Riding with the Shack: The Riding Video

12.18.2009 | 7:43 am

And at long (OK, not that long) last — here’s the video from the ride itself:

Have a great weekend!


  1. Comment by TonyS | 12.18.2009 | 7:49 am

    Win! Looks like you had a great ride!

  2. Comment by DC | 12.18.2009 | 7:57 am

    Can’t watch it from the work computer-Drats
    Luckily I have my lap top in the car.

    Looks like dinner and a movie at lunch! Can’t wait!

  3. Comment by Kyle | 12.18.2009 | 8:01 am

    Exhausted and still a sense of humor.

    way to Win!

  4. Comment by Jamieson | 12.18.2009 | 8:09 am

    I’m still amazed at what you were able to accomplish with us, your readers, in such a short amount of time.

  5. Comment by Lorie | 12.18.2009 | 8:10 am

    To quote my sons, “You da MAN!”.

    Thanks for sharing with us. What a cool thing all the way around – raise a bunch of money, give cool stuff away, GET cool stuff and the best thing of all – an awesome ride!


  6. Comment by Wine Dog | 12.18.2009 | 8:14 am

    That must have been amazing! I’d love to ride with those boys, but I am fat!

    Thanks for sharing that with us.

  7. Comment by Cold Fatty | 12.18.2009 | 8:15 am

    I’m so proud… my god, I’m verklempt!

  8. Comment by MOCOugFan | 12.18.2009 | 8:16 am

    Awesome. Seriously, that had to be just a dream to ride with those guys.

  9. Comment by Andy | 12.18.2009 | 8:17 am

    Looked like an amazing ride, and so nice of you not to leap ahead and leave the pros behind.

  10. Comment by Jenni | 12.18.2009 | 8:17 am

    Fatty, you’re cute as a bug’s ear.

  11. Comment by Jeremy | 12.18.2009 | 8:18 am

    Awesome, Thanks for sharing Fatty.

  12. Comment by Bill Zeller | 12.18.2009 | 8:19 am

    …so much enjoyment from watching all segments, thanks for all your efforts in putting this together – you could not have planned it any better – the best things always seem to happen spontaneously! …what a Win (for everyone involved!)

  13. Comment by Claire | 12.18.2009 | 8:29 am

    So cool, I’ve loved reading about your adventure couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

  14. Comment by Leslie | 12.18.2009 | 8:29 am

    Hello FC — Since I live basically at the bottom of Mt. Lemmon, I have gone up that mountain more times than I can count, and since I am slow, it takes me a little over 4 hours to get to the top. The worst mile for me is from mile marker 10 to mile marker 11 — it is even worse than 15-17, and that is saying something. That mile is my personal Waterloo every time. I am so glad you had a good time riding here, especially coming down the mountain! It is a great reward for making it up the mountain! Come back anytime —


  15. Comment by Dave Breukelaar | 12.18.2009 | 8:31 am

    Awesome awesome awesome.

    Will we get to see some sweet helmet cam video as well? Or did you forget to turn it on in your excitement?

  16. Comment by JJBean | 12.18.2009 | 8:33 am

    Thank you, Fatty! I’ve got the warm and fuzzies yet again, not to mention another installment toward permanent smile lines. Bring it.

  17. Comment by justrun | 12.18.2009 | 8:35 am

    Ahhhh! That is awesome! I love when you ask how many miles left and someone said fifty and you, so naturally, say “shut up.” Classic! And I love that Johan says he couldn’t do what you did.
    Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  18. Comment by skippy | 12.18.2009 | 8:37 am

    Looks it will be Alberto (Fatty) versus Lance on the same team again at the Tour. You were just sandbagging to give Lance a false sense of security for the Tour….

    Way to go FATTY!

  19. Comment by mls | 12.18.2009 | 8:42 am

    Ditto prior comments; this has been a joy to watch. Keep the videos coming. Fatty you are my hero!

  20. Comment by MGB | 12.18.2009 | 8:48 am

    You were living the dream for all of us, thanks for sharing!!

  21. Comment by surly | 12.18.2009 | 8:50 am

    Come one, admit it, you gave ‘em all “The Look,” didn’t ya?

  22. Comment by josh | 12.18.2009 | 8:52 am

    What a horrible way to start a Friday. Now all I want to do is go riding.

    Nice job fatty, I have to admit I’m more than just a little jealous.

  23. Comment by Leen | 12.18.2009 | 8:53 am

    What an amazing story! Lots of respect Fatty! I really really enjoyed this whole story.

