7 Predictions for ‘07

01.4.2007 | 10:07 pm

Important Note to the Banjo Brothers’ Big Bad Bulky Biker Bodyfat Competitors (All 60+[!!!] of you): This weekend is when you do your first TT: a three-mile all-out ride against time. If you haven’t already done so, by Wednesday next week, you must post your time. Since this first TT–along with your weight–is one of the absolute must-have measurements for this challenge, I will count your bet as null and void if you don’t post a time (unless we’ve come up with other arrangements, as is the case with a few contestants). If you simply cannot do a TT this weekend, post a reason and a date you will do the TT, and I will not cross you off the bet. Strangely, I may be one of those people, seeing as my chosen TT course has received about a foot of snow in the last twelve hours.

1. I Will Be Freakishly Light and Fast
Hey, guess what. By opening myself up to betting a $70 jersey against practically anyone who wanted, I magically find myself up against a $4000-or-so wager.


This has done wonders for my diet. Anytime I find myself staring into the pantry now, in the mode for an Improvisational Grazing Session (IGS), I start seeing price tags on food. I simply cannot afford to not hit 100% (or better) of my diet goal.

More importantly, though, I’ve asked Robert Lofgran to coach me in my training. He’s given me a day-by-day training program that’s got me putting an excellent base into my legs right now, and — for the first time ever — focusing on some of the technique basics that I seem to have managed to neglect my entire cycling career. For example, I’m finally learning to spin a 100rpm+ cadence when necessary.

It helps that he’s a really great guy and is customizing my program for the events I want to focus on, too. Good price, too.

Check out his site, especially if you’re considering getting a cycling coach for yourself. “Friends of Fatty” get a discount, so check out the ad on my site.

2. I Will Finish the Leadville 100 in Under Nine Hours
Rick Sunderlage (not his real name) has never done the Leadville 100 before, but he’s signing up to race it this year, and he’s as excited as I remember being the first time I signed up. As in, he can’t think of anything else.

The enthusiasm has rubbed off on me.

We’ve been talking, and he’s got me thinking that maybe — just maybe — if I train with a strong guy like him, and we get so we’re good at riding together, and we push each other, and we both have a good day, maybe then we could break that nine hour mark.

Last year, I did this race on The Weapon of Choice — my highly modified, tricked-out Fisher Paragon, set up fully rigid. I think this was a good bike, but I wasn’t ready for it. This year, I will have a full season of riding fully rigid, and I’m already much, much better descending fully rigid than I used to be. I think, for the first time ever, my descending won’t be the weak link in my racing.

I’ve been close to beating the nine hour mark before. If I train better, weigh a little less, descend faster, and have a strong riding partner to work with, why not? Hey, I’ll be 41 — just entering the prime endurance racing years.

3. I Will Do the RAWROD on a Rigid Singlespeed, Unsupported
Kenny’s annual Ride Around White Rim in One Day (RAWROD) event has become huge. Last year, close to 50 people (or was it more) showed up to do this cool fully-supported one-day MTB century. It was awesome.

This year, I understand that Kenny’s going to have two versions of the RAWROD: the big supported version, and a much smaller, totally unsupported version where you don’t even get to ride if you’re not on a singlespeed.

I’d like to do both, but if I have to choose, I’ll definitely take the singlespeed version.

4. I Will Do the Local Weekly Races
The prizes for local races aren’t worth anything. The bragging rights aren’t worth anything. But I still get a knot in my stomach when I line up, and I still work myself over like I’m trying to win the world championship.

5. I Will Finish the Brian Head Epic 100 in Under Nine Hours
This is an exquisite course that is — in some ways — even harder than the Leadville 100. This will be the race where I prove that I have turned myself into a fast rider. 

6. I Will Have a Very Cool “Fat Cyclist” Jersey Designed and Produced
And, if I don’t meet my goals, I’ll wind up giving about 60 of them away.

Also, sometime soon I hope to have a major announcement or two to make about this jersey. I think you’re going to want one. I think it may be your favorite jersey.

7. I Will Win a Lot of Wacky Stuff from People Who Lose the B7 Challenge to Me
Like a salmon, and some cookies, and a lot of cheese. Everyone wants to give me food. Cut it out. You’re not making this easy.

OK, your turn. What are you going to do this year?


  1. Comment by srettig | 01.4.2007 | 10:28 pm

    Do the time trials already posted by several of the contestants (myself included) count or do we have to do them again?

