Meet the Winner

08.5.2013 | 10:27 am

 For today’s post, I’d like you to meet the guy you’re all envious of: Jim R (who frequently comments as “cyclingjimbo”), who won the Trek Madone Series 7 Project One Frame with the ENVE wheels and cockpit and SRAM components

And I’m also going to give you a big ol’ “Wow, what a small world” moment.

Jim, In His Own Words

Once Jim’s name had been drawn (I had Katie at WBR do the drawing, to ensure impartiality), I sent him a quick email, doing my best to avoid words that would make my message to him wind up in his spam box. 

Here’s what my email looked like, just so you can pretend for a moment what it might be like to win this bike.

Hi James,

You know that World Bicycle Relief Fundraiser you donated money for last month? And you know that super-sweet grand prize of a bike — The Trek Project One Madone with the ENVE cockpit and SRAM Red components?

Well, the odds were against any individual person winning that bike, but someone had to win it.

And that someone is you.


We’ll go into details on colors, wheel choice and everything else soon, but for right now I just want to make sure you got my email and know you’re the winner, and that you want the bike. So please reply right away — or if you think this is a prank or are wondering what the catch is, feel free to call me: [REDACTED].

And if you wouldn’t mind, I’d appreciate a little info about you to share with my readers. 

Thanks and congratulations!

Elden “Fatty” Nelson

And here’s how Jim replied:

I go by Jim. My wife and I live in the greater Philadelphia area where I work for one of the big pharmaceutical companies. I am a chemical engineer and work to develop processes for new biopharmaceutical drugs. We make medicines that change people’s lives. My wife and I have two children and four grandchildren.

I have been reading your blog for about four years now, and I kept up with you even when my job took me to the Netherlands for a couple of years. I really appreciate everything you do for the fight against cancer as for WBR. I have contributed to most of your drives, and I am very happy to have been chosen as the winner of this great bike. 

I have ridden bikes most of my life. When I lived in Colorado and the days were long enough, I commuted to work frequently on my bike, often riding every day. I rode in 11 consecutive MS150 tours in Colorado, and one in California after we moved further west. When my wife and I moved to the Philadelphia area, finding a home that would allow for bicycle commuting was high on my list, and we were fortunate that I am able to do just that (daylight hours and weather permitting).

I have nearly reached GVR status (in this case R = Rider – I have never raced, except for when I was a runner many years ago), and am beginning to look forward to retirement, when I plan to ride much more frequently than I do now. My work often requires me to be at multiple sites, many miles apart, and cycling has to be scheduled around the work calendar.

Other than cycling, my favorite activities are singing, hunting, fishing, cooking, hiking, and spending time with family. We still vacation in Colorado for skiing, and often also spend time in the Caribbean for boating and snorkeling.

It Gets Even More Awesome

I told Jim that the next step was for him to figure out what frame size he wants, as well as his wheel and components selection. To help with that…well, I’m going to let Jim tell that part of the story in his own words again.

Hi Elden,

It is a small world.

I went to High Road Cycles this afternoon, and started out by saying, “I need some help. I just won a bicycle and need someone to build it for me.” To which the person answered, “How did you win the bike?” And then I said, “Well, do you know the Fat Cyclist and the recent contest he had?” and he said, “You’re the guy!” [by the by, High Road Cycles is a strong supporter of WBR.]

“He,” as it turns out in this case, is Pat Engleman, lifelong shop head, a former bicycle messenger, and now a teacher in real life who happened to be the guy who drive you around Philly when you came out for the Philly LiveStrong ride.

It is a small world.

Pat says “Hi.”

Yes, the winner of the bike just happened to run into the same guy in Philly who basically made my LiveStrong trip in 2009 absolutely awesome:

Philly Jen on the left, me in the middle, Pat on the right

And now Pat’s gonna help Jim build up a dream bike.

I tell you, it really is a small world, with a surprisingly large number of incredibly good people in it. Jim couldn’t be in better hands, and I owe Pat yet another favor.


  1. Comment by GenghisKhan | 08.5.2013 | 10:50 am

    Congrats James!

  2. Comment by Brian in VA | 08.5.2013 | 10:58 am

    Enjoy the bike Jim! Congrats to the WBR for a great fundraiser, too. And thanks Fatty for helping us help others!

  3. Comment by Davidh-Marin,ca | 08.5.2013 | 11:00 am

    It is a small Fatty World we live in. Amazing how ‘young’ you look in that picture!

    Seems to me after 4+ years the proper thing to do would be to convene the 2014 Fatty LiveSTRONG Round Up in Philadelphia next year. I know many of us would love to meet PhillyJen and touch Jim’s bike.

    I assume they have PIE there?

    Looking forward to more stories of Jim’s bike.

  4. Comment by Steven Nichols | 08.5.2013 | 11:00 am

    I simply can’t figure out how you get my email address wrong year after year.. No, my name is not Jim….

    Oh, well, enjoy the bike Jim. I have friends in philly and I ride there occasionally. Maybe I’ll see you and the RRM ( Really Rad Madone) someday!

  5. Comment by Jeff Bike | 08.5.2013 | 11:10 am

    Hooray for Jim but mostly Hooray for WBR, Fatty & suppliers for making this great thing happen.

  6. Comment by cyclingjimbo | 08.5.2013 | 12:21 pm

    You left out the opening remark in my first respopnse to you, which I think was something like ” Holy cow!” I was really floored by your email, and only now, seeing it in print again, am I beginning to deal with the reality of it all.

