Something Completely Different

08.23.2007 | 6:56 am

You know, I think I would enjoy being rich. It’s just a hunch, mind you, but I suspect that I would enjoy having enough money that I could play full time.

I would be very good at being rich, because I would immediately stop working and commence having fun as my primary occupation. I would take my new job very seriously. continue to ride my bike, of course — more than ever, in fact — but I would also take up kayaking. And cross-country skiiing. And rock climbing. And motorcycles.

Maybe that’s why I’m not rich: I’m more interested in playing than in making money.

O, supreme irony!

One More Thing
OK, so barring a sudden lottery windfall or a surprising amount of revenue from this blog (truth be known, any revenue at all from this blog is surprising), I expect to continue to be be content with just one obsession: biking.

Hey, having even one obsession that’s actually good for you is more than what most people have, as far as I can tell.

Still, though, as I rode my bike home from work yesterday, I couldn’t help but wish I had the time and money for one more thing:


There’s a paragliding park right on my route home. On a day like yesterday when the weather’s right and winds are favorable (actually, I’m just guessing those are the two components that matter. Maybe it’s something totally different), you can usually see more than 25 paragliders meandering in the sky.

Imagine that: just hovering in the air. Flying. I picture what it must look like and what it must feel like to be up there in the sky, and I desperately want to try it.

The Rub
Here’s the thing, though. I know that without much difficulty I could arrange to at least try paragliding — have someone take me up there and see what I think of it all.

But what if I love it? I mean, really, really love it?

Then I’d have two pricey hobbies. Both time-consuming, both mind-consuming, both potentially dangerous.

So I haven’t tried paragliding. Not because I don’t think I’d like it, but because I’m pretty sure I would love it. And I can’t afford another obsession.

At least, not until I’m rich. Which should be happening any day now (as soon as the book offer and high-paying ads come in, that is).

What Would You Do?
I expect you’re not too different from me. Money and time limits restrict you to being really good at just one or two things. Biking, for most of you, and Tri for those of you who have suffered emotional trauma as children.

But if you had the time and money, what else would you do?


  1. Comment by MAJ Mike | 08.23.2007 | 7:02 am

    There was a time, when I became single again, when I had about 12987569238 different hobbies. I kayaked, I SCUBA dived, I skydived, I ran, I thought about biking but had yet to start that, I snowboarded in the winter (because doing so in the summer is considerably less gratifying), among other things (such as drinking beer and rediscoveringhow to chase women). I tried lots of things and really enjoyed them all. In fact, I wouldn’t do it any differently. I recommend you go try it out. I’d love to paraglide someday myself. Experiences missed can never be recovered.

    Today I ride and run, but I have not SCUBA dived or snowboarded in the last two years. I will pick those back up again once I finish my schoolin’ at night, which has been the major limiting factor. I’ll keep the riding and running, and add the other two seasonally because they are too much fun to leave behind (and they are fitness related so i don’t feel bad spending money on them).

  2. Comment by Mehera | 08.23.2007 | 7:04 am

    Take long, meandering hike/bikes trips through Europe.

  3. Comment by Bob Stanhope | 08.23.2007 | 7:07 am

    Travel, travel with my bike, travel with my family.
    More SCUBA, my other passion
    Did you make up your mind about the 24 hr race.
    Do it. 4am is a good time to see what your made of and face your demonds.
    My advice, do not stop for to long, tough to get going again. Just keep moving forward even if you have to walk at times. Never any shame in walking.

  4. Comment by Bob Stanhope | 08.23.2007 | 7:07 am

    Travel, travel with my bike, travel with my family.
    More SCUBA, my other passion
    Did you make up your mind about the 24 hr race.
    Do it. 4am is a good time to see what your made of and face your demonds.
    My advice, do not stop for to long, tough to get going again. Just keep moving forward even if you have to walk at times. Never any shame in walking.

  5. Comment by Daddystyle | 08.23.2007 | 7:14 am

    Hey it works, sorry that’s me above, Bob Stanhope and I pressed the send button twice. Daddystyle is my secret code name.
    This is a great blog, I did not realize the new “host” made it so easy to comment. Uh Oh, now you have done it.

    Keep up the good work, My best to you, Susan and the kids.

  6. Comment by born4felt | 08.23.2007 | 7:15 am


    Have you thought about riding your bike in the sky? That way you get the thrill of paragliding without all the expense.

    Just a suggestion.

  7. Comment by Big Boned | 08.23.2007 | 7:35 am

    I’d get a Cobra (a REAL one) and race the heck out of it. One of the things I really like is SPEED. I imagine sitting as low as you do in that car has to make it seem even faster than it is. What a rush that would be.
    I used to jump when I was in the military, I imagine it’s not a whole lot different than paragliding. I think you should give it a try. I’ve described it as “becoming a cloud” (once the chute opens anyway).
    Right now, I’m dealing with a kidney stone. I’ve been unable to exercise at all for 4 days – starting to go stir-crazy here!

  8. Comment by UltraRob | 08.23.2007 | 7:38 am

    I have never understood people that are rich and yet they keep working more hours than I’m willing too. They say they’d be bored if they didn’t have a job. There’s thousands of possible adventures and they think they’d be bored!!

