Fight Cancer, Win a Dream Bike

06.12.2008 | 11:11 pm

UPDATE: New information below about the components for this bike. Hint: You are going to drool all over your keyboard.

I’ve been busting at the seams for about two days, wanting to talk about this, but didn’t want to mention it until it was locked down, because — well, it’s just too awesome to be true.

But it is true. Chuck himself told me it’s true. So let me say it right here, in bold and italics:

Ibis has donated a brand-spanking new SilkSL as the grand prize for the Fatty’s Triathalon Raffle.

Yeah, seriously. A brand-new carbon dream bike, made by the original bad-boy manufacturers of top-end bikes.



And let me be clear on this. I’m not saying this is a dream bike because Ibis is donating it. I’m saying it’s a dream bike because I know firsthand. Yes, last year I sold a perfectly nice top-end road bike so I could get a bike very much like this one (except yours will be cooler, because it’s newer and stiffer and lighter and has an awesome paint job), because I wanted an Ibis more. Much, much more.

And now you can win one, at the same time you fight cancer. I’d call it win-win, but that’s not adequate for how awesome this is. It’s more like WIN-WIN, cubed.

UPDATE: Dura-Ace Heaven
As if this bike weren’t already sexy enough, we’ve just heard back from the good folks at Shimano, and you are going to drop your jaw. This bike’s going to be sporting a Dura-Ace group, as well as Dura-Ace wheels.

This bike’s going to weigh in at a maximum of around 15.0lbs. Quite probably less. And it would retail for about $5000. Or more.

We aren’t just kidding about this thing being a dream bike, kiddies.

In fact, screw all of you. I’m keeping this bike for myself

OK, not really, but the temptation’s definitely there, you know?

Anyway, this is no longer a dream bike. It’s what dream bikes dream about growing up to be.

How You Can Make Everyone You Know Insanely Jealous Forever
Picture this for a moment. You’re riding your sexy new red SilkSL for the first time at the local group ride. Everyone wants to know how much you paid for it. “Well, technically, I got it for free,” you confess. “Although I did also donate some money to the Lance Armstrong Foundation to fight cancer.”

“How,” everyone asks, even as they fight to control their envy, “Did this person become simultaneously so lucky and philanthropic?”

But they will never find out, because you have ridden off the front on a solo attack that nobody dares challenge. Not when you’re on this bike.

How to Enter
OK, here’s how you can get a shot at winning the SilkSL: Just click here to donate some money to Mike’s LiveStrong Challenge effort ( For every $5.00 you donate, we record your name on our very fancy Virtual Raffle Ticket Spreadsheet.

Seriously, that’s all there is to it. Just make a donation here in any multiple of $5.00 (such as $5.00, $25.00, $50.00, or $100), and you get a raffle ticket for each $5.00 you donate.

You’re fighting cancer and getting a shot at an exquisite bike. The only way it could be better would be if it were personally delivered by Mr. Chuck Ibis himself.

Which he has declined to do. Sorry, you can’t have everything.

When’s the Drawing?
We do the drawing for the SilkSL the evening of Saturday, June 21, after the Triathalon festivities have concluded. I’ll email the winner and announce it on my blog. Ibis will ship the bike.

Can I Win If I’m Not In the US?
As long as it’s not illegal in your country for you to do this kind of thing and you’re willing to cover customs charges yourself, sure. We’ll even suck it up and pay the extra shipping. Because we’re like that.

Do I Have to Be Present to Win?
Heck, no.

More Details About Fatty’s Triathalon
Of course, the raffle is just one part of Fatty’s Triathalon, to be held Saturday, June 21. I’ll be talking more about it this week, but here are some details:

  • Time: Saturday, June 21, 10:00am ’til  3:00pm.
  • Where: Alpine UT. We’ll start at my house or somewhere else, depending on what the parking situation looks like.
  • Events: Unlike an ordinary, awful triathlon, Fatty’s Triathalon will consist of a mountain biking leg, a watersliding leg, and a bratwurst-eating leg. For those of you who don’t know what a “watersliding leg” could possibly mean, I have asked my neighbor Gary to demonstrate:

    I predict this will be the best Triathalon ever.

