Guest Post: Don B’s 100 Miles of Nowhere Plan

10.18.2016 | 9:40 am

A Note from Fatty: I love publishing readers’ stories from their 100 Miles of Nowhere efforts. Today, though, I want to do something a little different: give you a peek into Don B’s preparation for the 100 Miles of Nowhere. Partially, I’m doing this because Don has put something awesome together. 

More than that, however, I wanted to point it out because of how Don is doing this. Specifically, he’s doing something amazing by not being afraid to ask people he knows — people who have access to resources — to do something good.

The whole secret to fundraising success, as far as I’m concerned, is exactly what Don is doing (and what I’ve done for about ten years now): gather your courage and ask people to join you in doing something good. I believe that most people want to do good things, and when given a compelling vision, will join you.

So: read this, and start thinking about what your own plan is. And whether you’re doing something on your own, with a few friends or family, or doing a big event, thank you. 

And also, please register for the 100 Miles of Nowhere. This Friday (21 October) is the last day you can.

Don B’s 100 Miles of Nowhere at The Lebanon I-44 Speedway

Saturday, November 12th, 2016 I plan to ride a bicycle 100 miles. This distance, in and of itself, is not unusual for me. I’ve done it several times a year for the past ten years.

This 100 mile bike ride is different, though. I’m riding nowhere. I’m riding in circles. On a mountain bike. A rigid, single speed mountain bike. I’m riding on Missouri’s only NASCAR-sanctioned race track located in my hometown of Lebanon.

There. I’ve said it. 

“Why would you want to do this?” you’re thinking to yourself. And — let’s be honest —it’s possible you’re thinking way worse things right now. 

I’ll give you a little background to supplement my answer. 

I like testing the limits of my endurance. I’m not fast, but rarely cave to the demons that come calling after 10, 20, or 30 consecutive hours of cycling. I enjoy the bond of shared cycling suffering. Paramount to this fairly selfish endeavor, I enjoy helping my fellow human beings, specifically those less fortunate among us. Individuals or families facing difficulties inherent to the diagnosis of cancer. I know these difficulties all too well and want to help ease the burden. 

As a reader of this blog, you’re well versed on Fatty’s generosity. He and his family have inspired me on several occasions, but Fatty’s “100 Miles of Nowhere” fundraiser has been growing stronger on my radar for some time. His campaign to support Camp Kesem is exemplary of his selflessness.  I’ve read 100 Miles of Nowhere race reports and watched videos of years past, enjoying the ludicrousness of it all. Hours on a trainer, 100 miles of circling the block, hill repeats, etc. They’re crazy awesome efforts, and I applaud them. This year I decide to join the fun.

I’m fortunate to call one of the owners of the Lebanon I-44 Speedway my friend, and approached him with the idea of riding 100 Miles of Nowhere on the track. I thought it would be a unique experience (and substantially less monotonous than a trainer). He immediately agreed to my request. 

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With a location secured, I entertained ideas to fan the flames of crazy. What could I do to make this effort more insane? It just so happens I’m a member of two local cycling teams, Springfield Brewing Company, and Team Kuat Racks, both of which are brimming with like-minded individuals up for a challenge. 

This is a fundraiser for a great cause. If one rider is good, then 20-30 riders is exponentially more awesome! (we’re +20 riders to date). I set up a Facebook event with 10+ riders joining in the first few days.

The event page opened doors to even more generosity. There are a multitude of kind people supporting this cause. A national advertising company posting digital billboards in the city of Lebanon with specifics of the event.

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A worldwide supplier of nutritional supplements is sending race day fuel

How’s your 22 mph hand-up?

With Fatty’s 100 Miles of Nowhere registration closing on Friday, Oct. 21st I would ask you to channel your inner cycling freak, and get registered


  1. Comment by Tom in Albany | 10.18.2016 | 10:04 am

    Awesome. Flat out awesome. Wish I was still in grad school in Rolla. I could ride my bike down. I’m in NY now, though.


  2. Comment by Dale Sargent | 10.18.2016 | 10:37 am

    The funniest part of this is the cue card someone gave Don.
    Turn left
    Turn left
    Turn left
    Turn left
    Turn left
    Turn left
    Turn left
    Turn left
    and hundreds more of the same Turn left.

  3. Comment by BostonCarlos | 10.18.2016 | 10:40 am

    amazing. Don, you da man.

  4. Comment by Jeff Dieffenbach | 10.18.2016 | 10:48 am

    Are you allowed to change direction every so often?

  5. Comment by Don | 10.18.2016 | 10:53 am

    @Jeff Dieffenbach, I considered a direction change after a few hours, but I have a group attempting a PR century and don’t want to disrupt the flow. db

  6. Comment by Tom in Albany | 10.18.2016 | 10:53 am

    @Jeff D – You can’t. Your gas tank fill line would be on the wrong side! ;-)

  7. Comment by Jeff Dieffenbach | 10.18.2016 | 10:57 am

    Maybe at the 50 mile mark, you could at least stop and flip the tires around on each wheel to get more even wear. Note that for the velodrom events in Rio, the US women’s team used bikes with left side drive. If Don was serious about this attempt, he’d of course do the same.