  2. Comment by KatieA | 01.5.2007 | 12:06 am

    I’ve got my New Years Resolutions (thing I will do) on my blog. Don’t make me write them out again.

    My new motto for the year, thanks to Yoda:

    “Do, or do not. There is no try.” :)

    By the way, my trainer made me do the “Beep Test” yesterday (without warning). I got level 6.5, which will be at least level 8 by August. There’s another one.

  3. Comment by Weean | 01.5.2007 | 12:22 am

    Here’s mine: I will post on Fatty’s blog, even when there’s not something to be won.

    Job done.

    I’m just miffed ‘cos I had too long a break from work & the internet to be aware of & eligible for the B7 challenge. Still, saves me a whole lot of shame and embarrassment.

  4. Comment by buckythedonkey | 01.5.2007 | 12:44 am

    1. Last 24 months: get fit. Mission accomplished. Next 12 months: maintain fitness and lose weight.

    The second half of that will be hard, particularly as the last 24 months have unearthed a previously undiscovered capability to develop surprising levels of fitness and endurance without giving up important food groups (like the beer and curry food groups).

    2. Learn to go downhill faster.

    3. Do the South Downs Way again: 100 miles off road, Harvey’s Sussex Best Bitter and (no doubt) a killer curry house yet to be discovered.


    4. Quit spending money on my bikes until I achieve #1. Likelihood of failure extremely high, I am sad to say.

    Happy New Year one and all!

  5. Comment by allan | 01.5.2007 | 3:23 am

    1. I will complete my first mtn. bike century. (The Cohutta 100)

    2. I will crack the 7 hour mark at the Off Road Assault on Mt. Mitchell

    3. I will complete my solo attempts on the Burn 24 Hour Challenge and the 24 Hours of Pisgah.

    4. I will lose this last 20 pds.

  6. Comment by allan | 01.5.2007 | 3:25 am

    Oh and I will do the 24 Hours of Pisgah in my FREE Fatty jersey that I win. (Little trash talk never hurt anybody)

  7. Comment by Al Maviva | 01.5.2007 | 4:23 am

    1) Lose enough weight, train hard enough, race sick enough, to be at least “pack finish” competitive as I cat up this spring. (A sketchy proposition right now)

    2) Take up MTB racing to go with the roadracing; find some other novices to do a 12 hour with.

    3) Complete the first two or three brevets (200, 300, 400kms) in order as part of continuing prep to someday-in-a-few-years ride in B-M-B or the P-B-P super duper brevet ride.

    4) STFU once in a while. (Another stiff challenge).

    5) Let my wife know how much I appreciate her letting me ride so much. Do more night & early AM training so I can spend more time with her & the family. Cynically figure out how to parlay that into a Soma Juice or On-One Inbred 29′er single speed MTB. (Even rigid 29′ers ride like silk, my large brethren… pure silk).

    6) Turn more people at the office onto bikes, bike commuting and the cycling lifestyle. Last year’s converts: 4. This year’s goal: 5 new converts.

    7) Mock out Fatty mercilessly when he loses his B7 challenge to me. Eat the 6 dozen cookies or use the other off-the-books wager to benefit myself. Blow my nose on the sleeve of the coolest jersey I’ve ever worn (the Fatty jersey) every time I ride it, and think of Fatty grinding his teeth and rubbing his aching little Buddha paunch as he packed it up to mail it to me. Weep when I destroy it in a senseless crash involving a fixed gear bike, a street drag and a brewpub crawl, and beg him for another one. Be denied, and have to buy one off E-Bay for $30, some E-caps and a 5 gallon bucket of Ben Gay, when UltraRob starts selling off stuff to finance his Hammer Nutritionals habit.

    8) Meet, and get drunk with Bob Roll. (Perhaps the most achievable thing on the list).

    9) Keep enjoying the laughs & good times provided by Fatty and the commenters here.

  8. Comment by Phil | 01.5.2007 | 5:38 am

    You are concentrating on dropping pounds = gain in speed, but wasn’t there some analysis of your past leadville times that seemed to indicate a slightly heavier fatty got better times, perhaps because you output more power or something?

