Seven Guilty Pleasures

06.11.2007 | 3:42 pm

You know how there are certain rides you don’t do very often, because they’re really, really long, and they’re really, really hard work? You probably don’t do that ride more than once or twice a year because you know it’s going to take up most of the day, and any part of the day it doesn’t take up it may as well take up, because you’re going to be good for nothing but laying on the couch for the rest of the day. Even so, doing that ride at least once a year is something you really look forward to, because it’s epic. It tests you, and then it rewards you for taking the test.

The Nebo Loop — 110+ miles, with a climb and descent of Mount Nebo as the centerpiece — is that kind of ride. And it’s what Kenny, Linde, BotchedExperiment and I rode last Saturday.

It was a perfect day for an epic road ride. The morning started out cool — but not cold — and rapidly became warm, without ever getting really hot. And — for me at least — it was one of those days where everything about both my bike and body felt right. I just felt great the whole day. I’m not sure why, but the Nebo Loop seems to do that to me practically every time I ride it. It’s just an incredibly epic, inspiring ride.

Originally, I planned to give you a play-by-play of the day, and — even as I was riding — I started taking note of events as they happened.

And then I noticed something: I was enjoying certain things maybe a little too much. Which is to say, I was taking far too much pleasure in some silly stuff, some vain stuff, and — in a couple of cases — some downright mean stuff.

And so, I herewith present my Seven Guilty Pleasures of Last Saturday’s Ride.

Guilty Pleasure 1: Singing Out Loud
I should preface this by clearly stating: I have a remarkably poor singing voice. I do not believe that anyone in the whole world enjoys hearing me sing, with the possible exception of my daughters, who seem to like having me sing for them at bedtime.

And they may just be humoring me.

So anyway, I tend to save my singing for private moments, and even then I don’t sing really loud for fear of the likelihood that the moment isn’t as private as I’d hoped.

But when you’re blasting down a mountain on a roadbike at 45 miles per hour, things are different. The wind whips my voice away so nobody can hear, letting me sing my lungs out with impunity.

So as I flew down the Nebo Loop, I sang loud and proud (mostly I was singing 30 Seconds to Mars’ ”All Attack,” just in case you were wondering).

One of the times I belted out the chorus, I passed a cyclist in the other direction. He seemed startled, leading me to think my “you can’t hear someone singing if he’s going 40+ mph” theory might have some holes. But I don’t want to find out. Hey, everyone’s got to have a place to rock, even those of us who have been barred for life from karaoke bars and church choirs.

Guilty Pleasure 2: Shouting at Cows and Deer
Whenever I see a deer on the road — or anywhere near it — I yell, “venison!” at the top of my lungs. The deer should consider this both a warning for the moment and a statement of intent if I ever see that deer again. Cuz I like venison.

I don’t shout words at cows standing in the road, though. I figure they’re used to that; they sure don’t seem to react to my yelling, “pot roast!” at them. So I do a bandito-style rallying cry, trilling my tongue while yelling in as high a voice as I can go: “Brrrrrrrr-eeeee-HA!

That usually gets ‘em to move out of the way. Though not always.

There are almost always cattle on the road when you descend the Nebo Loop. You’re carving a hairpin at 25 miles per hour and straighten up just in time to see a cow looking at you from the center of the road, disinterested. The bandito trill usually does the job.

I admit to being disappointed at not encountering any cattle on the road last Saturday.

Guilty Pleasure 3: Eating for Cheap with Wild Abandon
This may come as a shock to some of you, but I love to eat. I just love it. And my superpower is the ability to eat huge quantities, practically anytime. I would be a marvelous sumo wrestler, if it weren’t for the embarrassingly immodest outfits. And the need to be good at wrestling.


One of the great things about riding the Nebo Loop is that after climbing and descending this monster-sized mountain, you’re in the tiny town of Nephi, which has a Wendy’s (for you non-US types, that’s a hamburger franchise that’s one step above McDonalds).

Last Saturday, Dan and Kenny forgot to bring money; I had brought $20. So the question was, could all three of us eat our fill, keeping the total under $20?

