Announcing my “Fight Like Susan” Book and Gear Pre-Order

03.23.2016 | 8:08 am

A Note from Fatty: If you’d like to skip the details and go right to the pre-order page, my feelings won’t be hurt. Just click here.

I’ve been building up to this for a little while, but it still feels like a big — and to be completely honest, scary — moment.

I’m ready to start writing Fight Like Susan. And I’m asking you to support me — in all the important senses of the word — as I write it.

What Is Fight Like Susan?

The book Fight Like Susan will be my telling of the life my first wife Susan and I had together, right from the beginning, but with a focus on our fight against breast cancer. 

I’ll be telling a lot of the story for the first time, although I will be including edited versions of my best relevant blog posts from then, along with some of the most meaningful comments to those posts.

So, at one level, it’s simply a story. But I think the way Susan inspired me and my thousands of friends on to fight — with courage, creativity, and kindness — makes it an incredible story.

I’m asking you to help me turn this next few months into something that matters to me: an opportunity to write the book I really need to write. 

How You Can Help

I’m anxious about writing this book, but to be honest, I’m a lot more anxious about asking for your help. Because while I’m very comfortable in asking my readers to be generous with their money, I’m not very comfortable in asking for money for me.

But I’m going to do it anyways.

I’m going to ask you to pre-order copies of this book, along with the associated bike clothes, t-shirts, and hoodies. Your pre-orders of the book and gear (all of which should be sent to you by August of this year) will help me cover expenses while I write this book and work toward regular employment.

You can click here to go to my pre-order page. And most of the rest of this post will be describing each of the items in that page. 

However, if you’d rather just donate (I was surprised when I conducted a survey how many people asked for such an option), you can do so right here, using the (sort of) clever gimmick of paying me by the word:

Pay Fatty to Write a…


Pre-Order Fight Like Susan

Combining the best posts from about Susan’s fight with a newly-written narrative of Susan and her family before and during her fight, Fight Like Susan will be an honest and thoughtful telling of Susan’s and Elden’s life together.

This fight defined, inspired, and changed me and what matters to me, and it might do the same for you. 

You can order any of several different versions of this book

  • Paperback: $19.95
  • Autographed Paperback: $22.95
  • Kindle Version: $12.95
  • Autographed Paperback + Kindle Version: $24.95

Fight Like Susan Relaxed-Fit Short-Sleeve Jersey

This is a comfortable, Italian-made, relaxed-fit jersey (see the Men’s and Women’s jersey sizing charts for sizing info). And it looks amazing:

Jersey frontback

It’s incredibly well-made by DNA Cycling; you’re going to want to wear this full-zip jersey Spring through Autumn.   

  • Fabric: Hydro Fit
  • Respire Moisture Management
  • Ergo Stretch Performance
  • Front Comfort Banding
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Full Hidden Zip
  • 3 Full Back Pockets
  • Silicon Grippers for Men’s Jersey (ladies jersey does not include silicon gripper)
  • Men’s and Ladies Cuts Available
  • Audio Port

I’m pricing these at $74.95, which means they’re not just a good jersey, they’re also a really good deal. Click here to pre-order.

Fight Like Susan Bib Shorts

These bibs are made in Italy, they fit beautifully, and they feel like they cost about three times as much as they do. And let’s cap this whole thing off with this: both men’s and women’s sizing. 

Screenshot 2016 03 22 12 23 53

  • Fabric: Performance Lycra / Shield
  • 4 cm Elastic Compression Technology
  • Smart Panel Design
  • Suspension Braces
  • Radio Pocket

These will cost $99.95, which is a crazy-good deal for excellent bib shorts. Click here to pre-order.

Fight Like Susan Cycling Socks

Show the world how you fight and what team you’re on. These socks have a double welt top for comfort and fit, a smooth toe seam, and flat-knit construction for an ultra-lightweight fit. 


They’re just $12.95; click here to pre-order.

