2010 Fat Cyclist Jerseys (And Much More) On Pre-Order Now!

08.24.2009 | 8:00 am

A Note from Fatty: The Philadelphia LiveStrong Challenge was almost too cool for words. Luckily, within the next day or two I should be getting pictures and video back so I can tell the story properly.

2010 Jerseys Revealed…And Available for Pre-Order

Okay, enough with the teasing already. I know you’re just going to go look at the images anyway so I may as well just be typing blah blah blah here. Which would save me quite a bit of time, to be honest. Though I don’t think it would do much for my ego if I did that for a couple weeks and nobody noticed.

Look at me: rambling again. Let’s take a look at the jerseys!

The 2010 Fat Cyclist Jersey

Wow, it is so weird to type “2010.” Every time I do, I expect a giant obelisk to come crashing through the roof, accompanied by dramatic music.

That may just be my problem. Let’s move on.

It is and will always be debatable whether a black jersey is really hotter to ride in than a white one, but now you’ll be able to decide for yourself.

Here’s the front:

…and here’s the back:


There are a few things worth noting on this jersey, which comes in both men’s and women’s versions:

  • It’s got a full-length zipper. Which means that now you’ll be able, on hot days, to unzip your jersey entirely and let it flap in the wind behind you, like a cape. This, admittedly, looks better on some people than on others. You will have to decide if you are one of the people it looks good on, or whether you are one of the people who would get arrested for doing this. Hint: If you are a woman, you are one of the people who will get arrested. In spite of the apparent appreciation of passers-by.
  • The fit and material are excellent: Those of you who bought 2009 Fat Cyclist jerseys know that the material and fit are really great. The 2010 jerseys continue that tradition.
  • Specially formulated for sexiness: I know that you are already a very sexy person, but most jerseys suppress that sexiness, instead making you look like someone who likes Super Grover, or are perhaps a big fan of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Which is a fine album, but not an appropriate on-bike message. This 2010 jersey will make you look as sexy as possible, while still proclaiming that you are a Friend of Fatty. I know, that seems like a contradiction in terms, but trust me: it’s not. I hope.
  • Available for pre-order now: Available in both men’s and women’s fit. Click here for Men’s; click here for women’s. Price is $75.00. No price increase, because I love you.

Team Fatty 2010: Jersey Available for Pre-Order Now

As you may have noticed, Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting Like Susan has had a pretty successful first year. As in, we’ve broken pretty much every LiveStrong fundraising record there is, and have been the top fundraiser in each of the first three LiveStrong Challenge event cities.

I think we should start planning on doing it again next year. And here’s the jersey we’re going to do it in. Here’s the front:


And here’s the back:


What needs to be said about this jersey? How about this?

  • Full-length zipper: You know, I never really got the point of having a full-length zipper on a jersey…until I had a jersey with a full-length zipper. Oh, and also they’re much easier to remove if, by chance, you’ve separated your shoulder so many times in your life that you no longer have any range of motion to speak of. Not that I would know anything about that.
  • Has the WIN logo on the right sleeve. And it always will.
  • Fight Like Susan: Where the Fat Cyclist jersey says “Heavyweight Horsepower” in the circle that goes around the clydesdale, this jersey has our motto: Fight Like Susan. People will ask you what this means, and the answer is simple: We will find ways to fight cancer doing what we love. We will fight cancer with focus, creativity, and outrageous endurance.
  • Available in men’s and women’s fits. Click here for men’s fit; click here for women’s fit. Price is $75.00. Still.
  • $25 from each Team Fatty jersey sold will go to LiveStrong. Specifically, it’ll go to Mike Roadie’s LiveStrong Challenge, because he’s the one who suggested to me that we should have a Team Fatty, and because he’s the one who bugged me and bugged me and bugged me about doing a white jersey. Which turned out to be a great idea.

Bib Shorts

Whether you’re riding with the Fat Cyclist or Team Fatty jersey, you now have the option of looking as fully-kitted and Euro as you want. And maybe even more.


This year, bib shorts will be available in both the Fat Cyclist (orange) version and the Team Fatty (pink) version, in both men’s and women’s cuts.

Fat Cyclist Bottles: Now Using Camelbak Podium Bottles!

I can’t help it: the thing I’m second-most-excited about this year is that the Fat Cyclist bottles will now be screened onto the Camelbak Podium bottles.


I love these bottles. I never use any other kind now. No more increasingly-leaky pull-out valves.

And we’re doing the big size: 24oz. These are easier to squeeze, and hold enough drink that you only need one bottle for a short ride, and two bottles will take care of you for a pretty darned good-sized long ride.

These are available for pre-order now for $10.00 each — and you can get it either in the orange or pink version.

I recommend you use them not just on the bike, but any time you need a drink. Including when fancy company comes over for dinner. Which means you’d better order twenty or so.

A Vest for Your Chest

This year I’ve got a full-on line of apparel to go with your jersey. Which means, when I’m feeling less fancy, that in addition to jerseys, we now have Fat Cyclist jerseys, I now have socks, caps, armwarmers, and vests.

Check out the vest, first of all.


Available in both orange and pink versions, there’s nothing quite as useful as a good vest on a ride that starts out cold, but you know is going to end up warm. Or vice versa, I suppose. Yes, now that I think about it, definitely vice versa, as well.

And this, I assure you, is a good vest. $60.00, whether you get it in orange or pink.


If there’s anything more useful than a vest for a ride that’s going to change temperatures — and while I know I just said there isn’t, I am willing to reconsider and you should be too — it is armwarmers.