    I had a great time in the shop yesterday afternoon talking with Pat. He was excited that they will get to build the bike (Pat himself, unfortunately, will be back at his “daytime” job teaching chemistry and physics at a local school).

    I think Pat and I spent more time talking about his experience driving Fatty around Philly and what a great job Fatty does giving his support and rounding up our support to do good things than we did talking about the bike. The shop where Pat works in the summertime is a strong supporter of WBR – employees who buy frames, parts, etc. through the shop include a donation to WBR as part of the deal.

    It really is a small world we live in, and when good people do good things they find themselves connected to a lot of other good people. I was pleased but not surprised when Pat told me he knew about WBR and Elden’s connection to it. I was pleasantly surpriseed when he went on to tell me about his closer connection to Fatty himself.

  7. Comment by Dillon | 08.5.2013 | 12:26 pm

    Pat is the man!

  8. Comment by Heidi | 08.5.2013 | 1:29 pm

    Gotta love it…

  9. Comment by aussie kev | 08.5.2013 | 1:59 pm

    Allez Jim

  10. Comment by Christina | 08.5.2013 | 2:24 pm

    Engineers are awesome!

  11. Comment by MattC | 08.5.2013 | 2:44 pm

    Way to go Jim…just color me green with ENVE! I’ll just have to BUY me a nice set of wheels (someday)…can’t afford those beauties tho…and I’m afraid we have too much wind anyway…(not that I wouldn’t ride those beautiful wheels and LOVE them, even with the scary gusty-parts). Keep us updated, and you MUST have pictures for us when it’s done!

  12. Comment by ScottyCycles | 08.5.2013 | 3:28 pm

    Congrats Jim!

  13. Comment by Nic Grillo | 08.5.2013 | 3:40 pm

    So cool! Team Fatty rocks!

  14. Comment by roan | 08.5.2013 | 5:15 pm

    Jim, maybe Fatty will let you post a few pics of the finished bike. And when you can describe the awesome power of riding a Fatty Prize Bike. I hope you and Pat are different sizes…he may get the first ride if not…just to be sure it is OK.
    Such a small world…sorta tears me up a little…nice !

  15. Comment by Clydesteve | 08.5.2013 | 8:05 pm

    Well, if I did not win, at least an Engineer did. congrats, Jim, and never forget – the nerds win in the end!

  16. Comment by Davidh-Marin,ca | 08.5.2013 | 8:41 pm

    @all. Isn’t there a tv show about a chemical engineer going a little off the rails? Gotta be careful of those guys. Sorta like using the words, chemical……engineer…..rails in a message on the Internet. I’ll report back from wherever they take me….if I can.

    Enjoy, Jim and please post pictures.

  17. Comment by AKChick | 08.5.2013 | 8:42 pm

    I love it! Thank you for sharing Fatty! Hopefully we can see pictures of the awesome bike once it’s built. I can’t wait for the next contest!

  18. Comment by AKChick | 08.5.2013 | 8:43 pm

    I just realized how that sounds! No pressure to organize anything though! I know these are a lot of work. They are just so fun to participate in!

  19. Comment by Fred | 08.5.2013 | 8:47 pm

    Congrats Jim.

    I was not worthy of winning it. That bike deserves a much stronger engine than I can provide.

    I wanna see pics though. Followed by video.

  20. Comment by Jenni | 08.5.2013 | 9:15 pm

    Jim, ask Pat to tell you the story of why I call his bike The Problem Child. Then ask him who is the main mechanic of that bike.

    CONGRATS! Please please please let’s have a Team Fatty inaugural ride for this machine. It would be an incredibly good reason to get everyone together.

  21. Comment by Carl | 08.5.2013 | 9:56 pm

    Congrats Jim!!! That ride in 2009 was the most incredible ride I have done to date, even though it was tremendously sad because of Susan’s passing. Because of it, I have so many new friends that are so much fun to keep in touch with. A reunion sounds great!

  22. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 08.5.2013 | 11:45 pm

    @MattC If you’re worried about those Enve Wheels, Wind, and your Bike, just skip the bike and mount those puppies on your ride as ’spinners’!

    just be thankful I can’t photoshop.

  23. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 08.5.2013 | 11:46 pm


  24. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 08.5.2013 | 11:48 pm

    is the third time a charm?

  25. Comment by Nadia | 08.6.2013 | 4:52 am

    Congratulations Jim, and Pat is the real deal :)

  26. Comment by Tim | 08.6.2013 | 5:21 pm

    So Pat teaches Chemistry and Jim does Chemistry. Maybe when Jim retires he could do some guest appearances with cool Chemistry stuff in Jim’s classroom.

  27. Comment by HarmonIII | 08.6.2013 | 10:07 pm

    No snark. No bull. I just love this blog. Thanks Fatty.

    Thank you! – FC

  28. Comment by Jeremy | 08.7.2013 | 12:38 am

    Fatties are everywhere. I ran into LeighAnne and rode with a guy by the name of Mike who owns a Fatty jersey but did not wear it at Chris Horner’s Cascade Gran Fondo this past weekend. I also rode with another guy for a bit who had the Fatty Purist Hydroflow bottles in his cages, but didn’t recall his name. Universally, everyone I’ve ever met who associates themselves with Fatty in even a pretty rudimentary way has been friendly and would fall into my list to have a beer with. Congrats to Jim. Good on you to Pat. And what an amazing living room you have created to Fatty.

  29. Comment by NYCCarlos | 08.7.2013 | 7:42 am

    Congrats Jimbo!


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