Property Value

12.4.2008 | 12:52 pm

As I mentioned yesterday, I went riding with a large group last weekend. The plan was that we would ride up Clark’s, then around Suncrest, and then down a recently-constructed downhill-specific trail.

Mark — a frequent commenter here, who I always think fondly of as the guy who had food and ice cream waiting for me when I finished the Kokopelli Trail Race a couple years ago — is about to move into town, and we talked a little bit about the house he had just made an offer on.

The house is up on Suncrest, which is where Dug, Rick Sunderlage (not his real name), and many others from the riding group are from. Not surprisingly — considering it’s sitting at the top of an excellent mountain biking park as well as a good, challenging road climb (good on the South side, challenging on the North) — Suncrest is turning out to be the neighborhood of choice for bike lovers.

Still, Mark seemed a little nervous. Who wouldn’t be? Property values currently suck and seem to be getting suckier. The economy — some of you may be surprised to hear this — is not in excellent shape. Buying a house right now is mildly terrifying.

But then we got to the top of the climb and did the descent, which Rick has since named Crack Cocaine. Because you’re hooked after one hit.

And here’s the thing: Rick is right. After doing that descent once, it’s the trail I can’t stop thinking about. It’s so different from everything else I ride. Tabletops. A ladder. Big drops. Gaps. Banked ravines. I really got a sense of how much I still have to learn about mountain biking, and what I could learn from this trail.

Also, I got confirmation on something that I’ve been noticing lately: I’m no longer a bad descender. I’m going to go into the reasons why in another post, but the proof was right there: I was catching groups on the downhill, and then easily staying with them.

When we reached the bottom, Dug and I each described how fantastic we thought the trail was:

“That didn’t suck,” said Dug.

“No, at least not very much,” was my reply.

See, we’re using clever rhetorical devices to understate and therefore underscore the excitement and enthusiasm we all felt about this new trail.

Then I turned to Mark, and asked him what I thought of what is, in fact, his new backyard ride.

“As far as I’m concerned, my property value just went up $50,000,” Mark replied.

No kidding.


  1. Comment by Jeff | 12.4.2008 | 1:06 pm

    That’s it. Time to pack up and move to Utah!

  2. Comment by Dobovedo | 12.4.2008 | 1:14 pm

    nope.. rides sound fantastic but Utah still has COLD. I looked at the 15 day forecast for Ohio today and decided on Barbados.

  3. Comment by leroy | 12.4.2008 | 1:16 pm

    I understand Mark’s trepidation.

    The Brooklyn Bridge is a regular part of my commute. So I was very excited when it came on the market.

    Naturally, I was concerned that even a national landmark could lose value in this market.

    But when I heard what the nice man standing at the entrance to the Bridge’s bike path wanted, I just couldn’t say no.

    It was quite a bargain.

    In the long run, I know this is one investment that is going to pay off.

    Not at all like that Washington Mutual or Lehman Brothers stock or the fancy 8 track tape equipment I sunk that money into.

    I haven’t told my wife about the Bridge purchase yet. I’m trying to figure out how to gift wrap it as a holiday present.

    Can’t wait to see her face….

  4. Comment by MikeonhisBike | 12.4.2008 | 1:23 pm

    Sounds like a great trail but it’s too close to the in-laws house to raise property values for me.


  5. Comment by Rick S. | 12.4.2008 | 2:22 pm

    And the word on the street is more trails are being designed for 2009. I’m working on opening up a hot dog stand in the EQ parking lot next season.

  6. Comment by LidsB2 | 12.4.2008 | 3:07 pm

    And to think I lived in Utah Valley for over 4 years without realizing the treasures that existed all around me. Ouch.

  7. Comment by Woody | 12.4.2008 | 3:12 pm

    And I can’t seem to get myself together enough to even VISIT Utah. I’ve been trying for 4 years now.

  8. Comment by Mike Roadie | 12.4.2008 | 3:17 pm

    73 degrees here in Ft Lauderdale today. Looks like close to 80 with light breezes is forecasted for this Sunday’s annual Kids ride! Utah…….pshaw!