  24. Comment by SSMT | 12.18.2009 | 8:53 am

    How come no one told you about the pie up at Summerhaven? The climb actually stops around mile 21.5, from there you drop down into Summerhaven, where they have delicious pie. You could have said something to the pros along the lines of, “you may have climbed faster than me, but I didnt miss out on the pie”

  25. Comment by @sacredvelo | 12.18.2009 | 9:03 am

    Simply Fatty… you were EPIC (I try to use this word only once a year, and you get this year’s allotment)!!! Congratulations on your fundraising endeavors.

  26. Comment by andrew matranga | 12.18.2009 | 9:16 am

    well done elden. way to stick with it. this has been a great week of watching. can’t wait to see the other vids where they complain about your wicked pace-setting skills. this is inspiring to say the least. and, of course, we’re all a little jealous. that said, you’ve had to overcome some massive mountains to get here. mt. lemmon is nothing compared to the last few years of your life. congrats. stay positive.

  27. Comment by Mikeonhisbike | 12.18.2009 | 9:21 am

    Way to hang in there to the top. The mark of a good video is for the viewer to want more when it’s over. I want MORE. Thanks for sharing your awesome weekend with us.

  28. Comment by NYCCarlos | 12.18.2009 | 9:25 am

    that was plain awesome. I never thought it would be this much fun to watch someone ELSE have fun on a bike… but oh my gosh is this great.

  29. Comment by Pete | 12.18.2009 | 9:25 am

    Wow, amazing. You deserve it, you’ve done so much and gone through even more…atta boy for going further than everyone else too! Enjoy it, thanks for sharing as well. Keep it up.

  30. Comment by rich | 12.18.2009 | 9:35 am

    That was awesome and it’s so cool that you were able to do that!
    My favorite – 2:13 “argh…they all started going really fast”

    Great stuff Fatty!!!

  31. Comment by MattC | 12.18.2009 | 9:36 am

    This just continues to be awesome beyond words!

    Bisso…your comment yesterday (4:26pm) was spot on! I also love the solo pic on the climb. It’s symbolic in many ways.

    Not to get all poetic and such, but I see that one as the view of Susan watching over you Fatty. Brings a tear to my eye. What you’ve done (and continue to do) give new meaning to the word “Epic”. I’ve got your wheel…lead on. I’ll do what I can to help.

  32. Comment by Alli | 12.18.2009 | 9:48 am

    So so so cool! Glad to have been a part of getting you there!

  33. Comment by Grizzly Adam | 12.18.2009 | 9:49 am

    Can I come next time?

    Really neat, Fatty. And I am like you, I would have been terrified I’d crash those guys into the ER.

    Headline: “Blogger Ruins Team Radio Shack.”

    On our next group ride I will sit on the wheel of a guy who sits on Lance’s wheel.

  34. Comment by Rick S. | 12.18.2009 | 9:55 am

    When you reached over to give Lance a push, I saw you give him a little pinch. Checking for any fat? Maybe your way of messing with his head on the climb. Create a little doubt about his fitness? It was a good move.

  35. Comment by Kathy McElhaney | 12.18.2009 | 9:58 am

    HUGE silly grin, again! “Let me suffer in peace…” Classic!

  36. Comment by Fat Cathy | 12.18.2009 | 9:59 am

    Wow. I wasn’t really jealous of your ride with Team Shack until I saw this. You did great, Fatty! I’m impressed. And you look really good on that Trek Madone too. Seriously – your form is great. You look like a pro. Well, except for the gut. ;-)

    You’ve inspired me to get my blobby butt back into shape.

  37. Comment by Steve Costanzo | 12.18.2009 | 10:07 am


    Keep it coming! This just keeps getting better! What a weekend!!!

    Deadlast Costanzo

  38. Comment by Sam Pellegrino | 12.18.2009 | 10:08 am

    I’m going to struggle when this series concludes. It’s going to be Tour de Fatty withdrawal…

  39. Comment by KanyonKris | 12.18.2009 | 10:23 am

    I was grinning as I watched the video. So cool you got to ride with them.

  40. Comment by Rich Wielgosz | 12.18.2009 | 10:24 am

    Again… AWESOME!!!!

  41. Trackback by Serving Humanity Since 1966 | 12.18.2009 | 10:24 am

    Fat Cyclist Goes To Camp, Continued…

    Another installment of the Elden Nelson Goes To Team Radio Shack’s Winter Training Camp, reality show, is out now.In this video installment, Johan explains to the team how Fatty came to be there, and two very large checks are presented……

  42. Comment by Bill R | 12.18.2009 | 10:24 am

    Great job! You da man!

