Free Verse Friday: The Relishment of Races Not Raced

05.4.2012 | 8:01 am

oncolos1.pngA Note from Fatty : David Dougher — A friend of a friend — is designing an online multiplayer game called Oncolos. Players take on the role of one of four different races and joins the battle of an invading scourge (cancer) which is bent on the corruption and destruction of the world in which they live.

Originally, David says, Oncolos “was created to help my wife with her cancer. It was designed with the idea, originally, of it being a two-player game just for us. But as I started working on it, I realized more people would benefit from it than just her, so I decided to expand it into a project that’s multiplayer.”

“The big benefit of it,” says Dougher, “Is simply that it lets the cancer patient know that they’re not alone.”

To start developing this project in earnest, Dougher has started this Kickstarter page, where you can help finance this very cool game idea. Click here to learn more about Oncolos, or click here to go to the Oncolos Kickstarter page.

I’ve often said that everyone find ways to use what they love to do and what they’re good at to join the fight against cancer. David Dougher proves this in an awesome way.

The Relishment of a Race Not Raced

Two races tomorrow

One in St. George

One in Provo

Two races tomorrow

And sweet rapture in my breast today

Rapture, whence thou?

I ask rhetorically, for I already know!

I am glad in my heart for reasons clear and true

I shall race neither!

Tomorrow, I race not at all!

(Sometimes I wish there were a punctuation more emphatic than the exclamation point)

I know people who race St. Geroge Ironman tomorrow

They shall converse with demons within and without

I think of them and envy them not one whit

Not one!

Maybe not even half a whit!

And then

I think of The Hammer

Who races a local marathon anon

Do I envy her?

Hell no!

Which is to say

No hell for me tomorrow

I shall ride my bike from place to place

Cheering The Hammer on

Admiring her strength

Admiring her speed

Glad for her

Supporting her

For she is doing what she loves

And I am glad for me

For reasons adequately explained above

I wish all racers luck tomorrow

And sleep tonight.

Thank you.


  1. Comment by Dave T | 05.4.2012 | 8:32 am

    Way to go David what a great project. Fatty have a great weekend and wish the Hammer good luck tomorrow.

  2. Comment by mykill | 05.4.2012 | 8:33 am

    I will be racing
    racing against time
    Visiting with visiting family Friday night
    Half century Saturday morning
    Sleep under the stars Saturday night
    More driving more family Sunday
    Back home Sunday evening, hopefully just ahead
    of time.

    Thank you

  3. Comment by TK | 05.4.2012 | 8:39 am

    I will be watching
    youth soccer
    “go get the ball”
    we shall say
    over and over
    and over again.

    Thank you

  4. Comment by The Flyin' Ute | 05.4.2012 | 8:54 am

    Good work. I like it.

    No Hell for me either! Just a great 3 hour ride.

  5. Comment by 3d brian | 05.4.2012 | 9:02 am

    The idea
    of free verse Friday
    is one I love
    although I suck
    at doing this
    your verse I do enjoy
    while I enjoy
    being a non-existent
    Friday reader

  6. Comment by Christopher | 05.4.2012 | 9:34 am

    ’tis bike to work day in Calgary
    though I do this in a week- times 2 or 3
    ’tis my birthday as well and free-verse Friday too
    so thanks to Fatty, from me to you
    I know we don’t have to rhyme with these thoughts
    but I feel better when I do, than when I do not
    In my office dreaming of cycling and such
    and enjoying other’s verses almost as much

  7. Comment by Eric | 05.4.2012 | 9:49 am

    *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap*

  8. Comment by Bykjunkie | 05.4.2012 | 9:56 am

    Wish light legs and a swift pace to the Hammer. Running for time correct?
    Smoke em!!!

  9. Comment by Clydesteve | 05.4.2012 | 9:58 am

    verse, not race…
    a peaceful pace

  10. Comment by Liz | 05.4.2012 | 10:13 am

    Fatty is a better poet than me.

    But I shall enjoy nachos and cerveza for Cinco de Mayo while he enjoys not racing.

    I think my weekend might be as good as his.

    Thank you.