  • Prizes: The SilkSL isn’t the only thing your ticket might win you. There will be another bike — a used Gary Fisher Rig, size Large, several boomerangs, at least 20 Fat Cyclist T-Shirts, and more, more, more. Winning one of these smaller prizes doesn’t remove you from the pot for the big prize, though. Because that sucks when that happens.
  • Rock Band: No, we won’t have a live band. But I may fire up the Playstation and we can play Rock Band. My rendition of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” is going to Blow. Your. Mind.

I need to start getting a hard count of how many people are going to be at the Triathalon. Send me an email with the subject “Triathalon” and tell me how many of you are coming.

Go Donate Now
On a more serious note, I’m not just getting behind the Lance Armstrong Foundation because Lance is a cyclist. I’m getting behind the LAF because this foundation has done my wife and me a lot of good while she’s battling cancer. They’re providing practical, meaningful help for thousands of people every day, and that means a lot to me. And to Chuck Ibis.

Now go win yerself a bike.

PS: Those of you who bought raffle tickets before the bike was part of the deal, you’re automatically entered in the raffle for the bike. Way to be early adopters.


  1. Comment by aussie kev | 06.12.2008 | 11:54 pm

    water-sliding leg looks pretty cool,more fun than riding


  2. Comment by Chris | 06.13.2008 | 12:35 am

    I really wish I could come to the triathalon, I bet its going to be awesome. However, winning that bike would make up for the sadness I would feel for missing the event. Have a great time.

  3. Comment by mike | 06.13.2008 | 2:35 am

    Once again FATTYS THE BEST!
    Really impressed by your efforts for your fans, friends, but most importantly your family.

    Wish i could make it out to the triathlon, it sounds like something people are going to turn around and tell their grandchildren one day “I was at fattys triathelon – oh yeah, i did it!” However Englands just a wee bit to far to travel from untill I aquire my own personal jet.

    Well done Fatso, sit back, pat yourself on the back and be proud.


  4. Comment by Swedoz | 06.13.2008 | 3:32 am

    The only thing that would make me drool more than that bike would be smelling those awesome sounding brats, unfortunately Sweden is a bit far away. But hey, if Fatty’s Triathalon becomes an annual event…

    Awesome work, you are an inspiration to us all.

  5. Comment by Bluenoser | 06.13.2008 | 4:51 am

    That bike. The room is spinning…


  6. Comment by Andre | 06.13.2008 | 5:07 am

    You are so cool. I wanna be just like you some day.

  7. Comment by Mike Roadie | 06.13.2008 | 5:23 am

    You may only have 6 comments, but 22 people have already “bought” tickets!

    And I AM keeping track of everyone!

    FYI……..after last night’s wine tasting, we have passed $15K for the year!!!!


  8. Comment by Rob L | 06.13.2008 | 5:36 am

    Wonders if susan and the kids need ear plugs for when Rock Band gets fired up.

    Super sweet on the ibis, I’m going to pony in for a few more tickets this weekend!

    I’m holding my own personal triathlon this sunday with friends, were riding in the morning, raiding the in-laws country club in the afternoon and having ribs/brat’s/wings as our final leg.

  9. Comment by Don | 06.13.2008 | 6:16 am

    MAN I wish I could be in Utah with you guys… stink. Anyway, Rush is great man! I know, random thoughts from a random mind. Rest assured when I’m done working today I’ll log in and donate some cashflow, likely to Mike (again) and send you the info.
    Fatty, you rule man… Mountain bike, water slide, brat eatting. Pure genius I tell you.
    WIN SUSAN!!!