  9. Comment by Lerjoy | 12.4.2008 | 3:20 pm

    Trails you can ride to are PRICELESS!

  10. Comment by Don | 12.4.2008 | 3:34 pm

    I so need to get out to Utah, and learn me some how to REALLY mountain bike. I has MTB, I has need skillz.
    I apologize for the last couple of sentences. It’s been a rather rough day at work.

  11. Comment by Kathleen | 12.4.2008 | 3:50 pm

    Sounds like heaven!

  12. Comment by Di | 12.4.2008 | 4:03 pm

    “But then we got to the top of the climb and did the descent, which Rick has since named Crack Cocaine. Because you’re hooked after one hit.”

    This is incredibly funny to me. My bike guy has said on many occasions that crack would’ve been a cheaper habit to develop in college than bike. I think I have proven this theory many times over the course of my three and a half year mountain biking “career.” ;-)

  13. Comment by El Animal | 12.4.2008 | 4:31 pm

    My backyard is full of cars and construction…jeez!

  14. Comment by UtRider | 12.4.2008 | 4:44 pm

    Rick – While a hotdog stand would be nice, a Coke machine would bring in the big money.

  15. Comment by mark | 12.4.2008 | 5:46 pm

    Forget hot dogs. Brats and diet coke.

    And to all the naysayers poo-pooing the Utah weather, you seem to forget that with the cold comes 500 inches annually of dry Utah powder snow. We have room for more than one addiction in these parts.

    Dug’s neighborhood slogan is “I will move no more forever.” Amen to that. Dunno why I ever left to begin with.

  16. Comment by MOCougFan | 12.4.2008 | 6:02 pm

    You guys just keep rubbing it in.


  17. Comment by Aaron | 12.4.2008 | 7:22 pm

    Yep, backyard trails are where it’s at. That’s why I live in Tucson. Trails are minutes away, and I can ride them 365 days a year.

  18. Comment by bikemike | 12.4.2008 | 7:25 pm

    my back yard is hwy.60 that runs from vero beach to tampa, fla., so, top that will ya . . . oh wait . . . nevermind. (goes to corner, curls into fetal position, starts crying).

    p.s. if dug posts another picture of his “back yard”, i’m throwing this 6 year old mac in the trash and buying a new i-mac that has the nifty new filter on it that weeds out all of the “obviuosly fake” pictures he keeps posting.

  19. Comment by bikemike | 12.4.2008 | 7:27 pm

    it also has that thingy that knows how to spell the words i’m thinking of . . . obviously.

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  21. Comment by Andrew | 12.5.2008 | 8:26 am

    @ leroy

  22. Comment by Canadian Roadie | 12.5.2008 | 9:24 am

    So jealous. Where I live(Vancouver Island), developers and government officials keep taking away any riding areas to make way for condos and costcos. Maybe it’s time to move south?

  23. Comment by Eber | 12.5.2008 | 10:32 am

    My wife has dubbed the new downhill “The Mistress”, because every time I drive by the finish I stare longingly up the canyon.

    Each time she sees the bruise on my left butt cheek (compliments of the bridge at the top and the lesson it taught me about speed and narrow passages) she calls it the “lipstick on the collar”.

    I can’t stop thinking about it – I am braving the cold early tomorrow morning to make another run. Surely the wife will mention something about me clandestinely sneaking out of bed to visit “her”.

    Can’t you hear “her” song:

    go to sleep little baby
    go to sleep little baby

    your momma’s gone away and your daddy’s gonna stay
    didn’t leave nobody but the baby

    I can still hear Sam shout out: “I seen ‘em first!”

    I have to go now…

  24. Comment by Marla | 12.5.2008 | 9:50 pm

    Sounds like mountain bike paradise.

  25. Comment by Steve @ WAFTA | 12.8.2008 | 1:24 pm

    We’re glad you’re enjoying the new trail our group is building! Be prepared for your property value to continue to rise, we’ll soon be adding (weather permitting) another section onto the existing trail and we have permission to continue to build in Maple Hollow. It’s only going to get better, and better, and better…..

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