It’s Nice to be Nice to Dave Nice

03.3.2007 | 10:41 pm

Picture yourself in this situation. You’ve picked out an incredibly difficult event to race in — something so difficult the race itself will take close to a month to ride. You’ve spent most of a year gathering gear, training, saving money, and arranging your life so that you can be away for a month.

That race totally becomes your life. When it finally begins, you can hardly believe it. You’re about to start the adventure of a lifetime.

And then, just a few days into it, someone steals your bike.

Your race is over.

And that, my friends, is exactly what happened to Dave Nice last year at the Great Divide Race (GDR).

Try, Try Again
A lot of people have already banded together and helped get Dave a new bike. That’s very cool. Now Dave is getting ready to try doing the Great Divide Race again this year. He’s doing the training, he’s getting the gear, and now he needs money for food, bike maintenance, and the occasional hotel room. Basically, he needs about $2500.

And I think we should help him out.

Oh, and you can win some very cool prizes if you do.

What You Can Win
Here’s how it works. Buy a virtual raffle ticket for $5.00, and you get one chance at winning one of the prizes listed below. Buy two raffle tickets, you win two chances at winning a prize. Buy three tickets, you get three chances. Get the idea? The more raffle tickets you buy, the better the chances are you’ll win something — and there’s no rule that you can’t win more than one prize.

Sooooo, tell ‘em what they can win, Johnny.

  • Banjo Brothers Commuter Backpack and $50 Gift Certificate to Penn Cycle: A while back, I wrote a review of this backpack. I loved it. I still love it. And now you can have one and love it, too. And, because the Banjo Brothers are cooler than they have any right to be, they’re throwing in a $50.00 gift certificate to Penn Cycles, where you can get pretty much any bike-related item you want. These two items are worth $130.00 togehter and will be treated as a single awesome prize for some lucky winner. Sweet!
  • Twin Six Jersey: Any style, any size. Which Twin Six jersey design is your favorite? The Argyle? The Speedy? The Deluxe? They’re all so cool that it’s hard to choose, isn’t it. Well, if you win this prize, you’re going to have to make that choice. You may lose some sleep over it, but it’ll be worth it.
  • 5 Boxes of Trailblaze Bake-at-Home Energy Bars: Not one but two lucky winners will get five boxes of what I consider to be the most delicious energy food on the market today. If I won this prize, I’d definitely go with three boxes of the chocolate chip flavor and two boxes of the Cranberry Walnut (and then mix in a handful of chocolate chips of my own). Warning: Trailblaze Bake-at-Home Energy bars are highly addictive. Eat at your own risk.
  • Free Coaching: Lofgran coaching will give away a month’s free coaching and a free set up consultation if you’re interested in long-term term coaching, or a set up consultation with a one month training schedule free. Either way, that’s worth more than $100.
  • Twin Six T-Shirt: Any style, any size. What? I thought Twin Six had another prize up higher in the list. Well, it turns out they just can’t help themselves. They give and they give and they give.
  • Vicious Cycles Two-Day Socks: Day one: wear the gray half on the outside. Day two, switch left and right feet and the black half is on the outside. Kind of like two pairs for the price of one! Two winners will proudly sport the Vicious Cycles logo around their ankles.
  • Ergon grips: I just got a set of the R1 grips for the Weapon of Choice; now three lucky winners will get a set of these high-zoot grips for their MTB. Actually, these are too advanced to be called “grips.” They should be called “handlebar management systems” or something. You’re going to dig them.

Bonus Gift for Entering
Every single person who buys a raffle ticket will get a email address of their choosing and a 2Gb email account as a “thank you” for helping out. You know what I’d ask for as my email address if someone gave me a free email account? Something like one of these:


‘Course, that’s just me. You get to pick whatever you want. As long as I don’t think it’s obscene or something.

OK, Time To Buy Raffle Tickets
How easy is it to buy raffle tickets to support Dave on his GDR this year?

Real easy, that’s how easy.

Below, just enter how many tickets you want and click Buy to go to the checkout page, where you can pay with Paypal (which lets you pay either with your own account or with a credit card). It’s all secure and stuff.

Number of $5.00 Raffle Tickets:

The raffle will go on ’til the Saturday, the 17th of March, at which point I’ll let the winners know how what they’ve won and how much money we pulled together for Dave.

Some Fine Print
All the prizes are donated (thanks, Ads-for-Schwag partners!), so there’s no cost-of-prize overhead. Every penny I collect from this raffle will go to Dave.

Note to all my non-U.S. readers: The Ads-for-Schwag advertisers are generous, but none of them are super rich. Which means that while they’re cool with donating nice prizes, they aren’t cool with paying for shipping all over the world. Which means that prizes — with the exception of Lofgran Coaching, which is available to anyone, anywhere — are only available inside the U.S. Which means that if you’re not in the U.S., you can still donate, but you aren’t going to win anything. (If this bothers you, you can rectify the situation by finding me an Ad-for-Schwag partner in your country.) Of course, you’ll still get a email account, and that’s something, right?