I never do an early-morning ride without them. Even in the summer. And yet, as useful as they are, they’re still only $30.00. Available in both orange and pink versions. Buy a bunch, because you know you’re going to lose them. Like socks.


For about two years now, I have not worn anything but Fat Cyclist socks. Which is not to say that I go everywhere completely nude with exception of Fat Cyclist socks.

No, that’s not what I mean at all.

What I mean is that I have found that Fat Cyclist socks are comfortable and awesome-looking enough to be worn both on and off the bike. To work. To church. Swimming. Okay, maybe not swimming.



Oh, and I bet they make awesome puppets, too. Try it and get back to me with your results. $12.00 for both the orange and pink versions.

Cycling Cap

If you aren’t going to put sunscreen on your head — and I’m not just talking to those of you without hair here — you should wear a cycling cap under your helmet. Besides, you’ll look all cool and Euro and stuff when you wear one off the bike, too.


This year, we’re making them cotton so they fit a little easier under your helmet, and also so they’re a little more affordable, and also so you’ll want to wear it everywhere and all the time. $20.00, and available in both orange and pink versions.


You know, so you can decorate your car, your notebook, your computer, your neighbor’s mailbox, and so forth:


These are sticky vinyl, not paper. Weather-proof and fade resistant. $8.00 for the set of 6 stickers.

I’ll bet your kitchen would look awesome just totally covered with these.

The Fat Cyclist T-Shirt

I don’t even know what to say about this T-shirt except that I got all choked up when I saw the design. Here’s the front:


And the back:


This is available now — not as a pre-order — for $22.00 in both men’s and women’s sizes.

[UPDATE: Most women's sizes are sold out for the time being. More in all sizes have been ordered, however, and I'll post when they become available. - FC]

About the Pre-Order And When Your Stuff Will Arrive

Everything here is on pre-order, meaning you order and pay for it now, and you’ll get it in mid-November. By doing this as a pre-order, you’re guaranteed to get what you ordered. As many of you know, if you wait until the stuff actually comes in, you’re likely to miss out — I don’t order a lot of extras of anything, so we sell out — especially of jerseys — right away every year.

The pre-order period goes from now until next Tuesday, September 1, at 5:00PM CDT. [Note: Sorry about the confusion when I originally typed September 5 -- that was a typo caused by the fact that I wrote this at 2:30 in the morning.]

You can find all of the stuff I’ve listed here in convenient catalog form over at the Twin Six site in my handy Fat Cyclist Stuff page.

And thanks for wearing Fat Cyclist stuff — I always love it when I see another rider wearing a Fat Cyclist / Team Fatty jersey. It’s like we’re members of a very strange, self-deprecating club. That wears a lot of stretchy clothes.


  1. Comment by Paul | 08.24.2009 | 8:04 am

    Yes Full Length Zipper!!!! Thanks Fatty

    I will be placing my order!

  2. Comment by Susan Tomlinson | 08.24.2009 | 8:09 am

    I am in!

  3. Comment by Ken | 08.24.2009 | 8:11 am

    Woohoo! 1 jersey, 1 T-shirt and 1 Sticker pack ordered!

  4. Comment by Julie | 08.24.2009 | 8:12 am

    Woo Hoo!! Got my WIN t-shirt!

  5. Comment by steventoby | 08.24.2009 | 8:12 am

    No bundle option like in March? Sad.

    Oh well, guess I’ll just order it all anyway! Sweet stuff Fatty!

  6. Comment by C | 08.24.2009 | 8:14 am

    Can’t wait for mine…..good job Fatty

  7. Comment by TheOtherArmstrong | 08.24.2009 | 8:15 am

    The Philly Livestrong ride was a blast and I had a bunch of people asking me about the jersey and the team during the ride. I’m totally ordering one of the white ones for next year’s ride!!

  8. Comment by VT Rob | 08.24.2009 | 8:16 am

    Looks great! Order’s in and I’m with Ken…jersey, t, stickers.

    Can’t wait to hear about Philly.

  9. Comment by Kris | 08.24.2009 | 8:29 am

    Just spent my birthday money and it is not until February!!!

  10. Comment by Michael | 08.24.2009 | 8:31 am

    Just placed my order. So excited for the new stuff. Big Props to Twin Six for donating some profits to the Nelson family. WIN!

  11. Comment by Sudar | 08.24.2009 | 8:36 am

    Hey Fatty!

    Livestrong Philly was AMAZING!! I just wanted to say how much it meant to me, and all of us there, that you were able to make it out. I must say, the most touching part of the ride for me was seeing you at the finish line. It moved me beyond words that you would wait for hours to see every member of team fatty cross that finish line. It just goes to show, once again, your wonderful character. Thank you for being awesome! I know Susan is smiling right now thinking that same thought.

    ps….kit looks great, I’m in!

  12. Comment by TomE | 08.24.2009 | 8:37 am

    How oh how will I ever pay for everything that I want?!?!?! Fatty – you need to look into a program like 12 months same as cash!!!!

  13. Comment by Steve | 08.24.2009 | 8:39 am

    YES! Extra-Large Cycling Caps! Fat-headed fat cyclists everywhere approve.

  14. Comment by Kathleen@ForgingAhead | 08.24.2009 | 8:41 am

    Great stuff – as always! Twin Six guys are the best. Order placed!

  15. Comment by VA Biker | 08.24.2009 | 8:41 am

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with the new stuff (not in a bad way). The new design is great looking indeed. I will pre-order a jersey today. Thanks for all you do, Elden. You are fighting the good fight, and you’ve got a heck of a lot of people backing you up!