  43. Comment by Chuck | 12.18.2009 | 10:27 am

    one word….Inspirational!!

    looking forward to more.

  44. Comment by Sasha | 12.18.2009 | 10:33 am

    YAY!!! Woot! That was so awesome!! I’m almost crying again dang it! I love how you retained your sense of humor throughout the entire thing. At mile 2 I would have been getting in the pace car! Or I would have had to put an invisible rope on Lance, Chris, Andreas or Levi (okay, not Chris cause he’s kinda prone to accidents) and had them haul me up. :) heheh Thanks to the film crew for getting such great video. I would be very curious to see some of your helmet cam video too. Or to hear what you were saying when the official camera wasn’t on you. I know what I would have been saying and it’s not printable! :) Thank you for sharing your adventure with your fans! You rock. I still would pay more to ride with you than Lance – call me crazy. He is an inspirational and amazing athelete, but YOU are the Fat Cyclist and you have those ginormous quads. Lance just can’t compare. And yep, I’m completely serious. :) Ride on Fatty! FLS! PS How many calories did you burn? Are you going to post some of what you learned from the riders? :)

  45. Comment by rao | 12.18.2009 | 10:33 am

    That whole thing was awesome. Congrats Fatty!

  46. Comment by Peter | 12.18.2009 | 10:45 am

    Great job sir! It’s so cool that the pros were all really friendly!

  47. Comment by Ruppert | 12.18.2009 | 10:48 am

    Fatty: you continue to be an inspiration to us with your drive, energy, and effortless good humor. I am excited to fly the Team Fatty colors at Pelotonia this year — a fundraiser for the James Cancer Institute here in Ohio. WIN.

  48. Comment by Chris B | 12.18.2009 | 10:55 am

    Fatty you are my hero. Way to go!

  49. Comment by Rob M. | 12.18.2009 | 11:04 am

    This whole thing started as an opportunity to experience riding with a pro cycling team.

    Johan Bruyneel pulls up next to you in the team car and starts talking to you and encouraging you.


  50. Comment by Keith Payne | 12.18.2009 | 11:12 am

    Awesome. The story behind the fund raising is as inspiring as the experience you had with Team RS.

  51. Comment by AngieG | 12.18.2009 | 11:23 am

    FC That was absolutely crazy. Thanks for making us all feel like we were right there with you. Yeah we’re all a little jealous, but we also know none of us could have lasted nearly as long as you did. This confirms why Lance started Austin 6 minutes ahead of you!!!!
    On a related note, while waiting for the blog to load I happened to see I got a message from World Bicycle Relief in mail. They sent me the most amazing thank you card.
    “Dear Angie” (Yep totally personal)
    On behalf of bicycle recipients, and all of us at World Bicycle Relief, I’d like to thank you for your kind donation in response to the Fat Cyclist’s challenge. By the time you receive this note, maybe Team RadioShack will be called, “Team FattyShack.”
    Your generosity inspires us all, and it will continue to give hope to people who need it most.”
    Too Cool!!! Even the President of World Bicycle Relief recognizes your sheer AWESOMENESS!!! Team FattyShack has a nice ring to it!!
    You too have a wonderful weekend!

  52. Comment by DebM | 12.18.2009 | 11:30 am

    Just one word. WOW!

  53. Comment by Heidi | 12.18.2009 | 11:39 am

    Did my comment get eaten? It’s worth repeating.


  54. Comment by Dave | 12.18.2009 | 11:49 am

    FC That was great you rode very well thank you for sharing this most wonderful experience. I’m looking forward to the next update. Have a fantastic weekend.

  55. Comment by Heather | 12.18.2009 | 11:51 am

    Hey Fatty,

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your recaps and the photos and video! Must feel pretty cool to have a pic of you leading the pack up the climb with Lance and company behind you!

    On another note, it looks like you have plans to become a triathlete! and it appears some of the cycling purists out there are giving you a hard time about it. You know your buddy Lance started out as a triathlete and is planning to do Kona next year! Just wanted to send you a little triathlete love!

  56. Comment by Cathy Mehl | 12.18.2009 | 11:52 am

    From the quick pan in today’s video, I’m pretty sure Dirk Demol was riding shotgun with Johan, so there ya go Fatty…a Paris-Roubaix winner was cheering you on too!

