Hey, Watch Where We’re Going

09.19.2013 | 6:20 am

Hey, just a really quick post today, because I have a monster of a report I need to turn in for work, and then I need to finalize our plans for the Salt to Saint race tomorrow. 

Basically, I have the following things to tell you.

  1. We start tomorrow (Friday) at 8:00am MT, and we don’t stop riding until we finish the race, hopefully sometime in the early afternoon on Saturday. Like, 2:00pm MT would be good.
  2. I am pretty sure you’ll be able to track us in real time on the SPOTs provided by the race. I don’t have a ton of information on where that will be, but try checking at the race’s home page for a link; there should be a “Live Tracking” tab you can go to. And if you don’t find it there, try looking on their Facebook page. And when one of you figures it out, post a comment with a link to the correct page, OK? (I’m counting on you, David.)

That’s it. Now I gotta get back to work. 

PS: Just because I don’t have time to write right now doesn’t mean I don’t love you.


  1. Comment by PBRMEASAP | 09.19.2013 | 6:38 am

    Good Luck, we love you too.

  2. Comment by Doug (Way upstate NY) | 09.19.2013 | 7:06 am

    We love you too Fatty and Hammer. BTW. Is the 3 comment rule lifted for Dave in this case? Just wondering.

    Be strong. Stay focused. Keep your wheels down (its not a MTB race!).


    Yes, the 3-comment rule is suspended for everyone (and especially David) until further notice. The more the better, starting tomorrow. – FC

  3. Comment by BK | 09.19.2013 | 7:21 am

    Oh you love me alright…because I just got this email “Twin Six is sending you a package!”

  4. Comment by Papa Bear | 09.19.2013 | 7:25 am

    In the theatre, we never say “good luck” as it is seen as a jinx. Therefore, we say “break a leg” (the superstition is that whatever you say, the opposite will happen).

    On that note…

    Break a spoke.


  5. Comment by Dave T | 09.19.2013 | 7:28 am

    Good luck to you and the hammer this Friday. Not that you really need it I’m sure you guys will crush it. Looking forward to the report.

  6. Comment by Fat Cathy | 09.19.2013 | 7:30 am

    Live tracking for the Salt to Saint is here: http://salttosaint.com/live-tracking/

    Good luck Fatty and the Hammer!

    I hope that will be the correct URL, but it is currently showing data from last year’s race. Since it’s possible they’ll be using a different URL this year, I didn’t want to offer that one up quite yet. – FC

  7. Comment by wharton_crew | 09.19.2013 | 7:34 am

    Please make sure you’re stocked up on DZNuts or other chamois cream. My rear end hurts just thinking about how long you’ll be in the saddle.

  8. Comment by Trevor | 09.19.2013 | 7:45 am

    Good luck Fatty! That is a hell of an undertaking. Best of luck to you and the Hammer!

  9. Comment by Cyclingjimbo | 09.19.2013 | 7:58 am

    Kick ass, Fatty and The Hammer! All our best wishes will be riding with you.

  10. Comment by Daddy style | 09.19.2013 | 8:25 am

    Whole other level, ride on and may the wind be at your back.

  11. Comment by Office Space | 09.19.2013 | 8:28 am

    Good luck on that TPS Report.

  12. Comment by rich | 09.19.2013 | 8:45 am

    Good luck!

  13. Comment by RANTWICK | 09.19.2013 | 8:45 am

    Race stalking. Awesome.

    It’s my very favorite kind of stalking. – FC

  14. Comment by Scott | 09.19.2013 | 9:57 am

    Follow the line and embrace the hallucinations. Go support team! The other member of this race.

  15. Comment by Jacob | 09.19.2013 | 9:59 am

    I got my Twin Six e-mail too. Very seriously thinking about wearing it for the Six Gap century in the north Georgia Mountain next weekend. Should probably wear it on a shorter ride first, though.

  16. Comment by Jacob | 09.19.2013 | 10:00 am

    Not north Georgia Mountain, but north Georgia mountains.

  17. Comment by Clydesteve | 09.19.2013 | 10:02 am

    Have a great trip / ride / race – Best of luck and & blessings from heaven. Dodge all mudslides with alacrity.

  18. Comment by CaseyW | 09.19.2013 | 10:03 am

    Looks like this could be it!