  9. Comment by Born4Lycra | 01.5.2007 | 5:52 am

    1. I have lost my weight now I must keep it off.
    2. I will not walk on any hill that I have had to walk on before (so far so good)
    3. I will be the first if not the only South Ossie to wear proudly the FC Top – are they ready yet? I will have to buy mine.
    4. Like Al M says I will appreciate my family (wife and daughter) more – nice one Al
    5. I will be nicer to my Mum

  10. Comment by Big Boned | 01.5.2007 | 6:08 am

    1. Wear my FREE Jersey from Fatty.

    2. Ride 350+ miles at the National 24 Hour Challenge in Michigan.

    3. Finish – and hopefully win the case of beer and $1 bet I have with SPBarnes – at the inaugural Hoodoo 500 (actually 512 miles) race in Southern Utah in September. A bonus would be to get FC there racing. Even better would be to get Fatty there CREWING for me. What do you say Fatty?

    4. Finally get done with these blasted on-line college courses!

    5. Not place any of these goals about the happiness of my lovely new wife.

    PS – Katie: Love the “Do, or do not. There is no try” quote. You Aussies really have NOTHING to do down there, do you? You just got STARWARS? You know he made a bunch more of those, right? Maybe they’ll come out “down under” soon (just playing – be nice).

  11. Comment by regina | 01.5.2007 | 7:00 am

    1. lose 25 lbs.
    2. collect my Fat Cyclist Jersy and wear it very Proudly every day, everwhere for at least a week.
    3. Keep those 25 lbs. off.

  12. Comment by axel | 01.5.2007 | 7:28 am

    finish my first ironman distance triathlon. No time goal, no weight goal, just finish before they turn off the clocks.

  13. Comment by DP Cowboy | 01.5.2007 | 8:04 am

    1. Ride 4 times a week on the road, regardless of weather. Love my bike(s) more and take care of them better. Get back to that point where they are partners, not objects.
    2. Ride two more times a week on the mountainbike with the dogs. They love the trails and all the smells, and I can’t stand that look they give me when I leave the ranch for a road ride (without them)!
    3. Get the whole vineyard planted, with irrigation, drainage, and the road built & functional.
    4. Ride to Los Angeles (from San Diego) and back three times this summer.
    5. AChieve dose B7 goals.

  14. Comment by Uncadan8 | 01.5.2007 | 8:08 am

    1. Ride one century per month (tomorrow is the day for January).
    2. Lose 65 – 75 pounds (55 by August 1).
    3. Develop the creative side of my brain by writing more.
    4. Finish Lotoja in less than 12 hours. That means I have to average at least 17+.
    5. Raise $1000 for The Pennsylvania Perimeter Ride Against Cancer. This is a week long event with a century each day.
    6. Raise $1000 for the MS150 City to Shore Tour. I am the captain of Team Copaxone and should be setting a good example.
    7. Raise $250 for the MS150 Double Dutch Century. Whew! I am going to be busy this year!

  15. Comment by alee | 01.5.2007 | 9:09 am

    I would suggest that some – if not all – of the people who have bet Fatty food start sending some “samples” now. With Photoshop it shouldn’t be too hard to create new nutritional labels that are, shall we say, not quite accurate. I can picture Fatty opening his fridge during an IGS (love that phrase), picking up some cheese, reading the label and saying, “That’s strange, this cheese has absolutely no fat and only 25 calories per serving. I guess I’ll just eat the whole thing.”

  16. Comment by Eufemiano Fuentes | 01.5.2007 | 9:24 am

    I am excited about my goals for 2007 Mr. Cyclist, thanks for asking.

    I have recently become aware that I have limited my services to clientele that are elite or the ultra competetive or the top .0001 of cyclist worldwide. Now, mind you, the amount of cyclists in the world is an already very small number, the subset I have been directing my expertise to is excruciatingly tiny.

    After discussions with various advisors, I have decided to follow the carmichael philosophy of bringing every advantage the pros have to the local rider at substantially reduced cost for them. My goal for 2007 and beyond si to bring superhuman hemocrit levels to the everyman.

    Just imagine showing up at your local cat4 race in april knowing that you have been doping harder all winter than any of your competitors. Think of the advantage that will bring.

    F.D.S. (Fuentes Doping Systems) huh? huh? like it ??
    Now I know what you are saying,

    1. isn’t it going to be dangerous?

    yes, probably. But really, the most dangerous thing will be unleashing such an animal as yourself at the local sport race. You will be sure to obtain those medals that they hand out to everyone who shows up.

    2. How expensive will it be?

    Our doping plans will run from The Uber Expensive ‘Basso Plan’ at $35,000 per month at the top end to the Floyd Landis Plan (A bottle of Hard liquor with epi flavoring) at 99.95 per month

    3. Isn’t it illegal?

    Next Question

    4. Did you go to hollywood upstairs medical college too?

    ok no more questions, but look for the website soon!