    Of course I’d do things like attempt the Race Across America again, do the Great Divide Race, Trans Rockies, la Ruta, etc. but I’d also do more backpacking to the middle of nowhere. I’d do some serious mountaineering. I’ve climbed the 100 highest mountains in Colorado. They’re all over 13,800 feet and there’s something special being able to look down on everything. I’d climb the 7 summits. The possiblities are endless.

  9. Comment by Morgan | 08.23.2007 | 7:42 am

    Maj Mike and Bob…..You both nailed it!! Scuba! If there is one place I’d rather be, other than out on the road with a good group of mates and a tailwind, is 70 feet under the surface drifting over a reef. Fatty this is for you. Personal weight guage: is my belly rubbing on the top tube, or can I do the “human sausage” and fit into this wet suit. Bike gear, good. Scuba gear, good.

  10. Comment by sans auto | 08.23.2007 | 7:47 am

    I’d buy a tandem, one of those goofy pull along kid bike things and a couple of trailers and start a sans auto tour of the world with my family. Everyone who visits this site should read the book “miles from nowhere” by Barbara Savage.

  11. Comment by mark | 08.23.2007 | 7:51 am

    Right now I bike in the summer and ski in the winter. Fly fish a bit and coach soccer (in addition to biking) in the spring and fall. If I were rich and didn’t have to work, I would just do those things more.

    And I would do them better: I would ski tour the Alps (Northern and Southern) and the Andes and maybe the Himalayas and some of those unpronounceable ranges in central Europe. I would ride the Paris-Roubaix course and the Alpe d’Huez. And I’d ride the Trans Alp and Trans Rockies challenges, because without working I would have enough time to train for something like that.

    Oh, and I would hike the Pacific Crest Trail. I did 50 miles of it four years ago, and it was unforgettable. I would climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua and maybe some of the other seven summits. And I would spend a year traveling around the world with my family and have my kids’ “school” be our planet.

    Work sucks.

  12. Comment by BrokenSpokes | 08.23.2007 | 8:05 am

    As someone that deals with the extremely wealthy as part of my daily routine, I get jealous of their available time. Some have really big yachts (150ft+) with complete dive shops inboard. I’d do some serious scuba diving and add to that the parasailing, fishing for really cool fish (marlin, sailfish, etc.) and using the boat as a base of operation for any other cool activity. Of course biking would remain an addiction that needed to be fed, I’d just try out more flavors in different places.

    Oh yeah, if I had all the money I ever needed, I’d use it for cancer research too.

    Go Susan and FC!!!

  13. Comment by Boz | 08.23.2007 | 8:07 am

    I would continue riding, on more spendy bikes and in more exotic places. Eat at some of the finest dining establishments, stay in grand hotels, wear cool clothes. Show my family how the other half lives. Have a personal trainer and Coach Lofgran to help me get faster. As soon as I win the Power Ball, I’ll think of more and let you know.

  14. Comment by bikemike | 08.23.2007 | 8:14 am

    buy mom a new house.
    hike the colorado trail (all the way this time)
    go to new zealand/australia (they’re the same aren’t they? just kidding)
    ride the blue ridge parkway.
    come hang out with fatty and his friends (if they’d let me)

    get well susan!

  15. Comment by KT | 08.23.2007 | 8:17 am

    Hmm… well, I’ve got two main hobbies, I’m not rich, and if I take up any more I’m going to have to learn time travel, or clone myself.

    My hobbies are, in no order of precedence, cycling and rally. What kind of rally? Road rally (mental games: time-speed distance, no special equipment necessary), and Stage rally (going fast on gravel roads you’ve never been on before in a rally car). The Road rally portion doesn’t cost much, but the Stage rally portion does.

    If I had no monetary worries, I’d definitely cycle more, but I’d also invest in a new rally car because the one I’ve got currently is sort of.. um.. beat up. It’s a tough sport, stage rally is. The roads are not what normal people would call nice.

    Then, when I got tired of near crashes, I’d go travel and spectate the WRC, and bike races, and volunteer at archaelogical sites… sigh.

    Shoot. Now I’ve got to do some work here in the real world. Thanks a lot, Elden.

  16. Comment by BurkeInTheOzarks | 08.23.2007 | 8:21 am

    Mountain bike, hike and snowboard the world over and pay for my friends (and the tutor for the kids) to all join me. Aw, what the heck, I might even purchase a road bike…

  17. Comment by Logan | 08.23.2007 | 8:32 am

    I’d find a really small town, not too far from the coast and I’d buy everyone there bikes if they agreed to use the bikes instead of cars on nice days. Then I would open a sandwich shop with good espresso and sit around drinking out of little cups like they do on the Sopranos, leaving only to go on long meandering bike rides with my fellow townsfolk. Or maybe I’d buy a boat…

  18. Comment by Big Boned | 08.23.2007 | 8:32 am

    Sans Auto,
    I’ve read that book. Found it inspirational too.

  19. Comment by John Daigle | 08.23.2007 | 8:33 am

    Being rich would suck, because none of my friends are rich. What’s the point of taking a round the world motorcycle ride if I can’t take my friends?

