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07.20.2007 | 6:13 am

Susan’s alarm clock just went off. Time for her to get ready to head over to the hospital, where she’ll drink what looks (and she says tastes) like about a quart of white paint. Except this stuff paints her insides. And it’s radioactive.

An hour later, Susan’ll have her CT scan.

And then we’ll wait. On pins and needles. For a week.

I do not expect either of us will be able to think of much else during that week.

Many people have asked me whether it really takes them that long to get results back. The answer is, probably not. And I could probably call and bug the doctor to find out earlier than Susan’s Thursday appointment. But I don’t think I will. I figure if it’s good news, it will still be good news on Thursday. And if it’s bad news, being unaware for an extra day or two might be good.

At least, that’s what I’m saying right now. We’ll see if that’s how I feel around Wednesday.

Friends of Fatty
I understand many of you are wearing your pink jerseys today in a show of support. Thank you for that.

Every day, I get email from people who are thinking about and praying for Susan. This has really touched both Susan and me.

My sister Kellene tells me one of her friends put on her pink jersey, went on a long ride to a quiet place and then spent some time meditating and praying on Susan’s behalf — how can something like that not help?

And in general, you’ve all been true friends, which is a pretty crazy thing for me to think about, since all I ever have done for any of you is write fake news and make absurd assertions.

I’m not complaining.

Show Yourself
Hey, do something for me. Take a picture of yourself — whether you’ve got a pink Fat Cyclist jersey, an original Fat Cyclist jersey, or no Fat Cyclist jersey at all. Upload it to my new Team Fatty Flickr pool, which you can find at:

You’ll need to join Flickr and the group in order to see all the photos.

Things I’d like to see in these photos: You, your bike, your Fat Cyclist jersey (if you have one) or T-Shirt (if you have one), and a background that gives us an idea of where you ride.

(Those of you who have emailed me photos: would you do me the favor of uploading them to Flickr, so I don’t have to? I’m too lazy.)

What’s the prize? Well, I’m just about to roll out a new design for this blog, and the banner will use photos for the background, and there’s a reasonable chance I’ll wind up using yours at some point. I’m not sure that’s much of a prize, but do it anyway.

PS: A Note of Apology to B7 Challengers: I never did this month’s TT, and I haven’t weighed myself in at least three weeks. Sorry. I will still do the final weigh-in and TT, and will send and collect rewards accordingly.

PPS: For those who have asked about the TdF: I’ll be writing something this Monday. The truth is I’m about a week behind on the watching — the last stage I saw was where Rasmusen took the yellow jersey. I plan to do some fast-forward style catching up tomorrow while the rest of the family buries their noses in the three copies of the new Harry Potter book my wife will be purchasing at midnight tonight.


  1. Comment by wndnh2o | 07.20.2007 | 6:26 am


  2. Comment by Jay | 07.20.2007 | 6:34 am

    holy crap! what the hell is an ann coulter ad banner doing on your website?

  3. Comment by CSB | 07.20.2007 | 6:46 am

    Man, you two know how to kick some serious ass. I’d be a sobbing puddle of goo if my fiancee got caner, but you both seem to be making the best of it. I’m pullin my fat ass up the hills for you guys, and here’s hoping for some awesome news. I’ve GOT to get one of those jerseys.

  4. Comment by mark | 07.20.2007 | 6:49 am

    I’m wearing my fatcyclist t-shirt at work today. Like the pink jersey, it also makes me invisible to wind, as my commute was 9 minutes door-to-door this morning (faster than I can drive it). When I get home, the wife and I will pull on the pink jerseys for a team fatty photo. Between now and then, we’ll be thinking of and praying for you.


  5. Comment by KeepYerBag | 07.20.2007 | 6:50 am

    The whole KeepYerBag family is praying for you, Susan.

  6. Comment by Lins - Aust | 07.20.2007 | 7:23 am

    Fingers crossed.