  17. Comment by JET(not a nickname) | 01.5.2007 | 9:28 am

    Once the hip gets better:

    1. Beat FC at his own game by losing my desired amount of weight and suddenly becoming very good at time trialing. Proceed to do victory lap around time trial route wearing stylin new Fat Cyclist jersey.

    2. Ride and finish the “Horribly Hilly Hundreds”

    3. Place in the top ten of co-ed teams in the Turtleman Triathlon (more personal-place in the top ten of all cyclist in the team division)

    4. Go for more longer rides (40+ miles)

  18. Comment by BotchedExperiment | 01.5.2007 | 9:53 am

    Just got back from the doctor. My hematocrit is 49.4. Whew, I almost got busted for doping.

    Cycling goals for this year:
    1) Figure out why I’m wheezing like an old man.
    2) Finish Leadville before Fatty and his friends leave to come back to Utah.


    P.S. Fatty, I think that descending will always be the weakest aspect of your cycling “game” because you’re a good climber; however, with continued training I think descending will stop being a limiting factor.

  19. Comment by the weak link | 01.5.2007 | 10:54 am

    As if there wasn’t already enough incentive to lose weight, I went to a spin class yesterday, and I was wearing super-cheap $15 bike shorts. Decent bike shorts act like a girdle for us fat folk. Cheap bike shorts act like, at very best, Hanes-her-way. I’ll tell you what, my butt is butt-ugly, nastee, although still smaller than AlMal’s left cheek. Well I’m going down (the weight, that is).

  20. Comment by bradk | 01.5.2007 | 11:27 am

    bold. very bold words, fatty. i wish you the best. have you heard the phrase, “3rd times the charm” or “lucky number 7″? i’m not sure what phrase has been coined for the number 11. anybody? as for sunderlage, no one should pull a sub nine at leadville on their first attmept. its not right. just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should.

  21. Comment by Lofgrans | 01.5.2007 | 12:09 pm

    Fatty Said- “…and I still work myself over like I’m trying to win the world championship.”

    FC, they don’t call it the Weekly World Championships for nothing. Will we be seeing you at the DMV or RMR?

    My resolutions? Well, I haven’t exactly thought about that yet. But since you ask, hmmm…

    - I guess I could start riding the road bike The Coach gave me and quit being a chicken about it (I feel very unstable, I’ve never had a road bike before).

    - I’d still like to look like Gisele Bundchen a la V.S. but thats more of a dream than a resolution. Especially considering I’m about a foot shorter than her.

    - Get my cholesterol down. Its not high enough that my doctor has tried medication yet, but its not healthy. I’m no Gisele, but neither am I an FC, its mostly genetic. And after seeing multiple heart attacks and strokes in my family, I’ve got to do something about it. Not try, do. The Coach loves that Yoda line.

  22. Comment by Caloi-Rider | 01.5.2007 | 1:15 pm

    I almost don’t want to write it because then I’ll actually have to do it.
    I have two goals, neither of which involve actually doing any racing: I want to finish a 40k TT in an hour (I’ll need to find a course with a constant tailwind, I know) and climb Teton Pass in under 40 minutes. And, yes, I know that last one was my goal last year. And yes, I might attempt a triathlon, but I’m not making that a goal in case I get the urge to wuss out at the last minute. Hey, it beats drowning.

  23. Comment by dkirkavitch | 01.5.2007 | 1:24 pm

    Hey Fatty,
    Happy New Year.
    You really should take Age grouper up on that cheese thing. If you like aged cheddar, Cougar Gold is the best. My inlaws from New England agree. Matter of fact, why don’t you order some and nibble on it until August? MMM Queso…

    As for my goals:
    -Weight loss is up there, or down there as hopefully it will be.

    -Do the Grand Loop Ride June 1st. Should be spectacular!

    -Ride DAMFROD [(delerious around mt. friggin ranier one day) 223 mi, 19k+]under 15 hours.

    -That Hoodoo Voodoo thing bigboned put in his goals sounds pretty cool. Especially wearing my Fat Cyclist jersey. Except it might attract Elvis who will sit on my wheel eating a jelly doughnut singing “No one do the voodoo like you do”. That wouldn’t be good.

  24. Comment by sans auto | 01.5.2007 | 2:04 pm

    1) ride my daily commute faster so I can spend more time with my boys.
    2) Do at least one road hill climb competetively(Snowbird? and maybe Mt. Evans)

  25. Comment by Lars | 01.5.2007 | 2:10 pm

    I commited myself to doing the Trans Iowa 3 race this year.
    320 unsupported miles of gravel roads around the hills of Iowa in the spring.
    Considering my longest ride so far has been 5 hours, 25-30 hours on the bike should be quite the adventure.