  19. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.19.2013 | 10:08 am

    SPOT is fine for a very distant view. (watched The Marsupial and his Brother on the John Muir Trail: http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=05qGfOMXRF2VpAl4P6vz2qRkQqp5Y7s2a ) But I think we have even better data available to us closer to the race itself.

    The Hammer’s middle child (and heroic rescuer of wayward adults-and I use that term loosely-) aka The IT Guy. I’m confident he can set up some camera thingie, tied to his computer thingie, streaming to whatever thingie, that would allow us to watch from home. He just needs to bring the right thingies. Sounds simple.

    Elden and Lisa. I hope you guys are still talking to each other by the end of this event, and that someone takes lots of pictures.(has anyone contacted the local news, ’cause it’s not every day an award winning blogger and comedic mastermind decides he needs to strut his stuff. (for 400 miles and make his wife watch too). If you decide you’re too tired after this to write I think we’ll understand.

    Safe Riding to both of you!!!!

    (hey I just found this flyer on a telephone post: House Party in Alpine, Friday Night….. there was no address )

  20. Comment by Climbnkd | 09.19.2013 | 10:12 am

    Good luck with the race/ride. I did this race two years ago as part of a team and it was truly epic! I can’t even imagine trying it solo. Be prepared to sleep for a solid day after you finish. I only rode about 75 miles during the race and I think I got about 2 hours of sleep during the 28 hours it took us to finish. I couldn’t believe how tired I was in the end. I’m sure you will do great!

  21. Comment by New Zealand Ev | 09.19.2013 | 10:46 am

    Good luck and best wishes to both you and Hammer!! You guys are awesome!! I will be cheering you on from down here in NZ.

  22. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.19.2013 | 10:58 am

    What? You suspended David’s 3 comment rule for the weekend!? Didn’t we agree that I would get to have a say in that? :-)

    HAVE FUN! Nothing else matters. Our thoughts will be with you and we’ll be tracking for sure!

  23. Comment by Diane | 09.19.2013 | 11:02 am

    Good luck Fatty and The Hammer! Hope you guys have a great ride/race and stay safe.

  24. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.19.2013 | 12:25 pm

    Technical Question???

    How do you keep your Garmin/Iphone Strava app charged for this Ride/Race?

    We hope The Hammer will again share with us on Strava..

  25. Comment by DrBryce | 09.19.2013 | 1:09 pm

    Great Garmin question ^^^. Inquiring minds want to know.

    I always worried the 10hr battery would be suspect for my 12hr LOTOJA days, but never was an issue.

    However, 30+ hours is a whole different story.

  26. Comment by GregC | 09.19.2013 | 1:53 pm

    As I’m frequently too busy to post snarky comments on a daily basis, rather than see them wasted I hereby offer my 3 daily posts to either David or Wife#1- whoever gets them first! Good Luck Eldon and Lisa!!

  27. Comment by Brian in VA | 09.19.2013 | 2:32 pm

    Good luck to you both! Here’s to no cross-winds for the entire race!

  28. Comment by Corrine | 09.19.2013 | 2:41 pm

    Good luck Fatty and the Hammer. I’ll be rooting for you both along with everybody else. I know you guys will do great! And remember to have fun!!!

  29. Comment by UpTheGrade SR CA | 09.19.2013 | 3:00 pm

    May you both suffer a strong tailwind the entire race.

    Question: how are you planning to stay awake at say 4am after 20 hours in the saddle?

    Will the IT guy trail you in his Monster Truck and honk his horn periodically to keep you attentive?

  30. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.19.2013 | 3:19 pm

    @GreggC Who you calling snarky? I need to stand up for my wife!

  31. Comment by Scott | 09.19.2013 | 5:31 pm

    @Davidh-marin, DrBryce

    I use the Duracell portable USB charger. I can charge my phone while it’s on my person and sent the charging unit back to the support car to get charged back up.

  32. Comment by VA Biker | 09.19.2013 | 8:22 pm

    Harking back to the days of “The Graduate” and the line, “Plastics”, the new wave of the last few years (among cycling geeks and the like) is: dynohub. Unlike the sidewall friction dyno of your youth, these babies are awesome.

    Tired of dealing with batteries through the years, I finally ponied up this year and got one. Powers a fine Schmidt lamp, but could just as easily power a USB device. Several adapters out there devoted to this purpose. The “no grid” way to do it.