  57. Comment by Chris | 12.18.2009 | 12:04 pm

    Note you can see in googlemaps there’s basically one road to the top of the mountain, and there’s streetview coverage for the entire trip… I imagine that’s also available in googleearth.

  58. Comment by Hautacam | 12.18.2009 | 12:10 pm

    Nice work, Fatty! I notice in a few of the climbing shots that even when riding on the tops of the bars your arms appear to be totally straight — elbows locked or nearly so. If that was so (and if it wasn’t just an effort to relieve cramping/tired back muscles), then you might consider raising your stem 5mm and shortening it by 5-10mm as well. CHeck the shot where you are riding next to the young pro, and look at the angle of his arms vs yours. You are much more stretched out than he.

    Just my $0.02!

  59. Comment by Annie | 12.18.2009 | 12:14 pm

    I love it! These videos are fantastic.

  60. Comment by Kirsten | 12.18.2009 | 12:38 pm

    Smiling the whole time!! I’m really impressed! Great job!

  61. Comment by Alyson Miller | 12.18.2009 | 12:39 pm

    Awww Elden…you Rock Dude! Am so, so proud of you!!!!

  62. Comment by bikemike | 12.18.2009 | 12:41 pm


  63. Comment by MJ | 12.18.2009 | 12:43 pm

    What a tremendous experience! It is a thrill to see how well you did with the pros and to see what a generous group of riders they appear to be.

    We still need to see the video of Lance complaining when you pushed the pace at the start of the climb!

  64. Comment by Paul | 12.18.2009 | 1:05 pm

    Go Fatty Go!

    Taught those young whippersnappers a thing or two!

  65. Comment by Rich Wielgosz | 12.18.2009 | 1:28 pm

    Johan just posted that final video that they shot!

  66. Comment by NYCCarlos | 12.18.2009 | 1:29 pm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSw1FtBulUU Johan Posted the final installment!

  67. Comment by Nicholas David | 12.18.2009 | 1:36 pm

    Cheers to your success. Truly an incredible story. Looking forward to reading more about this.

    Happy Holidays,
    Nick David

  68. Comment by Haven (KT) | 12.18.2009 | 2:01 pm

    I keep saying it, and I keep meaning it: Awesome. Just awesome.

    And not in the “dude, that was awesome” way, but awe inspiring.

    Ok, I mean it both ways.

    Really. How incredible. Thanks for posting all these videos and posts, and I can’t wait to see the footage from your helmet-cam! Please tell me you turned it on…

  69. Comment by M2 | 12.18.2009 | 2:17 pm

    Nice work, Fatty! I’d like to know how many times you had to pinch yourself and ask “is this really happening?”

    For those who might be interested here’s a map of the climb up Mt Lemmon: http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/coronado/forest/recreation/scenic_drives/scenic_images/cat_hwy.jpg

  70. Comment by Tina | 12.18.2009 | 2:18 pm

    Well done, well done! Congratulations, Fatty!

  71. Comment by Raph | 12.18.2009 | 2:21 pm

    Congratulations again on this great achievement. Well done and thanks for sharing it with us.
    Le Tour is around the corner. Enjoy the ride till then and beyond.

  72. Comment by Heather | 12.18.2009 | 2:26 pm

    Ooh, Elden there is (or at least there was @ 10 years ago) this AMAZING little restaurant on Mt. Lemmon that makes pie so good you want to cry–I had raspberry pie there that I still crave. You’ll have to go back now–maybe next year you could get Lance’s team to stop for a snack!

    Happy Holidays!


  73. Comment by Carl | 12.18.2009 | 2:36 pm

    What a great pay back for a guy who has endured so much.

  74. Trackback by Serving Humanity Since 1966 | 12.18.2009 | 2:53 pm

    More On Getting What You Want…

    I actually meant to mention this connection in my last post about this, but somehow, forgot.As some of you know, I have been writing a lot about FatCyclist, Elden Nelson, and how all sorts of amazing things are happening to……

  75. Comment by Neil | 12.18.2009 | 2:57 pm

    Awesome! You are the best Fatty!! Thanks for posting!!

  76. Comment by ghdurham | 12.18.2009 | 2:58 pm

    Nice ride, Elden, nice ride!

  77. Comment by Jeff | 12.18.2009 | 3:11 pm

    Johan’s latest tweet with a link to the final video: Couldn’t wait another day to post the finale of the @fatcyclist. This will put you in a great mood 4 the weekend. – http://bit.ly/7zcOzo

    I couldn’t agree more!