  26. Comment by BIKEMIKE | 01.5.2007 | 2:24 pm

    eAT moor chikin’

  27. Comment by Rocky | 01.5.2007 | 2:32 pm

    Hey jinxy – good one…urm, seven. Hmmm.

  28. Comment by jitensha jake | 01.5.2007 | 2:53 pm

    Dear Mr. FC:

    As I am greatly concerned about your continued emotional well-being (as, I am sure, are the other participants in the B7 challenge) and do not wish for you to spend the next seven months in constant turmoil over the propect of having to deliver gratis ~$4,000 worth of cycling jersey, may I offer a suggestion.

    No, I do not propose that you welsh. After all, there appear to be at least a few participants who know where you live.

    However, I submit that an attitude adjustment would do wonders for your well-being and, dare I say, your interactions with loved ones (whether that loved one is an ever-indulgent spouse or a healthy portion of The Best Cake in the World).

    But, you say, how can an attitude adjustment be justified with ~$4,000 on the line.

    Let me try to explain.

    You must remember that you haven’t really made a ~$4,000 wager. Instead, what you have really done is make a bunch of smaller wagers. Attempting to translate into computer-speak which may be more familiar to you, as a technical writer, the outcome of your wager is not digital (i.e., either +/-~$4,000) but analog (i.e., some as yet indeterminate point on the scale of +/- ~$4,000).

    These smaller wagers depend on the success at weight loss of a reasonably large sample size of participants. As we all undoubtedly already know, success at weight loss is a fairly random event. Put those two facts together and what you should expect to happen is that the participants will end up fairly randomly distributed along the degree of weight loss success continuum.

    So, assuming that your individual wagers are relatively even up, all you need to worry about is making sure you end up near the middle of that degree of weight loss success continuum. Sure, you might have to deliver gratis ~$2,000 worth of cycling jersey, but you would also collect ~$2,000 worth of whatever. There’s nothing wrong with finishing break even. After all, you’re not in this for the money (are you?).

    The point is that you do not have to needlessly worry about beating all sixty other participants. You really only need to concern yourself with beating about thirty of them.

    So the next IGS, recognize that you really only to hit ~50% of your goal. Doing so will let you relax, discount those price tags you are hallucinating, and stop driving yourself so crazy.

    Looking out for you as always, I remain,

    Jitensha Jake

  29. Comment by fatty | 01.5.2007 | 3:35 pm

    jitensha – wow, thanks for taking the time to try to talk me down off the ledge. but i’m still scared.

    srettig – if you already posted your TT, you don’t have to post it again. you’re all set.

    mr. fuentes – any chance we could do some sort of ads-for-dope trade?

    phil – you’re exactly right; weight loss alone won’t do the job. last year, i lost it too fast, too late. this year, i’m starting now, and am simultaneously working on a base and learning to pedal a fast cadence. i should be both strong and light by leadville, with a good fast cadence for climbing.

    botched – so now i know what you’ve been doing in that lab instead of curing cancer: you’ve been home-brewing epo. can i have some?

  30. Comment by barry1021 | 01.5.2007 | 5:51 pm

    Fatty-I think working with that training program will work wonders for you–sounds like it will add lots of biking muscle. You know muscle, the kind of body part that looks good on you but weighs more than fat. So that even tho you have reach your goal of having the same size waist as Liz Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (vs. LT now), the scale shocks you at 12 elbees more than you expected. You have been warned.
    OK then, goals for the year
    1. Be a better Dad
    2. Be a better husband
    3. Do no worse than tie Fatty
    4. Have a great performance year at work (I pick stocks for a living)
    5. Ride two centuries at least (planned)
    4. Build out the Merckx MXL and Strong frames that I just purchased (yippee!)
    5. Raise $10,000 for America Walks for Diabetes (did just over $9k this year)
    6. Raise $600 for Tour De Cure (Diabetes 100k bike ride, did $500 this year).
    7. Take big strides this year to becoming financially stable enough to think about retirement.
    8. Read one of Al M’s notes where he really gets going and not have a urine
    9. Continue to get the word out to people about the truth abouth the energy industry, not the Henry (Wax on wax off) Waxman BS.
    That’s about it, oh yeah
    10. Pray for peace.