    Human powered device charging takes away a lot of stress and physical stuff, too. The power is there so long as my wheel is rolling. (Option to turn it off for minimal drag when not using it, too. My “lamp off” mode causes me to expend only 2.2W per the hub specs.)

  33. Comment by AKChick | 09.19.2013 | 11:39 pm

    You won’t get this until after cause you’re fast asleep by now and you can’t possibly check your blog in the morning. Have a great ride! I know you two will do great!I can’t wait to read about your adventure! Hope your crew gets lots of photos! Thanks for the RT today – it means a lot. It’s been a rough year. Hugs to you both!

  34. Comment by Tom in Albany | 09.20.2013 | 7:58 am

    Tailwinds, man. Stiff ones.

  35. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.20.2013 | 8:39 am

    First Question? Why is Elden such a hard name to spell?
    Second Question? How long ago did Lisa turn 30?(ImAthelete:http://www.imathlete.com/events/EventParticipantsList.aspx?fEID=15574)

    The Fat Miser:

    TheMoN Hammer:

    It would be a hoot to comment here aka cycling news tour de vuelta style: live commentary style, but I think we would need someone ‘race side’ for such insight.
    Blake, what are you doing besides driving, crewing, supporting, and generally taking care of our team?

  36. Comment by UpTheGrade SR CA | 09.20.2013 | 8:48 am

    I can’t figure this out, the live tracking tool over the last 5 minutes has shown Fatty still at the start, The Hammer near the lead, and then both in the middle of the field but not together (I thought they were going to 2 person TTT the course). Basically it’s anyones guess as to how its going, unless an on-site observer can clue us in to progress?

  37. Comment by wharton_crew | 09.20.2013 | 8:50 am

    If you want to be truly impressed, note that there are only 5 solo riders listed for this event, and the Hammer is the only female! I am so impressed! Good luck to both of you!

  38. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.20.2013 | 8:57 am

    Wife#1 has just informed me of the possible confusion about MoNHammer.

    I did not intend Miles of Nowhere, rather Mother of Nails, kinda like Mon Ami.

    Mon Hammer….say it in a smoky French kind of way.


  39. Comment by Doug (Way upstate NY) | 09.20.2013 | 9:15 am

    Humm. According to the tracker. Lisa dropped Elden. She’s in the lead!

    Well OK, Elden hasn’t been updated in an hour or so (I guess its not so “live”), but still….. Go Lisa!

  40. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.20.2013 | 9:41 am

    I’m not sure I’m reading the trackers right – it looks like maybe Fatty had a mechanical or something near the start and was out for a bit? Now back in but Lisa is about 14 miles ahead of him?

  41. Comment by the Putti | 09.20.2013 | 9:48 am

    Anyone else thinking that Fatty pulled a “fatty” and lost his tracking chip?

  42. Comment by SteveB | 09.20.2013 | 9:48 am

    Or, Elden skillfully dodged a pad, or who knows… just
    check back every 5 minutes, you don’t have anything better to do today do you?

  43. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.20.2013 | 9:59 am

    @Up the Grade, Wife#1, SteveB, Doug Whey. I have it on good authority that it was a Porta Potty issue. You know how he gets at the start of a race.

  44. Comment by Doug (Way upstate NY) | 09.20.2013 | 10:00 am

    He caught up, but somehow his average speed is 1.5 mph slower than Lisa’s. They bend the Laws of Physics!

  45. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.20.2013 | 10:02 am

    Fatty and Mon Hammer climbing Suncrest. Wonder if they’ll stop by home to check on the kids? Or pick up whatever they forgot.

  46. Comment by SteveB | 09.20.2013 | 10:09 am

    latest update has them together, on a climb just outside of Alpine.

    If this was me, and I lived in Alpine, I’d sure be tempted to hang a left and head home.

  47. Comment by Dave T | 09.20.2013 | 10:28 am

    ok really not going to get much work done today here is one more way to track this race http://udottraffic.utah.gov/

  48. Comment by MattC | 09.20.2013 | 11:11 am

    Fatty’s SPOT unit seems to be having issues…Hammer’s is working right…there should be a location update every 10 minutes.