The answer? Yes. Easily. Everyone just had to order items from the dollar menu. I don’t think any of us ordered more than $4.00 worth of food (I got two chicken sandwiches). In fact, we had plenty of money to each get a Frosty Float. Highly recommended when you’re in the middle of a giant ride, it’s hot outside, and you want a kratillion calories.

This is exactly the kind of food I avoid on a day-to-day basis. But when you’re on an epic ride, all diets are off.

I should note that Linde did not eat anything at Wendy’s. This may be read as foreshadowing.

Guilty Pleasure 4: Giving Smug, Useless Advice
After eating at Wendy’s, I was full and a little bit sleepy. I made an appeal to the other riders: let’s ride nice and easy for a few minutes while we digest.

Shortly thenafter, Linde rode to the front and took the biggest monster pull I have ever seen anyone take in my life. He pulled us at 25mph — no headwind — for probably 15-20 minutes.

And this was after we had already put in 60 miles that day, including ~7000 feet of climbing.

I looked at Kenny and Dan, trying to see if they were as amazed as I was. Linde was either going to singlehandedly pull us all the way back home, or he was going to implode spectacularly.

Linde exploded spectacularly. He faded. He cramped. He suffered.

So I offered advice. Advice like, “Maybe you should have had a Frosty, man. Those things are delicious.” And, “Hey, maybe you should eat this Honey Stinger Peanut Butta Bar. They’re delicious. Oh, the thought of that makes you want to hurl? Sorry, dude.” And, “Try to pedal circles. It’s more efficient.”

I tell you, there’s nothing like a good cycling bonk to add excitement and drama to a ride, provided you’re not the one bonking. It gives you a chance to relay all your cycling wisdom, knowing full well that the person you are informing is too woozy to successfully punch you.

Guilty Pleasure 5: Fooling Myself Into Thinking I Can Hang With Kenny
While I love pretty much everything about the Nebo Loop, the whole reason we do the ride is for the climb. It’s twenty miles long, with 6000 feet of climbing — which means it’s consistently challenging but only rarely is it brutally steep.

As you know, I’ve been working hard on losing weight and getting strong. Saturday, I wanted to see whether I was now fast enough that I could ride with Kenny.

And you know what? I did. I rode with Kenny the whole way from the base of Nebo to the summit. Side by side. He never dropped me.

Of course, a part of me fully realizes that if he had wanted to shell me, he could have. I was right at the edge of my red zone; he was in his all-day cruisin’ groove.

But still: I hung with Kenny for a twenty mile climb. And nobody can take that away from me.

Guilty Pleasure 6: Being in a Group of Four People Wearing the Fat Cyclist Jersey, Without My Having Had to Say, “Hey, Wear My Jersey, OK?”
All four of us were wearing the Fat Cyclist jersey on this ride, and I didn’t even have to call ahead and offer bribes. Whenever I was in the back of the paceline, seeing us lined up, I’d think, “Hey! I have a really cool jersey!”

I also love thinking about what people must have thought, seeing a group of four cyclists — all wearing jerseys that say “Fat Cyclist” — summit a 6000-foot climb.  Or lined up for Frosties at Wendy’s.


Guilty Pleasure 7: Knowing My Friends Who Missed This Ride Would Be Eating Their Hearts Out
110 miles, guys. Beautiful climb. Screaming descent. Perfect weather. Frosty Floats. This ride had it all. I hope you had fun doing whatever it was you did instead.


PS: The Twin Six guys tell me they’ve been kept really busy with all the jersey, t-shirt, and sock orders. Thanks to everyone who’s made a purchase. I appreciate it! Of course, the pink jerseys won’t be shipping ’til the end of this month (or so), and the t-shirts and socks should be arriving within the next couple weeks, so expect your orders to arrive as they become available.

PPS: Thanks to everyone who picked up their email account. And a big thanks to Banjo Brothers for putting up the very cool Messenger Bag (Fat Cyclist Edition!) as a prize. I’ll choose a winner and announce it Wednesday.


  1. Comment by KatieA | 06.11.2007 | 3:52 pm

    I love the jerseys, you all look fab-u-lous (Sorry, had to do the whole emphasis thing so it sounded better).

    Once again, I am slightly annoyed at the total lack of rides like this in my area. I have a national park, but it’s full of deer that get cranky at cyclists, and drivers who pretty much do the same thing.