Fight Like Susan T-Shirt 

I have a rule regarding selling t-shirts, which is to say: I won’t sell them if I don’t want to wear them. This is a good shirt, comfortable and just the right weight. 100% cotton. And it’s a good price at $19.95. 

Screenshot 2016 03 22 11 59 05

It comes in men’s and women’s sizing. Click here to order.

Fight Like Susan Hoodie

This is a 100% cotton, outrageously comfortable hoodie. Just the right weight, just the right fit. Show the world how you fight and what team you’re on. 


This comes in Unisex sizing and is a bargain at $44.95. Click here to order.

Fight Like Susan Purist Hydroflo Bottle

I keep looking for a bottle I like better than this one. I do. But I’ve never found one. Not even close.

Fight Like Susan kit v4 03 

This is just the best water bottle there is, and this is a really awesome design for it. At a good price, too: just $12.95. That’s cheaper than you’ll get it for most places. Click here to order.


If you have questions about anything here, please ask in the comments; I’ll try to answer inline. For questions that crop up frequently, I’ll add them to this list.

  • When will you get your gear? I’m going to send everything all at once, which means after I write and publish this book. Now, since this will in fact be the fourth book I’ve self-published, I’m pretty confident in my ability to hit my projected dates. So, unless things change drastically for me, you’ll have the book and gear in August.
  • What if Fatty suddenly finds himself super busy? It’s possible I’ll get a new job before finishing this book, in which case I’ll ask you to be patient as I shift more toward writing during the weekends. I’m committed to finishing it no matter what, however.
  • What are the shipping costs? Shipping to the US and Canada is free. Shipping elsewhere costs $25, no matter what. (This is a ridiculous amount to spend if you’re just going to get a book, but not at all bad if you order a jersey and shorts as well).
  • Why no bundles? I considered doing bundles — buy one of everything, get it all for less — but then realized: it defeated the purpose of what I’m doing here: trying to make some money while I write. I’ve put the prices on each of these items so I have a little bit of profit. If I do bundles, my volume might go up…but the amount of money I make would go down. 
  • How long will this pre-order go on? The pre-order will go to the last day of April. 
  • Why aren’t you using a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter or FundRazr? I looked into these and was startled at how much money they keep for themselves — I’d be losing around 10% of each sale to the hosting site. That’s a reasonable cost of finding people to support you…but I already have an audience. You people know me. So I’m keeping this right here.
  • How much money do I need? Well, that depends on how long it is ’til I have full-time work again. I can say that thanks to folks buying my 2015 gear, I was able to get rid of that debt, so I am OK through April. I’m hoping this will pre-order will set me up with enough money to cover my expenses (and cost of publishing and manufacturing) through June. 
If you have any questions or ideas or comments, please let me know. This is a weird, intense, difficult, and in some ways exciting time for me, and I appreciate your support. One last time: click here to order.


  1. Comment by Jeff Dieffenbach | 03.23.2016 | 8:25 am

    I’m in for the fight.

  2. Comment by Lin | 03.23.2016 | 8:50 am

    I’m in.

  3. Comment by Katie | 03.23.2016 | 9:32 am

    The kits are beautiful! Already made my pre-order. Good luck!

  4. Comment by Dylan | 03.23.2016 | 9:33 am

    Kit looks awesome! I’ll definitely be ordering some. Think you might have forgotten to finish your thought in the “when will you get your gear” section…

    You’re right, I did. I was writing that bullet when another question I thought people might ask occurred to me, so I went and started that bullet…then forgot to come back. Now fixed. Thanks for pointing it out to me! – FC

  5. Comment by Mitch | 03.23.2016 | 9:43 am

    Is the jersey the same cut as last year’s 100 Miles of Nowhere jersey? Which, btw is a terrific jersey.

    Yes, exactly same material and cut. I’m glad you like the 100MoN jersey; I do too! – FC

  6. Comment by BostonCarlos | 03.23.2016 | 9:47 am

    Ugh. WHY IS THIS KIT SO PRETTY!?! I just wanted it to be ugly so it’d be easy to say no. I just bought like 5 WBR kits. GRRRRRR.

