Donate to World Bicycle Relief, Spend a Week Riding With Patrick Dempsey and Tom Danielson at a Luxury Resort Training Camp

12.3.2012 | 8:41 am

A Note from Fatty: If you’ve read the details of this latest prize and your head is spinning and you just want the link to the contest so you can enter it already, click here to donate and enter the contest.

As a rule, riding during winter . . . well . . . sucks. If you go out, you’ve got to get all layered up:

Or if you stay inside and ride the trainer, you put yourself in imminent danger of your brain trying out of your head in a desperate play to escape the exquisite boredom you’re inflicting upon it.

Imagine — if you can — if you could escape all that for a week. Imagine that you’re in Malibu, California, staying in warm, sunny California at a luxury resort: The Ranch at Live Oak / Malibu:


You’re staying in your own private bungalow, with easy access to the pool and hot tub.


You’ve been set up with a custom fitness and training program, and you’re eating great. Not just delicious food, but world-class cuisine that is actually good for you.

You’re riding on awesome pavement, on beautiful, scenic roads. 


You’re out there putting in big miles, but you’re loving it like never before, because your bike has been professionally fitted for you by speed guru Mat Steinmetz — the same guy who custom fits Tom Danielson’s bike for him. Plus all your rides are fully supported.

Oh, and you’ve got some great riding company for the week:


Yep, just in case you couldn’t tell from that photo, you’re spending the week riding and hanging out with Patrick Dempsey and Tom Danielson:


So. How does that sound so far? Not bad? 

Good, because that’s the latest prize in the Grand Slam for Zambia 2: This Time It’s Personal

A Few More Details

So let’s get specific for a moment, OK? The winner of this super-ultra-grand prize is going to get the total package in a very small group training camp put on by Twenty Twenty Cycling: Patrick Dempsey and Tom Danielson. This includes:

  • Airfare for the trip, which goes January 20 – 26, 2013
  • A private bungalow at The Ranch at Live Oak / Malibu
  • Hang out daily with Tom Danielson and Patrick Dempsey
  • All meals
  • All local transportation
  • Supported daily rides
  • Professional bike fit performed by expert speed guru, Mat Steinmetz
  • A Garmin Edge 500 (yours to keep)
  • Daily massage
  • Cycling and nutrition education
  • Instructor-led fitness programs
  • Custom 20-20 Cycling jersey, shorts, rain jacket, t-shirt, bottle, and other swag.
  • Laundry services
  • Bragging rights for the rest of your life about the incredible week you just spent

How to Enter

So maybe you’re wondering: how can you get into this cycling camp? Well, there are two ways. One is to buy a slot at T20 Cycling. If I had the money for it, I would do that — considering everything you’re getting, the $8000 price tag sounds like a good deal.

The second way is to go to my Grand Slam for Zambia 2 page and donate. And then hope. Because someone’s going to get this prize. And if you don’t win this prize, maybe you’ll win one of the other prizes, each of which is listed and linked in the donation page. And that wouldn’t be so bad, either, would it?

Regardless of whether — or what — you win, you’ll be doing something really important and awesome: making it possible for kids in Zambia to get a bike, which means incredible things for them — getting to and home from school easier, getting work done faster, and having a wider range of opportunities in job possibilities.

You’ll also be helping train Zambians to become mechanics, and providing them with the tools they need to start a career fixing bikes. You’re helping bootstrap a virtuous cycle: giving some people a little help now so they can help themselves in the future.

In other words, by donating for a chance at a training vacation of your life, you’re improving many others’ lives in a big, permanent way.

So: click here to donate. Good luck, and thanks!

PS: Huge thanks to Tom Danielson and Patrick Dempsey for their generosity in providing this prize. 

PPS: Last night, Tom, Patrick and I talked about the Grand Slam for Zambia and the cycling camp over at TourChats. You can watch it over at Spreecast (My part starts around 30:00).


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