  2. Comment by Tg | 06.11.2007 | 3:52 pm

    I recognize Kenny and Elden, which is Botched and which is Linde? Also, Elden, I am growing concerned. If you lose much more weight you will disappear and become the invisible cyclist.

  3. Comment by Big Mike In Oz | 06.11.2007 | 3:54 pm

    I would have been on that ride with you if it wasn’t for the fact that my jersey hadn’t arrived yet. Oh yeah, and the 8000 miles away thing.

    But don’t feel bad about the jersey. It arrived in the mail this morning and I’m wearing it right now. It sounds kind of perverted I know, but I just heard my email go off and decided to glance at your blog on the way out for the inaugural southern hemisphere FC metric century. 100km @ 33kph @ 125bpm @ 18degC. I’ll be back in 3 hours. See you then.

  4. Comment by fatty | 06.11.2007 | 3:55 pm

    tg – botched is the one with his hands on his hips, posing like a caped crusader.

  5. Comment by Big Mike In Oz | 06.11.2007 | 4:00 pm

    Oops, I nearly forgot. Singing. That’s one of my guilty pleasures too. I tend to talk to road kill a lot. Sort of like “ha ha, you should have waited for the light, shouldn’t ya?” “Not such a tough little possum now are you?” “You stink, why don’t you drag yourself a bit further from the edge of the road for everyone’s sake?”

    It’s mean I know, but who’s alive to complain about it?

  6. Comment by Yukirin Boy | 06.11.2007 | 4:09 pm

    wait – what’ss with this photo ?
    Have you succumbed to your sister’s influence?
    You are all far too close together – only a mere glimpse of a bike handelbar – arms around each other. What kind of men are you?

    Epic sounding ride – definitely jealous.

  7. Comment by Kathy | 06.11.2007 | 4:28 pm

    Wow, I bet you guys looked awesome in a pace line. An orange and black blur, like a tiger — attacking! (Just trying to compensate for your girly posed photo.)

  8. Comment by Bill | 06.11.2007 | 4:44 pm

    I know I was not wearing a fat cyclist jersey but at least you could have ripped on me for only going 50 miles of the ride.

  9. Comment by bradk | 06.11.2007 | 4:48 pm

    yukirin, i’m with you that is a creepy photo. too bad ricky maddox and i were not there to demonstrate a proper man hug pose.

  10. Comment by Camille | 06.11.2007 | 5:02 pm

    I would have liked it better if they’d done a pinwheel pose. But as it is, those are some seriously hot guys with badass lycra. Two big thumbs up from me! And I kind of like the superhero pose.

  11. Comment by BotchedExperiment | 06.11.2007 | 5:02 pm

    Two questions: Who is Dan and why do I look 4 feet tall in that picture?

  12. Comment by Camille | 06.11.2007 | 5:03 pm

    I would have liked it better if they’d done a pinwheel pose. But as it is, those are some seriously hot guys with badass lycra. Two big thumbs up from me! And I kind of like the superhero pose.

  13. Comment by BotchedExperiment | 06.11.2007 | 5:14 pm

    Two questions: Who is this Dan you keep referring to, and why do I look 4 feet tall in that picture.

    A cape! Now that’s a great idea. I wish I had a Fat Cyclist cape.

    Why am I posing like that? Because you didn’t follow my suggestion of all of us lying on the picnic table and propping our heads up on our hands, and therefore, I didn’t want to hug you.

    Bill, the last time I saw you I said, “I’m going to regret not turning around with you.” I was right. I absolutely suffered like a dog for the next 65 miles. You chose wisely. At one point, I was actually wondering if it would be possible to manufacture a quadruple crank for a road bike.

    Fatty, I may never forgive you for talking me into going on this ride. Before this ride, I was having a good season. I was getting in shape, I was getting stronger, I felt fantastic during RAWROD, and I had hopes. I had a future. I coulda been a contender. Now I’m crushed. Flattened. I can’t look my road bike without feeling shame.