  7. Comment by bikemike | 07.20.2007 | 7:36 am

    God bless your whole crew F.C.
    will be thinking about Susan and you this weekend
    and next.

  8. Comment by Lisa B | 07.20.2007 | 7:49 am

    I’ve had my Susan jersey on since 6:30 this morning. Walked the dog down to Lake Washington, thinking of the FC family. I saw a great blue heron and then a bald eagle trying to catch a fish. It was very peaceful and I thought about I’m waiting impatiently to check off “recovery” and “Italy” for you all. Next up, a ride up and over Juanita Dr. to St. Edwards. I’ll see how the camera phone does. :)

  9. Comment by RubyBlue | 07.20.2007 | 7:54 am

    I’m a regular reader but only posted a few times.
    Just wanted to send my best wishes to Susan and Fatty. Stay strong!

    I think I need to get me one of those Pink Lemonade jerseys, then I could look as hot as Natalie. Plus they are just about the cutest jersey ever seen – its cute now because its pink. I just wish Team Fat Cyclist was an official USA cycling team so I could sport this proudly in my next race. :)

  10. Comment by monkeywebb | 07.20.2007 | 7:57 am

    The thoughts are on their way but the picture will have to wait a week for a new (functional) digital camera. I never thought I would be so excited or honored to wear pink.

  11. Comment by Tim D | 07.20.2007 | 8:02 am

    Rode in in my Pink Lemonade jersey here in not so sunny Lancashire. Sadly I had to wear a rain jacket over the top, but my work colleagues appreciated it when I got in.

    Keep strong

  12. Comment by KT | 07.20.2007 | 8:12 am

    I’m wearing pink… not the jersey today, but I am wearing the FC Pink Socks!

    Good vibes heading your way from Oregon….. will try to get a picture to your Flickr group ASAP!

  13. Comment by Lowrydr | 07.20.2007 | 8:13 am

    Hopes and Best Karma to you FC and Susan as you undergo this next test.

    Man I started reading this post and got all teary eyed and had to stop for a second.(more really) I to will have to wait for a new Digi-cam before getting a pic posted.

    Susan, enjoy the book with the kids, which is what I figure Fatty meant. KARMA! KARMA! KARMA! ->->->->-> shooting your way. WIN, WIN, WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Comment by Caren | 07.20.2007 | 8:13 am

    Today was a running day but I wore my pink lemonade jersey! It made me so much faster in spite of how sluggish I felt when I started. Tomorrow my husband and I will be wearing our pink lemonade jerseys (yes, he wears pink and I will have to do laundry to wear mine again) – picture will be taken on the ride and maybe we will stop for a burrito too. You really need to understand that we have the BEST flour tortillas, green chile and therefore the BEST burritos! Wow, am I hungry now!

    I know that the next week will be grueling – waiting always is. But keep the faith and BELIEVE! That is the only train of thought to have!

    BTW – while sending support to you and Susan I am going to ask for a little in return. My aunt (step aunt actually) was just diagnosed with Stage 1 invasive carcinoma. She is having a double bilateral mastectomy next Wednesday. Please keep her in your thoughts and send some of the Team FC karma to Lawerence KS.

    Today on my run I realized how great it will be to wear my Pink Lemonade jersey when I walk across the finish line of the San Diego Breast Cancer 3-Day – yes, that will be after walking 60 miles! If any Team FC members would be interested in sponsoring me the link is

    I’m on my way to raising $10,000 and any and all support is GREATLY appreciated!

    Team FC rocks!
    Caren Gioannini

  15. Comment by chtrich | 07.20.2007 | 8:21 am

    Go Team Fatty – WIN!!

  16. Comment by Brewinman | 07.20.2007 | 8:27 am

    We will be thinking about you guys out here in Nebraska. Sending all our positive vibes and healing thoughts your way! I will be sporting the pink lemonade with pride on my ride today, and can’t wait to check off the remaining items on the “To-Do” list!