  8. Comment by Kevin | 10.18.2016 | 11:00 am

    I took Don’s post last week as inspiration for our own 100 MoN in Wichita, KS – 100 laps up the soap box derby hill in Planeview Park. We had to delay by a few weeks to make schedules line up, but have some interested riders already. As always I’ll be on my single speed for this. Not sure anyone else will be that crazy.

  9. Comment by Jeff Dieffenbach | 10.18.2016 | 11:19 am

    @BostonCarlos, any objection to my sharing our plan? (Caveat: it’s not as good as Don’s plan, so don’t you all get your hopes up.)

  10. Comment by BostonCarlos | 10.18.2016 | 11:26 am

    @Jeff – no objection at all… but maybe don’t post my address here ;)

  11. Comment by Big John | 10.18.2016 | 11:27 am

    Was going to take a pass on this years 100 MoN. I came up with all sorts of lame excuses to not ride. I just learned a cousin has been diagnosed with cancer and he has a young daughter who may someday benefit from Camp Kesem. Sign me up!

  12. Comment by Jeff Dieffenbach | 10.18.2016 | 12:33 pm

    Okay, here’s the plan. I pile all of my bikes into/onto my Sport Utility Van (aka 2007 Toyota Sienna minivan, which, no offense to the Honda Ridgeline, is THE best bike vehicle this side of a Sprinter van). I drive from my undisclosed location to Carlos’ undisclosed location, which is conveniently near urban/suburban streets, some riverfront, and a large wooded park.

    We then make various semi-random short excursions from Carlos’ undisclosed location to points nearby via road bike, CX bike, CX pit bike, mountain bike, fat bike, folding bike, beach cruiser, a Hubway if we can score one, and anything else I’m forgetting.

    We won’t have to carry much, since we’ll use Carlos’ undisclosed location as home base. (Think REALLY eclectic pit at a CX race, but without the trained wrenches.)

    Total mileage will definitely reach 100 [we'll insert unit of distance of our choice here later] of Nowhere. We may choose to add miles for consumption of Stroop Waffles, Ted King Untapped products, Gu, and the work product of the many fine craft breweries in not-too-distant proximity to Carlos’ undisclosed location.

    We may hit up our friends for donations. Carlos and I haven’t discussed this last part, but my proposal is to split the proceeds equally between Camp Kesem and World Bicycle Relief. Also, I have a college junior to finish paying for.

    Carlos, did I miss anything?

  13. Comment by Don | 10.18.2016 | 12:52 pm

    @Jeff Dieffenbach @BostonCarlos can I just say I REALLY like the way you guys think. Can’t wait to hear all the stories. -Don

  14. Comment by BostonCarlos | 10.18.2016 | 12:53 pm

    I think the only thing you missed is that anyone in the Boston area is welcome to join. just email me at carlosgperea AT gmail DOT com and we”ll get you some directions after I make sure you’re not a murderer/bike thief.

  15. Comment by spaceyace | 10.18.2016 | 1:08 pm

    This is really tempting. I did a quick search for flights and added up my estimated expenses for bike shipping, hotel, rental car, etc: $666. Maybe not :-o
    But what a fun and unique 100MoN!

  16. Comment by Corrine | 10.18.2016 | 2:46 pm

    @Don – can’t wait to hear your race report. Sounds awesome.
    And @Jeff Dieffenbach @BostonCarlos, almost wish I could join you guys. Some fun stuff going on this year. Can’t wait for the big event. Just hope I don’t lose my biking fitness between now and Nov 12!

  17. Comment by Papuass | 10.19.2016 | 11:51 am

    Will drafting be legal in this event? :)

  18. Comment by Tom in Albany | 10.19.2016 | 12:15 pm

    @Friends of Fatty – NY State – Albany area edition

    I was crossing Old State Rd in Guilderland, NY yesterday (10/12) around 545PM when a FOF rocking full FC kit went riding by me and my son. Who are you and what are you planning to do for the 100MoN?

    t o m m y s m o (at) y a h o o (dot) c o m

  19. Comment by Don | 10.19.2016 | 1:09 pm

    @Papuass drafting is legal and encouraged. :-)

  20. Comment by davidh-marin,ca | 10.19.2016 | 3:11 pm

    I would love to join Don and his adventure but, I’ve not heard good things about riding in the Middle East.

  21. Comment by Chris Pay | 10.21.2016 | 8:29 am

    Awesome idea, Don! Looking forward to it. – Chris

  22. Comment by carols | 11.4.2016 | 12:50 pm



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