  14. Comment by Meaghan | 06.11.2007 | 5:23 pm

    I friggin love those Frosties!!
    And the commercial for them made them better:
    “It’s not a solid, it’s not a liquid…It’s a Soquid!
    Yay it makes me laugh every time. :)

  15. Comment by Born4Lycra | 06.11.2007 | 5:43 pm

    I have it on good authority my FC Top is at home waiting for me also.
    We went on a good ride sunday and while we did not see any deer, moose, bears or whatever we did nearly interrupt a pair of Australian Cattle Dogs making another Oz Cattle Dog (or two) in the middle of the road on one of the quicker descents of the day. We executed a perfect starburst to avoid them and they just carried on oblivious.
    The ride ended at the Sea and Vine Festival in the Southern Vales here in Sth Oz where we met families and spent the afternoon at D’arenberg Winery. A Cone of hot chips and 3 bottles of a delicious little mixture of shiraz and grenache grapes followed to put a nice closer on a very nice day.

  16. Comment by Al Maviva | 06.11.2007 | 5:52 pm

    I have seven guilty pleasures too. Modified to ensure legality, they are:

    1) Screaming profanities at drivers who cut me off in traffic or yell things like “get off the road, f*****!” Venting sure is nice…

    2) Catching up to the drivers at the next red light, reaching through their stupidly opened window (how else are they going to give me what for?) and then [expunged]. Man, that is satisfying. Tough on the knuckles, but satisfying.

    3) Doing pub crawls on the fixie, street drags, slow riding contests, watching friends throw up on cars. Consider it the bicyclists’ revenge. Drinking? Who, me, officer? Of course not. I’m in training. (hic) Because fixed gear bikes just aren’t dangerous enough sober.

    4) Ogling hotties. Frankly, any fit woman wrapped in lycra looks pretty hot to me. So I spend a lot of time ogling. Or leering. Or drooling. And fantasizing about [expunged]. Man, that is satisfying. Tough on the [expunged], but satisfying.

    5) The first cold drink at the end of the ride, preferably a beer, or if it’s 5 miles from the end and the mood strikes me, a can of ice cold Coke chugged down in a single gulp. The fizz, the cold, the sugar and caffeine if I’m riding and in glucose debt, the sharp hops and the thirst quenching at the end of a ride if it’s the beer, especially after drinking 95 degree Cytomax for four hours… magic.

    6) Six hour zone 2 aerobic training rides with only one stop in the middle to refill bottles and eat whatever the hell the convenience store will sell me for $10… can’t do it often, but when I do, it’s lovely time stolen away from my family, my job, my house maintenance duties.

    7) Reading this blog & the comments, usually when I’m supposed to be working. Tough on the [expunged] but satisfying.

  17. Comment by heartcondition | 06.11.2007 | 5:52 pm

    Wow! I thought I was only one banned from the church choir. My day is made!
    Thanks Fatty.
    So much for the differences between men and women.
    Shoulda gone for the pinwheel.

  18. Comment by Jose | 06.11.2007 | 5:59 pm

    FC said: “for you non-US types, that’s a hamburger franchise that’s one step above McDonalds”.

    That’s right and they have a delicious special, “bowl of finger chili for $1.99″.

    Botched you suffered because you need to grow a goatee. So you kind of look like kenny and it’ll make you stay with him in the climbs.

  19. Comment by Caloi-Rider | 06.11.2007 | 6:07 pm

    Hmmph! I’m sure getting my wisdom teeth removed (and the gauze-chewing, medication-spewing good time that followed) was way better than your silly road bike century!

    (picture Caloi sulking miserably while mumbling some inaudible phrase about “stupid Mount Nebo” between his chipmunk cheeks)

    Oh, and Botched, if DC Comics ever came out with “Botched the Crusader vs his arch-nemesis, Dan,” I’d buy it. I think that jersey’d look pretty cool with a cape.

  20. Comment by jank | 06.11.2007 | 6:10 pm

    I dig yelling at cows and deer, too. Though with the cows, I try to speak the lingo and “Mooooo” really loud at them.

    For what it’s worth – East Coast Cows usually stay behind the fence.

  21. Comment by KatieA | 06.11.2007 | 6:22 pm

    Another thought FC – with the Wendy’s comment (“one step above McDonalds”) – you’re not wanting any of us to go there any time soon, are you??

