Final Weigh In, a Tease for the 100MoN, and A Fun “Thanks” from LiveStrong

04.14.2012 | 8:28 am

I know, I don’t usually post on Saturday, but I kinda need to today.


First off, it’s time for people who are doing the weight loss challenge to do your final weigh-ins. Click here for instructions.

A Thanks from LiveStrong

Next, a couple days ago the folks at LiveStrong sent me a video saying “Thanks” for the work Team Fatty has done. It came on a day that had otherwise been pretty darned crappy, so was incredibly welcome.

And since the reality is that Team Fatty does a lot more than I do for the fight against cancer, it seems to me that this video should really be considered a “thank you” to all of us:

100 Miles of Nowhere

And finally, a quick tease on the 100 Miles of Nowhere. I spent most of my flight to Boston yesterday firming up sponsors and I have to say I’m pretty darned excited about what I’m going to be able to give to folks doing the 100 Miles of Nowhere this year.

And the new t-shirt design . . . well, honestly, I just love it.

Registration should start this Wednesday, and are limited to 500 entries (except for people who won an entry by beating me in the weight loss challenge; they’ll get instructions on registering soon).

Mark your calendars, because between the awesome swag, the ridiculous event, and the chance to launch a new Camp Kesem and help kids who have some making up in the fun department, you’re definitely going to want to be a part of this!


  1. Comment by Adam | 04.14.2012 | 10:53 am

    Don’t forget to post the week 3 results!

  2. Comment by wharton_crew | 04.14.2012 | 11:47 am

    I’m TOTALLY going to buy that cateye cyclocomputer. Did you see that it tracks the mileage in increments of 10? Amazing! I appreciate all that Fatty and LiveStrong have done. No more crappy days!!

  3. Comment by MattC | 04.14.2012 | 12:22 pm

    WOW! That was pretty cool of LS! (what a nice building they have too btw!)

    Good luck tomorrow Fatty n Runner, and also to ALL of Team Fatty who is doing this w/ you!

  4. Comment by Yannb | 04.14.2012 | 1:03 pm

    Awesome video from Livestrong I like the idea of pushing each other in office chairs around a park or track. Or riding while pulling someone on a chair. Adds a whole new element of fun to 100MoN

  5. Comment by Jeremy | 04.14.2012 | 4:02 pm

    Good luck tomorrow! I’m very excited to get going on the 100 MoN.

  6. Comment by AKChick55 | 04.14.2012 | 5:38 pm

    Awesome! I felt kinda bummed when I went to the LIVESTRONG headquarters last October and all I saw was Team CCC tributes. Didn’t realize (cause I’m an airhead) that Fatty picked Davis for Team Fatty to shine. I’m glad that Fatty and Team Fatty was recognized cause Fatty and Team Fatty are AWESOME!!! :)

    Also, I won’t be beating Fatty cause the last two weeks were a struggle to get into the gym, but I’m going to continue doing the challenge on my own and holding myself accountable by doing weekly weigh-ins. I managed to lose the .5 lb I gained and only made it to the gym once. If I can maintain the diet (which really isn’t a diet just no snacking on junk food or eating after 7pm) and get to the gym at least 4 days a week OR start commuting to work now that the snow is melting, I should be able to lose 15-20lbs by the time Davis comes. That would be REALLY nice. :) Then I’d only need to lose another 10 to 15 to make my goal weight.

    Good luck on Monday! That is freaky hot with humidity too. Ick.

  7. Comment by Justin L. | 04.14.2012 | 7:37 pm

    I can’t make Davis this year, so I at least need to do the 100MON. Plus after years of hearing you talk about di2. I needed to kick my butt in gear, so I bought a new trek with ultegra di2. Of course I agreed with my wife to sell my other two bikes. My lynskey helix is still for sale if anyone is looking. Anyways I can’t wait to ride that di2 in the shortest track I can imagine this year. good luck in Boston, my coworker is there running, crazy!!

  8. Comment by Grant | 04.15.2012 | 5:11 am

    DOH! lost the same weight as Fatty… Guess I’ll just have to pay for an entry :)

  9. Comment by Limey | 04.15.2012 | 7:37 pm

    Awesome, Fatty, if I have beaten you in he weight loss I don’t want a free 100MON, just an entry. Cheers Mate.

  10. Comment by Jenn | 04.15.2012 | 11:05 pm

    Can somebody please describe the video, in brief? Cannot view in GE due to music rights…thanks!

  11. Comment by Fat Cathy | 04.16.2012 | 2:20 pm

    great video! It made me laugh on what is an incredibly crappy day for me too.

    @Jenn, as a thanks to Fatty for all he does for LiveStrong, the livestrong folks recreated their own 100MON by doing hot laps around the LS building in office chairs – one person in the chair with a bike helmet and one person pushing. with background music being super sappy inspirational music (the name of that well known music escapes me right now) Pretty funny.

  12. Comment by wallpaper | 04.20.2012 | 10:59 am

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