  49. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.20.2013 | 11:16 am

    @DaveT Today, be French. (35 hr work week- myth/reality)

    I was looking for a really good French image to capture this thought, but all I could find is this:


  50. Comment by wharton_crew | 09.20.2013 | 11:16 am

    Dave T – are you suggesting that we get live video feeds by someone (ahem Davidh-marin,ca or Wife#1) who will let us know when to click on each tiny little video camera on the UDOT webpage?

    I hope they do that!

  51. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.20.2013 | 11:17 am

    @Wharton_crew: Please see above.

  52. Comment by Doug (way upstate NY) | 09.20.2013 | 12:21 pm

    66 miles in…..

    I’m going to go ride in my new FC kit, which came in the mail today! Zone 4-5 intervals, perfect break-in ride!

  53. Comment by MattC | 09.20.2013 | 12:27 pm

    Next Traffic Cam is about 10 miles east of Nephi…sadly, I haven’t been able to use them thus far as I have actual WORK to do (GASP!)…but thanks for the link anyway DaveT! I have no idea how often the refresh rate is…could somebody drive thru that one please so we can have an idea if a speedy couple of Shiv’s would be visible in the 18.23 seconds it will take them to pass thru the viewfield?

    OOhhhh…a truck and a car are now visible..but it’s a frozen screen, like a snapshot instead of video…so far about 30 seconds have gone by w/ no refresh). OK…at least a minute…still no refresh…I think this will be a bust unless we get REALLY lucky and it snaps JUST as they are in the close approach sweet-spot of the view as they pass (it could happen). Stupid traffic cam…still no update…it says 12:18…and by my watch it’s now 12:22…not very good odds of catching them. But we might get lucky…

  54. Comment by MattC | 09.20.2013 | 12:32 pm

    OK…it updated at 12:23..so a 5 minute snapshot cycle. Cross your fingers! Hammer has made the turn towards Goshen…

  55. Comment by SteveB | 09.20.2013 | 1:25 pm

    I have them coming up on Nephi and the 100 mile mark… seems like a pretty good pace so far!

  56. Comment by rohit | 09.20.2013 | 1:36 pm

    go fatty! go hammer!

  57. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.20.2013 | 1:43 pm

    I must be doing something wrong, it looks like Fatty is not riding with Lisa when I look at his tracker, but is behind her 30 odd miles.


  58. Comment by bob | 09.20.2013 | 1:44 pm

    I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how SPOT is showing the Hammer’s last report 7 hours ago but it seems to be tracking her correctly near the front…

    I’m thinking the time is set incorrectly on her SPOT but that shouldn’t happen with a gps unit.

  59. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.20.2013 | 1:46 pm

    Oh wait – now I see them riding together. Okay that was just weird. Anyhoo…

    back to fiscal year end close.

    Go Nelsons!

  60. Comment by bob | 09.20.2013 | 1:55 pm

    Yea I just saw that to! I guess the SPOT units are hit and miss to update or Fatty is running on 105 octane.

  61. Comment by wharton_crew | 09.20.2013 | 2:07 pm

    Utah has strange names for cities – Goshen? Nephi? I guess it doesn’t matter, as they will only have approximately 4.76 minutes of fame as Fatty and Lisa fly through them with 1000’s of virtual fans following them on the map tracker…

  62. Comment by GregC | 09.20.2013 | 2:17 pm

    looks like they are together again- go Eldon and Lisa!!

  63. Comment by Kukui | 09.20.2013 | 2:46 pm

    Work, work, work…

    pause to refresh Fatty and The Hammer’s Salt to Saint progress…

    Work, work, work…


    Not my most productive Friday. =)

    Go Fatty! Go The Hammer!

  64. Comment by Mukrider | 09.20.2013 | 3:11 pm

    Refreshed the DOT camera near Fountain Green for the last hour (it only updates every 5 minutes). Although all the leaders have passed, I saw no bikes…

    Oh yeah, get back to work ;)

    Go Fatty! Go Hammer!

  65. Comment by bob | 09.20.2013 | 4:10 pm

    I got a screen grab of a rider who had to be Fatty way in the corner of the camera shot near Buckskin Flat Rd. Maybe I can sell it on Ebay?

  66. Comment by PNP | 09.20.2013 | 4:35 pm

    Just checked. Fatty’s in fourth place and the Hammer is in sixth. Color me impressed!

