For Those of You Who Have Never Ridden a Seesaw

04.3.2006 | 12:11 pm

I should be in my car right this second, driving to the airport. It’s my first day of work, in a different city, at a different job.
But I just couldn’t leave Saturday’s post — reruns of comments, essentially — stand as the Monday post.
I’m that dedicated.
So, here are a couple of pictures of Bob and me, riding one of the seesaw stunts in the Tapeworm course (or maybe it’s Mr. DNA).
You’ve got to approach a seesaw with more speed — and confidence — than feels natural. You can’t just coast up — too steep — and if you just inch up, you’ll start wobbling and fall off the side.
As Bob shows here, you’re pretty far up before the seesaw starts tipping. He’s over the fulcrum, and the seesaw is just about to go.
When the seesaw tips, it goes suddently and violently. You go from hardly moving at all, trying to balance, to being in what feels like free fall. You feel an urge to bail out — clearly, you’re not going to make it — but before you do, the seesaw has hit the ground with a thump that travels through your spine, arms, and shoulders, and you ride away, giddy as hell.
Here I am, just as the seesaw hits the ground. You can see I only barely avoided rolling off one side.
I’ve got to build one of these in Utah.


  1. Comment by Sue | 04.3.2006 | 12:39 pm

    The only see-saw I know of is at deer valley ski resort. It’s on a down-hill section and the first time I hit it, I was going way too fast. If you ride a see-saw going way too fast, the see-saw transforms into a ramp; a ramp where you don’t know exactly where the end is.
    P.S. Welcome back to Utah.

  2. Comment by K.T. | 04.3.2006 | 1:28 pm

    FC:  Good luck on the new job.  How are the bike trails in your neck of the woods in Utah? That see-saw looks dangerous, I could see me slipping off the pedals, and injuring you know what.   I dont know much about that state…..but, cold in winter, a lack of booze, alot of Mormons, hmmmm…I think i’ll stick in AZ.

  3. Comment by barry1021 | 04.3.2006 | 1:59 pm

    Sorry FC, despite the new job new city new life, we are not cutting you any slack, this see-saw note doesn’t cut it. You probably wrote it six months ago and filed it under "Use when I am too busy to write something interesting." I am using my favorite new word from one of your recent winners (most of whom never heard of you before last week and get great stuff anyway–do i sound bitter?)

  4. Comment by Tim D | 04.3.2006 | 3:37 pm

    I like the way you preserved yours and Bob’s anonymity by under-exposing these shot to the point where I couldn’t even see the see-saw, let alone bikes or riders.

  5. Comment by Zed | 04.3.2006 | 6:08 pm

    Cool! If you build one in Utah, you gotta show me where it is so I can give it a whirl.

  6. Comment by Jsun | 04.3.2006 | 6:35 pm

    I hadn’t been able to check in for a few days and had been worried about you. Your homurous, weekly posts have been sporatic and weakly humorless at best.  I feared the worst…
    But I did notice your blahg on the MSN home page and your comment #s have skyrocketed.  There are now so many new fans, so many new loves.  Since your first posting on the LT100 group and the other various cycling related articles, I have been glad to offer my undying, selfless support and have provided witty, poignant insight to the comments page - undoubtedy changing your life, for the better, forever.   
    Alas, dear old friend, confidant, it is time for me to move on; lift the new underdog up; go where my wisdom is needed and not just randomly selected.  You won’t hear me chanting "over here!, over here! throw that free stuff to me!  I love  (insert name here)  and everything he/she/they are about! I am their biggest fan!".
    Its over between us, don’t you understand?!  I cannot carry on this one-sided relationship without respect or reward.  Don’t try to tempt me back with re-printed flattery.  Just email me directly to say you’ve sent free stuff.

  7. Comment by Tom Stormcrowe | 04.3.2006 | 9:31 pm

    Actually, that looks like fun! I gotta try that myself!::GRIN::

  8. Comment by Sarah | 04.3.2006 | 9:42 pm

    Hey, did you manage to do that first try? We have one of those Objects from Hell in the training ground at Woodhill Forest. It’s always a dilemma when there are other riders around – do I a) ride straight past it, feigning boredom, as though it were far too simple for my consideration, or do I b) put my life at risk to show that I am not a wuss and that I fear no Evil Seesaw? I usually give in to circling it a couple of times, and after eyeing it up with a secret awe, I ride off in the hopes that option a) will disguise the fact that I am a sissy and underneath it I really suck. Cool pics by the way. Now, how can you really prove that was YOU??

  9. Comment by Amy | 04.3.2006 | 10:15 pm

    Nice site
    I’ve ridden lotsa teeter-totters on mtn. bikes. As a matter of fact, I saw a friend of ours crash & burn and break his back off a teeter-totter…here where we live, in the WORLD famous, North Shore Mountains.
    I haven’t been over a teeter-totter since watching my friend break his back….

  10. Comment by Amy | 04.3.2006 | 10:16 pm

    sorry, stupid MSN cut me off
    Cheers, From Vancovuer Canada

  11. Comment by Tyler | 04.3.2006 | 10:54 pm

    I’d just fall.
    That’s why I don’t really MTB…

  12. Comment by Sarah | 04.4.2006 | 12:25 am

    Excuse me Dignordan, but " not up to your usual standard of high quality cyclist far" ? WTF? You’ve obviously never attempted a seesaw. Bugger off.

  13. Comment by Fat Cyclist | 04.4.2006 | 5:05 am

    Yeah, Fat Cyclist sucks nowadays. I remember when he was fresh and funny. Now he’s just a corporate sellout.

  14. Comment by BIg Mike In Oz | 04.4.2006 | 5:13 am

    There’s a see-saw in the park right over the road from my place. 
    Apparently the owners of the toddlers don’t appreciate the owners of the MTBs zooming around.

  15. Comment by Sue | 04.4.2006 | 11:11 am

    Ah yes, I remember the glory days too Fatty.  Why it seems like it was just last week you were on besting kings and on top of the world.


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