Austin McInerny of NICA on the FattyCast

01.25.2016 | 1:19 pm

Austin McInerny is the guy a lot of us wish we could be. He’s loved mountain biking more or less since there have been mountain bikes.

IMG 2366

He’s turned that love into NICA – National Interscholastic Cycling Association — a nonprofit geared toward getting high school kids on mountain bikes. We talk about riding, racing, advocacy, and the incredible consequences of wearing the wrong shoes at the wrong time on this episode of the FattyCast.

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  1. Comment by Don Mackey | 01.26.2016 | 5:40 pm

    great interview. Such an interesting guest who is clearly the right guy at the right time for the job. It is great to hear how this NICA movement has exploded nationally. I found it to be very informative.
    well done


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