  11. Comment by Miles Archer | 05.4.2012 | 10:24 am

    century in Napa on Sunday
    sore at work on Monday
    perhaps that will be snore
    and then i will work there nevermore

  12. Comment by ClydeinKS | 05.4.2012 | 10:38 am

    Excited for tickets
    to see my team Sat and Sun
    although have a sinking feeling
    our closer and HOFer is now out
    leaving me to explain the DL to my son

    What a shame to slip at the track
    and during pregame warm-up, no less
    coworkers and patients are showing sympathy
    yes its true, Yankee fan through and through
    merely a set-back and rehab will go well

    Time to turn my focus back to the bike
    although, right now it should be work
    but it is Fri and nearing half-way through
    so the weekend is coming into view
    will be on the bike, then enjoying the games
    may order a brat, but will not compare

    Thank you

  13. Comment by onomastic | 05.4.2012 | 10:53 am

    No ride on Saturday,

    sunny and warm predicted.

    Century on Sunday,

    thunderstorms predicted.

    Who cares –

    shrimp and beer and

    (my) birthday cake after.

    Thank you.

  14. Comment by Road Mike | 05.4.2012 | 11:05 am

    Tomorrow: riding long,
    starting at dawn–
    the ride must happen!
    As must the trip to the airport,
    the yard work,
    the homework,
    the laundry,
    the dishes,
    the meals.

    Sunday: sleeping in!

    Thank you.

  15. Comment by kataco | 05.4.2012 | 11:16 am

    To the tune of the mexican hat dance, in honor of cinco de mayo and my eminent demise:

    Riding bikes is what we are going to
    do in theory a whole quite a lot of
    tomorrow my butt will be in much pain
    vino fondo I’m not sure I love

    riding bicycles bicycles biking…
    through the hills and the grapes of the vineyards
    why can’t I just sit down and eat all day
    legs have turned into jelly, just thinking about, all the bicycle riding tomorrow.
    (some liberty with rhythym taken)

    Thank you.

  16. Comment by davidh,marin | 05.4.2012 | 11:17 am

    To the sage of half whits
    I tip my hat
    Ride strong my friend
    @Miles we’ll miss you in Napa
    Saturday is our day
    Wine Country Century
    Tandem style
    Old and slow …
    and fat
    I’ll need to bring extra bottles

    thank you

  17. Comment by ScottR | 05.4.2012 | 11:35 am

    No rhymes, perhaps ironically, but a sad RIP to a Beastie Boy, after his battle with cancer.

    Later today, a visitation for a bicycle shop owner and great guy here in Kansas City after his year+ fight with pancreatic cancer.

  18. Comment by RodNeeds2Ride | 05.4.2012 | 12:17 pm

    Miles my friend
    is jumping into the very jaws
    of Hell in the morning.
    St. George IronMan 2012.
    I hope he finishes!

    First Century in 2 weeks (Salt Lake).
    Any advice,
    don’t SUCK?

    Thank you

  19. Comment by SaddleAmericana | 05.4.2012 | 12:23 pm

    keep the verses flowing and wheels spinning!

  20. Comment by nh_joe | 05.4.2012 | 12:30 pm

    I crashed at Gila
    I was going way too fast
    This is not free verse

  21. Comment by Rich | 05.4.2012 | 12:34 pm

    Week almost done of working with teens.
    Where do they get their sense of entitlement?
    That’s not rhetorical, please tell me.
    Tulip time festival tomorrow.
    I will bring my kids, but the tulips are dead.
    Thanks to the frost.
    How do you explain that to a 2 year old?
    That’s not rhetorical, please tell me.

    Thank you.

  22. Comment by cyclingjimbo | 05.4.2012 | 1:14 pm

    Relishing the prospect of vicarious relishment -
    EK competes at St. George while, weather permitting,
    I will race around the yard on the lawn tractor,
    playing catch up against the ever-growing grass.

    Brats and kraut for dinner? Perhaps.
    - adds to the relishment of races unraced,
    while we follow EK’s progress

    Best wishes to The Hammer!
    Energy, stamina, light feet, and high spirits;
    Another unraced race for us to relish
    while we take vicarious pleasure in the courage,
    energy, and accomplishments of those we know and love.

    Onward to the finish

  23. Comment by Skye | 05.4.2012 | 1:21 pm

    the races are coming, the races are coming!
    and where am I going?
    to a race, yes,
    but not to race.
    volunteering is way easier than racing!
    saturday morning
    sunday afternoon
    at the races, pain free.

    thank you

  24. Comment by George | 05.4.2012 | 1:29 pm

    A Livestrong ride
    with Ron Kiefel
    and Andy “freakin” Hampsten.
    I’ll be sporting
    my Fatty Jersey
    up Lookout Mountain.

