 specialized P2 – dirt jumper6. 2004 norco – steel frame urban/DJ w/24" wheelset7. as yet to be purchased: my first roadie (probably a felt or specialized)

  62. Comment by Unknown | 10.19.2005 | 4:31 pm

    Bikes I have:Fast Road: Hampsten Titano w/RecordRain: circa 1992 Specialized Allez w/SuperbeVintage: 1991 Tommasini Diamante w/RecordFixed: circa 1990 Masi Nuova Strada w/Nuovo RecordTandem: 1978 Forrest-Willing w/Nuovo RecordTownie: circa 1984 Colnago single speed w/Nuovo Record, mustache barsTownie: 1963 Raleigh Sports 3-speedUnicycle: RedlineBikes I "Need":Randonneuring bikeA modern tandem that fits my wife betterCyclocross bikeFull-suspension mountain bikeKris GreenA truly fat cyclist, and a big fan.

  63. Comment by k | 10.20.2005 | 2:34 am

    Own:1992 Giant Cadex rigid that I rode and raced up until about a year ago.2005 Jamis Dakar. FS that I *needed* upon moving to a place where rocks and more rocks abound (no lovely dirt single track for me any more)Want:a Tri-bike. I know nothing about roadies, but I *need* a tri bike. You know. So I can Tri. Suggestions welcome, remembering that I’m cheap.

  64. Comment by Carl | 10.20.2005 | 4:39 am

    2 bikes#1 2005 Jamis Dakar full suspension – I love this bike, great blend of cost vs performance#2 1999 Jamis Durango hard tail – I rode the crap out of this bike, almost ate some serious shit on top of a mountain this spring that made me buy the Dakar. nothing like an endo ride at 35mph on a dirt/gravel road to alter your perception on the price of a new bike.#3 Orbea… Oops, don’t own a roadie yet… maybe if I get this job that is not 38 miles from where I live…

  65. Comment by Unknown | 10.20.2005 | 1:13 pm

    Bravo on discovering the fixed gear road thing, my friends and I have been doing it for 15 years and even have a weekly winter night fixed ride. I currently have 8 bikes assembled, its a real grey area between a stack of parts and a runnunig bike:1-Santa Cruz Roadster – #1 road bike2- Merlin Ti- #2 road bike (sigh I love that old bike)3-Voodoo Cross- Cyclocross currently in road trim4-Bottechia- rainbike, my favorite steel bike ever!!5-Motebecane- rain/road fixy6-GT track bike-velodrome racing bike7-Surly 1×1-my current cyclocross racer8-Raleigh 20 Folder- just because? It has suspension fork, v-brakes, and road bars-defies categories!!

  66. Comment by James | 10.20.2005 | 1:50 pm

    Four for me…reverse Chronological2004 Specializsed FSR Anniversarry. (Lots of bling)2000 Klein Adroit Race. Fast Agressive HardTail, great climber2000 ish Lemond Malliot Jaune. Steel is real and I got it used at a real good price.1996 Schwinn s96.3 My first MTB, now my singlespeed. It’s on my car right now waiting for a rideNumber 5 would probably be a fixie and/or some type of super commuter

  67. Comment by sam | 10.20.2005 | 2:03 pm

    Three for meBike #1 – Merlin SolisBike #2 – Colnago Super (my trusty steel frame kid cart puller)Bike #3 – Fuji Finest AL (this one is taken apart) Anybody looking for one? This one I am selling)

  68. Comment by Unknown | 10.20.2005 | 7:28 pm

    The correct number of bikes to own is shown by the following equation:N + 1 = correct number of bikes.Where N = current number of bikes owned.1 road bike2 cyclocross bike3 cyclocross bike, pit bike4 full suspension mountain bike5 hardtail mountain bike6 Townie with panniers, old mountain bikeTrack bike is on its way

  69. Comment by Unknown | 10.21.2005 | 7:04 pm

    1)Bianchi Vitara- steel and carbon, blue pearl (not green)- smooooth. 2)Specialized Epic ‘033)KHS Flite 1000 ‘004)Specialized Stumpjumper ‘95- purple w/out suspension5)Univega Mountain Sport ‘85 (?) filthy and unridden6)Centurion Elite RS ‘86 7)Red beach tandem purchased from bike rental guy in Santa Barbara for $1005-7 just sit

  70. Comment by Unknown | 10.24.2005 | 9:35 pm

    Just one bike for me, a simple yet remarkably satifying Giant ATX 760… and two piles of random parts… that will hopefully evolve one day into a full suspension MTB and a glorious roadie…. and hopefully this evolution will be able to happen after grad school and as school loans get payed off…. blah, being a poor college student kills my biking career.

  71. Comment by Brie | 10.25.2005 | 12:16 am

    Great site – always enjoy reading your blogs – was the cycling news ‘articles’ that attracted me to your space.I’m not a roadie as such – more of the triathlon type but love riding all the same. My story on the number of bikes I own (was 3 now 2 – story below):1. Cheap ‘Repco’ MTB – won in a scratch and win promo thingy – great commuter – annoyed when it was nicked while on loan to a visiting student (not the student but the share house occupants)2. 1st road bike – steel frame Peugot (Penelope) with Shimano sora group set, not too sure if wanted to take up road riding – despite being a heavy girl (the bike that is) she really helped with my strength and (with lots of love) has been relegated as my wet weather and commuter now3. Current training and racing bike – an aluminium frame Alchaemy, with ultegra group set – such a difference after training and racing on Penelope for a seasonAs for my wish list – well that is another story.

  72. Comment by Scooter's Mommy | 10.25.2005 | 2:07 pm

    No bike. I haven’t had one since being traumatized on an old (UGLY green) clunker when I was a kid. It’s alright to feel sorry. :) By the way, I’ve linked you to my son’s page… Great site!

  73. Comment by BRYE888 | 02.3.2006 | 3:05 am

    i got a cephas, it rides nice!! Solid Tires, SWEET Yeti grips and other stuff!!


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