Fight Cancer, Win a Cycling Trip to Italy

09.30.2008 | 12:53 pm

image If you could pick any place in the world to ride for a week, where would that place be?

The correct answer, by the way, is "Italy."

And, thanks to Ciclismo Classico, you may very well be riding in next year’s Maratona dles Dolomites.

This is, without question, one of the most awesome prizes — a $4000+ value — I’ve ever had on my blog. And all you need to do to get a chance at winning it is to donate $5.00 (or more) at Brad Stratton’s LiveStrong Challenge page.

What You Can Win
Ciclismo Classico is donating one slot in their weeklong Maratona of the Dolomites Tour for the week of June 29 2009. That includes accomodation and most meals, use of a bike, support, and an entry in the Maratona dles Dolomites, the largest amateur cycling event in Europe. And it ain’t easy to get an entry into this race.

So you won’t only tour in Italy, you’ll get to race in the Dolomites.

Folks, this is about as dreamy as dream vacations get.

By the way, if you win and the date of this particular tour doesn’t work for you, Ciclismo Classico will let you pick another 12-or-more-person tour to go on instead, as long as you go sometime in 2009. Sweet!

For more info about the Maratona of the Dolomites Tour, click here. For info about what’s included (and what’s not), click here.

Oh, and I’ll throw in a 2009 Fat Cyclist jersey, too, as long as you promise to send photos back of you wearing it during your trip.

Other Prizes
Of course, only one person’s going to win the Ciclismo Classico grand prize, but we’ve got cool second- and third-place prizes, too.

Not too shabby, eh?

image How to Win
I’m doing the Maratona of the Dolomites giveaway in much the same way I did the Ibis giveaway: you get virtual raffle tickets by donating to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, via Brad Stratton’s LiveStrong Challenge page.

This time, though, there’s a twist.

Like last time, $5.00 gets you one raffle ticket. But this time, as you donate more, you get additional — bonus — tickets. Here’s how:

  • $5 donation: 1 ticket
  • $25 donation: 5 tickets + 1 bonus ticket
  • $50 donation: 10 tickets + 3 bonus tickets
  • $100 donation: 20 tickets + 8 bonus tickets
  • $250 donation: 50 tickets + 25 bonus tickets
  • $500 donation: 100 tickets + 60 bonus tickets

The more you give, the more your chances improve. Click here to donate now.

All the money goes directly to the Lance Armstrong Foundation — nobody’s skimming anything off the top.

When Is The Winner Announced?
This contest goes for One Week Only. I’ll choose winners randomly on Wednesday, October 8.

Why This Matters
Of course, it’s really cool that Ciclismo Classico is donating a trip, and it would be really cool if you won it. But the reason we do these raffles goes way beyond that. We’re having fun, but we’re also fighting cancer. And the Lance Armstrong Foundation is doing a great job in advancing this fight.

I’m doing this raffle with Brad because his mom is engaged in a very hard battle against cancer right now. I can identify with his need to do something to help. Not just help his mom, but help anyone and everyone who’s trying to win this fight.

Thanks very much joining in.

PS: A big thanks goes out to Brad for seeking out Ciclismo Classico, and to Ciclismo Classico for stepping up to the plate with an outstanding prize.


  1. Comment by Scoops | 09.30.2008 | 12:58 pm


  2. Comment by BurkeInTheOzarks | 09.30.2008 | 1:12 pm

    I’m in!

  3. Comment by Hamish A | 09.30.2008 | 1:30 pm

    I’m in.

    Thanks for continuing to bring people like Brad & his Mom to our attention Fatty. Perhaps Livestrong / Lance should appoint you as an ambassador as well as Lances personal Blogger for his comeback?

    Brad, good luck. Good thoughts & prayers for your Mom.

    Let’s hope this raffle brings in as many entries as the Ibis one did!

    Can we please, PLEASE stop with the ‘podium’?! I don’t like to nag but this is not BSNY.

  4. Comment by Hamish A | 09.30.2008 | 1:32 pm


    There were humorous formatting comments surrounding my BSNY jibe. I’m not really as grumpy as that makes me look.

    WIN Susan!!!

  5. Comment by Will | 09.30.2008 | 1:35 pm

    I put mine in.

  6. Comment by Big Boned | 09.30.2008 | 1:35 pm

    I just bought the winning ticket. I’d suggest the rest of you donate NEXT week (don’t worry, I’ll remind you…).

  7. Comment by getinlost | 09.30.2008 | 1:36 pm

    Enough already.

  8. Comment by ja | 09.30.2008 | 1:44 pm

    livestrongggg… !! omg im gonna die with joy! livestrrrronnnng…

  9. Comment by PissedOffCil | 09.30.2008 | 1:46 pm

    Well the winner will be announced on the 8th… and the 8th my birthday… so I can only win… Can I pick the Ibis instead?