  10. Comment by Tiger | 06.13.2008 | 6:25 am

    Ah, I wish Canada wasn’t so far away from UT? (p.s. I don’t even know what UT is..but its in the states and my parents won’t let me travel and it’s such short notice)
    The watersliding stage looks like muchos fun. Where is it that you do that? In a mountain or something?
    I’ll buy tickets though. Good cause:)

  11. Comment by carolyn | 06.13.2008 | 6:25 am

    I’ll just say up front that if you pull my name out of the hat for the bike feel free to crumple the paper and move to the next name. I’m just cool like that. And I’m not a bike rider. And quit looking at me like that! Gaw.

  12. Comment by Pammap | 06.13.2008 | 6:33 am

    Any chance it will have a pink “WIN Susan” paint job? It will be cool either way but that would be WAY cool!

    Awesomely done, FC.

  13. Comment by mamafitz | 06.13.2008 | 6:45 am

    Oh My Dear Gawd – that is one beeeautiful bike.

    Win Susan!


  14. Comment by Dad and janel | 06.13.2008 | 6:47 am

    So, Elden where did you come up with the horse as a logo for the shirts? and what exactly has the LAF done for you and Susan, I guess we have never heard?

    Sounds like a great event!! Have fun! Don’t forget to wear your floaties in the water slide!!

  15. Comment by Sean | 06.13.2008 | 6:58 am

    Since I’m unable to make the trip to Alpine I’ll be holding my own triathlon here in Seattle. I’ll be exactly the same except that the watersliding leg will be replaced with a napping leg. Vegas has me as the odds on favorite to WIN it all.

  16. Comment by Henrik | 06.13.2008 | 7:15 am

    I’ll need at ride from Denmark to get to Fatty’s. Anyone? Perhaps I should team up with Swedoz for next years event.

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  18. Comment by Bob | 06.13.2008 | 8:10 am

    So is this bike so great that a fat mountain biker with tattoos and baggy shorts will still be able to ride off the front on a solo attack that no one will dare challenge?

  19. Comment by Flyin' Ute | 06.13.2008 | 8:16 am

    If I win the bike will they customize into a big gunter size for me? 6′6″ That would be sweet.

  20. Comment by Ethan | 06.13.2008 | 8:17 am

    I think that only about 90 seconds elapsed between me going to your website and donating $ to LAF. I’m gonna win one of those bikes.

    Yes, I feel somewhat bribed, but then I remember that my family has been deeply affected by cancer in the last few months.

    Good work, Elden.

  21. Comment by Canadian Roadie | 06.13.2008 | 8:19 am

    Wow, that’s incredible. Thanks to Ibis for providing that extra push to raise money for a great cause. I’ll be thinking of you guys and your tri tomorrow as I wear my brand spanky new jersey on my ride, then my hike, then my nap.
    WIN Susan!

  22. Comment by 331miles | 06.13.2008 | 8:44 am

    What a cool bike donation! I’m happy to give, and having a chance at winning the Ibis is icing on the cake. Or…ice cream on the hot pecan pie?

  23. Comment by Jamieson | 06.13.2008 | 8:54 am

    Would love to be there to enjoy the events, but will be riding the Cherohala Challenge in TN/NC on the 21st.

    I’m going to love hearing that I won the bike after finishing the 115 mile ride.

  24. Pingback by Chuck Ibis :: Chuck Spew :: » DO GOOD, WIN A SILK SL | 06.13.2008 | 9:09 am

    [...] head on over to Fatty’s blog entry about the raffle, read about it, then pull the trigger and click on over to the donate page (note, [...]

  25. Comment by Jonas | 06.13.2008 | 9:11 am

    Just made a donation,
    I couldn’t possibly ignore the “Did this person become simultaneously so lucky and philanthropic?” part.

    Elden, if you aren’t already, you should be in marketing! ;-)

    If I win the bike, I promise to take it to the top of Mont Ventoux, France.

    Best wishes from Belgium.
    WIN Susan!