  25. Comment by Elizabeth | 05.4.2012 | 1:38 pm

    Hazon California Bike Ride Thursday
    Choice of lengths of daily rides
    Oh yes I shall be on the 32
    Oh yes
    No shame
    Rock on
    Thank you

  26. Comment by Cyclin' Missy | 05.4.2012 | 1:41 pm

    Going to see Weird Al in concert

    How cool is that?

    Thank you!

  27. Comment by TK | 05.4.2012 | 1:43 pm

    Free verse Friday
    could very well be
    the best idea
    a phat man on a bike
    ever came up with.

    Thank you

  28. Comment by Turn The Damn Cranks | 05.4.2012 | 1:56 pm

    No great poetic ideas today.

    So my poem will be very short.

    In fact, it is done.

    Thank you.

  29. Comment by GenghisKhan | 05.4.2012 | 2:06 pm

    Broken rear axle on rear wheel,

    (Am I a tough guy or fat guy?),

    Wonderful wife with wheel to loan,

    Sun is shining and I’m outta hear!

    Thank you, thank you very much!

  30. Comment by GenghisKhan | 05.4.2012 | 2:07 pm

    Hmmm, where else would my rear axle be?

  31. Comment by hannah | 05.4.2012 | 2:12 pm

    I am really loving

    Free verse Friday

    Thank you!

  32. Comment by Dale H | 05.4.2012 | 2:21 pm

    Real lame poetry
    Posted by the Fat Cyclist
    Must be the weekend

  33. Comment by Anonymous | 05.4.2012 | 2:37 pm

    Ski season now over
    Bike season now begins
    Thank you

  34. Comment by Nurse Betsy | 05.4.2012 | 3:39 pm

    Camping I was suppose to be
    Sore throat instead.
    Spending my time in bed
    Sleeping my life away.

    Thank you

  35. Comment by Sara | 05.4.2012 | 4:09 pm

    I raced today.
    It was the worst day I’ve ever had on a bike.
    My legs betrayed my lack of fitness and then they cramped for the last several miles.
    But, I WON!
    …As does everyone who competes in this race.
    I rode the 100 Miles of Nowhere today.
    And tomorrow I will relish not racing.

    Thank you.

  36. Comment by a chris | 05.4.2012 | 4:58 pm

    Free verse Friday
    is real?
    Well, I’ll be.
    Whale oil beef.
    Thought it was a joke.
    Actually, it’s kind of good.
    No racing for me.
    Maybe buy some kids’ shoes
    or pyjamas
    Still raining
    Hope the drought ends soon.
    Thank you.

  37. Comment by Tom S. | 05.4.2012 | 8:40 pm

    Saturday morning riding to work
    riding for fun
    ticking off miles
    meditations on a gravel road
    where is Dutch Hall?
    why doesn’t the road go there?

    get to work cutting lenses
    make a world worth looking at
    looking at new bikes new riders
    hope for the world still
    if we open our eyes and spin our legs

    Thank You

  38. Comment by Bob B | 05.4.2012 | 10:56 pm

    On earth
    You get the
    Idea of
    Free Verse Friday?
    Oh, and
    Thank You

  39. Comment by roan | 05.4.2012 | 11:20 pm

    Sneaky rain all week
    Only few rides dry
    Tis my commute but WHY
    Check the radar
    Two hour window
    Gota fly
    But alas the window slammed
    So I laugh.

  40. Comment by Brian in VA | 05.5.2012 | 9:52 am

    Left my bride in bed
    As I departed too early
    For the airport.
    On to Las Vegas for
    A sales meeting
    Of some import.
    No rides available
    Except for the fitness center
    At the Palazzo.
    Living for next Friday.
    When two wheels
    Come back under my tuchis.
    Thank you!

  41. Comment by MattC | 05.5.2012 | 5:29 pm

    @Dale H…you forgot to include the link to YOUR site so we could all go there and read your NOT lame poetry.

    Oops… verse Saturday…(I’m a day late and a dollar short as usual). Here goes…

    My dad always told me,
    if you’ve got nothing nice to say,
    then shut the hell up.

    Thank you.


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