PS to All B7 Challengers: It’s March now. Time to do your monthly weigh in and time trial. Speaking of which, I just did mine Saturday, and here’s where I stand:

Weight Loss Score: 59
Time Trial Score: 16

Starting Weight: 179.8
Weight Loss Goal: 31.8
Current Weight: 161
First Time Trial: 19:15
Current Time Trial: 16:14

The thing is, while these are good numbers, there are people who are doing even better — looks like I’m going to have to give away a few jerseys! Read more about how the Banjo Brothers’ Big Bad Bulky Biker Bodfyat (B7) challenge is going over at the forum.


  1. Comment by dug | 03.4.2007 | 8:04 pm

    when you refer to your bike as “the weapon of choice” does that mean you’ve named your bike “the weapon of choice”?

    why don’t you just call it your “trusty steed, excelsior” and be done with it. geek.

  2. Comment by UltraRob | 03.4.2007 | 8:44 pm

    Fatty, This is really great that you’re helping Dave out. I can only barely imagine what it would be like to wake up and find my bike stolen. I was unhappy when I woke up during RAAM and some of my crew had gone to breakfast. They had taken my bike and I was wanting to get riding. At least I knew my bike would be back and I wouldn’t have to walk 30 miles to get help.

    My friend e-mailed me a couple weeks ago and says he’s doing GDR in 2008. He wants me to do it too. I’m having trouble figuring out how to pay for another RAAM attempt so I’m seriously thinking about it. Right now I have dozens of questions going through my head about doing a self-supported race of this length.

  3. Comment by fatty | 03.4.2007 | 9:42 pm

    dug, i call it the weapon of choice because it’s the weapon of choice. i don’t know how i can be any more clear than that.

    ultrarob – you should do it. someday i’m going to. when the kids are in college. or out of college. maybe i’ll be the first retiree to do it….

  4. Comment by Jill | 03.4.2007 | 10:55 pm

    It’s great to see everyone rallying around Dave. Invest early and invest often. When he hits that trail in June, you can say you’re one of his sponsors.

  5. Comment by matt | 03.4.2007 | 11:12 pm

    i remember hearing about a guy riding around the world, or maybe it was from south america to northern. he had his bike stolen in my own backyard, of ballard, one of the focusing of nice people in the seattle area. it was sad, but hopefully like this noble attempt people will rally around and make up with many acts of kindness for one terrible act of selfishness.

    oh,,,,now im thinking about my email account.

    thanks for bringing this to our collective attention

  6. Comment by dkirkavitch | 03.5.2007 | 7:25 am

    Hey Fatty,
    Good job organizing this. When I was reading the comments from the racers last year, I couldn’t believe someone in Montana could do such a thing. Anyway, he was pretty laid back about it. A few months later he posted a picture of his new idea for bicycle theft prevention while he snoozed. It was a big U-lock around his neck and the bike. Effective but……….

  7. Comment by Brian C | 03.5.2007 | 8:31 am

    very cool that you are doing this. its the kind of thing that makes both this site and the cycling community in general fantastic.

    ill take dibs on if it hasnt been taken. yeah!

  8. Comment by cheapie | 03.5.2007 | 9:47 am

    woohoo! free shipping and handling on the virtual raffle tickets. can’t beat that!

    now i need to somehow make this site crash so that no one else will have the chance to enter. mwahahahaha!

  9. Comment by BotchedExperiment | 03.5.2007 | 10:46 am

    Oh man, I’d be so bitter about that!

    Botched’s death bed: “. . .and then some dirty rotten no good farging ice-hole SOB stole my bike; may they be damned to ride uphill into a headwind for all eternity. . .”

  10. Comment by Mrs. Coach | 03.5.2007 | 10:55 am

    Say what you want about Cylists, roadie vs. mtn, etc. But you’ll never find a more dedicated community.

    Fatty-what happens if you sell out of raffle tickets?

  11. Comment by Lissee | 03.5.2007 | 11:00 am

    Boy, I sure do want those grips,…or a new shirt from Twin6,…or that commuter back pack, but most of all those grips… If you could possibly skew the results in my favor, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh what’s that you say?…You can’t?…Oh, well it was worth a try.

    Can I have Lizzard AT fatcyclist?


    And no, I don’t like reptiles, its just another nickname…

  12. Comment by Kent Peterson | 03.5.2007 | 11:01 am

    When we all retire and are living off our vast blogging royalties, Dave, Fatty, Jill and I will all have to race the GDR on Surly Unicycles. Fatty, we’re counting on you to get Reeses Peanut Butter Cups to sponsor us.

  13. Comment by Lissee | 03.5.2007 | 11:03 am

    Oh, make that with one Z not two :)

  14. Comment by the weak link | 03.5.2007 | 12:38 pm

    Fine then. Fine. I bought some tickets. It doesn’t matter. I never win anytihng on this site. Never have. Never will.

    Just fine.

  15. Comment by MTB W | 03.5.2007 | 1:12 pm

    Right on Botched! Whoever stole his bike will suffer a terrible fate, I’m sure of it. No doubt, the thief was not a cyclist. I can’t imagine any cyclist doing that to another cyclist. Well, for one bad act, I am glad there are so many good people to make up for it.