  17. Comment by winner27 | 07.20.2007 | 8:59 am

    Sending lots of good vibes your way Susan! You were the topic of my morning meditation and will put on my rockin’ Pink Lemonade jersey when I get home. This morning when I got up there was a baby deer playing in my front yard and since then I’ve been feeling exceptionally happy all day. I attribute it to the knowing that you are going to get some very happy results on Thursday. Cancer doesn’t stand a chance against Team Fatty!

    Caren – I’m also sending lots of positive energy to your Aunt – stay strong!

  18. Comment by MAJ Mike | 07.20.2007 | 9:13 am

    When I get worn out on a ride, run, or swim (like today during lunch…ugh), I think of three things to get the next spin, stride, or stroke out – my dad confined to a damn scooter because of multiple sclerosis and how much he’d love to hurt THIS way instead, our soldiers overseas and how much they would love to bake in THIS heat instead, and Susan’s fight that we watch virtually right here. I can’t wear pink today (clashes with the camoflague), but you get all the good vibes from the way my shoulders feel after today’s swim, along with whatever other ones i can scrape together. Stay tough.

  19. Comment by Kathy | 07.20.2007 | 9:36 am

    I have a teenage daughter — named Susan — that has been driving me crazy today. And even though she took a nice blanket out in the wet grass to lay out in the sun, and even though it took her three more days to clean her room than the day we mutually agreed upon, I’m letting it go, because it really isn’t that big of a deal. My prayers are with your Susan and family.

    Wearing my pink jersey on a 30-mile ride tonight. Glad I only have to buy one Harry Potter book!

  20. Comment by miles archer | 07.20.2007 | 9:50 am

    I won’t be able to ride until Sunday. sigh. But I will try to get a picture in the pink jersey.

    I’ve been watching the TDF but am completely turned off by news like this:

  21. Comment by Philly Jen | 07.20.2007 | 10:15 am

    Susan, I’ve been pulling for you while Pink Lemonading my way round and round Lemon Hill this week. Chin up — your magic cocktail means you are officially hotter than Kenny and Natalie…combined!

    P.S. What? Ann Coulter is a horcrux?

  22. Comment by paige | 07.20.2007 | 10:18 am

    I’ll be thinking and praying for Susan and your family today as I often do while pedaling.

    Since we’re a biking family, the TdF is big here (the only reason we have satellite tv is to watch bike racing) and we’re having fun with the tour this year. It’s been chaotic, messy and sometimes brutal…that’s entertainment!

  23. Comment by Jeremy | 07.20.2007 | 10:24 am

    When (if) the Georgia afternoon rain showers cease, I’ll get a pic of my Fighting for Susan pink kit, and hopefully a few shots of the north Georgia countryside. Also, I feel for you as I will also be a Harry Potter widower this weekend!

  24. Comment by TimK | 07.20.2007 | 11:30 am

    WIN, Susan.

    FC, there’s a script I saw a while back that auto refreshes a banner from a whatever Flickr pool you point too. As far as the management and inclusion of your Flickr photo albums on the site, I am a big fan of falbum for WordPress
    (e.g (pardon the shameless blog plug)

    I’m not wearing pink today, and don’t even have time to get on the bike for a ride – the most I can offer you is that I am humming the Pink Panther tune for the rest of the day and send positive vibes your way.

  25. Comment by Clydesteve | 07.20.2007 | 11:53 am

    Susan and Eldon are in my prayers today as I sit in my pink lemonade socks. I am foprced to share anti-cancer vibes from my LIVESTRONG bracelet with one more person. Now it’s my brother, Susan and my cousin, same age as me who I just found out has cancer.

    I joined the FLIKR Team Fatty group, and I uploaded 2 photos, which are in my photos, but they do not appear in the Team Fatty Group photo pool. How is that accomplished?