  26. Comment by BurkeInTheOzarks | 06.13.2008 | 9:14 am

    What a beautiful bike. I only own a mountain bike (well, two) at the moment so this would come in really handy. In fact, as soon as I can hack up the cash for (or win!) a road bike, I’m going to start commuting to/from work a few days a week.

  27. Comment by BotchedExperiment | 06.13.2008 | 9:35 am

    I need to change my shorts.

  28. Comment by mike | 06.13.2008 | 9:41 am

    BurkeInTheOzarks, Commute on a MTB! If you’ve got to i’m guessing at least one is a hard tail. I’m commuting on a Spealized Stumpjuper, I even overtake some lycra clad roadies!

  29. Comment by chtrich | 06.13.2008 | 9:53 am

    Mike Roadie……22 isn’t bad considering most of those were the early buyers. Keep up updated on the # of enteries.

  30. Comment by KT | 06.13.2008 | 9:58 am

    Fatty, please tell us that you’ll be posting video of the watersliding AND the Rock Band-ing.

    I can’t make it to your TriathAlon because I got volunteered to work our national rallycross event, but I’ll be thinking about how much fun you all are going to be having as I’m running around a dusty hot open field chasing cones.

    Does donating to Clydesteve get me anything?? Shoot, I’ll have to donate to Mike, too! Oh darn. :)

    That’s one pretty bike….

  31. Comment by MAJ Mike | 06.13.2008 | 10:24 am

    That’ just too cool to pass up. Donation complete!

  32. Comment by SurlyCommuter | 06.13.2008 | 10:56 am

    too sweet man – way too sweet. Donation made. I like the earlier idea of a regional event in Seattle. I’ll plan on riding in the morning, napping and beer&brat(ing) through to the wee hours.

    WIN Susan!

  33. Comment by judi | 06.13.2008 | 11:13 am

    Donation made! Thanks Fatty! Wish I could come to Utah for your “triathalon”.


  34. Comment by Lisa B | 06.13.2008 | 11:25 am

    Done. And matched by the big Microsquish – MS is probably wondering why I keep sending so much money to LAF, but who cares, as long as they double it!

  35. Comment by Grizzly Adam | 06.13.2008 | 11:55 am


    I am looking forward to this one!

  36. Comment by Asthmagirl | 06.13.2008 | 11:58 am

    I would have donated anyway, but that bike is amazing! I stepped up to a hybrid last year and could not believe how much easier it was on the lungs to move less weight.
    Thanks for the great event… have fun!

    Win Susan!

  37. Comment by rich | 06.13.2008 | 12:00 pm

    Sweet bike, wish I could make the triathalon – sounds like a great time will be had.
    Already bought some tickets, but what the heck, never hurts to add more chances…

    Win Susan

  38. Comment by Jodi | 06.13.2008 | 12:03 pm

    so family members are not exempt from the raffle, riiiiight?

    and you remember that time you did that thing and i didn’t tell on you, riiiiiiight?

    you do the math.

  39. Comment by Emily | 06.13.2008 | 12:32 pm

    That is… just… insanely cool. Yay Ibis. I guess there is something for roadies in the triathAlon after all.
    I gotta be in SLC for work next week but still don’t know if I can stay in the area through Sat. So put me down as a definite maybe for the shindig.

  40. Comment by MikeP | 06.13.2008 | 12:48 pm

    I just tried to donate 4 different times, with 2 different credit cards (Discover & AMEX) – I keep getting “there was a problem verifying your credit card information, please correct” errors.

    Anyone else getting this problem?

  41. Comment by je | 06.13.2008 | 1:03 pm

    oh darn. I’ll actually be at a real triathlon — not that the fatty triathlon ain’t real, it just doesn’t include swimming in frigid, nad-shrinking water — on the day of your triathlon.

    But since you can never have too many bikes, and because cancer SUCKS, I’ll throw a few bones into the pot.

  42. Comment by bubbaseadog | 06.13.2008 | 1:21 pm

    cant swim or run but can ride a little,sening 50.00to laf have agreat tri and win susan win

  43. Comment by Canadian Roadie | 06.13.2008 | 1:31 pm

    Good God, I just read the update. Now I’m typing on a drool-covered keyboard. I might just have to buy one anyway!

