Into the Closet

07.12.2005 | 7:30 pm

I don’t care about clothes. Ask anyone who knows me — I have no sense of style, and don’t care. When I find something that fits and is comfortable, I generally go and buy a whole bunch of that item (whether it’s a shirt, pants, shorts or whatever) in different colors, so I don’t have to worry about buying that type of clothes again for a long time.
Last night, though, I spent about half an hour in the closet. Why? I was trying on clothes, to see what kind of progress I’ve made, and what I’ve still got to do.
Good News
I’m about 18 pounds lighter than when I started this blog, so obviously clothes fit a little differently than they did at the beginning of May.
  • The pants I bought last January, back when I was packing on weight from the steroids (as well as from general gluttony) no longer fit. At all. They just fall off my butt. Hooray.
  • My stomach no longer strains at the buttons of my "Trim Fit" dress shirts — the ones that taper in at the waist. That said, these shirts are still to tight to wear.
  • The shorts I bought last summer — which I bought because the ones I had bought the previous summer were too tight — now fit more loosely than they did last summer.
  • My jerseys from back when I lived in Utah sorta-kinda fit again.
  • The jerseys I bought when I first started biking are too big again.

Bad News

The temptation is to get all excited about how far I’ve come. The reality is that I was able to come this far so easily only because I was so far gone.

  • The pants (5 pair, which vary only in color) I bought back when I was in the 150’s, fit only if I suck my gut in to absolute max. And then it’s still a close thing. My legs start to go numb from lack of circulation almost immediately.
  • Of the 4 suits I own, only one fits — the one I bought before I started riding, about ten years ago. As an aside, I’m a little surprised that I own 4 suits. I think it’s because I buy a suit whenever I have an important job interview.
  • The pants I wore at my 10-year high school reunion (I remember them because I"ve only worn them the once) don’t even come close to fitting.
  • Worst news of all: My Racers Cycle Service Team kit is still too tight. I think, though, that another 10 pounds will bring me close. Maybe I’ll be able to wear it at Leadville?

Surprising News

Just for fun, I tried on the suit pants I haven’t worn since I was 21. As expected, I couldn’t get the waist button fastened. What surprised me, though, was that it wouldn’t matter if I could get the waist fastened: my quads are now way too massive to fit in those slim-fit pants. Seriously, they are.


Today’s Weight: 171.2. And now I’m off to spend the rest of the day at cub scout camp. Woowee!



  1. Comment by Unknown | 07.12.2005 | 7:53 pm

    i really really want you to wear those pants that won’t fit on account of your thighs being so massive next time you visit me here in utah. seriously, i have 50 dollars here that says we have a date at el azteca with you wearing those pants. oh please oh please.

  2. Comment by Ron | 07.12.2005 | 10:14 pm

    How big are your closets that you’re able to keep that many pairs of pants? Keep up the good work .


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