  26. Comment by Clydesteve | 07.20.2007 | 12:04 pm

    Nevermind, I figgerd out how to post to the Geam Fatty group. For those as dense as I: Go to the TF group with Eldon’s link and join the group. Join Flickr too, if not already a member. Upload your Photos, then find a link to “organize” your photos. I found mine by wandering to the Team Fatty group, and down below, in the small print, look for the selfish postmodern “You” catagory, and click the “Organize” link. Drag the desired photos to the big screen, hit the “Group” dropdown on the top, and select the Team Fatty group. Bingo.

  27. Comment by Mrs. Coach | 07.20.2007 | 12:09 pm

    Dang it TimK, now I have that song stuck in my head.

    FC, i heard something the other day (I hope I’m remembering it correctly) but those who choose the right are led in righteous paths; or those who do good, recieve good. Something to that effect. Everything is going to be good.

  28. Comment by Clydesteve | 07.20.2007 | 12:09 pm

    Wait! Stop! There is a serious downside to posting photos to that group. It pushes the pictures of Natalie off to the 2nd page.

    just sayin’

  29. Comment by barry1021 | 07.20.2007 | 12:11 pm

    Wifey wore her pinkey on her afternoon ride before heading to work, I am heading home now to do same.

    Just WIN, baby.


  30. Comment by Clydesteve | 07.20.2007 | 12:24 pm

    Mrs Coach – This one?

    Proverbs 2:20 (New International Version)

    20 Thus you will walk in the ways of good men
    and keep to the paths of the righteous.

  31. Comment by rexinsea | 07.20.2007 | 2:03 pm

    Good thoughts to you FC, Susan and family. I’ll be thinking of you.

  32. Comment by Born 4 Lycra | 07.20.2007 | 2:09 pm

    Just spent 24 hours straight in my pink top which included two rides and sleep. Yes I was a bit whiffy, Yes the wife slept with one eye open, Yes I attended meetings wearing it and yes I got to tell the story quite a few times. But hey no pain no gain!
    I’ve had to do the white paint thing as a kid a few times and my Mum tells me they flavoured it on most occassions. Sue ask for caramel nothing better than a caramel radioactive thick shake.
    Win Team Fatty.

  33. Comment by Mrs. Coach | 07.20.2007 | 2:28 pm

    no it wasn’t that. It was just something someone said (granted, they probably heard someone else say it first) it wasn’t an actual saying or anything like that, not that I’m aware of.

  34. Comment by Mrs. Coach | 07.20.2007 | 2:28 pm

    no it wasn’t that. It was just something someone said (granted, they probably heard someone else say it first) it wasn’t an actual saying or anything like that, not that I’m aware of.

  35. Comment by Mrs. Coach | 07.20.2007 | 2:29 pm

    Sorry for the aspritzen (sp?) my mouse overly clicked.

  36. Comment by Al Maviva | 07.20.2007 | 5:06 pm

    You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers a good deal lately. Demographically we have a good deal in common so your situ hits home, big time. Yeah, I do pray from time to time, I’m pretty sure He says the same thing… “Cripes Al, that was long winded… entertaining and there was a purpose to it, but could you hire an editor?” I don’t know that that my (or anybody’s) prayers can get you a miracle, in terms of fixes. He seems to be something like an Italian engineer – Fiats, Ferraris and Colnago integrated derailers – usually designs something beautiful, sets it in motion, and then leaves it up to lazy, incompetent mechanics (us) to fix things up.