  10. Comment by Drew | 09.30.2008 | 2:05 pm

    Im in. Brad, good luck, I did the Philly Challenge for my dad…sending good thoughts you way, and towards Utah as well…

  11. Comment by Slow Rider | 09.30.2008 | 2:18 pm

    I am in, my father’s side of the family is from that exact area. It could be a dream vacation.
    fatty, I have linked you blog and was wondering how to get added to your blogroll?

  12. Comment by 331miles | 09.30.2008 | 2:22 pm

    Brad — good luck in Austin! I’ll be riding also. WIN SUSAN!

  13. Comment by Kathleen | 09.30.2008 | 3:12 pm

    I’m in. Brad – bunches of good wishes for your mom. Fatty – you rock man. Way to keep the good karma flowing.


  14. Comment by Mike Roadie | 09.30.2008 | 3:15 pm

    COPYCAT!!! Let’s all see if we can do just as much good this time around!!!!


    Go Brad…..see you in Austin!

  15. Comment by Mike Roadie | 09.30.2008 | 3:19 pm

    Also, I’m in!!!

  16. Comment by Clydesteve | 09.30.2008 | 3:27 pm

    I’m in too! Brad, 331Miles, & of course Mike Roadie – See you all in Austin! We’ll need to do a Friends of Fatty reunion….. well union, since we have not met before, it won’t be a REunion.

    WIN! Susan LiveSTRONG

  17. Comment by Mike from Melbourne | 09.30.2008 | 3:59 pm

    Scoops please stop doing that.

    And well done Brad

  18. Comment by DOM | 09.30.2008 | 4:05 pm

    I’m in too. Excellent idea, Brad and Fatty. I will think of you often as I enjoy my trip.

  19. Comment by Clydesteve | 09.30.2008 | 4:45 pm

    Scoops, why would Mike in Melbourne ask you to stop?

    Because it is like raising your hands in victory after beating an old lady who was not racing to the city limits sign, that’s why.

  20. Comment by Jeff | 09.30.2008 | 4:51 pm

    Fatty, only you could go from being a sexist on one day and raising money for cancer the next and have it all make sense…

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  22. Comment by Sandbagger | 09.30.2008 | 7:23 pm

    The wife and I did our Honeymoon with Ciclismo Classico (Amalfi coast stroll and roll) and had a wonderful time. They do a great job, someone is going to get one hell of a trip!

  23. Comment by Jeremy | 09.30.2008 | 7:26 pm

    I’m in as long as the “core group” is not eligible.;)

  24. Comment by JT | 09.30.2008 | 10:41 pm

    I’m in!

  25. Comment by victoria | 09.30.2008 | 11:24 pm

    Count me in!

  26. Comment by eclecticdeb | 10.1.2008 | 12:25 am

    I’m so IN. If the cycling Gods smile down on me and I actually win the trip, my boyfriend and I are going to have a heck of a time deciding who actually gets to ride.

    On second thought, better start saving our spare change so both of us can ride.

    Hope Susan and the family are coping well. I think of you and them often.

  27. Comment by Shiny Flu | 10.1.2008 | 2:02 am

    Tickets bought…. Now, just to make sure fatty draws the ‘right’ tickets.

  28. Comment by dr_robert | 10.1.2008 | 2:21 am

    I’m in.

    If I win, tell Walt I’ll trade him the grand prize for a custom SS 29′er. ;)


  29. Comment by miss & stewOZ | 10.1.2008 | 2:59 am

    We’ve entered!

    WIN Susan. WIN Diane. Please keep winning.

  30. Comment by Swedoz | 10.1.2008 | 3:49 am

    Awesome, I´m in.

    One thing, it´s not the largest amateur cycling event in Europe. That is a 300km ride (in one day) that has had over 415000 riders in its history and gets filled to capacity (15000) every year now. Hope to see some of you there!

  31. Comment by AJ | 10.1.2008 | 6:21 am

    I’m in as well! WIN SUSAN!

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  33. Comment by Rob L | 10.1.2008 | 7:40 am

    Excellent, do we need to email in anything this time?

    Cheers Brad(Medium) and Fatty.

    Damn not sure if I want 1st or 3rd place more….:P

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  35. Comment by leroy | 10.1.2008 | 9:57 am

    Okay, I’m in. But if I win, I will definitely need a new FC jersey.

    My old one is way too big even by my somewhat loose standards. I wouldn’t want to make a fashion faux pas while representing Team Fatty overseas.

    You should have warned about the jersey’s magical weight loss properties.

    Win Susan!

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  37. Comment by Brian Howe | 10.3.2008 | 10:06 am

    In like Flynn. What a great thing y’all are doing.

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  42. Comment by Stomper | 10.4.2008 | 6:35 pm

    I’m in too….

  43. Comment by Mike | 10.6.2008 | 2:08 am

    This is a great cause. I posted about it on my blog I hope that it helps with the fund raising.

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