It knows the time…and my heart rate…and the news…and…

05.26.2005 | 6:29 pm

Father’s Day came a little early for me this year: I just got a Suunto N6HR. It’s an enormous watch — using the Microsoft SmartWatch OS, natch — that does a truly ridiculous number of things. Here’s what I’ve got it doing so far:

  • Telling the time — the cool thing is, it uses an FM receiver to download the current local time, so I never have to set the time, even when I travel.
  • Telling my heart rate: It’s got a heart rate monitor strap that goes around my chest.
  • Logging my workouts: It plugs into a USB cable (which is also how it recharges), where heartrate info can be tracked, looged, plotted, and otherwise fussed over. Check out the HRM readout from my commute this morning.
  • Telling me my appointments: My Outlook calendar now has a plugin so that whenever I get a new appointment added to my calendar, it gets sent over FM to my watch. I automatically get reminders for all my meetings (and I have a lot of meetings), as well as what they’re about, who scheduled them, and where they’re located. This is probably the coolest feature of the watch. Really useful, totally effortless.
  • Telling me stocks, news, weather: Again, several times per day, over FM, stocks I pick, news headlines, and local weather forecasts are sent to my watch.
  • Receiving IM messages. If you’ve got me on┬áMSN Messenger (I’m, you can send an IM message to me on my watch. Right click on my icon, choose Send Other from the menu that appears, and then choose Send Message to an MSN Direct Watch. Type your message to me — keep it short — and click Send. Messages usually take about 10 minutes to get to me. Downside: I can’t reply (receive-only device).

This thing is waaaaay overfunctioning, and I luuuvvvv it.

Next up: You know, I have no idea what I’ll write about tomorrow. Something less nerdy than this, I’ll wager.

Today’s weight: 179.8


  1. Comment by Unknown | 05.27.2005 | 1:12 am

    geekier than he looks!!!!Q: What’s the technical name of the space surrounding a computer monitor?A: Geekosphere.

  2. Comment by Kenny | 05.27.2005 | 5:00 pm

    dude..keep your HR between 145-160 for optimal fat burning potential. l love


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