  16. Comment by alan | 08.24.2009 | 8:42 am

    I preordered the heck outa that stuff.

  17. Comment by Jason | 08.24.2009 | 8:43 am

    These are straight sick.. now to come up with the money for all the stuff…

  18. Comment by powerful pete | 08.24.2009 | 8:53 am

    Congratulations to the people who designed the stuff (I know it wasn’t you Fatty!). It looks really nice.

    Ok, I’m in for a jersey, shorts and a cap. As one of the resident Euros, I gotta look… well, Euro.

    Now Fatty, if you had matching racing gloves made, then we could graduate to Euro Pro.

    Wouldn’t that be something…

  19. Comment by Kelly | 08.24.2009 | 8:53 am

    The jerseys are beautiful, but I have to admit my first reaction to this post was “OMG STICKERS!” Ordered my stickers and t-shirt; definitely going to order a kit once I decide which one I want more…decisions, decisions!

  20. Comment by Christine | 08.24.2009 | 8:55 am

    The designs and items look great, Fatty!

    One thing – September 5th is not a Tuesday – what’s the real deadline? (:

  21. Comment by debbie | 08.24.2009 | 8:56 am

    FYI: The pictures of the jersey at the top actually show the year “2001″ around the sleeve — “20″ in the back and “01″ in the front.

  22. Comment by 100poundsago | 08.24.2009 | 8:57 am

    Twin 6 needs to put your descriptions on their site, funny stuff.

  23. Comment by Jonathan | 08.24.2009 | 9:00 am

    Good stuff here. Looks like the orange jersey says “2001″ on the right arm, though, rather than “2010″.

  24. Comment by Brian Sherry | 08.24.2009 | 9:02 am


    First of all thank you – without you I am pretty sure I would not have ridden my first century in Philadelphia. It was great to finally meet you – although I imagine it must be a bit odd to have so many people that you have never met before come up to you and greet you like they have known you forever. Such an inspiring weekend surrounded by great people. An added bonus is that in preparing for this ride, my wife Stephanie who had previously not ridden much past ten miles, rode the 45 mile version – finished and now has the cycling bug – she is already talking about 70 next year. I would imagine that the numbers for Team Fatty will swell next year as those who did not know about you before the weekend started – surely know about you know. All who asked about Team Fatty were in awe of how a group of people that have never met each other came together to form such a large and enthusiastic group – the biggest as it were. Thank you again – I will be counting down days until the ride next year and will encourage all to Fight Like Susan in the interim.

  25. Comment by Jason Crane | RocBike.com | 08.24.2009 | 9:03 am

    Great jerseys, Fatty!

    Thanks for an amazing weekend. Here are parts 1 and 2 of my Livestrong Philly report:

    Part 1: The (bald, chubby) eagle has landed

    Part 2: My first triple century, or, How I learned to stop worrying and
    love my Xtracycle



  26. Comment by regina | 08.24.2009 | 9:04 am

    so glad to see the t-shirt, I know I sent an email right away when I saw the homepage saying i really really needed a t-shirt with that on it. I missed the last jersey so I am happy there are multiples. I will think of it as filling in my collection.

  27. Comment by Lowrydr | 08.24.2009 | 9:11 am

    debbie & Jonathon, it’s 201, you are just seeing the zero in both pictures not two zeros. It’s 201# for the Clydesdale weight.

  28. Comment by Lorie | 08.24.2009 | 9:13 am

    COOL BEANS! Just ordered my jersey and can hardly wait for it to get here!

  29. Comment by tcrdave | 08.24.2009 | 9:13 am

    Ok, I’m in. I have all the other jerseys, might as get this one too. I do like telling your story to people I meet. I also like the white arm warmers as well. Very cool, I love the T6 stuff. How about some knee warmers?

  30. Comment by Lizzylou | 08.24.2009 | 9:15 am

    Bibs for Women! I am so excited I could cry.

    Now if only I could afford everything that I want. Time to prioritize.

  31. Comment by Julian | 08.24.2009 | 9:19 am

    AWESOME!!! These are the coolest Jerseys in all of jerseydom. I like the color combo and overall look. Clydesdales, unite!

  32. Comment by Mikeonhisbike | 08.24.2009 | 9:23 am

    The white jerseys look awesome and very slimming I’m sure.

  33. Comment by Dan O | 08.24.2009 | 9:24 am

    In with a jersey for me, and a shirt for my wife. I have the regular ‘09 jersey and will be wearing it proudly during the Livestrong Challenge in Austin.

    Hope you will make it to Austin in October!

    Life is good

  34. Comment by Canadian Roadie | 08.24.2009 | 9:42 am

    Ack! So many things to get, so little money! Now I have to make decisions, darn it.

  35. Comment by RubyBlue | 08.24.2009 | 9:46 am

    I am so excited. I am not missing out this time – job or not job – I am buying this jersey!

    Ladies – for those of you who ordered twin six before – how accurate are their measurements/sizes? I usually buy a large but it says a Medium is a 37. Have you been happy with the fit?

  36. Comment by Jason | 08.24.2009 | 9:46 am

    Can you clarify the end of the Presale? It says that it ends on “Tuesday September 5th,” however September 5th is a Saturday. Please clarify.


  37. Comment by Robert | 08.24.2009 | 9:46 am

    Can I borrow some money? :)

    I have no idea which Jersey to get. BOTH are absolutely beautiful.

    Thanks Fatty!