  44. Comment by Rob | 06.13.2008 | 1:37 pm

    Unless it’s 2009 D-A…whatever. ;^)

  45. Comment by Flash | 06.13.2008 | 1:37 pm

    Ack trying to donate but it won’t take my money. ArghhhhH!

  46. Comment by Steve | 06.13.2008 | 2:29 pm

    I’ll be running the Wasatch Back that day, but I’ll be thinking about my new Ibis THE WHOLE TIME.

  47. Comment by Dave | 06.13.2008 | 3:19 pm

    That is so cool…I’m speechless. The cause is reason enough to donate, but way to go Ibis and Shimano. That is a very classy gesture they’re making. I’m impressed.

    Win Susan!

  48. Comment by je | 06.13.2008 | 3:29 pm

    $100 in the books.

    You all can stop donating now — until after the giveaway/raffle.

    If I win this, it will be my new race bike and the current rig will be for the crasheteirums only.

    Question, does it come in a color other than red? I like red, but it clashes with my team kit. ;)

  49. Comment by Flahute | 06.13.2008 | 4:24 pm

    My contribution is in …

    Guess I can add another group to the list … have donated in the past to the fund Kenny set-up, and now to the LAF.

  50. Comment by GTB in Alpine | 06.13.2008 | 7:00 pm

    Count me in for the triathlon. Glad people like the looks of the waterslide. It is fun, so long as you enjoy ice water!

  51. Comment by Caren | 06.13.2008 | 7:57 pm

    I am very sad to have to change my RSVP to a Regrets for the first (maybe annual?) Fatty’s Triathalon. The best laid plans don’t always work out, but maybe next year – I’ll get another chance to particpate, right? This is to become an annual thing – HINT, HINT! But in all seriousness the IBIS would be an awesome consolation prize even though I don’t have any child- or adulthood blackmail worth events to use for extortion!!

    We’ll be thinking of you here in Las Cruces, NM. We’ll have some chile for you if you’ll have a brat and beer for us!

    WIN SUSAN!!!
    Team FC (now including IBIS and SHIMANO) continues to ROCK!

  52. Comment by LindaLoo | 06.14.2008 | 6:15 am

    Hope I win-my sister needs a new bike. But mostly I hope Susan WINS!

  53. Comment by Bluenoser | 06.14.2008 | 7:52 am

    Donation in. That bike is going to look great up here in Nova Scotia.

    Win Susan


  54. Comment by becomingblue | 06.14.2008 | 10:02 am

    That bike is too much. Too many gears, too light, too high tech, too sweet looking. I’m not sure if I would know how to use it. If I win it, don’t just send it to me in a box. Somebody’s gonna have to come with it and show me how to use it. I think the front wheel on my current rig weighs more than 15 pounds.

  55. Comment by rkresack | 06.14.2008 | 2:31 pm

    Wish I could make the trip down but I’m headed to Toronto for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. It’s an event with 2,000 participants each raising a minimum of $2500 (quick math=$5,000,000) in support of the biggest cancer research facility in Canada, the Princess Margaret. We do two days 60 miles each from Toronto down to Niagara. Keep up your great work and Win Susan! My wife and I are both pulling for you.

  56. Comment by Stephanie | 06.14.2008 | 4:23 pm

    just drooled everywhere

  57. Comment by anji | 06.14.2008 | 7:25 pm

    Did I need to put anything special in the donation for the draw? I just put in recognition of my mom, was everything else okay? Thanks! Man, a 15 pound bike… that’d be something sweet!

  58. Comment by vertigo | 06.15.2008 | 9:53 am

    Anyone out there with an orange mens Fatty 08 Jersey willing to trade the large one that you got, but is too big, for the med one I got that is a little too small?