  20. Comment by SYJ | 08.23.2007 | 8:39 am

    Bike more. And I mean, get into it. All aspects of it. Like, a bike for every occasion, and the time and disposable income to actually use them.

    And ski more. When I was in undergrad, I logged 150 days on snow one year. I want to do that again. Every year. And teach my little girl to do the same. And to value it.

    This post reminds me of a story I read about a dude who won the Lottery. He dropped over $25k on bikes, and less than $10k on a car.


  21. Comment by Jeremy | 08.23.2007 | 8:39 am

    I will stick to being poor, and not very good at anything. Makes life easier. No pressure.

  22. Comment by Maile in Florida | 08.23.2007 | 8:39 am

    OT, but I just pulled my new issue of ‘Bicycling’ out of the mailbox, and the rider on the cover is wearing a pink jersey. HOW COOL IS THAT??!!??!!

  23. Comment by Lisa B | 08.23.2007 | 8:52 am

    Whoa – what’s the story Maile in Florida? No sign of FC on the Bicycling site.

    As for riches … travel. On my bike. A trainer (for my bike). Something to fix my knee (from biking too much). More bikes. A bigger bike room. And more shoes (hey, I’m a girl, afterall!).

  24. Comment by Rick S. | 08.23.2007 | 8:58 am

    If I had the money, I’d get few of my friends to quit their jobs and I would pay their salaries as “cycling junkies” and we would ride every day, eat good food and then hang with our families.

  25. Comment by Stan | 08.23.2007 | 8:59 am

    I have to agree about the paragliding thing. Not that I want to do that, but it’s the same chain of reasoning that I have used to decide why I’m not interested in skiing and cocaine. With both, I figure I’d either not like them, or I’d like them and then I’d have to spend all my money on them. So not trying them seems like a much safer option.

  26. Comment by Maile in Florida | 08.23.2007 | 9:03 am

    It’s the October 2007 issue. The cover goes with the article on page 86, which is a test ride/review of the Colnago C50 by Mike Cushionbury–with another picture with the rider wearing the pink jersey. The article references more at the website at, but when I tried it the link didn’t work. Maybe they simply haven’t put up the October content on the website yet?

    At the bottom of the table of contents on page 10 it says, “Stella Tong rides the Colnago C-50 (tested, p. 86) in Corral Canyon, Malibu, CA. Twin Six limited edition WIN jersey (all proceeds go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation) and socks”

  27. Comment by Big Mike In Oz | 08.23.2007 | 9:13 am

    If I were a rich man I’d definitely ride my bike. I suspect that, initially at least, I would ride my bike enough to have completely replace my current fulltime commitments. Once the strength, fitness and weight were at ideal levels I’d go back to expanding my mind.

    As the cycling tapered I’d also probably take up, in no particular order, pistol shooting, scuba diving and parachuting. Then I could really convincingly pretend to be a 007 wannabe. But not the dorky kind.

  28. Comment by Rocky | 08.23.2007 | 9:13 am

    I would immediately purchase a lifetime subscription to the Block of Cheese of the Month Club, and an identical subscription to the A Bottle of Yoohoo A day Club. Then I would eat my cheese and drink my Yoohoo whilst mulling over my big plans with all the dough that I have in the bank.

    My big plans would likely involve Yoohoo and blocks of cheese, of course to be consumed in exotic places where mountain biking is a big deal. I would be the envy of everyone, because I have lots of cheese, Yoohoo, and mountain biking where ‘er I want.

  29. Comment by chtrich | 08.23.2007 | 9:23 am

    FC on the cover. WOW!!

  30. Comment by iDon, uNot | 08.23.2007 | 9:23 am

    That’s funny… I was just saying yesterday (on my blog) how Id love to not work, just ride for hours and annoy my wife about it! GO FATTY!

  31. Comment by Gillian | 08.23.2007 | 9:27 am

    kayak. hands down.

  32. Comment by Maggi | 08.23.2007 | 9:31 am

    After making some certain charitable contributions (I already do what I can afford, but how cool would it be to suddenly have a big box of money to spread amongs one’s favorite charities?), and aside from investing in a personal trainer and a coach, I would use my sudden increase in both assets and free time to travel to meet the scholars and craftsmen whose work I have been avidly following for some time.

    And then I would become a master armorer (okay, totally joking there– I know my skill level with metal), and go participate in the annual re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings. (Totally not joking on the last half of that sentence.)

  33. Comment by Amit Behere | 08.23.2007 | 9:32 am

    scaling mt everest..
    that should keep me busy for about 3 years and make me poor again…

  34. Comment by Kris | 08.23.2007 | 9:33 am

    I too think I’d make a good financial independent. And I agree, I don’t understand those who keep working – this old world has way too many things to explore, experience and do – why tie yourself down with work? Me no comprende.

    Fatty, I have also been vexed by the flying bug. I’ve biked up to the north flight park to watch them take off and land – I could watch for hours. I should have pursued it while I was single, as any airborne ideas these days are quickly vetoed (evidently my vote doesn’t count in such matters).