  38. Comment by Lerjoy | 08.24.2009 | 9:50 am


  39. Comment by Aaron | 08.24.2009 | 10:08 am

    It does seem weird that we are almost at 2010. And we even say it differently. Most people I know, say 2009 like this, “Two thousand nine”. But people say 2010 differently. They say, “Twenty Ten”.

    Also, cool new gear. I will be getting some, for sure.

  40. Comment by whitney | 08.24.2009 | 10:09 am

    Ruby Blue –

    I might be sharing too much info here, but I’m a 36C and the medium fits me well — snug (I don’t like baggy jerseys) but easily zip-up-able.

    – whitney

  41. Comment by Onan the Barbarian | 08.24.2009 | 10:13 am

    I’m all over this stuff.

    FWIW: I live about 2 miles from Twin Six and have met the folks there. Needless to say, they are pretty cool.

  42. Comment by Jennie | 08.24.2009 | 10:14 am

    urgh. can’t decide between pink and orange- somehow I think I’m going to end up ordering both…

    I do not need more cycling jerseys…
    unless I start riding twice/day 6 days/week…

    or else running in cycling jerseys
    …do you suppose the zippers would chafe on a long run?

    p.s. on fit- fwiw, I like the women’s large from twin six- my dress size is 12 (US) & I tend to wear jerseys to fit like t-shirts rather than surfing rashguards

  43. Comment by KK | 08.24.2009 | 10:20 am

    Fatty, It was a pleasure to meet you and chat in Philly. You handled the adulation, the requests for your time and attention, the speech at the award dinner, and ride day with amazing patience and grace.

    Philly was my first century, and while I was really pleased with my ride overall, the two things I remember most are seeing my wife and my brother cheering and shooting pictures of Team Fatty as we neared the top of The Hill to Landis Store, and you, standing at the finish line, greeting Team Fatty riders as we rolled in. Cheers for that.

    PS – the pictures my brother shot are being posted at http://www.kevkavpix.com/ — look for the Team Fatty gallery.

  44. Comment by bobbieh | 08.24.2009 | 10:23 am

    My order is in… is it November yet???

  45. Comment by Andy R. | 08.24.2009 | 10:24 am

    Wow. You can’t help but be fast in a “Fight Like Susan” jersey. Awesome.

    My wife is ordering mine now- Christmas present.

    I’m framing my Philly challenge bib with the “Fight Like Susan” ribbon. That little piece of fabric moved me beyond words- Really. The Fattys were in force- a day to remember. Susan is proud.

    It was nice to finally meet you in person, Elden.

  46. Comment by Stephanie Sherry | 08.24.2009 | 10:30 am

    Fatty – Thank you so much. There are not enough words to express the gratitude and priviledge it has been to be a part of this awesome and inspiring team. It was also an honor to meet you, other Team Fatty members and to hear you speak on Saturday night. People who follow your blog know that you are an great writer – what they should also know is what a fantastic and inspiring speaker you are.

    I only just started cycling seriously in the Spring because of this team and the LiveStrong Challenge. Cycling has been my husband’s passion his whole life and it has now become mine. It feels great to share a sport and a cause we both both feel so strongly about. This was our first year doing LiveStrong and we are inspired by how much more we can do both next year.

    This team, the Livestrong Foundation and all the other riders in the event were terrific. I heard more shout outs to Team Fatty from other riders and told more people about why were out there than I ever expected. I have no doubt interest in this team will continue to grow.

    I know Susan was watching this weekend with a huge smile at all you and this team accomplished. Thanks again to you, Philly Jen and all the other Team Fatty members out there.

    Fight Like Susan!

  47. Comment by cheapie | 08.24.2009 | 10:33 am

    sweet! i’ll order a bunch of it. oh wait, i just lost my job. guess i’ll have to find another one by 9-5 so i don’t miss out!

  48. Comment by Sasha | 08.24.2009 | 10:42 am

    Yay! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get my Fat Cyclist “Team Susan” jersey. :) I think that you should ask your readers to send you photos of them wearing their jerseys so we can see who has them and where they are located! It would be fun to find other “Fattys” in Alaska. I plan to wear mine at running events as well as any cycling events I take part in. I wish I had more $$ cause I’d buy one of each, but all I can afford is the jersey and hope that I can pick up some of the arm warmers before you run out. Thank you for all your inspiration and while I did look at all they shiny photos of cool stuff, I did go back and look at what you wrote. :) Very nice and very funny. Take care and keep on cycling! Know that you and your family are in many, many peoples thoughts and prayers! God Bless!

  49. Comment by Marilyn | 08.24.2009 | 10:43 am

    Yea white!!! Just sent out an e-mail to 50 of my cycling friends to get them to join the team and order the kit for next year. Philly was great and it was great meeting you also.

  50. Comment by Lana | 08.24.2009 | 10:43 am


    The jerseys have been fine to run in – I do triathlon and training in them all the time and have never had a problem (and I am well deserving of the Fatty moniker)

    Philly was awesome and as soon as I get them uploaded I will put up a link to my Flickr account.


  51. Comment by Michael in TN | 08.24.2009 | 10:46 am

    Had a great time in Philly! Being able to start out front by ourselves was too cool as well as riding with you for the first 12 miles(at which point I was spit out the back).

    Thanks so much for all you do!
    Now that I spent all that money to go to philly now I have to go and buy a bunch of new team fatty stuff.

  52. Comment by whitney | 08.24.2009 | 10:52 am

    OOh, I like Sasha’s idea of creating some sort of a Team Fatty Map … I always enjoy meeting new cycling partners, and finding new buddies who care about fighting cancer would be a double bonus!