    Either way, just preordered the book and 2 bottles. I’ve gotta let the kit sink in for a bit. Don’t worry… I’ll probably end up buying one anyway.

  7. Comment by Nic Grillo | 03.23.2016 | 9:50 am

    I’m in. Go Fatty, go!

  8. Comment by AKChick | 03.23.2016 | 10:29 am

    Thank you for having the pre-order go through April! I’m going to have to spread my orders through April so I can get everything I want. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the jersey and bib short designs!

    I’m so excited for the book! :)

  9. Comment by Mark S | 03.23.2016 | 10:30 am

    Too bad the book cover shown above is only a mock up. That is an outstanding family picture. If you are planning on having pictures included with the text, please include that one.

  10. Comment by AKChick | 03.23.2016 | 10:37 am

    FYI – I do not want the Kindle and autographed book bundle – I’d prefer to pay for them separately. :) So it’s not a mistake that I ordered them that way.

    I’ll order the jersey this payday and the bibs the payday after next.


    PS I hope that you find a well paying position so that you and The Hammer can come up here and ride in the Iditarod Invitational (or one of our other epic fat bike races). You need new challenges. You have a host complete with complimentary dog hair in yellow, black and chocolate. :)

  11. Comment by Tom in Albany | 03.23.2016 | 10:53 am

    I’m in for a book (signed!) and I sponsored a Header. Get typing, Fatty!

  12. Comment by Keith Gibson | 03.23.2016 | 10:54 am

    Done. Purchased book and donated. cant wait to read it!

  13. Comment by PNP | 03.23.2016 | 12:24 pm

    Order and donation made. I’m looking forward to reading the book. I hope your financial situation settles down soon.

  14. Comment by Dave | 03.23.2016 | 12:31 pm

    Hi, congrats on getting this started! One minor glitch, as far as I can see it isn’t possible to just preorder the Kindle edition of the book when your address is outside the US without being charged $25 shipping which I’m sure wasn’t the intention! I just put in a fake US shipping address to get the US free shipping, and will donate the $25. :)

  15. Comment by Jeff Dieffenbach | 03.23.2016 | 12:47 pm

    @Dave, the fake US shipping address wasn’t 1600 Pennsylvania Boulevard in Washington DC, was it? Because that might get you into just a BIT of hot water …

  16. Comment by Heidi | 03.23.2016 | 1:31 pm

    In for the Kindle version. I’m so very happy you’re moving forward on this.

  17. Comment by Snowcatcher | 03.23.2016 | 1:41 pm

    Order placed. Donation next paycheck. Good luck!

  18. Comment by Linda (in Maryland) | 03.23.2016 | 3:38 pm

    Donation complete, will order the book next week. Here’s hoping you keep the donate now button on the sidebar or I’ll have to remember the post if I want to donate more words. You’ve mentioned that you don’t like asking for the donations, but it’s making me very happy to be able to contribute in some small way.

  19. Comment by Eric | 03.23.2016 | 4:52 pm

    Just donated and bought a book. But had to do it in two separate transactions because I couldn’t figure out how to add a donation to the book. Might want to make that an option.

  20. Comment by Shugg McGraw | 03.24.2016 | 5:17 am

    Dave, thanks for the Kindle suggestion. I was about to give up.

    Thanks for doing that (and good idea on the workaround). I’m working on getting that fixed; obviously there should be no shipping charge to anywhere for the Kindle version. – FC

  21. Comment by Michael Clark | 03.24.2016 | 8:10 am

    Which book version makes you the most money? I would assume the Kindle version, even though it’s the lowest priced.

    The combo version (paperback + Kindle) makes me the most money. The Kindle version comes in second. – FC

  22. Comment by ClydeinKS | 03.24.2016 | 9:30 am

    Mark me very excited to read the completed book and glad to assist with a preorder, and thank you for giving it time to hit a couple pay periods. The kit looks GREAT (as always!)!

  23. Comment by AKChick | 03.24.2016 | 10:23 am

    Oh no! I hadn’t realized the Kindle-Book combo made you the most money. :( I guess I’ll have to donate to make up the difference!