  67. Comment by old guy who likes to ride | 09.20.2013 | 4:44 pm

    Agree with PNP.

    google map checking other teams locations and our kids location, it appears they have 70 or so miles on some other teams!


    back to work now.

  68. Comment by GregC | 09.20.2013 | 5:02 pm

    looks like Lisa is in front of Eldon, in 4th and 5th place overall, about 9 hours into the race. WOW.
    if the recent daily Fatty blog post length tendency holds, we will be reading about this event into Halloween. I love it!

  69. Comment by UpTheGrade SR CA | 09.20.2013 | 5:03 pm

    Fatty & The Hammer are in 4th & 5th place according to the live-tracker. Awesome! Especially considering they’ve gone ~150miles and most teams have cycled through 8 rider changes at this point.

    They are now starting 150 miles of uphill – ouch!

  70. Comment by SteveB | 09.20.2013 | 5:09 pm

    There are actually 2 good things about those 150 miles of uphill… 1) the grade generally doesn’t look to be that killer (I can’t believe I just said that), and 2) The last part of the ride is mostly downhill to make up for it…

    still, 150 miles of uphill? my legs are telling me to shut up.

  71. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.20.2013 | 5:30 pm

    Holy crap – 150 miles of uphill!

    I got nothing. That’s just the scariest thing I ever heard.

  72. Comment by PNP | 09.20.2013 | 5:36 pm

    150 miles of climbing? My car just said “tires, shut up.” :-)

    I’m a pretty decent climber, but 150 miles? Ouch.

  73. Comment by Liz M. | 09.20.2013 | 5:45 pm

    Go Elden! Go Lisa!

  74. Comment by UpTheGrade SR CA | 09.20.2013 | 5:56 pm

    Ok, so on closer inspection its just 2k ft elevation gain over 150 miles, so not really climbing, more of a constant grind.
    That being said, I probably couldn’t climb the steps into a hot-tub after 150 miles at 19mph avg.

    They are some tough cookies.

  75. Comment by Carl | 09.20.2013 | 6:03 pm

    We love you too Fatty! My Twin Six Team Fatty gear came today! Woo Hoo!!!

  76. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.20.2013 | 8:06 pm

    They are halfway done! Shows Lisa in 5th and Fatty in 7th – they must be riding with whoever is in 6th place (duh – obviously). Man… they are going to be riding all night – it’s just impossible to fathom how hard this must be.

  77. Comment by JRayLand | 09.20.2013 | 9:10 pm

    Never, Never, Never give up. Awesome! Job! Fatty n Hammer!!!!

  78. Comment by bob | 09.20.2013 | 10:16 pm

    Alright! Who’s still here? Get up, walk around and shake it off!

  79. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.20.2013 | 11:05 pm

    I’m here and David is still at work but he’ll be home soon. I am waiting for the data to refresh.

    I was thinking I stayed up to the wee hours of the morning to watch Dustin (who I did not know – only his amazing story) finish that Kona Ironman a couple of years ago but I’m not sure I have it in me to track them much beyond midnight. I’m a sleep weenie these days!

  80. Comment by UpTheGrade SR CA | 09.20.2013 | 11:11 pm

    About 4 more hours of a slight uphill in the dark, then downhill to the finish, save for a sharp bump. They are still holding their position and doing remarkably well after 15 hours riding so far!

  81. Comment by Mayhemnsuz | 09.20.2013 | 11:13 pm

    I just checked — looks like they are 7 (Hammer) and 8 (Fatty) right now…. GO HAMMER!!! GO FATTY!!!

    I just got home from work – glad to have something awesome to check up on before I collapse.

  82. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.21.2013 | 12:20 am

    Just got home myself. 90 minutes/24 miles! Hear me roar!
    If my heros can ride in the dark so can I.

    Now let’s spend some time on the Spot!

  83. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.21.2013 | 12:32 am

    I think we have the makings for a great, epic length, story for next week(s).
    From the Leaderboard data it looks like Fatty was somehow behind at the start. Mechanical?(tires) Physical?(porta potty) Or, maybe he got this ride confused with Levis Donut Ride and he was at the start sandbagging, stuffing glazed donuts down, expecting a time bonus, before he set out. When told of his faux pas he exclaimed…..”Me bad”.