    What I’m pretty sure prayer does all the time, is to help us accept the beautiful design, for all it’s flaws. A Fiat wouldn’t be as park-able in Rome if the engine compartment (and rest of the car) was bigger; the Ferrari wouldn’t be heartbreakingly beautiful if it was designed to be a sensible, 200,000 mile car like a Camry; and the Colnago would merely be a better painted Bianchi without design quirks. So too, life and we wouldn’t be humans were it not for struggles that are almost too much to bear. I’m with Lance in thinking that with a lot of diseases, and a lot of other challenges, people make it for no apparent reason, people sometimes fail for no apparent reason. Coping, and fighting, and accepting that there are things we simply can’t control are part of the gig. That’s not to say prayer is useless or just meditation; quite to the contrary I believe prayer and faith in the Creator of All Things (maybe not the bearded Jewish guy, the elephant standing on the turtle or whatever else our limited minds imagine) help shape our minds, in a way not entirely of our making. Nope, I can’t tell you how much the change weighs or what kind of electrical charge it contains, but I have faith because I’ve seen too many profoundly good things that are otherwise inexplicable to my mind, without a great cosmic variable.

    The upshot is, the prayers and faith, including that nebulous and otherwise uncharacterized good will expressed by those who don’t exactly dig earthly religious bureaucracy, seem to have lifted you and Susan up a bit; in turn it has lifted a lot of the rest of us up to find this level of faith or whatever you want to call that special something, that tie between each of us and the others, and a common belief that this kind of thing matters. The first miracle is that you’ve seen this. The second miracle is that you will see it again, no matter what the test results. The third miracle may be remission, or it may be the fact that you can count on more miracles from your friends, your core group, your family and others who will exceed anything you could reasonably expect of them.

    So while we are asking our God to heal Susan and support Fatty, or imploring the driving force behind life as we understand it to favor them, or simply passing our good wishes along to them, I hope you all appreciate the stunning things you’ve seen from the Friends of Fatty, and realize that it doesn’t have to be unique, it simply starts with giving a little to others, and being able to accept a little from them. Little things like a kind word to somebody who is down, a simple offer of help, or chipping in when a charitable opportunity (like a pink jersey) presents itself, these little things accumulated have untold effects. You start by letting yourself be moved a bit, dropping the hardening you wear as armor over your heart, and when you do that you find you have the power to move others.

    Seeing this happen with you, Fatty, in this weird impersonal web universe, has made me look more closely at how this happens around me in meatspace on a regular basis. What I’ve realized is that you are already enjoying a miracle or two (as are many of us, routinely). It may not always be the thing we are looking for but it’s a good thing, anyhow. Thanks to you, and to the little community here, for having an accepting (and giving) spirit, and helping me see this.

  37. Comment by MAJ Mike | 07.20.2007 | 5:41 pm

    I bought a couple of the pink jerseys as gifts. Both for women who do not ride, but I hope will one day. One is my girlfriend, who fears traffic but loves people. One is for a dear friend who is a physician specializing in palliative medicine, caring for those in great pain and/or at the end of life. My girlfriend runs with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s “Team in Training.” One of her coaches from the last three years was recently diagnosed with cancer herself, and my girlfriend bought her a pink FC jersey. Knowing that her friend and coach would need an explanation for the jersey, she asked me to write something up to include with the gift (which she will hopefully wear as she cycles among TNT runners on their weekly workouts). She being my wonderful girlfriend, I had to comply. Upon completing it, I thought my write up was worth sharing with the fatty faithful, though Hemmingway I am not. Here you go”

    Elden is a cyclist. Living in Utah, he has ample space to tackle miles of roads and trails with his collection of bicycles. But Elden has a problem. Elden loves to eat all those things a serious cyclist shouldn’t put in his body if he wants to increase that all-important power-to-weight ratio necessary to crush his adversaries under the wheels of his bike. At some point, he realized he was not alone in his battle. There are fat cyclists across America, and even around the world. Elden started writing a blog to share his story, and found friends in every corner who identified with him, and hung on his every word as inspiration to spin the pedals one more time in spite of the weight, the challenge, the distance, or the steepness of the climb.

