Show Off Your Best Biking Photo, Win a Big Prize

01.31.2007 | 12:01 am

A Very, Very Frazzled Note from Fatty: When I started this photo contest, I thought it would be cool to host the photos on my own site. It turns out that was sheer foolishness. I used a software packaged called Gallery, which evidently used so much server power as to set off all kinds of alarms at my web hosting service.

They shut me down.

So I spent a few minutes hyperventilating, then I begged to be put back online (see how useful begging is?). They agreed, providing I get my server usage under control.

So I uninstalled Gallery (Stupid Gallery) and created a new group on Flickr (a free photo hosting site owned by Yahoo), called — cleverly enough — Fat Cyclist.

And now I’ve edited today’s post so that the instructions work with this new gallery. For those of you who posted with the old gallery, I’ve already uploaded your photos into the new gallery.

Kenny’s Dilemma
Kenny Jones is one of my best friends, and is without question the hard-coriest cyclist I have ever met. He was one of the four cyclists in The Jack Mormon Militia, the first singlespeed team to ever win the 24 Hours of Moab.

Kenny is also the owner of Kenny’s Photo, a great photo lab that develops prints for both Internet customers and for locals.

Kenny’s had an ad up on my site for some time, and recently I started pestering him that it’s time to give up some schwag. I proposed he sponsor a contest based around one of the following ideas:

  • Choose Kenny’s Tattoo: Readers send in their ideas for Kenny’s first tattoo — what it should look like and where it should go. Kenny’s wife, having read the Very Helpful Comments this blog tends to attract, wasn’t super-keen on this notion.
  • Get a Pull From Kenny: A random contest entrant gets to attach a bungee cord to Kenny’s bike for the duration of this year’s Leadville 100. The thing is, I would have totally rigged this race so that I win. I suspect there would have been questions about how that happened.
  • A Photo Contest: How about if we had the first-ever Fat Cyclist Photo contest, where readers can upload their best bike-related photo, and the winner gets a big ol’ enlargement of their photo and $100 in credit at Kenny’s store? That wouldn’t be as cool as knowing that because of me, Kenny will always have a Fat Cyclist logo tattooed on each of his kneecaps (cuz I would have rigged the tattoo contest), but we can live with it.

And so it was settled. Today, we’re kicking off the first-ever Fat Cyclist Photo contest.

What You Can Win
The winner of the contest (you, natch) – selected not at random this time, but by Kenny — will get a massive print, professionally-enlarged (16″ x 20″ or 16 x 24″, whatever makes sense), mounted on black foam board,  and sprayed with a texture spray that also protects it from UV rays. Shipped to your door, as long as you live in the US.

The winner also gets $100 credit at Kenny’s store, good toward Internet print orders.

So this prize is worth more than $150. 


Whatcha Gotta Do To See (or Submit) Photos in the Contest
Whether you’re going to submit a photo or just want to see what others are entering, you’re going to need to register with Flickr. Also, to see all the photos, you’ve got to join the Fat Cyclist Group. Luckily, that’s relatively painless. Just do this:

  1. First, to and follow the standard signup rigamarole to get registered. Luckily, it’s free.
  2. This step is important. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to see all the photos: Once you’ve registered with Flickr, you need to join the Fat Cyclist group. That’s easy: Just go to and click Join this Group. Now you can see the photos for the photo contest at

How it Works
If you know how to use Flickr, you can skip this part. If, like me, you’re still totally novice to Flickr, here’s how you upload a picture.

  1. Go to the Flickr Upload page:
  2. Browse for your photo(s) – you can enter up to three photos in this contest. Photos are automatically resized, so don’t stress about having it be a particular size before you upload it.
  3. Click the Upload button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Enter captions for each of your photos. Be interesting and descriptive. If you can’t be both, be one or the other.
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Now you’ve got to make your photo part of the Fat Cyclist group. To do that, from your “Your Photos” page (you should be there already) click your picture. You should see options of what you can do with that photo above the picture now.
  7. Click “Send to Group” to make a menu drop down. From that menu, choose Fat Cyclist.
  8. OK, that’s it.

Your photos should be added to the gallery pretty much immediately.

Kenny will choose a winner this Sunday, and I’ll announce it on my blog on Monday. So you have a few days to enter.

A Plug For Kenny (and For Me, Too)
Whether you enter the contest or not, check out Kenny’s ad toward the top of the sidebar (right below the ad where I obnoxiously beg for  your Bloggies vote). He’ll give you $10 off your first order if you’re willing to admit you read my blog. Is it worth $10 to make that admission? You’ll have to make that choice yourself.

You know what? I’m excited to see what photos you submit.

Though I plan to continue to push Kenny to do the Tattoo contest next time.

PS: Today’s weight: 169.8, which is a loss of 3.2 pounds in one day. This tells me one thing: I must’ve gone to bed dehydrated.


  1. Comment by T1mm0 | 01.31.2007 | 2:05 am

    “you can enter up to three photos in this contest” – and so PMgD goes and puts up 6; of a recumbent… whats that all about?