  16. Comment by the weak link | 03.5.2007 | 1:25 pm

    Oh. How do you know who bought tickets? I bought two. I want a prize.


  17. Comment by cheapie | 03.5.2007 | 2:00 pm

    the worst thing is the thief probably sold it for far FAR less than it was worth.

  18. Comment by tigermouth | 03.5.2007 | 2:42 pm

    For my email I’d like

  19. Comment by jill | 03.5.2007 | 2:42 pm


    Surly unicycles? I thought you were a little nuts to ride the GDR on a singlespeed! (Although I understand the appeal much more now … but back in 2005, that was off-the-charts crazy, wasn’t it?) :-)

    I guess after Pete B. cuts John Stamstad’s “unbreakable” record down to 14 days this summer, there won’t be many GDR records left to aspire to. Here’s an idea … how about we ride it in January on some Surly Pugsleys?

  20. Comment by Amit | 03.5.2007 | 5:27 pm

    hey fatty,
    I have been reading your blog.
    I am sure you have heard it before but it rocks (and who ever gets tired of compliments :)).
    I have been reading about your challenge. I was wondering how tall you are?

  21. Comment by Mike P | 03.5.2007 | 9:00 pm

    What a heartbreaking story of the filth of society. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how that would feel. Not finishing an event is a bad feeling, having your opportunity to even try to finish taken away… I think wars have started over that? I was ready to donate at that point, but all the goodies in the raffle made it even easier. Good job putting that together.

  22. Comment by Dave Nice | 03.5.2007 | 9:44 pm

    Thanks everyone!

    Fatty super dupper thanks!

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    [...] Arriving home good news in the world of cycling came my way from Kent Peterson. It seems Fat (ha, I wish I was that fat) Cyclist is having a benefit raffle Nice to be Nice to Dave Nice. Dave Nice set out last year on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race and was forced to drop out after his bike was stolen (scroll down). This was no normal bike theft, he was in the Montana wilderness. He was left without supplies and had to walk 35 miles to Flathead to find a phone to call for help. [...]

  24. Comment by Anonymous Coward | 03.6.2007 | 6:06 pm

    I’d love to buy a few raffle tickets but I live overseas. I guess if you can’t be bothered coming up with a solution to the problem of the minor additional postage, I couldn’t be bothered either.

  25. Comment by Jeff Y | 03.6.2007 | 6:10 pm

    Fatty, you’re a prince among bloggers!

  26. Comment by suitcaseofcourage | 03.6.2007 | 6:29 pm

    Stealing somebody’s bike?! Mr. NICE of all people??!! That is SO WRONG. There’s a special place in HELL for bike thieves – actually, they should just hang’em. Will be glad to pitch in and please keep us posted on the race!

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    [...] The Fat Cyclist is organizing a raffle to help out Dave Nice, a rider in this year’s Great Divide race, a 2,490 mile jaunt from Montana to New Mexico. Nice started the month-long race last year but his bike was stolen just a few days in . [...]

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    [...] PS: Everyone who’s bought raffle tickets to support Dave Nice: Dave emailed me last night saying, “Thanks! I am blown away at how helpful cyclists are!” The raffle has earned more than $700 for Dave so far, which is awesome. In fact, it’s more than 1/4 of the total amount Dave’s trying to save up for his race. If you haven’t bought tickets yet, you still can: click here. [...]

  29. Pingback by Fat Cyclist » Blog Archive » My Gracious Acceptance / Good Loser Speech | 03.11.2007 | 9:34 pm

    [...] PS: Thanks to all the people who have entered the “It’s Nice to be Nice to Dave Nice” raffle. We’ve raised $1085 for Dave’s Great Divide Race fund so far (the raffle ends this Saturday, at which point I’ll be emailing the winners and sending out info on how to get your email address). As you can probably imagine, after telling Dave how much we’ve collected for him, I did not have too difficult of a time getting him to promise to wear a Fat Cyclist jersey for some of the days during the race. [...]

  30. Comment by kt misener | 03.12.2007 | 10:29 am

    hey dude! I bought FIVE raffle tickets through paypal and have NOT received any emails about that (I checked my spam filter, too!) or my cool email addresses at or anything. Is it cuz I’m a girl?? kt

  31. Pingback by Crank Zone » MTB raffle to benefit Great Divide racer | 03.19.2007 | 3:32 pm

    [...] The Fat Cyclist is organizing a raffle to help out Dave Nice, a rider in this year’s Great Divide race, a 2,490 mile jaunt from Montana to New Mexico. Nice started the month-long race last year but his bike was stolen just a few days in . [...]

  32. Comment by rxdcmojiph | 06.18.2007 | 2:23 pm

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    [...] Go Dave!Another part of what’s got me obsessively tracking this race is the fact that Dave Nice – the guy Fat Cyclist readers raised $1200 for — is racing wearing the Fat Cyclist jersey (Photo by Aaron Teasdale of Adventure Cycling Association (ACA). Used with permission, believe it or not). [...]

  34. Comment by bkprkzcicf | 06.27.2007 | 11:45 am

    Thanks for this site!

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