  59. Comment by mary | 06.15.2008 | 1:59 pm


  60. Comment by randomhigh | 06.15.2008 | 4:28 pm

    Happy father’s day, dude!!!

  61. Comment by fatty | 06.15.2008 | 7:50 pm

    anji – no, you don’t need to put anything special in the donation. All donations through this page are being entered for the drawing. Thanks for asking!

  62. Comment by Don | 06.15.2008 | 9:08 pm

    HAPPY FATHERS DAY FATTY!! And all the other dads reading!
    Oops, I sent the confirmation, but I guess you know that now, don’t you. Oh well, wish I could be there… who knows maybe I’ll pull an insane flight thing or something… nah, can’t afford it. Oh well, maybe next time.

  63. Comment by my middle name is fred | 06.15.2008 | 10:05 pm

    What an amazing raffle! I’m in.

    Go Susan!

  64. Comment by Born4Lycra | 06.16.2008 | 1:02 am

    So Fatty how many people at the Triathalon so far?

  65. Comment by jsv | 06.16.2008 | 9:31 am

    I’m in on the raffle, unfortunatly I will have to miss the Rush Tom Sawyer rendition!!

  66. Comment by Hamish A | 06.16.2008 | 10:38 am

    Donation away! Really wish I could be there for the inaugural Triathalon but I’m stuck in the UK.

    Have a FANTASTIC time and post lots of pictures for those of us who’ll be sad & depressed we can’t be joining in the fun!

    WIN, SUSAN!!!

  67. Comment by Spiff | 06.16.2008 | 12:40 pm

    I would LOVE to participate in the triathalon, but unfortunately 2300 mi. and two time zones separate me from that sweet waterslide.

    Nevertheless, donation made… WIN SUSAN!

  68. Comment by dougg | 06.16.2008 | 12:40 pm

    now, that is cool!

  69. Comment by rexinsea | 06.16.2008 | 2:08 pm

    Oh yeah… I am so in. Sorry I can’t make the Tri. WIN

  70. Comment by Clydesteve | 06.16.2008 | 2:24 pm

    OK, I have been donating a little to Mike Roadie’s LiveSTRONG ride, and more to mine. That is about to change! Well, it just did.

  71. Comment by Clydesteve | 06.16.2008 | 2:26 pm

    HEY Mike Roadie! – You lost your donation goal on the last edit of your L/S fund raising page. We can’t see how much you have raised, or what portion of the donation goal you are at anymore.

    Go do a little reedit, big guy!

  72. Comment by Clydesteve | 06.16.2008 | 2:47 pm

    So, Fatty. I notice that every 4th donation on the scrolling “honor roll” thingy on Mike Roadie’s page is “from FATTY in support of Fatty’s Triathalon”.

    Since you are so obviously stuffing the ballot box, I assume you have not disqualified yourself from winning the Ibis. Fine.

    Folks, we really need to step it up! Fatty is going to have to be out-donated in order to make this thing smell right! Get with it!

    Clydesteve, who is now more concerned with making donations to Mike Roadie’s L/S ride than his own.

  73. Comment by Richard | 06.16.2008 | 3:34 pm

    Donation is in and boomerangs are on their way. Wish I could be there…

    Win Susan!!!

  74. Comment by Roger Underhill | 06.16.2008 | 8:10 pm

    The donation links don’t work for me :-( I get taken to one of those domain registration sites. I have to assume it’s because I live in China…

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  76. Comment by Roger Underhill | 06.16.2008 | 8:27 pm

    Doh! Got it now :-D

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  78. Comment by Brokemba | 06.17.2008 | 8:37 am

    Fatty and family. I wish I could come out for the triathAlon but that whole wife, 3 kids and job thing…plus 5-buck gas and 1600 miles…etc…

    Make sure that nobody wears any Tri-Geek clothing at your event…it might scare off the crowds…

    Have a brat for me and keep fighting. You guys are always in my thoughts.