    And next time, I want a photo of everyone rubbing that bald head (for luck). :) Now THAT would be a guy photo, unlike this sister-like photo we see here. All you need in that photo to make it truly feminine is the cheese and crackers and bottle of champagne on the table.

  22. Comment by Rick S | 06.11.2007 | 6:31 pm

    If i didn’t manage to sneak in a 3 hour mtb ride w/ Dug that morning and then a 1.5 hour mtb ride with my wife later that morning, I would have been bummed to have missed such a ride. I got the rare Sat double dip ride on dirt. And yes, I wore your jersey.

  23. Comment by Jay | 06.11.2007 | 6:39 pm

    Here on the comments page for today’s entry, your Google ads are all for Barbra Streisand products.

  24. Comment by Clydesteve | 06.11.2007 | 6:44 pm

    Well, my century was cut to 72 miles and in very inclimate (rainy) weather. But I had the extreeme pleasure of having my 14 year old son riding with me, and even torching my legs when he missed a route turn ahead and I had to chase him down. It is great to have a son as a riding buddy!

  25. Comment by Clydesteve | 06.11.2007 | 6:48 pm

    I am all over your guilty pleasure #2 like a worn-out pair of nashbar riding shorts. Have sheep in your area? It is wonderful, indeed to ride down the road next to a field of sheep yelling BLAAAAAAAH!!!! and getting the whole herd to stampede.

  26. Comment by LanterneRouge | 06.11.2007 | 7:42 pm

    No farm animals around here, but we’ve got fargin’ geese coming out the wazoo. I like to yell “Aflac!” at them in my best Gilbert Gottfried voice.

  27. Comment by Logan | 06.11.2007 | 8:51 pm

    How about farting in the hours following the calorific lunch. Especially while in the lead. That’s guilty pleasure.

  28. Comment by timk | 06.11.2007 | 9:29 pm

    I’ll leave my route to charge Canada geese in a parking lot. If there are any Canadians on here, could you keep your friggin’ geese up there, eh?

    FC, One of these days, when you are doing 45 MPH and unleash your “Brrrrrrrr-eeeee-HA!” the cow is not going to moove. I hope your buddy Linde is there to pick you up.

    And for the record, Wendy’s is a few steps above McDonald’s.

  29. Comment by flossy | 06.11.2007 | 9:41 pm

    How excited am I!!! I just got my jersey. Will read the blog later after I wear my jersey home

  30. Comment by Yukirin Boy | 06.11.2007 | 11:41 pm

    woohoo I got my Jersey today too! – thanks FC.
    Now if I can just find some deer, cows, sheep or geese here in Tokyo to shout at I would be enjoying several guilty pleasures all at once.

  31. Comment by Tim D | 06.12.2007 | 1:16 am

    Just riden to work in my FC jersey. Its great. Am I likely to see any others here in sunny Lancashire, I wonder?

    We have sheep round here. They are as likely to run towards you rather than away if you shout at them. I find myself making embarrasing wooshing noises, or engine noises, like you did when you were a kid, as I swoop round curves.

  32. Comment by Born 4 Lycra | 06.12.2007 | 3:50 am

    Got my top I’m on the team. It fits nicely and FC’s signature on the sleeve is sweet. Apart from sitting here wearing it at my computer circumstances don’t allow it to be seen on my bike until Thursday. Very impressed congratulations to FC, Twin6, Banjo Brothers and USPS.
    Any more tops going to South Australia?

  33. Comment by Lowrydr | 06.12.2007 | 4:38 am

    OK, I admit to singing the theme to “the Lone Ranger”. Just under my breath of course, and you can’t prove otherwise, so there.

    Clydesteve, your right having your son riding with you is great. I miss it now that mine has grown and started his own family. He no longer has time to ride with me. What with 2 jobs and all that goes with the new family.

  34. Comment by Brewinman | 06.12.2007 | 5:39 am

    My son is only six, but he still makes a great riding partner, and he’s got mad handling skills (and no fear)!