  78. Comment by Betsy | 12.18.2009 | 3:38 pm

    strong work Fatty! so enjoying the video’s. Wishing it was me!!!!!

  79. Comment by Scott | 12.18.2009 | 3:42 pm

    I think it’s hilarious that in every picture over the course of several days you have the grin of a nine-year old boy who just got exactly what he wanted to Christmas.


  80. Comment by Joel P. | 12.18.2009 | 4:02 pm

    I’m still smiling from ear to ear and have that warm fuzzy feeling. I think it will last all weekend. Fatty, you always impress me with the way you give Team Fatty all the “props” for the fund raising effort it shows your true character.
    Joel P.
    P.S. Matt C., you made me cry with your reference of Susan watching Fatty on the solo part of the climb.

  81. Comment by Kathy McElhaney | 12.18.2009 | 4:30 pm

    Thanks to NYCCarlos for the heads up on the video. Fatty is having his Friday pie, so we’ll have to wait for him to post it…

  82. Comment by HH | 12.18.2009 | 4:39 pm

    Fatty You Rocked the ride!

  83. Comment by Rob | 12.18.2009 | 4:52 pm

    I so enjoy reading these … it is a real “peak” into the life of pro rider. I feel like I was at camp to. Maybe you should put together a documentary (My Day at Camp) … would make a great DVD

  84. Comment by paul | 12.18.2009 | 5:21 pm

    Wow. A dream come true for fat recreational cyclist like myself, except I woudl be crying in pain after such an effort. Fatty is not only NOT fat, he’s an impressive cylist hanging with that super elite group and doing Leadville. Awesome.

  85. Comment by Toby | 12.18.2009 | 5:30 pm

    I am so proud of you..you are living wonderful dreams and Susan I know is smiling right next to you…

  86. Comment by Russell | 12.18.2009 | 5:32 pm

    I have enjoyed so much watching your experience. Thank you.

  87. Comment by Michael Nevin | 12.18.2009 | 6:16 pm

    What a great experience. Came across your site via Kent Peterson’s.

    Mike Nevin

  88. Comment by Lorie | 12.18.2009 | 6:22 pm

    Sooo…my husband has one very thought provoking and rather odd question: did you shave your legs for this ride?

    Not sure why that’s important to him, but that’s what he wanted to know…..


  89. Comment by SM | 12.18.2009 | 6:28 pm

    Wow. What a great story.

  90. Comment by SM | 12.18.2009 | 6:29 pm

    Oh forgot to ask. Did The Runner ever get her wish granted?

  91. Comment by Mike from Melbourne | 12.18.2009 | 6:38 pm

    I’d have you on my team Fatty any day. Well done. I had a smile on my face the whole time watching the video. Thanks for sharing.

  92. Comment by Debbie | 12.18.2009 | 7:07 pm

    Ditto, ditto, ditto. There is nothing I can add. I have loved being a part of this. Thanks for bringing us along with you on the ride of a life time.

  93. Comment by bubba seadog | 12.18.2009 | 8:27 pm

    we want to see the video from your helmet cam .hear the cov of those around you i think johan is the one who told em when to accelerate. you know lance was wearing an earpiece. you did damned good though…susan is proud.

  94. Comment by Lindaloo | 12.18.2009 | 8:29 pm

    Dang! You cannot help but watch these videos and smile. Loved watching. So great to see the paths your life has taken you. Good for you Fatty!

  95. Comment by Susie | 12.18.2009 | 8:29 pm

    aweSOME! that is just the coolest thing in the WHOLE world! you just rock!

  96. Comment by Sara | 12.18.2009 | 9:26 pm

    Tears, MattC, tears.

  97. Comment by Dobovedo | 12.18.2009 | 10:02 pm

    what a treat to read and watch these while snowed in on a Friday night. glad I saved them up. More. More! MORE!

  98. Comment by joliver3 | 12.18.2009 | 10:13 pm

    What an awesome adventure! You make all us middle-aged guys proud! I will be spending quite a bit of time in Phoenix this winter and I was thinking about making the journey over to Tucson to try to ride Mt. Lemmon, but I’m not sure whether these videos encourage me or not.

    I hope to see the comprehensive Trek Madone vs. Orbea Orca vs. Ibis Silk comparison test soon!

  99. Comment by ChefJT | 12.18.2009 | 11:27 pm

    I’m smiling for the third or fourth straight day…….and all I did was read about it.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    Already looking forward to Philly 2010!!