    Recently, Elden found a battle he couldn’t win with tenacity on the bike. He has, for now, pushed his weight down to the point where his “fat cyclist” moniker borders on the ridiculous, but something more difficult, and more important, has come up. Elden’s wife, Susan, is battling cancer. Just as Elden reaches new peaks with his training (and readership on his blog), she is forced to troop on in to the clinic for treatment after treatment in hopes of beating back this terrible challenge. Serendipitously, the good people at Twin Six (a cycling clothing manufacturer) were beginning to produce “Fat Cyclist” cycling jerseys for the heavy faithful that read and rode along with Elden. Hearing of Susan’s battle, they offered to produce a special “Pink Lemonade” version of the “FC” jersey.

    Susan’s jersey is special. It is pink, in honor of the color that represents the fight against women’s cancers. It has a hidden checklist in the center pocket, which includes as yet marked-off blocks for “recover” and “Italy,” which is where Elden is taking her when she regains her strength to travel. More importantly, it has her simple slogan printed on the sleeve. “Win.” It’s the only option their family, both blood and online, will entertain. Additionally, most of the proceeds from the jersey are going to cancer research and support organizations that help those who need it.

    Wearing this jersey is both a sign of support for Susan, and for those battling cancer everywhere. If you got it as a gift, take it as a sign of support from the giver to you. Just as Elden’s readers send “vibes” and karma,” along with prayers and hope to Susan, they are sending the same to you as you fight cancer or support those who do.


  38. Comment by LanterneRouge | 07.20.2007 | 5:50 pm

    Al, thanks for saying perhaps what most of us feel inside but didn’t know how to express.

    Usually with your comments I can never tell whether a) I’m too dumb to understand what you’re talking about or b) you need to cut your meds in half. This time was spot on.

  39. Comment by Col | 07.20.2007 | 8:14 pm

    You all are so eloquent, there’s nothing more I can say other than, you’re why this is my favorite space. So all I can do is ask, “What the heck is a horcrux?”

  40. Comment by Born 4 Lycra | 07.20.2007 | 11:03 pm

    MAJ Mike – excellent
    Al Maviva – excellent
    and Clydesteve thanks for the directions
    Have a good weekend everyone.

  41. Comment by barry1021 | 07.21.2007 | 8:52 am

    Thanks Al. that’s all. Just thanks.


  42. Comment by KT | 07.21.2007 | 9:36 am

    Rev Al, brilliant. Spot on. I think you’ve managed to cover what everyone was feeling.

  43. Comment by barry1021 | 07.21.2007 | 9:39 am

    And y’all can tell me to bugger off, but I do have a bone to pick. THe term karma has been tossed around a lot, mostly IMO, incorrectly. Karma in sanskrit means “action”, not good not bad, just action. A lot of misunderstanding in western and eastern cultures today, but the “theory” is that when a soul inhabits a body, and resides in the relative, changing aspect of life, that he/she is subject to the laws of karma, which in their diluted forms in the west are the golden rule, third law of thermodynamics and the classic, “As you sow, so shall you reap” (or as a seamstress told me once–”as I sew, so shall ye rip” when I brought her a torn pair of pants).
    That’s basically it. Every thought and action that we create, influences the universe in some way and results in some effect back on us. No more no less. We are the cumulative result of karma or action that we have done in the past.

    “Huh” you say. What did that baby do to deserve being addicted to crack? What did Atlanta do to deserve Michael Vick? And more importantly, what did Susan do that she has to be in this battle now? It makes no sense. It seems random and unfair.
    You have to remember that the core of this “theory” is that the soul is eternal, non changing, and that we evolve over time, over lifetimes, to return to God’s grace, which we in effect, have never left. Like I said, believe it, don’t, tell me to bugger off, whatever. I happen to believe it, becasue it is the only rational logical explanation that I ever heard. If you accept that we have lived many lifetimes during which we have learned many lessons and accumulated karma to deal with, then to me, it becomes understandable, and a perfect God who created the world of action finally makes perfect sense to me too.