    Fatty Transition times:
    0:01:51 0:02:31 0:03:50 0:05:41 0:05:41 0:06:46 0:07:48
    Mon Hammer
    0:01:02 0:02:24 0:03:22 0:04:34 0:05:29 0:06:43 0:07:48

    Wife #1 tells me they appear to be 40 to 60 miles AHEAD of the other solo riders!!!

  84. Comment by bob | 09.21.2013 | 12:36 am

    Guess I’ll shut it down and leave it to the other night owls! I’m freakin astounded at the mileage and speed they are keeping up and being more than 40 miles ahead of the next solo riders.

    I will drift off humbled tonight…

  85. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.21.2013 | 1:22 am

    Like Bob it’s time to bid adieu. Hard to comprehend what they must be feeling, if they’re feeling anything.

    No previous comment on this but I’m hoping Heather and Kenny are out there at dawn(what are friends for after all) to pace them in to the finish. Anyone have Kenny’s number? Just be careful in case Heather wants to check you into the psych ward after this over. Not that it wouldn’t have merit.

    Also a BIG THANK YOU to the IT GUY (Lisa’s son) who I believe is the team support driver for this adventure.

    Safe Riding Nelsons!!!!

  86. Comment by UpTheGrade SR CA | 09.21.2013 | 7:35 am

    75 miles to go and it looks like they really suffered during the night while thier fans all slept.
    Bring it in, GO HAMMER & FATTY! Almost there.

  87. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.21.2013 | 9:21 am

    Less than an hour to go. it’s hammer time! Woot woot!

  88. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.21.2013 | 9:51 am

    5 Miles to go (posting for David too – he has to get ready for work) SOOOO CLOSE!

  89. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.21.2013 | 9:52 am

    W#1 says 5 miles togo!!!!!

    Kenny, I hope you’re out there. Bring ‘m in!!!!!

    GO LISA!!!!! GO ELDEN!!!!!!!


  90. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.21.2013 | 9:55 am

    Wait – I thought it was 420 miles and it shows them just about there with more miles to go – so I have no clue how much left there is!

    Go go go! Hammer’s last update showed her going 26 miles an hour!

  91. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.21.2013 | 10:01 am

    Yikes – teams that have finished showed they went 454 miles?! Eeeek! If they have another 25-30 miles to go – I’m going to need a giant latte. Back soon.

  92. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.21.2013 | 10:04 am

    So SPOTT(Y) shows them coming up on T(transition) 22. 13.xx to T23, and 16.xx to the finish. Better half says finishers are showing 450 miles as their finish distance according to SPOTTY. More drama for the report. Did that flood alter the course? Are the geologic plates expanding in Utah? We’ll have to wait for the man.

    As for Lisa…. Rebecca(Queen of Pain) needs to be looking over her shoulder. There’s a new Dominatrix in town!

  93. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.21.2013 | 10:10 am

    Okay I just checked and Fatty’s earlier posts definitely use the 420 mile number…. I hope this last 30+ didn’t come as a surprise, because how much would that suck!

  94. Comment by PNP | 09.21.2013 | 10:31 am

    About 30 miles to go! Damn, I’m impressed! I’ve never even finished a century, and they’re riding over 400 miles in one stretch. Wow. Just wow.

    The race report will be amazing to read.

  95. Comment by bob | 09.21.2013 | 11:14 am

    Ooo good question Dave! I’ll bet they did have to do some last minute rerouting because of floods.

  96. Comment by Bill H-D | 09.21.2013 | 11:23 am

    This should make for a positively Dickensian serial… Ten to go as of this post! Good work all!

  97. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.21.2013 | 11:30 am

    Hey – for everyone that has gotten their new FC kit already (or will get it today), how about you take a picture of yourself in it and post it here in the comments over the weekend in a show of community love and support for the skinny fatty and his freakin’ rockstar of a wife!

    Hope mine comes today – and Deb – you will be the first to wear the medium or large jersey. :-) I’m still XL I’m sure.

  98. Comment by PNP | 09.21.2013 | 11:51 am

    Three miles to go….

  99. Comment by leroy | 09.21.2013 | 11:52 am

    Allez FC and the Hammer! Tracker says they’re approaching the finish line. Amazing!!