  100. Comment by Lynn | 12.18.2009 | 11:44 pm

    “But when it comes right down to it, it was thousands of individual people each one of which did something really good that they didn’t have to do. And that I think is the coolest thing about this whole thing, is how people will want to do something good, when they’re given a chance to”

    And that is a class act.

  101. Comment by Casey | 12.18.2009 | 11:55 pm

    Awsome video! Looks like you had a blast with Team Radioshack that would be a dream come true just to ride along side Lance Armstrong for one day. Awsome video man congrats! WIN!

  102. Comment by Dan O | 12.19.2009 | 12:46 am

    Fun to watch – nice job.

  103. Comment by Shimmers | 12.19.2009 | 5:35 am

    Great reports! Except … now everyone knows how great Tucson is! That’s OK … we love tourists! Come often … bring money … have fun!

    Alas, the pie lady has passed on.

    Here’s hoping you can do it again next year … here in Tucson. We’ll have to get together and write inspirational messages on the highway!

    Thank you for sharing your great experience.

  104. Comment by Saso | 12.19.2009 | 7:49 am


  105. Comment by vito | 12.19.2009 | 7:56 am

    That was awesome! Certainly looks like you had a good deal of fun.

  106. Comment by System6 | 12.19.2009 | 1:30 pm

    Two words about that day: INTENSE JEALOUSY. Great event, well deserved.

  107. Comment by Jan Eide | 12.19.2009 | 3:18 pm

    Well done, Fatty. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

  108. Comment by Flying Ute | 12.19.2009 | 5:03 pm

    What’s up with them turning around before they got to the top?

  109. Comment by Mark | 12.19.2009 | 7:46 pm

    Gotta get some sun on those pins fatty. Well done for pushing on.

  110. Comment by Beast Mom | 12.20.2009 | 2:09 am

    I’d say you’re a shoe-in for the team. :)


  111. Comment by Heart of Texas Lab Rescue | 12.20.2009 | 10:18 am

    As a former pro back in the 70’s & early 80’s with Peugeot words cannot express how envious and proud of you I am for all that you have done. Raising the funds and doing the ride and hanging in there with the best of the best.

    Cheers, I can’t wait to see what the next challenge will be.


  112. Comment by Marlys | 12.20.2009 | 1:01 pm

    Fatty, I am a new follower of your website. Had a knee injury last year, so am trying to recover from that. You give me much inspiration and I wish you and your family the best So enjoy all your videos. Congratulations on your ride!

  113. Comment by Mark M | 12.20.2009 | 1:29 pm

    Like many posts before, I couldn’t get the smile off my face as I watched the video. Thanks for all that you do and for taking us along for the ride!

  114. Comment by Maggie | 12.20.2009 | 7:47 pm

    This is awesome…I was on Kolb as you were headed back to the hotel from the ride and yelled to you…”Go Fatty!” Hope you heard me! So proud of you, you inspired me to give and to do more and be more.

  115. Comment by skippy | 12.22.2009 | 4:41 am

    reviewing your bike photos for the umpteenth time i spotted “craig the kiwi mechanic” in the background, one of the alltime favourite mechanics. he worked his heart out for bjarne riis before joining astana.

    craig find me on twitter.com/skippydetour and see the item in http://www.parrabuddy.blogspot.com.

    sitting here between workouts as i wait for the snow to come down to 570m in austria i keep putting off my “celebrities blog entry and drift back to Fatty’s narrative as it reminds me how lucky i have been playing in the same sandpit as the stars.

    Fatty still awaiting your permission to lift some of your material to http://www.parrabuddy.blogspot.com.

    anyone wanting to make a difference to “physically challenged sport and join us in the sandpit get in touch

    happy christmas to all and i hope your travels are not the nifgtmares i am seeing on cnn.

  116. Comment by lvcyclist | 12.22.2009 | 1:03 pm

    Thanks for that video. I smiled as you were recounting your ride. It really made my day watching that.

  117. Comment by John H. | 12.26.2009 | 2:38 pm

    Awesome video Elden! The “Share This” link isn’t working on IE8 though. Looks like I’ll have to bit.ly it . . . sheesh. :-) Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and you and the kids are holding up OK. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  118. Comment by Alec | 12.29.2009 | 1:50 pm

    Great story, all the best for the new year. Hope to see more inspiration come 2010, see you at the TDF 2010 if you are there.

    Cheers, Alec


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