  35. Comment by msk | 06.12.2007 | 5:50 am

    more international jerseys arriving yesterday to canada

    wore it on my commute today although did get some funny looks on the subway:)

    guilty pleasure on the bike would have to be a grande raspberry mocha chip frappuccino – yep, sorry i know sounds ridiculous, usually i try and get someone else to order it for me

    i’m not a coffee drinker so one of these frozen caffeine and sugar laden bad boys is just perfect for halfway through a double metric century

  36. Comment by barry1021 | 06.12.2007 | 7:33 am

    “Try to pedal circles. It’s more efficient.”–this has to be the all time best line to someone that has just blown after pulling you at 25 MPH.

    “Wendy’s (for you non-US types, that’s a hamburger franchise that’s one step above McDonalds)”.

    Sadly here, however, you show a shocking lack of business acumen, as, according to the web site, Wendy’s had 341 international sites at the end of 2006. While only about 5% of its total units, given your recent comments about male quads and the picture above that looks like it was choreographed by Kellene (only without the hot wiminfolk), your credibility is already hangin’ by a thread.


  37. Comment by regina | 06.12.2007 | 7:54 am

    I always yell moo at cows, because it is fun to see a cow give a condescending look. You guys look MAHVELOUS, simply MAHVELOUS. I have been wearing that jersey everywhere.

  38. Comment by BigZ | 06.12.2007 | 8:03 am

    “Maybe you should have had a Frosty, man. Those things are delicious.”

    Classic! I laughed coffee all over my keyboard.

    And what’s up with the man love pose after your pictorial thesis on the difference between men and women?

  39. Comment by ronk | 06.12.2007 | 8:17 am

    It looks like your sisters picture taking skills are rubbing off on you!

  40. Comment by Mrs. Coach | 06.12.2007 | 9:41 am

    I saw a FC jersey Saturday riding up Emigration canyon. I almost yelled “hey fatty!” from my window, but thought if the guy didn’t hear me correctly he could think I was just some rude motorist. So I just smiled to myself and drove on to Ruth’s Diner, except it wouldn’t open for another hour until 8am, so i went to Village Inn instead, bummer.

  41. Comment by 2Phat | 06.12.2007 | 10:00 am

    I just love this blog! Every time I read the main post I have a good laugh, then I read all the comments and always find a laugh out loud blurb or two, or ten!

    Elden, I have to agree, the photo brings new meaning to “Team FC.” Next time, tell Kenny to keep his hands to himself would you?

    Now, down to business, isn’t it time for you to own up to your Hog Hollow group ride promise?

    BTW FC Community – Elden and Kenny are both great people. When/if you ever have the opportunity to meet them in person, I highly recommend it. Cheers!

    Oh, almost forgot, guilty pleasure – wearing my FC jersey under my work clothes. Mmmmm that silky feeling just keeps on giving all day long !

  42. Comment by James Dixson | 06.12.2007 | 12:02 pm

    Elden- I thought this site would be right up your alley humor wise. For anyone here from St. Louis you already know the highway 40 construction story, but check out this take on it…. Highway 40 Construction

  43. Comment by Mike (the Aussie one) | 06.12.2007 | 1:45 pm

    That looks like a great place to ride. One disadvantage of living here in Melbourne is that there are no real hills around here (I’m in the west of Melbourne). However, my house down the coast has plenty of hills so I’m happy on the weekends. I have a choice of riding along the coast road on my road bike or heading into the hills on the MTB.

    My jersey arrived last night and it looks fantastic. Thanks for organising them and for sending it all this way. It will be a talking point on my next club ride for sure !

  44. Comment by Deployed MTB-Road-tri-cyclist | 06.12.2007 | 2:00 pm

    Been reading (and extremely jealous) of the rides for the entire deployment thus far. Fortunately its almost over. I have a FC jersey waiting for my first ride when I get home and bought the breast cancer support jersey for me and my fiance at the same time. I am looking forward to getting back to riding bikes and loving life. Thanks for all of the biking related stuff that I read daily to bring me back to my roots and cycling. You rock.

    SSG D

  45. Comment by MAJ Mike | 06.12.2007 | 2:42 pm

    SSG D – Keep rocking out there and stay safe. The home fires are burning.