    But I’ve talked with several people you hang-glide or para-glide. Sadly, I must burst your bubble a bit. The air looks so smooth, but it’s not. A hang glider told me there are currents a plenty up there and it’s often a bumpy, stomach churning flight. Another friend made a small mistake on a para-glide takeoff and got slammed to the ground, hard – he broke his back, but luckily was not paralyzed – he gave it up after that. Flying is the easy part, it’s landing that’s dangerous. Still, lots of people do it.

  35. Comment by Jouni | 08.23.2007 | 9:41 am

    I would have houses in Europe, California and keep my home base in Alberta.
    Continue snowboarding and running and ride my bike way more. I would pursue photography as if I were a pro, but without the pressure.

    And agree with the Yoohoo/cheese thing. Somehow though, Stella Artois would have to be factored in.

  36. Comment by JimB | 08.23.2007 | 9:59 am

    It would be so nice to devote time to the things and people that you love and have passion for instead of the 50 hours per week (or however much you are working) doing the working thing. I would go trekking in the Alps with my wife. I would continue running and get going with biking again. I would spend more time coaching basketball, all ages since I would have more time. I would spend more time on the practice tee working my handicap into the low single digits instead of rushing to the course just having time for playing 18 and never getting better. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to devote time to volunteering for that cause that you believe in? Heck, I would just like the time to fix all the little nagging things that are broken/wrong in and about my house!!
    Even if you enjoy what you do for a living it takes away from life…..working does suck.

  37. Comment by Clydesteve | 08.23.2007 | 10:01 am

    First I would get a total knee replacement. Then a better road bike, Then a better MTB.

    I would expand my back country back packing about 10-fold. Including high mountain fly fishing. That might require that I finally get prescription glasses. Might take up SCUBA again, at least I would accompany my little brother on his annual dive trip to an exotic location. Some traveling would be in order.


  38. Comment by little1 | 08.23.2007 | 10:12 am

    if i was rich I would stop doing crap work! then I would do work I like when i like, and when my playtime allows.

    what i would do, i care not to speculate, as anything is possible.

  39. Comment by Patrick | 08.23.2007 | 10:17 am

    You fall a lot farther from a paraglider than from a bike.
    Think about paragliding for awhile until the urge passes.

  40. Comment by FliesOnly | 08.23.2007 | 10:28 am

    Well…as my name implies…if I had the money I would travel the World visiting the best Fly Fishing sites I could find.

  41. Comment by Tavooo | 08.23.2007 | 10:38 am

    Sure paragliding looks fun. But now there is Kite boarding!!! You can rip along the waves and take to the skies, with no real danger. The ultimate in freedom.
    Although, once I have the Kite, I would probably try it out on a bike during one of those windy, “Im not even moving” rides.

  42. Comment by brokemba | 08.23.2007 | 11:23 am

    Depending on the amount of money I won, since I know I will never EVER be wealthy working the job I do, I would probably take the cash, retire a few of my cycling buddies. Because being retired at my age without friends to go ride with would suck too. Then we would go in together on a few homes in FL, CO, and Probably one place in NoCal. (Even wealthy people can’t afford to buy a home in CA.)

    Once that was all settled, I would ride every place imaginable, compete in Leadville and get passed by Fatty, and probably open a bike shop to promote the lifestyle to everyone.

    But alas, the dream is fleeting and generally impossible since I don’t actually play the lotto. (I have always thought the lotto is a tax on people who don’t understand statistics.) Dang math class destroying my dreams!

    Back to riding here in beautiful North AL!

  43. Comment by ScottR | 08.23.2007 | 11:30 am

    I know this is off subject, but for those of you that have not gotten enough Leadville, read Chris Carmichael’s ride report here:

  44. Comment by Bent022 | 08.23.2007 | 11:37 am

    Absolutely spend more time on the bike, train for longer, harder events, and maybe even buy a ‘wedgie’ bike like real cyclist use. Go back to hobbies I have not had time for lately; SCUBA diving, trap shooting, motorcycle riding, kayaking, camping, and hiking. Take up some new hobbies like sailing, skeet shooting, helicopter flying, photography, and I am sure I could find a bunch more. I would travel a lot doing the things I enjoyed. There are a few charities I would love to volunteer my time to also. I could stop working right now and never be bored, not for a minute.

  45. Comment by Jose | 08.23.2007 | 11:41 am

    I would fund a charity program and would go to work in places where the most needed would if fact “need” somebody so rich as me. Places where I could make a difference, places where, well let’s see what places: Moab, Crested Butte, Fruita, British Columbia, Downieville, Scotland, South Africa, Australia, the Alps, Patagonia. I mean there most be really needed people in those places. And if I have time apart from my charity work, only if i have time, I would take my mountain bike and try to see if I can find good trails there. Sounds like a good plan no?

  46. Comment by Mike Roadie | 08.23.2007 | 11:49 am

    OK….I read Chris Carmichael’s account and I don’t see him fessin’ up to drafting off our own FC for hours during the race. Guess he doesn’t have what could otherwise be covered up by that larger belt buckle for a sub-9!!!

    If everyone had the money, then they could help me and Clydesteve honor FC’s Susan and others as we raise much needed money for cancer research and do the Livestrong Challenges. His weblink is above, mine is:

    Check it out……and “feel” rich!!!!!