  53. Comment by Chris | 08.24.2009 | 10:58 am

    Huzzah for white jerseys! Thank you Fatty and Mike. This summer it’s been so toasty I don’t think color matters any more, you’re going to bake if you’re in the sun. But now summer riding will be a white jersey and winter riding will be the black (no arm warmers, this is Austin after all). Fight like Susan!

  54. Comment by hillbilly | 08.24.2009 | 11:00 am

    Thanks for an awesome time in philly, and for being there at the finish line to congratulate all us fatties.

  55. Comment by Haven (used to be Kt) | 08.24.2009 | 11:01 am


    Jersey, bottles, and stickers ordered. Happy!! :)

  56. Comment by mike | 08.24.2009 | 11:03 am

    i’ll have to spread the show around in charleston, sc.

  57. Comment by E-Jayjo | 08.24.2009 | 11:15 am

    Cool. I’m not a cyclist, so I’m glad to see the t-shirts and stickers. :)

  58. Comment by Sarah | 08.24.2009 | 11:17 am

    Looks great Fatty — I’ve been asking the Twin Six guys for a Fight Like Susan tshirt … Now I have one. Thank you. FIGHT LIKE SUSAN.

  59. Comment by Mike Roadie | 08.24.2009 | 11:20 am


    $147.00 later and I am in!!! I ordered the T-shirt even though it is black (and will make me cry).

    Stickers……who knew????

    Thanks for the props!


  60. Comment by bcpedaler | 08.24.2009 | 11:32 am

    Everything looks awesome…I’m totally stumped on which color to go with.

  61. Comment by @PeckishCyclist | 08.24.2009 | 11:33 am

    Gorgeous stuff. Will now be fully kitted out. T6 makes the best women’s jerseys. I’ll be cool (at least temperature-wise) and well-hydrated (with my matching Podium bottle). Thanks, Fatty!

  62. Comment by midwestmom | 08.24.2009 | 11:39 am

    I love the t-shirt! I just ordered one and can’t wait to get it. Thanks for including something for a non-cyclist like me.

  63. Comment by TheOtherArmstrong | 08.24.2009 | 11:46 am

    Could anyone else just not resist the stickers? I *HAD* to get them (along with my pink jersey)!

  64. Comment by buckythedonkey | 08.24.2009 | 11:47 am

    Stunning. Well done (again) T6.

    Allez Fatty!

  65. Comment by Phil | 08.24.2009 | 12:02 pm

    You couldn’t tell us what the price is in GBP could you?

    Allez Fatty.

  66. Comment by Jenni Laurita | 08.24.2009 | 12:03 pm

    Order a little bigger than you think, we women folks that I spoke to kind of thought they were a smidge small (this coming from a not-very-fatty Fatty).

    I am going to put an order in tonight! Woohoo!!

  67. Comment by Lizzylou | 08.24.2009 | 12:05 pm

    Thanks for the link to the pictures KK.

  68. Comment by Will | 08.24.2009 | 12:05 pm

    from blogger to merchant?

    Do people anonymously criticize you when you get paid for work you do? – FC

  69. Comment by Mike | 08.24.2009 | 12:06 pm

    I can’t remember the last time I ordered something so fast! Jersey and bottle in Nov…..can’t wait.

  70. Comment by Jenni Laurita | 08.24.2009 | 12:09 pm

    My pics, video and write up are done. I cannot WAIT for Fatty’s write up!



  71. Comment by Brant | 08.24.2009 | 12:09 pm

    Where’s the Fat Cyclist themed cowbell? MORE COWBELL!

  72. Comment by elisabeth | 08.24.2009 | 12:15 pm

    Placed my order! Wahoo!!! Can’t wait for my car to rock the stickers and for my hubby to rock the water bottle on his bike!

  73. Comment by Heather | 08.24.2009 | 12:44 pm

    AWESOME!! These are so cool…will be placing my preorder today. Can’t wait to get them…hope they get here in time for my race in December… :) And I would notice if you only wrote blah, blah, blah…lol! Have a WONDERFUL week!!

  74. Comment by CeeCee | 08.24.2009 | 12:50 pm

    How are your kids?

  75. Comment by Lofgrans | 08.24.2009 | 12:50 pm

    I am so happy to see women’s bibs. I emailed Twin Six earlier this spring to suggest it. Yup, that was me. You can all thank me by donating to buy me a pair!

  76. Comment by Kathy McElhaney | 08.24.2009 | 1:08 pm

    Of course I looked at the pictures first, but went back and read every hilarious description and detail! Now to decide what to order for my cycling husband and my running self…

  77. Comment by bruno | 08.24.2009 | 1:40 pm

    wow, this new version is absolutely awesome! i’m finally gonna stop being lazy and get one of these jerseys (and vests, and arm warmers and pretty much everything!!)

    great work twin six!

  78. Comment by Paul G | 08.24.2009 | 1:42 pm

    Oh,crap. One of everything. Maybe I can justify because I lost weight and grew out of most of my other jerseys (but not my FatCyclist ones. I wear those constantly).

  79. Comment by Mike P | 08.24.2009 | 1:51 pm

    Definately ordering a Jersey. Oh, I need matching armwarmers for sure. Hmm, might as well get the bibs to go with. Well, if I’ve gone that far – need the socks. Heck with it, one of everything.

    Oh, and water bottles – definately could use some new FC waterbottels, especially Camelback Podium Bottles!

    Total cost = mortgage payment. Hmm, maybe I need to be a more cost-conscious consumer? But it’s all so damn cool! Best jersey since the first jersey.