  79. Comment by Erik | 06.17.2008 | 9:27 am

    I’m proud to have joined the raffle as I lost my father to cancer seven years ago. Plus, I’ve been an Ibis rider since the mid-80’s and know that they are the best bikes made. I wish your wife well and will keep my fingers crossed.

  80. Comment by TomE | 06.17.2008 | 9:51 am

    Got my raffle tickets in!!! Sorry I can’t make the festivities this weekend…can’t wait to see who wins the bikes!!!

  81. Comment by jd | 06.17.2008 | 9:53 am

    Will competing in the last leg of Fatty’s Tri put one over the weight limit for riding the cool new bike? Maybe I can just eat the bike’s equivalant weight in brats? That’s easy!

  82. Comment by isela | 06.17.2008 | 1:09 pm

    Glad to be of help with the fundraiser. The Ibis is a dream bike for sure….good luck to everyone! Fatty, you will be making one person’s dream of a bike come true!

  83. Comment by Cinco D. Mayo | 06.18.2008 | 10:55 am

    Happy to donate (and my employer will graciously match!).

    Sorry I can’t make the “Tri”.

    Win Susan!

  84. Comment by Alex | 06.18.2008 | 12:50 pm

    Ugh, I’d love to attend your tri but the frontrunner only goes to slc and I’m not sure of any other transportation that could get me to Alpine (live in Roy by the way, close to Ogden). I’ll be with you in spirit though, and might just have to host my own Brat Leg in celebration!

  85. Pingback by Fat Cyclist » Blog Archive » I Suppose I Should Probably Post Details on the Triathalon Before the Event Actually Occurs | 06.19.2008 | 3:31 pm

    [...] Drawing I’ll be giving a few things away while we’re eating brats, but the drawing for the Ibis Silk SL (and the other cool prizes) will happen Saturday at Midnight (MDT). You can continue buying tickets [...]

  86. Comment by CliffI | 06.23.2008 | 7:10 pm

    Surfed over from BikeSnobNYC, glad I did. Good cause and great prize.

  87. Pingback by death ride goals and dreams « angrybeesound | 07.2.2008 | 1:12 pm

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    NEW 2007 Cannondale Prophet 4000 Mountain Bike $2,600
    NEW 2007 Cannondale R1000 Road Bike $1,000
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    NEW 2007 Cannondale Six13 Team 1 Dura Ace Road Bike $2,400
    NEW 2008 CANNONDALE Moto 3 Carbon Bike $2,100

    NEW 2007 Cervelo Soloist Carbon Road Bike $2,300
    NEW 2007 Cervelo P3 Carbon Road Bike $2,300
    NEW 2007 Cervelo Soloist Team Road Bike $1,100

    NEW 2007 Ellsworth Epiphany Mountain Bike $2,500
    NEW 2007 Ellsworth Moment Mountain Bike $2,600
    NEW 2007 Ellsworth Truth Mountain Bike $2,200

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    NEW 2008 TREK Fuel EX 8 Bike $1,500
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    NEW 2007 Trek 5000 Road Bike $1,100

    NEW 2007 Trek Pilot SL 5.9 Road Bike $1,900
    NEW 2007 Trek Tandem T 2000 Road Bike $1,500
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    NEW 2007 Trek Top Fuel SL Mountain Bike $2,900
    NEW 2008 Trek 10 Session Bike $2,500
    NEW 2008 TREK Fuel EX 9.0 Bike $2,300
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    NEW 2007 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Mountain Bike $1,000
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    NEW 2007 Specialized Roubaix Pro Road Bike $1,500
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    NEW 2007 Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL Sram Road Bike $2,300
    NEW 2007 Specialized S-Works Roubaix Dura Ace Road Bike $2,400
    NEW 2007 Specialized Demo 8 Mountain Bike $2,000
    NEW 2007 Specialized Enduro SL Pro Carbon Mountain Bike $2,200

    NEW 2008 GARY FISHER HiFi Pro Carbon Bike $3000
    NEW 2008 GARY FISHER HiFi Carbon Bike $ 2,100
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