  47. Comment by Anonymous | 08.23.2007 | 12:02 pm

    I’d travel the world… but only go by sail boat, hiking, biking, running or yak

  48. Comment by Shanyn | 08.23.2007 | 12:19 pm

    OK. If I were rich I would:
    Pray more
    Ride my bike(s)
    Run all the major whitewater (and some of the minor stuff, too)
    Go back to school and study interesting stuff that will not lead to career advancement
    Travel to exotic locales, and ride my bike all over
    Take my dog everywhere I go
    Fund a worthy charity
    Take my kids to interesting places
    Wallow in that commodity that makes us truely rich- time to enjoy our blessings…

  49. Comment by MAJ Mike | 08.23.2007 | 12:34 pm

    I forgot about the “what would I do” piece. (in no particular order)

    1. More of all the things I listed in the first reply (cycling, snowboarding, SCUBA diving) only in really fantastic places.

    2. Start skydiving again.

    3. Pay off my parents’ home and fully adapt it for my dad’s disability.

    4. Donate a big chunk to multiple sclerosis research.

    5. Pay off my brothers’ educations.

    6. Pay for my girlfriend to work on her PhD full time.

    7. Buy my riding buddies top of the line bikes of their choice.

    8. Intermittently go to school to study something more exciting than what I am studying now.

    9. Debate whether to stay in the Army as a rich guy or to get out.

    10. Travel the world.

  50. Comment by Al Maviva | 08.23.2007 | 12:54 pm

    Look at all you healthy, moral people. Holy smokes, if I was as rich as Croesus, I’d probably drink myself to death. That’s if the prostitutes, angry husbands, or strippers didn’t get me first. I’d try to remember to leave most of my money to my wife & kid, and some to charity, but as much as I’d be drinking, there’s no guarantee I’d remember.

    Sure, I can argue that there’s a hundred great things I’d like to do, but money does utterly crazy things to people. A lot of kids I knew growing up inherited really big piles of cash, and all of those kids (*without exception*) went absolutely nuts, several of them wound up dead, usually in drug-involved fiascoes. A few survived and have semi-normal lives, but I can’t imagine the psychological scars. Me, I’d probably go completely insane like the typical bum-wins-lottery-goes-wild-goes-bust knucklehead. I might be a good guy but money is a vengeful god.

    Sure, it could all turn out a lot better than that, but I’ve seen too many people go completely dissolute and destroy their lives, to kid myself that it couldn’t happen to me. Scuba diving? Sure… with five kilos of coke on the boat. Climbing Everest? Yeah, and being a bossy rich arrogant bugger who wrecks the expedition for everybody else. Round the world bike or motorcycle trip? I’d love to but would drive anybody who came with me completely mad.

    It’s probably better that I keep getting up and going to work in the morning. No telling what could happen otherwise. I’m with the smartest person whose books I’ve ever read on this, Richard Feynman. He turned down ridiculous monetary offers on the grounds that he’d only screw up his life if he had that much money. Yeah, you can ask the good Lord to keep you out of temptation and deliver you from evil, and all that, but it doesn’t hurt if you avoid the sort of obvious landmines on your own.

  51. Comment by eclecticdeb | 08.23.2007 | 1:03 pm

    Cook. Then cook some more. Then learn to cook really really well (I already cook really well). Then I’d like to travel, and learn to cook authentic regional cuisine. (Italy is top on the list, followed closely by Thailand, France, the somewhere fun in South America.)

    Oh, of course, I’d have to be riding quite a bit to afford eating all those calories.

    Ah….the dream.

  52. Comment by TV Free | 08.23.2007 | 1:05 pm

    - hike the Pacific Crest and Appalachian trails end to end
    - buy a boat and learn to sail
    - build my dream house (note:

  53. Comment by usimpto | 08.23.2007 | 1:15 pm

    Boy Fatty, you sure opened a can of worms here. Now we’re all in La-La Land dreaming about being rich.

    In no particular order: Move to the Rockies so I can mountain bike and hike all summer and ski all winter, buy some horses, give lots to charities, and volunteer wherever animals are involved and/or I get to be outside. And of course, travel wherever and whenever I want, paying for and making my friends go with me.

  54. Comment by Mrs. Coach | 08.23.2007 | 1:40 pm

    What wouldn’t I do?

    First, I’d move to Europe where the food is awesome, and I love the walking/biking culture. Not to mention the history and the art, and Bob could actually make some money racing his bike. Probably Portugal- beaches for me, Portuguese for Bob. And its a safe distance away from my nosy family. I’d pay for them to come visit though. But only for a week at a time.

    I wouldn’t build a house but rather find an old run-down something or other and re-do it. Preferably on the beach.

    I’d paint, or sculpt or whatever other artistic expression came to mind.

    I’d swim a lot, and have fabulous clothes, get massages at least weekly. I’d fund every interesting idea that Bob has.

    I’d buy a kid. Maybe five even. And then we’d travel everywhere whenever we felt like it. But not to too many touristy places. I want to see the world as the locals live it. But I’d always come back to my home.

    Oh, and throw money at all those incurable diseases.

    Am I just regular rich, or am I Scrooge McDuck rich?