  100. Comment by UpTheGrade SR CA | 09.21.2013 | 11:59 am

    Under the red kite together (1 mile to go) – Epic ride! I’ll bet the Hammer’s solo record here will stand for a long time!

  101. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.21.2013 | 12:03 pm

    Moving Time 1:01:11
    Stopped Time 0:02:08
    Average Moving Speed 18mph


  102. Comment by Jacob JG | 09.21.2013 | 12:04 pm

    Congratulations to both The Hammer and Fatty on finishing. Your adventures and race reports are a great inspiration and have been for a long while. But this takes 1.st. Prize. Wauw

  103. Comment by andy@wdw | 09.21.2013 | 12:04 pm


    Preliminary results: Both first in their categories, 27 and 28 overall! INCREDIBLE!

    1 day, 3 hours, 56 minutes!

  104. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.21.2013 | 12:07 pm

    I see Lisa has longer stopping time so I assume she was waiting for Fatty – it had looked like something had happened with Fatty early in the race. I am just so blown away by this accomplishment you two!

    Okay again everyone – post pictures of yourselves this weekend in your Fatty gear!!!

    Now I have to go be a soccer mom. Adieu.

  105. Comment by nancy | 09.21.2013 | 12:10 pm

    Way to go, fatty & lisa!!! Watched you on the tracker– congrats on great finishes!!!

  106. Comment by Mark in Bremerton | 09.21.2013 | 12:11 pm

    Epic! Great job to you both!

  107. Comment by Davidh-Marin,ca | 09.21.2013 | 12:12 pm

    Congratulations to Lisa, Elden, and crew captain Blake. Kudos to everyone who took on this awesome challenge. What an effort, what determination! I’m betting the first line of the recap is .….”where do I start, what do I say….”

    Thank you also for suspending the three comment rule.

  108. Comment by Davidh-Marin,ca | 09.21.2013 | 12:15 pm


    I would assume that would be hors categorie

  109. Comment by Mayhemnsuz | 09.21.2013 | 12:22 pm

    Congratulations!!! So great to see you both finished (and so far ahead of so many folks!). Does the peanut gallery have any guesses how many installments of the short variety this story might take? I can’t wait to read about it.

    Go Hammer! Go Fatty! Go IT Guy (can’t race without crew!)

  110. Comment by DrBryce | 09.21.2013 | 12:30 pm


  111. Comment by DavisJason | 09.21.2013 | 12:46 pm

    Amazing, just amazing. Huge congratulations to both of you. I am truly inspired.

  112. Comment by eclecticdeb | 09.21.2013 | 12:54 pm

    Wow. Just wow.

    Wife #1 — THANK YOU! I’ll be sure to post a pic of the jersey (with me wearing it).

  113. Comment by wharton_crew | 09.21.2013 | 12:55 pm

    I’m blown away. So impressed – this topic actually caused a brouhaha at dinner last night because people didn’t understand why people pushed themselves to such extremes. I compared it to the moon landing and said it was just as important to explore the bounds of physical human ability as it is to explore the bounds of the world around us.

    I was booed off the stage by my remarks, whole everyone else dug into second helpings of dessert. :-)

  114. Comment by Fred | 09.21.2013 | 1:56 pm

    WOW! Just WOW!

    You just completed a RAGBRAI in less than 28 hours. (With more altitude and more climbing.) It took me a week.

    You’ve got me convinced that I might need to try Leadville. I’m not interested in trying this one. (At least not solo.)

  115. Comment by Liz M. | 09.21.2013 | 1:56 pm

    Chapeau! Can’t wait to hear about it, but for now, rest and eat pie. Amazing, amazing accomplishment.

  116. Comment by Davidh-Marin,ca | 09.21.2013 | 1:56 pm


    If it wasn’t pie then no wonder they didn’t get it.

  117. Comment by Heidi | 09.21.2013 | 2:02 pm

    Holy cow…

  118. Comment by VA Biker | 09.21.2013 | 4:31 pm

    Come on, it’s been a long time since the end of this thing, where’s the race report already? :-)

    My longest ride ever: 211miles. That’s child’s play compared to Elden and Lisa crushing it.

    May you each sleep for a really long time and eat a TON of food before you have to deal with society at large. Major congratulations to you both!