  80. Comment by Lisa | 08.24.2009 | 2:02 pm

    I don’t ride, so I’m glad there’s an option of apparel for me. I’ll be ordering the T-shirt and matching socks. Early b-day gift for me.

  81. Comment by Clydesteve | 08.24.2009 | 2:10 pm

    I cannot believe I just ordered $260.00 worth of cycling gear. Right before school expenses hit.

    Must. Have. More. Stretchypants. (And jerseys.)

    BTW, the orange, black & white jersey design is absolutely fantastic. I was sure that going away from the predominently black would be a big fat fashion letdown. But T-6 once again designs themselves out of a box canyon and into the lead.

  82. Comment by Brandy | 08.24.2009 | 2:22 pm

    Yeah!! I ordered my Fatty Gear !! Woo hoo !!! And THANK YOU for doing the Camelbak bottels they are the best. Thanks Elden & T6 !!

    Fighting like Susan.

  83. Comment by Frank | 08.24.2009 | 3:09 pm

    I just ordered my team outfit! Very nice, clean design. It is going to look awesome in combination with a certain new bike that I’ll bring to Philly next year :)

  84. Comment by Hamish A | 08.24.2009 | 3:13 pm

    Awesome desings. Absolutely impossible to decide between pink & orange! Definitely in for the T, bottles, socks, orange jersey, pink jersey…. but then I *need* the matching bibs and arm warmers or I’ll look silly… oh dammit. If my bank manager calls I’m passing him on to you!

    Glad to hear you had a good Philly Livestrong, looking forward to seeing your write-up and the pictures :)

    Great job Twin Six!

  85. Comment by PattyEv | 08.24.2009 | 3:29 pm

    The women’s tshirt is out of stock. Will there be more?

  86. Comment by Sarabeth S | 08.24.2009 | 3:31 pm

    Finally I get in on this for the first time. Waited nearly a year for this pre-ordering time. I am pretty skinny and people are going to wonder why I am wearing something that says, “Fat Cyclist” on it. But that just gives me a chance to tell them about your fight, Susan’s long fight, our fight and your great blog.

  87. Comment by Mara P | 08.24.2009 | 3:49 pm

    I hope that they restock the women’s t-shirt; its already sold out. :-(

    Yes, they’ve placed an order for more shirts. I’ll note in the blog when they come back into stock. Should be just a couple weeks. – FC

  88. Comment by Siobhan | 08.24.2009 | 3:50 pm

    In Toronto, women can wear their cycling shirts fully unzipped, without being arrested. Going topless is totally legal! I’m just saying…

  89. Comment by Rob | 08.24.2009 | 3:58 pm

    Hey Fatty,

    It all looks really cool and would love to order, however, I live in the U.K!!
    Am I in luck, can I place an order????


    Yes, I know that Twin Six ships to the UK. And most other places. – FC

  90. Comment by Ferenc | 08.24.2009 | 4:18 pm

    Order placed. Looking forward for the 1st ride in the new gear somewhere here in Europe.

  91. Comment by Andy | 08.24.2009 | 4:26 pm

    Order placed, the new stuff looks good. I included the arm warmers as I am in Canada and when it arrives mid Nov I don’t think the temp will be the current +30C (84F)

  92. Comment by cdags | 08.24.2009 | 4:51 pm

    @KK I couldn’t have said it better so I won’t. Fatty, you and your family are an amazing inspiration. Keep on fighting!

    Now to get out the credit card and order all this stuff!!!

  93. Comment by justrun | 08.24.2009 | 4:54 pm

    All of this is great, Elden. Nice work by Twin Six. I’ve needed to paint the kitchen for a while, but you’re right, stickers would be so much better.

  94. Comment by Tex | 08.24.2009 | 5:29 pm

    Cool looking gear Fatty! I hate to be Johnny Raincloud, but would it be too much to ask for a group calling itself “Team Fatty” to have a men’s jersey with a 50+ chest for us broad shouldered folk? Until then, I guess the Team Fatty jerseys will just have to be like all the other really cool stuff in the bike stores…fun to look at, but nothing I can have.

  95. Comment by Mike Cochran | 08.24.2009 | 5:50 pm

    Glad you made it out to Philly yesterday. Didn’t have a chance to meet you, but having one’s team leader there is confidence inspiring. I rode the 45, about 2x as far as I’ve ever ridden (whoa hills), and stuck around for about an hour afterward – but I was too beat for more festivities.

    New kit (and Win shirt) looks great – one more order here!

    Also, having completed a rolling 45 – I’m already anxious for the (much flatter) 100 miles of nowhere(my first target for a century).

  96. Comment by Tasha | 08.24.2009 | 6:31 pm

    Okay, can’t *really* afford to buy anything – but not only are the clothes a beautiful tribute to Susan, but I’ll also wear the jersey as a salute to all my fellow sisters out there also fighting breast cancer with everything they have. Just found out that one of them will probably not make it through the night, which breaks my heart. It’ll make me happy to wear the Susan jersey on my long rides, as if I’m carrying them all with me…….

  97. Comment by Bruce Bebow | 08.24.2009 | 6:36 pm

    “In spite of the apparent appreciation of passers-by.”


  98. Comment by Paul 42Mac Schroeder | 08.24.2009 | 6:56 pm

    I’m going to be broke… (: A good broke.

  99. Comment by Carla | 08.24.2009 | 6:59 pm

    Love Pink – I’m in – love the full zippers!