  55. Comment by BotchedExperiment | 08.23.2007 | 1:54 pm

    No more generic cereal.

  56. Comment by Jose | 08.23.2007 | 2:10 pm

    I forgot to say that I would not buy any inexpensive performaonce or Nashbar bike shorts, only Louis Garneau and equivalnets the most expensive ones and I would use them only one time along with new gloves everyride, new helmet and new water bottles.


  57. Comment by Bob | 08.23.2007 | 2:56 pm

    I’d buy a donut factory and walk around wearing a lab coat and big goggles. I would eat lots and lots of donuts and everyone in the factory would envy me.

  58. Comment by MTB W | 08.23.2007 | 3:16 pm

    I would get myself a luxury body.

  59. Comment by joe | 08.23.2007 | 4:07 pm

    hey Fatty – nobody’s mentioned it yet, but congrats on the cover of Bicycling Magazine!
    FatCyclist Pink Jersey making it big time – too bad you can’t read the label though. just “FAT” is visible on the front of the jersey.

    I made a relatively high resolution scan here

  60. Comment by JET(not a nickname) | 08.23.2007 | 4:11 pm

    I would definaetly quit working. My time would be divided up between hunting and fishing all over this great country and I would even travel into Canada every now and then. I would also have my titanium/carbon spun bike for hills and long rides and a nice TT bike for the occasional bit I do in that discipline. I would buy frivolous things every now and then, have a nice house, truck, atv, a few motorcycles, two boats (hunting and fishing), and probably live on a lake somewhere. I would pretty much be outside year round, since I also ski in the winter. Life would be good!

    But life is pretty good these days, as my wife and I are expecting our first child sometime towards the end of March. I wonder what I look like biking around with a huge grin on my face the whole time?

  61. Comment by Dave | 08.23.2007 | 4:40 pm

    Dude! I just got my mail and the girl on the cover of Bicycling is wearing a pink fatcyclist jersey! You have now gone BIG TIME. I’m sure the big money advertisers will be begging you for ad space now. Your dream of being rich might just come true. Congratulations!

    Oh and I’d like to restore a mid to late 60’s muscle car…in between racing my mtn. bike on the national marathon circuit.

  62. Comment by Philthy in Oz | 08.23.2007 | 4:52 pm

    Two quotes about money and happiness:
    Money may not be able to buy me happiness but it can buy me a yacht so I can sail right up next to it. – David Lee Roth.

    I’ve been rich and miserable and I’ve been poor and miserable. Rich and miserable is better. – Burt Reynolds.

    I would only want enough so that my kids wife and I could live in luxury, ride, ski, fly-fish, travel, buy stuff for my brothers (except for the whiny one) and sister and mum and dad and (some of) the in-laws and never have to work again unless I wanted to. $30M to $50M should do it. ;-)

  63. Comment by Dino | 08.23.2007 | 4:53 pm

    Probably teach Math. Yech you say, whatever. This country needs it. And I would have summers off to ride.

    Buy lots of land in the mountains and turn it into a mountain bike paradise.

    Large chunk of money to IMBA for the great work they do.

    Start an endowment at the alma matter and use it to pay for cycling scholarships.

    Fully fund a free bicycle library in whatever town I am living in.

  64. Comment by Grams | 08.23.2007 | 5:31 pm

    to Mrs. Coach – so we are nosey, are we???!! As to being rich: money to my church; paying off all debts; some kind of fund to Multiple Sclerosis that would continue until a cure was found and then administered to all those who have it; and then buying a HUGE area of land for a family compound that would have 1 acre lots for each of my kids (8) plus myself and a central play area that consists of a pool, basketball and tennis courts, clubhouse, BBQ, etc., for those times when we gather together (but not invite Mrs. C! j/k). I’m new to this blog, but love it.

  65. Comment by rodander | 08.23.2007 | 5:53 pm

    1. Continue to work, but only on those parts that are really interesting.

    2. Teach.

    3. Ride my bike more.

    4. I can’t believe nobody here said Golf (yet)! I wonder if there is some sort of more universal anti-correlation between cycling and golf. Anyway, I’d get my handicap down as far as my body would let me.

  66. Comment by rodander | 08.23.2007 | 5:53 pm

    1. Continue to work, but only on those parts that are really interesting.

    2. Teach.

    3. Ride my bike more.

    4. I can’t believe nobody here said Golf (yet)! I wonder if there is some sort of more universal anti-correlation between cycling and golf. Anyway, I’d get my handicap down as far as my mind and body would let me.

  67. Comment by Byrdbth | 08.23.2007 | 6:10 pm

    If I had all the time and money I needed, I would travel to every pro sport event I wanted to ( Tour de France, Olympics, World Cup Soccer, Prefontaine Classic). I would just travel to any spot I thought would provide a nice run or ride, and buy the athletes to train with (I always thought Tyler Hamliton had very nice eyes). Oh, and I would like to know how to Ski.

    The paragliding idea seems very interesting..

  68. Comment by VA Biker | 08.23.2007 | 7:16 pm

    What to do? No work, obviously. Become a benefactor for some amateur/semi-pro/pro cycling team like Doug Ellis does for TIAA-CREF/Slipstream. It would be cool to be that rich. Give away tons of money to charitable causes. Is full-time philanthropy a job? Sounds like it might be, until you hire people to take care of that for you, too.