  31. Comment by Debamundo | 01.5.2007 | 9:07 pm

    Do my first triathlon. Then do at least two more. Ride at least one century. (It’s been a few years.)

  32. Comment by DrCodfish | 01.5.2007 | 10:55 pm

    Road goals, not mtb.

    1. I’ll Qualify for PBP, then,
    2 To France in August for the most fun you can have on a bike, and
    3, Ride enough brevet K’s and events in 2007 to qualify for the R5000 in one year. And all on my:
    4. BRAND NEW!! rando bike, a Tournesol by Hampsten Cycles (can’t wait!)

  33. Comment by monkeywebb | 01.6.2007 | 12:54 am

    Resolutions? Don’t believe in them. Or rather, no matter how much I’ve believed in them in the past they don’t seem to come true.
    However I do believe in pointless random decrees of the obnoxious variety. In that vein, in the coming year I will:
    1. Replace normal diet of jelly donuts with donuts that have holes.
    2. Increase veggie intake by switching from normal pasta to pasta with a greenish tint.
    3. Reduce maximum heart rate while climbing the Top of the World trail to below 200.
    4. Break 55 mph on a downhill.
    5. Beat that guy in the brown argyle jersey up the Spooner Junction hill at Tahoe’s America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride.
    6. Commute by bike at least as often as I eat burritos.

    That oughta do it.

  34. Comment by eclecticdeb | 01.6.2007 | 12:19 pm

    I like to think of these as “goals” rather than resolutions.

    1) Finish the OLY Wildflower in 3:30. This will be my fourth time and I have consistently come down in times. First = just under 5 hours (hey, it was my first tri!). Second = 4:35; Third = 3:59:54 (yes, under 4 hours). If I break 3:30, I’ll never have to go back and do that race again.
    2) Beat my friend Ellen at Wildflower. This might be a little hard, since she is in much better shape than me. I might have a fighting chance if I don’t actually tell her it’s a goal of mine.
    3) Lose 20 lbs.
    4) Complete Big Kahuna 1/2 Ironman.
    5) Get a job (yeah, I’m unemployed right now)
    6) Ride my bike to said job 3 out of 5 days.
    7) Eat better. If I do that, might help with goal #3.

  35. Comment by sans auto | 01.6.2007 | 3:19 pm

    I got one more, put more miles on my bike than my wife does on the car this year.

  36. Comment by KatieA | 01.6.2007 | 4:20 pm

    Big Boned,

    Yeah, we’re a little slow here. You mean there’s more Star Wars? I mean, it was a good movie, but I don’t think a franchise will take off… :)

    I just posted my TT time. I am offically disgusted with my time. *sigh* This is going to be harder than I thought…

  37. Comment by GeekCyclist | 01.6.2007 | 7:17 pm

    I posted goals on my own site ( http://geekcyclist.blogspot.com/2007/01/2007-cycling-goals_06.html ), but here is a quick run down:

    1. Don’t just lose the wieght in the B7 Challenge, but keep it off through the end of the year.
    2. Buy and use a HRM to increase the efficiency of my training, which is mostly commuting rides.
    3. Ride over 3,500 miles this year.
    4. Spend some time mountain biking and take a trip somewhere to do a mountain bike ride.

  38. Comment by The Weak Link | 01.7.2007 | 7:51 am

    Resolutions are made to be broken. Goals are made to be acheived.

    I feel just like Tony Robbins, having said that.

    My goals for this year are pretty tough, and I won’t get weird if I don’t make them:
    1. Learn rudimentary conversational Russian.
    2. Talk my wife into letting me buy a road bike. Learning conversational Russian will be a bit easier, I’m afraid.
    3. There’s a local mountain biking hill called Montana Hill. It’s a mark of distinction to be able to crank all the way up it. I want to do it, just once.
    4. Do the Old Kentucky Home Tour century, on a mountain bike if goal #2 hasn’t been acheived by then. It’s pretty tough, so I hear. Or even better, do it on a tandem with my teenage son. He’ll never train for it, so I don’t see it happening.

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  40. Comment by kevin | 01.7.2007 | 5:52 pm

    my resolution is to win the race i have come last in for the previous two years !!!!!

    i will lose 10 kilo’s and have muscles – i iwll be other peoples role model !!!!!!!


  41. Comment by LMouse | 01.8.2007 | 4:08 pm

    1. Stop crashing. That’s enough for one year.

  42. Comment by Neil Brennen | 01.8.2007 | 8:00 pm

    I agree with LMouse:

    1. Stop crashing. That’s enough for one year.

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