    And what it means as Al said much better than I, is that no battle nobly fought, is EVER lost. Ever. Every good thought DOES matter, every prayer means something. No good deed goes unrewarded. And that guy that threw the beer at me from his car will get his in some way.

    Just my two cents. And yes, I am sober (for now).


  44. Comment by walter | 07.21.2007 | 10:23 am

    On a somewhat lighter note, just added a couple of pics to the Team Fatty pool on flickr. It’s great to be able to put some faces with some of the regulars here.

    Fatty & Susan: I know how hard the waiting can be — our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  45. Comment by Mateo | 07.22.2007 | 11:10 am

    Fatty: all the best with patience this week, gotta be tough, but your home team seems to be built of some very strong stuff. Got my pink FC jersey on Friday and wore it yesterday on a beautiful California day and spread the word of your site and the reason for the jersey. Needless to say (yet I’m sayin it), you’ve got some new readers and add’l prayers coming your family’s way.

    BTW, barry1021: you may need to work on your level of sober…good juju is pretty hard to find and if someone wants to take “karma” and its positive engery force connotation and throw it around, let ‘em at it!

  46. Comment by rexinsea | 07.22.2007 | 12:31 pm

    Al – wow. I’m stunned. You have so acurately stated why I’m drawn to this site so often. I mean it’s Sunday afternoon for God’s sake and I find myself surfing to the Fatcyclist site.

    To everybody in this little community, I’m compelled to say this is a wonderful community indeed.

    To FC, Susan, family and close friends – I’ve alway said I’m sending warm thoughts. I guess I’ve been too shy to tell you I’ve been really praying for you all. I will contunue to do so.

    Find strength in your higher power. From strength you will find some rendemption no matter the outcome.

    We will continue to be here for you.

  47. Comment by Yukirin Boy | 07.22.2007 | 5:14 pm

    inspiring words from Al Mav and MAJ Mike.

    To FC and Susan, my thoughts are with you. go WIN!
    FC, Susan, Team Fatty, we will WIN!

  48. Comment by David | 07.22.2007 | 5:50 pm

    I put up a picture on the FlickR “Team Fatty” group.

    I wore my jersey to the Friday spinning class I teach, and gave 9 people the pitch, I reckon it will sell some more stuff.

    The jersey is really nice, it un-zips down amazingly far. I did a pro rider/top of mountain/fixin’ to go down the other side/stuffing newspaper in my shirt and zipping it up thing in class.

  49. Comment by David | 07.22.2007 | 5:50 pm

    I put up a picture on the FlickR “Team Fatty” group.

    I wore my jersey to the Friday spinning class I teach, and gave 9 people the pitch, I reckon it will sell some more stuff.

    The jersey is really nice, it un-zips down amazingly far. I did a pro rider/top of mountain/fixin’ to go down the other side/stuffing newspaper in my shirt and zipping it up thing in class.

  50. Comment by dailytri | 07.22.2007 | 6:42 pm

    I just found the fatcyclist site and added it to my blogroll over at I’ll be reading the updates and prayers to Susan and a positive outcome to the CT.

  51. Comment by Anonymous | 07.23.2007 | 11:44 am

    All the best to you Susan – thinking good thoughts for you all week.

    FC – all the best to you and the kids too.

  52. Comment by Neil Brennen | 07.23.2007 | 4:51 pm

    Susan and Fatty,

    Both Uncadan and I wore our Pink Lemonade FC jerseys in your honor on Friday. Dan was riding with me on what was my first time riding a road bike.

    Best wishes for your speedy and full recovery,
    Neil Brennen

  53. Comment by Brewinman | 07.24.2007 | 7:02 am

    Got a PR in my 10K ride today! It may have had something to do with the sleek, sexy pink jersey I was wearing. Or it may have been the fact that I was riding my butt off in the hopes that some of my positive energy expediture could be routed to be used by Susan. Either way, it was a great ride in a great jersey in honor of a great family.



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