    As interesting as paragliding might be, I think the danger factor is too high. It really can be long way to fall. Other things in this vein that I’ve considered in my mind, but will have to wait until the kid is older are: soaring, ultralight, sub-orbital flight at Virgin Galactic/Scaled Composites, space tourism to the ISS via Russia (hey, it’s only $20mil).

    More realistically, I’d try to cyclo-tour all through Europe, the US, NZ and Australia. I’d follow the sun and never experience a winter again. (I think Bob once wrote a blog entry on having a manservant. First, I’d to it right and have a womanservant, but then the question is whether to have your man/womanservant with you while your cycling the globe. It’s not really the same unless you’re doing it yourself, is it?)

    Hmmm, what else? How about try every beer brewed on the planet? Well, not every one, but one of each, you know. I think I found a job after all. :-)

  69. Comment by VA Biker | 08.23.2007 | 7:22 pm

    Pardon the typos in my entry. I’m an engineer, not a writer!

  70. Comment by Philthy in Oz | 08.23.2007 | 7:25 pm

    You are so wrong. Australia and NZ are not the same.
    There are more sheep in NZ than in Australia and there are more New Zealanders in Australia than in NZ.

  71. Comment by Rider34 | 08.23.2007 | 7:48 pm

    Just got my copy from the mailbox as well……Congrats Fatty. They may not have gotten the full logo on the cover, but at least the WIN is predomanant. Note also that on page 10 the description says that “….Twin Six limited edition WIN jersey (all proceeds go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation)” So be sure to send that Editor a letter so that they can retract it ASAP. Susan deserves that Italy trip more than any of us could ever know.

    Oh yeah, today’s topic……If I were rich I guess I would get my racecar out of the garage and dust it off and go racing. If you guys think that cycling is expensive, you should try racing sportscars!

  72. Comment by gmgs31 | 08.23.2007 | 8:38 pm

    I was sitting in my cube this morning (after riding my fixed-gear to work ☺) and saw a hot air balloon land right near my office. I have never seen a hot air balloon in the area before. It got me thinking about how that must be a bored rich person sport, just standing in a basket wondering where you were going to land, but I thought the lack of control could make it an interesting challenge. My mind wandered hang gliding and how if I had the time it seems like it would be really fun to try.

    Mainly though, I love to ride bikes and snow skiing. I would chase storms in the winter with my boys (ages 9 and 11, if you care) and take some great bike trips with them (and some with my friends) in the summer. Mix both of those together with some philanthropic work and a nice plan is forming in my mind. My wife would stay at home and read books, after 16 years of marriage I have not yet convinced her that skiing or cycling are activities that she would enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, she tries, but once or twice a year on the tandem and sliding on the snow just confirm for her how much more she enjoys sitting in a comfy chair reading a book with no kids around. This actually works fairly well for me the boys as they can ski the whole mountain now and have both done centuries on the tandem with me last year and this year. Which reminds me, I would like to buy a triplet so that we could all ride together.

    However, I don’t think I will have to worry very much about this, the very wealthy folks I know have vacation homes that are empty most of the time and large boats and RVs that sit unused because they are so busy working to make even more money. One question, why do they always have one 20-year-old unused bike hanging upside-down in the garage? At least we use our 12 bikes, ummm expect for my wife’s…

  73. Comment by Rachel | 08.23.2007 | 8:52 pm

    I’d go on a bike tour of Europe with my husband, being sure to eat lots of local foods (in the good places) and bike enough to keep from getting fat. Also, I’d buy a Steinway.

  74. Comment by Debamundo | 08.23.2007 | 9:45 pm

    I took flying lessons for a while. I LOVE LOVED LOVED it. I got to where I could solo and everything, but ran out of money before I got my license. And then I realized that I simply could not work full time AND bike AND fly airplanes. It wasn’t just the money, either. Like biking, it’s something you have to do several times a week to stay “in shape.” You have to study and concentrate and really pay attention to the weather, and you have to get out there and log hours in the plane. Plus, I realized my life insurance wouldn’t pay if something happened, and then my husband would lose our house. So, unless I get rich someday, biking it is.

  75. Comment by Born4Lycra | 08.23.2007 | 10:16 pm

    We are talking mega dollars here aren’t we.
    Right then there is a lot of interesting people on this list that I would like to meet. As I’m lazy and now stinking rich I would pay for you all to come visit me in Oz. While I am at it I would also pay for all the pink top buyers to go on the trip to Italy because it would be a great spot for a Team FC Group Photo. At least 6 weeks in total for everybody and FC Sue and the Kids would have every Tuesday to themselves.

    Loads of money to charity and/or medical research (cancer at the head of the queue) some special stuff for me and family especially a top of the line Orbea in really really fast Orange.

    Paragliding (parachuting, base jumping, bungee jumping, bogsnorkling etc)- are crazy games – I would have to pay for somebody to do them for me.

    Finally now that I am rich I would pay FC to answer some of the questions posted – who won the time tipping comp, how many tops sold, all sorts of stuff like that.