  100. Comment by ChefJT | 08.24.2009 | 7:33 pm

    It was great to meet you yesterday and to ride with you…even if it was just a knuckle knock as you passed me on the road. Thanks for the photo at the finish. I agree with others who posted already; Seeing you at the finish line was very cool (second only to seeing my survivor wife). I’m in for as long as you keep having teams. Though I must say you’re looking quite svelte! I’ll be happy to stand-in for the group as the new “before” picture, LOL

    BTW, I was at the T6 site waiting for 9am CDT to place my order. The only thing I didn’t get was a vest. Feeling a little guilty about that. May have to go back now.

    Thank you for the inspiration you’ve provided to so many. I know this is a stressful time for your family and I hope you and the children are doing a little better each day.

    God bless!

  101. Comment by Jamieson | 08.24.2009 | 8:29 pm

    I’d love to see some feedback from T6 on site traffic and sales for the pre-order event. I know I went deep on the pre-order.

    Now I have added encouragement to not add any weight over the next 12 months.

  102. Comment by MattC | 08.24.2009 | 8:41 pm

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for finally making a predominantly WHITE jersey!! HOORAY!!! I won’t have to melt out of my jersey anymore! Arm warmers TOO!! WOW WOW WOW! (and btw, the design/color schemes are AWESOME!!!) LOVE the “Fight Like Susan” in the logo…preorder is done. This will go GREAT with my hopefully new WHITE bike frame I HOPE to be getting in the next few months…IF Cannondale can get me one that is! (the caad9 that is). Still waiting to find that out. Love all the photos and such I’m seeing so far (look on Facebook…Kevin has like 230 pics available already…THANKS Kevin!)

  103. Comment by MattC | 08.24.2009 | 9:00 pm

    Oh…I meant that I love all the pics from “Weekend at Philly”…keep em coming!

  104. Comment by Rose | 08.24.2009 | 9:24 pm

    Got a pink jersey and bottle! I have never worn a jersey, always a ratty t-shirt instead. I am sooooo excited!

  105. Comment by Kamala | 08.24.2009 | 9:24 pm

    Any chance we can get the 201 added to the Team Fatty jersey sleeve?

  106. Comment by Dave | 08.24.2009 | 9:31 pm

    Got my order for both jerseys since I could not decide. Can’t wait to wear them and the T shirt. Go Fatty.

  107. Comment by Mike from Melbourne | 08.24.2009 | 9:46 pm

    They look great. I’ve been looking for a new vest. Now I know which one I’ll get (and a matching jersey too)

  108. Comment by Engage Nutrition | 08.24.2009 | 9:58 pm

    Just ran across your blog when i was searching for info on some cycling stuff. Absolutely awesome jerseys! I’m loving the logo and the colors are super slick too. The logo reminds me a bit of Ferrari.

  109. Comment by Christina | 08.24.2009 | 11:26 pm

    F.C.-sense of humor still intact.
    Probably not exactly what you wanted to hear from a commenter, but I thought you might like to hear it.

  110. Comment by Matt | 08.25.2009 | 1:08 am

    Like most, went in big for many reaons with this go-round. Please tell me that there will be more Men’s WIN t-shirts printed. I love their TSOTM club but this seems like an odd one to be limiting to a small run.

  111. Comment by Veteran Sculler | 08.25.2009 | 2:30 am

    @Rob in the UK

    Twin 6 ship to the UK, and shipping costs are very reasonable, but my last order (I got the 2009 bundle) was over some magic $£ limit, so I unexpectedly was also charged customs duty.

    HOWEVER the FC bib-shorts are the most comfortable I’ve ever ridden in, and the Jersey – well lets just say I’m gaining a certain ‘reputation’ on my walk from my office to the bike racks.

    Fighting Like Susan ..


  112. Comment by Susan W | 08.25.2009 | 3:41 am

    I am proud to have been a Philly 2009 Team Fatty charter member (to borrow the phrase from Philly Jen). Words cannot describe the experience. The Team Fatty movement has begun!

  113. Comment by Mark Kynaston | 08.25.2009 | 5:43 am


    Order placed last night (GMT). If the wife finds out just how much I spent she will probably cut my you know what off’s. Even the ‘but it’s all in a very good cause’ excuse may not be suffcient to prevent her inflicting bodliy harm. However, it really is in a very good cause so I am taking the chance it will all be OK i.e. she will never find out how much it all cost! I really must remeber to intercept this months credit card bill when it arrives, payt it and discreeetly lose it somewhere it can never be found again – our home filing system should do the trick!

  114. Comment by vito | 08.25.2009 | 6:30 am

    Sexy Jerseys!! Put my order in right away and can hardly wait to wear it.

  115. Comment by Glenn | 08.25.2009 | 6:30 am

    Is the sleeve supposed to read “2010″? Glenn

  116. Comment by Jason Crane | 08.25.2009 | 7:16 am

    Until Fatty does the same thing, which I imagine will be soon, I’ve been trying to aggregate the ride reports and photos from Philly over at RocBike.com. I’m updating this post as I find new material:




  117. Comment by BikecopVT | 08.25.2009 | 7:35 am


    What an amazing weekend. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to see you waiting at the finish line. The weekend went by so fast but all the team Fatty members in attendance were incredible. Hope you had a safe trip home. I can’t wait to read your write up.

    Fight Like Susan!