  2. Comment by BIg Mike In Oz | 01.31.2007 | 2:30 am

    T1mm0 – He’s a recumbent rider. Despite the “bearded professor” demographic inhabited by most recumbent riders they don’t always know how to count. Or maybe he’s a super-scientist like Mr BotchedExperiment and he interpreted 3 as not a mere 3 but rather 2 to the power of 3.

    Fatty – I only loaded 2 photos thus helping keep the average at 3 per competitor after the little blow out by PMgD. I also wanted to hobble myself for the contest because as one of your international superstar commenters, if I won I would have to reliquish my prize to the next best competitor (as decided by Kenny).

  3. Comment by Born4Lycra | 01.31.2007 | 4:01 am

    FC said “Today’s weight: 169.8, which is a loss of 3.2 pounds in one day. This tells me one thing: I must’ve gone to bed dehydrated” which of course is much better than dehydrating after you’ve gone to bed methinks.
    Some very clever photo’s posted already good job FC can’t win because that picture from a while back milliseconds from painful impact, front wheel crumpling still makes me cringe and look away. Agony.

  4. Comment by Irish Church Lady | 01.31.2007 | 5:16 am

    I’ve just entered some photos on flickr.

    I just started biking last year.

    I tried to ride my bike to work at least 3 days a week.

    It was good.


  5. Comment by Derek | 01.31.2007 | 6:45 am

    Flickr Group looks good, Fatty. I bet it will be fun to keep an eye on even after the contest…

  6. Comment by Eufemiano Fuentes | 01.31.2007 | 8:52 am

    I liked the contests when all we had to do was be the first one to ridicule you about not making your target weight.

    All these other contests hurts my head.

  7. Comment by Jose | 01.31.2007 | 9:21 am

    Hey Fatty, how do you do it? I was 173 lbs last week when you were like 174 and now I am at 172 and you are 169.8? I am starving to loose weight (I am out of the contest, but I would like to beat you) and I also rode 107 miles in three days. I probably don’t gain as much weight as you do, but you loose it very easily. Are you taking pills or something?

  8. Comment by BotchedExperiment | 01.31.2007 | 9:34 am

    Jose, legion are the scientists who can’t wait until fatty dies so they can cut him up to see if they can understand the seemingly super-human weight gains and losses.

    Born4, the picture of fatty taken an instant after the one he posted is even better (for some reason, fatty doesn’t like it as well). Fatty is face-down in the dirt kind of in the middle of a juniper bush. The second photo, in relation to the first one, is just priceless. Hey fatty, post the second photo!

  9. Comment by Al Maviva | 01.31.2007 | 10:11 am

    Dang. You know, it took me nearly 24 hours to figure out how to make light of this post. Finally, it comes to me.

    “Don’t forget people, in keeping with the standards of this forum, naked pictures of your loved ones or even your lusted after ones will not be considered as proper entries in this contest even if they are riding or doing something else inovative involving bicycles and bicycle paraphernelia, and will be removed from the site promptly as prohibited under local decency standards. If you have any questions about whether a photo is too risque, or if you know it’s too risque but just want to show it off, please post it in a separate entry in the forum, and most of the male readers will check it out and let you know whether it’s suitable for this contest. Unless you label the hypertext link as “one for the ladies,” of course, in which case the female readers will check it out and not tell you whether it is suitable for posting or even whether they’ve checked it out, unless they feel compelled to provide negative comments regarding the physical attributes of the subject of the photo. Fatty thanks you for following this rule, and the readers of this site thank you for at least considering providing a link, you big fat perverts. Er, loyal readers, I mean.”


    Better lay off the serious posts, Fatty. That one was bloody hard to satirize. That, or I’m slipping. How you could write the word “photos” without the word “smutty” immediately springing to the forefront of my mind? I’d better get a looser helmet or something. Dr. Fuentes isn’t the only guy whose head hurts as a result of these contests.

  10. Comment by Roland | 01.31.2007 | 12:59 pm

    So, who are the early favorites? Who do you guys think will win?

  11. Comment by Token Skinny Guy | 01.31.2007 | 1:06 pm

    Wow. I never realized how very uncool FC is. Even Flicker is incredulous that anyone would want to join his group. It asks “Do you really want to join the group “Fat Cyclist”?” Now I’m not so sure I do…

  12. Comment by Rocky | 01.31.2007 | 1:09 pm

    Not only an ultra popular fat guy, but an educator, too. Flickr should simply love you after all of this.

    By the way, a HUGE THANKS for the helmet cam. It isn’t that I am negligient – it is that I am currently buried. Anywho, Christmas was never so good. I have tested it – the camera, that is, and I will send you clips of the more interesting test after the Moab trip on Friday. All signs point to “this is gonna be so sweeeeeet.”

    Thanks again, Fatty. By the way – I have perused the photos entered thusly, and I must say that Kenny would have much fun working with my photo material. It pays to have a wife who rides and is a pro photog. Shall I send him the .jpg now?

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  15. Comment by Roland | 02.6.2007 | 8:25 am

    Hey, it’s Tuesday. Where are the results?

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