  76. Comment by Philly Jen | 08.23.2007 | 11:18 pm

    Wow, Fatty, the cover of Bicycling magazine! Congrats!

    Don’t worry, Rider34 — Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres, and so are the monies from the jersey. LAF will get a very generous share (far more than any fashionable pink-colored fundraising item I’ve seen in recent memory), but there will also be something going toward the other items on the back-pocket checklist, including Italy.

    Hey, thanks again to Brent and Ryan at Twin Six for being the most standup design team ever. (Woot! The women’s jerseys are sold out in every size but Large.)

    If I had plentysix bucks, I’d take you all to the Minnesota State Fair, where they carve statues out of butter and sell every kind of food on a stick. Splørp!

  77. Comment by TheLurker | 08.23.2007 | 11:37 pm

    Gliding. Interspersed with long, long, _long_ bike tours in Europe.

  78. Comment by Mrs. C. | 08.24.2007 | 4:19 am

    ok, tons of money? …the first call I’d make is to my CPA so that I can stay extremely rich for the rest of my life and make sure my kids were cared for…

    then I’d pay off and renovate my house, buy each family member a new car and bike. Probably give each kid a stash of cash. Since I’d be able to afford to pay to have all of the renovations done, while the house is getting put in shape – BIKE RIDE, Baby!

    I’d get my mom set up in style so she would not have to worry about money and bring in someone to help her with the day-to-day stuff (she’s fighting alzheimer’s), then…

    …I’d buy a motorhome so I could travel to bike races in comfort and the boys wouldn’t have to change in the car and we’d have a guaranteed clean bathroom forever! Then, travel, ride bikes, travel, ride bikes, go to Europe, travel, ride bikes, go to Australia and New Zealand, travel, ride bikes, etc. etc. etc. While, simultaneously via the Internet while driving down the highway, contribute to worthy charities and help friends along the way.

    Stuff like that. It’s not too much different from what I do now just on a larger scale with nicer accommodations and a little less sweat equity. I’m terribly content with my life cause I’ve got the best husband and children ever, so money couldn’t really make my life all that much better. …well, maybe a little:)

  79. Comment by SyracuseStu | 08.24.2007 | 4:45 am

    I would start a business that buys whole existing neighborhoods, razes them, and rebuilds environmentally sensitive, planned communities that stress energy efficiency of structure and incorporate live-work features. Create livable, walkable, bikeable sustainable (as an environmentalist I hate that word…so greenwashed now-a-days) areas to reduce dependance on vehicle transporation and increase time for everything else…like all the biking and paragliding and time with family that everyone keeps talking about!

  80. Comment by Kali | 08.24.2007 | 4:48 am

    OT: Not only did Fatty make the cover of Bicycling, he also snagged a couple paragraphs in the latest Cycling+ UK magazine. They referred to FC as the “biggest cycling blogger in the US” (not sure in which sense they were using the term “biggest”) and did mention that the proceeds of the Twin Six jersey benefit both Susan and the LA foundation. So that’s notoriety on both sides of the pond!

    On-topic: *If* I were rich… there’s not enough space in this comment section for all the stuff I’d do (or attempt to do) ;)

  81. Comment by Orbea Girl | 08.24.2007 | 4:59 am

    How rich? Bill Gates rich, or just an average hedge fund manager or Wall St trader rich? Let’s just say more money than I can spend.

    1. I’d be a anonymous benefactor to any number of worthy causes, including the Livestrong Foundation.
    2. Buy my local football team who seriously need an injection of cash (and talent) to avoid relegation this season,
    3. Sponsor a ProTour cycling team. It would be really cool having my name splashed across the jerseys of a load of cute guys in lycra.

  82. Comment by Born 4 Lycra | 08.24.2007 | 5:08 am

    Orbea Girl which team?

  83. Comment by CoworkerAlex | 08.24.2007 | 6:20 am


    Do it. Try paragliding. 2 good reasons:

    1- You can try something once, experience it, dabble in it, not become an expert, or even particularly proficient in it, and your life can still be far richer for it. Example: 3 years ago I became fascinated (obsessed?) with a remote cave in Nevada. I figured out the location and access, and learned enough rope work and spelunking basics to safely reach, rappel into and get myself out of the cave. It was fantastic. I lack the time and bandwidth to become a serious spelunker, but I count that expedition as one of my most rewarding adventures.

    2- Having passed 40, you should guard against becoming narrower in your interests. New experiences, new sports, travels to new places, new languages and new music all keep your world less one-dimensional, and well… younger.


  84. Comment by Orbea Girl | 08.24.2007 | 9:44 am


    When I say football I don’t mean US football, I think you guys call it socer. My local team is OGC Nice who have flirted constantly with relegation since being promoted back into the French 1st Div in 2002. We have a small ground with great atmosphere, very enthusiastic fans and definitely the best view in the world.

  85. Comment by Steiner | 08.24.2007 | 11:36 am

    I’d ride my bike from ski hill to ski hill … no fixed address … nothing but my skiis and bike ( and maybe a couple changes of underware).

  86. Comment by Dab | 08.29.2007 | 5:55 pm

    I would do less.


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