  118. Comment by Born 4 Lycra | 08.25.2009 | 7:51 am

    Glenn as explained earlier in the posts it actually reads 201 the Clydesdale weight but seeing it from both sides you are seeing the same 0 twice.

    well done Philly FLS – Livestrong

  119. Comment by Anonymous | 08.25.2009 | 7:59 am

    Will – the Fat Cyclist Jerseys were originally developed by Twin Six for a very noble cause. 50% of the proceeds were donated to help take care of medical expenses and 50% were donated to Livestrong. Merchant is not the appropriate word. Role model is more like it.

  120. Comment by Lana | 08.25.2009 | 9:06 am

    Pictures from the weekend posted to Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/photos/lanaek/sets/72157622013904013/

    I am slowly organizign and tagging, but I wanted to post them at least!


  121. Comment by UphillBattle | 08.25.2009 | 9:19 am

    Got my new jersey! T-Shirts sold out already! I want a t-shirt! I want a t-shirt!

  122. Comment by dieselmike | 08.25.2009 | 9:25 am

    Love it!

  123. Comment by Cortney | 08.25.2009 | 10:07 am

    Please more WIN tshirts in the women’s sizes! But you already know that!

  124. Comment by Jessica | 08.25.2009 | 10:18 am

    Ordered my T-shirt but now I need a bike. Something for a middle-aged, overweight mom. Any ideas?

  125. Comment by Jennie | 08.25.2009 | 10:23 am

    are the women’s jerseys full zip or 3/4 zip? the drawn illustrations at the twin six website look like it’s full zip for the men’s and 3/4 for the women’s… ? and the hidden zipper on the photo is well hidden so I couldn’t tell

    incidentally, I wear a sports bra under my jersey this makes unzipping completely both less worthy of admiration and more legally viable :P

  126. Comment by Thursday's Child | 08.25.2009 | 10:35 am

    I can’t wait for the t-shirts to come back in – til then though, I’ll be preordering as much as my meager paycheck allows. Maybe I should do a sexy photoshoot in my new FC jersey for my blog – that way I can undo the zipper all the way, LOL!

  127. Comment by Kasseychiro | 08.25.2009 | 11:36 am

    Woot! Got the ‘Team Fatty’ kit.. (bibs for chicks; I’m SO excited!) and a couple of the bottles. I love them too, Fatty. Can’t wait for Nov now so I can look super sweet and sexy fast on my rides.

    Fight Like Susan. =)

  128. Comment by Dingbat | 08.25.2009 | 12:41 pm

    ‘K…. I’ve gotta ask: how about woolies for us cold-climate/retrogrouch types?

  129. Comment by LuckyLab | 08.25.2009 | 1:02 pm

    No package deals? I just spent altogether too much money I don’t currently have. Oh, well. My daughter will love stickers and I hope my wife a) doesn’t freak out when she finds out how much I spent and b) likes the little surprise I got her. I hope T6 will consider doing another run in the spring when I have money again.

  130. Comment by Gareth | 08.25.2009 | 1:48 pm

    Nice designs but what is the logo on the sleeve of the Fatcyclist.com jersey? Is that a 201 being the weight for which your are considered a FatCyclist or is it 2001 being for? or is it a misprint of 2010?

  131. Comment by Mo in SF | 08.25.2009 | 4:34 pm

    Fatty – I’ve known of your site for a while but didn’t have much initiative to follow along… until a friend posted on his Facebook status a couple weeks ago that he was “sad about Susan.” I followed his link to your blog and read through many, many of your stories about your fabulous wife Susan. I’ve never really been personally touched by the fight against cancer. I’m a competitive cyclist and yes, even read Lance’s first book… but I don’t know… I never felt much of a connection to the cause. Until I read your blog. And all your stories. They were so personal, so detailed. But yet there you were, riding your bike through it all. Continuing to squeeze the last ounces of pleasure out of being a bike and finding strength in turning your cranks. It reminded me why I ride– not why I train and race, but why I simply ride. I was very moved by your storytelling (I definitely agree that a book is the next step for you, by the way). In any event, I actually emailed Twin Six a couple weeks ago to ask about the possibility of new Team Fatty jerseys and they let me know a preorder was on its way. Ever since I started racing, I almost never ride my bike (even for training rides) in anything but a kit for the team I race for. I am now the extremely proud “owner” of a pre-ordered Team Fatty 2010 kit– jersey and shorts. Thank you for making it personal… thank you for sharing. Win.

  132. Comment by Jenni Laurita | 08.25.2009 | 7:26 pm

    Ordered. Cannot WAIT to rock this kit.

  133. Comment by cherie | 08.26.2009 | 7:53 am

    Everything looks great but Im especially excited about the stickers. =)

  134. Comment by Leslie | 08.26.2009 | 11:07 am

    PLEASE order more of the WIN t-shirts. I missed out, and already ordered a Team Fatty one, but I really want a a Fight Like Susan. I know they’d sell. Order more!!!

  135. Comment by Mike | 08.27.2009 | 8:22 am

    I have oreders in for my girlfriend and I.

  136. Comment by Jamie | 08.28.2009 | 10:05 am

    I pre-ordered so much stuff last night that my bank called me this morning to make sure it wasn’t a fraudulent charge.

    Maybe I got carried away. Whoops!

  137. Comment by chicagofatty | 08.30.2009 | 10:47 am

    what a surprise! ordered the black arm warmers, and they delivered yesterday! which, for a summery 55 degrees on August 30 in Chicago, will come in handy! thanks twin 6 & fatty!!

  138. Comment by Amy | 09.2.2009 | 1:17 am

    I just got linked to your blog today, and I’m sad! Half this stuff is ‘out of stock’ already :(

    I’ll get a water bottle now and check back later.


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