  119. Comment by JRayLand | 09.21.2013 | 4:32 pm

    Heidi’s comment probably said it best…

    “Holy cow…”

  120. Comment by Corrine | 09.21.2013 | 4:53 pm

    Way to go Elden and Lisa. You guys are amazing! Now get some sleep.

  121. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.21.2013 | 5:51 pm

    SO frustrating…. Twin Six shipment confirmation via USPS says our new FC kits are delivered, but they are not.

    I really hope they show up on Monday and are not in the wind. I LOVE USPS mail service but their priority mail tracking really sucks.

  122. Comment by Cyclingjimbo | 09.21.2013 | 6:12 pm

    Amazing accomplishment for both Fatty and MoN The Hammer. Congratulations to both of you! After you have a chance to recover from this epic ride, we are al on the edge of our seats waiting for the next serial report. It should be a doozie.

    Kudos to both of you. Awesome day.

  123. Comment by ScottR | 09.21.2013 | 7:10 pm

    Amazing. Crazy. Amazing again. Huge congrats to the Fatty team.

  124. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.21.2013 | 7:40 pm

    Off topic but since lots of people are buzzing the comments… any recommendations on a heart rate type monitor that I could use for biking, walking and stationary work at the gym? Something comfortable (which means nothing that will squeeze the boobs). :-)

    Are any of those watch ones good? I just need to check my pulse periodically during workouts to make sure I am in the right zone – don’t need it to record the tracking necessarily.

  125. Comment by Anonymous | 09.21.2013 | 9:04 pm

    I’d like to add my congrats to Eldon and Lisa for the hors categorie accomplishment- I have a hard time wrapping my mind around this one. As far as Wife#1 question on the HRM recommendations- I think I need to let this one pass.

  126. Comment by GregC | 09.21.2013 | 9:05 pm

    by the way, the above comment was mine- checking from a different computer and didn’t catch that fact that there was no name entered.

  127. Comment by Sunny | 09.21.2013 | 9:12 pm

    absolutely amazing!

  128. Comment by bob | 09.21.2013 | 9:26 pm

    Wife #!: What size? I’m kidding!!

    Check this site out (http://www.heartratemonitorsusa.com/) as they should have something or maybe Amazon.

  129. Comment by bob | 09.21.2013 | 9:27 pm

    Just pretend that ! is a 1.

  130. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.21.2013 | 10:01 pm

    LOL Bob – I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. State secret. :-)

    Thanks for the link!

  131. Comment by UpTheGrade SR CA | 09.21.2013 | 10:29 pm

    Wife#1, if you just need to periodically check your pulse, this could work and doesn’t need a strap:
    However, if you want something more sophisticated, check out DC Rainmaker reviews on all cycling/triathelete related goodies:

  132. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 09.21.2013 | 11:08 pm

    Wife#1’s request has me worried. She says the gym, but I’m fearful I will soon be the one required to keep her in Zone 3, or 4….and intervals!!!! I’m toast!

  133. Comment by JimR | 09.21.2013 | 11:33 pm

    Even though they’re both finished, the event tracker says Elden is still riding at 0.2 mph, and Lisa at 0.1. Now that’s dedication!

  134. Comment by Diane | 09.21.2013 | 11:56 pm

    Congratulations! You are both truly amazing.

  135. Comment by Mair | 09.22.2013 | 1:38 am

    US89 Liveview NB @ SR14 Long Valley Jct MP 103.7 KN

    2:58am 09/21 (… it was morning, this side of the pond)

    Is that one of you two?

  136. Comment by Mair | 09.22.2013 | 1:39 am

    oh… I missed off the picture

    US89 Liveview NB @ SR14 Long Valley Jct MP 103.7 KN

    2:58am 09/21 (… it was morning, this side of the pond)

    Is that one of you two?


  137. Comment by Texas Pudge | 09.22.2013 | 6:44 pm

    Has anyone else’s kit order not been shipped yet, according to the TwinSix site?

  138. Comment by Marty | 09.22.2013 | 7:35 pm


  139. Comment by Wife#1 | 09.22.2013 | 7:57 pm

    @TexasPudge – David’s order has not shipped yet either – I assume they are just working through them as fast as they can. I’d give it another couple of days.

  140. Comment by Doug (Way upstate NY) | 09.23.2013 | 4:52 am

    I got my order from Twin 6 on Friday. Nice stuff.


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