  24. Comment by Mark | 03.24.2016 | 12:26 pm

    Book and a kit for me…I may read it wearing the kit!

  25. Comment by JessF | 03.24.2016 | 5:00 pm

    This is an awesome kit, and I’m waffling over bib shorts or the regular woman’s shorts, but I have to say I’m mystified by sizing. Especially with the note from the last sale that the Hammer wears a size smaller on the regular shorts than normal, but it looks like I should get an XL regular shorts comparing measurements to a Terry Bella Medium. Am I doing it wrong?

    Any woman have any input on sizing compared to Terry Bella? Those are my most recently purchased shorts.

  26. Comment by rb | 03.24.2016 | 8:15 pm

    Soo…I won’t get the gear in time for Leadville? While this makes me sad, does not mean I won’t order. Great stuff! Can’t wait!!

    Oh, I think there’s a good chance you’ll get it by Leadville, RB. If nothing else, I’ll hand-deliver it there myself. – FC

  27. Comment by Augustus | 03.24.2016 | 10:49 pm

    I ordered a book and hoodie. Next payday I plan to order more. There is no such thing as too much fatty gear. Keep fighting.

  28. Comment by Lisa A | 03.25.2016 | 10:07 am

    I’m with JessF. I’m a bit confused with the bib sizing. Could someone let me know which size guide I should be referring to? (Both men and women’s options).

  29. Comment by zeeeter | 03.25.2016 | 11:27 am

    Ordered, good luck with the writing and job hunting Fatty.

    I’ve not ordered bibs from you in the past, fingers crossed on the fit! :) What’s a Kindle? (no need to answer that . .)

  30. Comment by JessF | 03.26.2016 | 12:48 pm

    Lisa A, I understand that the bib sizing for both men and women is the Race and Elite Men’s Bibs, and that it’s not actually women’s sizing, it’s just a women’s chamois. That’s what Fatty said during his recent sale on last year’s kit.

  31. Comment by Bike Chick | 04.1.2016 | 10:26 am

    “She lost her brave fight.” If anyone mutters those words after my sister in law’s death, wherever she is, she will protest wildly. And oh, how she loathed those pink ribbons.

    According to my sister in law, having cancer was not a fight at all. It was almost a symbiosis where she was forced to live with her disease day in, day out. Some days cancer had the upper hand, other days she did. She lived with it and she let its physical and emotional effects wash over her. But she didn’t fight it. After all, cancer had arisen from within her own body, from her own cells. To fight it would be “waging a war” on herself. She had used chemotherapy on five occasions and she submitted herself to this treatment gently, and somewhat reluctantly, taking whatever each day had to throw at her. She certainly didn’t enter the process “with all guns blazing”.

    She would like to be remembered for the positive impact she made on the world, for fun times and for her relationships with others, not as a loser. Whether one lives or dies doesn’t hinge on a person’s ability to defy the prognosis for his or her type of cancer. It comes down to chance and no one wants to feel a failure about something beyond ones control. One of the things my sister in law felt immense guilt over was that she perhaps didn’t fight hard enough – a burden that shouldn’t have been added to an already heavy load.

    And that’s the problem; in my opinion the language used around cancer seems to revolve around wartime rhetoric: battle, fight, warrior, beat. While I recognise that these violent words may help others on their journey with cancer, but as someone who wasn’t going to “win her battle” with this disease, these words were uncomfortable and frustrating to hear.

    I understand why this military language has penetrated the media, charities and everyday life. It is meant to evoke positivity at an unimaginably difficult time in someone’s life and it’s easier to rally support for a battle than a mess of uncertainties. But I know first hand how it can have the opposite effect and so we need to challenge it and to break away from how we have been conditioned to think and speak about a disease that will affect one third of us at some point.

    I believe rather that instead of reaching for the traditional battle language, living with cancer is about living as well as possible, coping, acceptance, gentle positivity, setting short-term, achievable goals, and drawing on support from those closest to you.


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