    I am jealous of you all. My current schedule basically limits me to one ride per week, and bike commuting is out of the question (they frown on bikes on the interstate and on/through the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, you know). I hope to be in shape to pull off a century of any kind, at any pace, one day. Moreover, I hope to ride in next year’s MS 150 around here (’cause my Dad has MS). I have to find a way to get another ride in every week…

  46. Comment by Bob | 06.12.2007 | 2:45 pm

    My 7 Guilty Pleasures:

    1) Horking snot out of my nose – I do this so often that it seems perfectly natural to me. When I blow snot on Alaska Way in front of all the cruise tourists, I sense in their faces that they’re viewing something unexpected.

    2) Breaking traffic laws – I don’t stop at red lights very often. I don’t know where I get this Sopranoesque sense of entitlement, but it’s there.

    3) I don’t signal to strangers who are drafting off me. If I see a pothole, I don’t point it out. It’s only when a rider agrees to take a pull that I start signaling.

    4) I flip off cars that buzz me. It looks childish, but if I don’t express my anger in some way, I’ll hold it inside, let it fester, and soon I’m kicking the family turtle.

    5) I play music on my iPod. This is dangerous.

    6) I sing along to my iPod. Badly.

    7) I ride an electric bike.

  47. Comment by JET(not a nickname) | 06.12.2007 | 5:07 pm

    Reading your epic ride story makes me even more excited for the epic ride of mine this saturday. The HHH’s-200K and just under 11,000 feet of climbing. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but you all understand. To the others doing this ride, whether it be the 100 or 200K, I hope you all have a good ride and perhaps I’ll see ya there.

  48. Comment by Mike Roadie | 06.12.2007 | 5:18 pm

    We don’t have too many deer here in FLA, and certainly no 6000 ft climbs. Just gators, armadillos and bridges; but it sounds epic all the same. I am waiting for the pink jerseys to come in, only because the whole cancer support thing is SOOOO inportant to me (and I wish you guys all the best). Check out my webpage at:
    I did just get back from Lake Tahoe where there are beaucoup good climbs and I can’t imagine avoiding anything at 40 mph on my little roadie tires.
    I’m not sayin’……..I’m just sayin’

  49. Comment by Big Mike In Oz | 06.12.2007 | 5:19 pm

    1) Don’t feel guilty about the “cyclists handkerchief”. Anywhere, anytime, it’s OK. On a bike, that is. It’s only gross if you do it in the middle of the mall.
    2) I don’t run the reds because I know how fragile I am, but I ride on the H1/M1 which is THE highway in Australia running over 14,000km (8700mi) and carrying a gazillion cars a day.
    3) Not only do I not signal, I skim as close to the holes as I can. And I grin like the village idiot when I hear their wheels crash through it.
    4) Flip ‘em, scream at ‘em, if they slow down throw a bidon at ‘em and start swinging the frame pump around your head. You’re entitled to be on the road.
    5) What’s wrong with listening to music instead of the truck trying to squeeze past? If you can hear them coming you’re likely to tense up and get hurt worse.
    6) Me too.
    7) I waved to a guy on a recumbent yesterday. I must now go and throw myself naked into a cactus.

  50. Comment by Lowrydr | 06.12.2007 | 6:09 pm

    Big Mike in Oz, don’t hurt yourself over a recumbent rider. I am one now, but used to tear up the old coal strips on MTBs with friends often. Have broken up the body to much to take the rides like those anymore. Not all “bentriders” started that way. It just makes my back feel better. Were all still on two wheels or maybe three. And I can still pull and/or draft at 20+ on good days.

    If it wasn’t for Fatty and Friends making the epic rides I’d forget what it was like. Thanks Fatty.

    Susan, hope everything is running good with you and hang in there. Our thoughts and prayers are always heading your way.

  51. Comment by Beast Mom | 06.12.2007 | 11:21 pm

    I’ve missed a lot of news apparently. Sorry I’ve been away. The last post I read was mid-April when you said you had 2.5 paragraphs written. Bad timing/lazy-ass blog reading on my part to not have checked back in til now. :(

    To Susan, jewelry designer extraordinaire, I wear your super cool bracelet ALL the time. Lots of people have commented on how much they like it.
    I’ll be thinking about you and the family – you hang tough.

    I’m going over to check out those pink women’s jerseys…


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