Pink Fat Cyclist Jerseys Now Available to Order (And So Is Some Other Stuff, Too)!

06.1.2007 | 7:04 am

A few weeks ago, I asked if any of you would be interested in a special pink edition of the Fat Cyclist jersey to support Susan in her fight against cancer.

More than 500 of you said you are.

Frankly, the hugeness of that response continues to overwhelm Susan. And me.

Anyway, the design geniuses at Twin Six got to work. They took the design for the original jersey, and made a few tweaks:

  • It’s pink. Duh.
  • The logo text has changed. On the back, above the big clydesdale, it now says “TEAM FATTY“. Below the clydesdale, it now says, “FIGHTING FOR SUSAN“.
  • The right sleeve says “WIN”. It’s the ultimate objective, and this is the ultimate race.
  • New message behind the center pocket. It’s Susan’s To-Do list:

I tell you what: I love this jersey and what it represents. Susan, on the other hand, is a little bit embarassed by all the attention. I figure she may as well get used to it, though.

OK, OK, Let’s See the Jersey Already
And so now, here’s the new Fat Cyclist Pink jersey, ready to order now.


Men's Pink Jersey - Front

and back

Men's Pink Jersey - Back


Something for the Ladies
Not surprisingly at all, the interest in women’s sizing on the jersey was high — about a third of you asked for women’s sizing, in fact. So Twin Six did it:

Women’s jersey front

Women's Pink Jersey - Front

and back

Who Gets What
I need to take a moment and talk about the guys — Ryan Carlson and Brent Gale — at Twin Six. They are two guys with a very obvious idea nobody else seems to have thought of: make bike jerseys that actually look cool. It’s their business. Their living.

But when they approached me about doing a special pink edition of the jersey, they were absolutely clear on one thing: they would not take a single dime for their work. They’re doing the design, the order handling, and the fulfillment, for no money whatsoever.

I mean, seriously. That’s just dumb. And also generous beyond comprehension.

So when you order a pink jersey, where will the money go? We’re going to split it evenly, three ways:

  • Treatment: Copays, deductibles, and possibly expenses for traveling for clinical trials. It all adds up.
  • LiveStrong: As I’ve recently mentioned, I’m now a big fan of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. They’ve helped us, and now I want to give back. When you buy a pink Fat Cyclist jersey, a third of the net goes to the LiveStrong foundation.
  • A Trip to Italy: When Susan’s ready to go, I’m taking her on a vacation to Italy. And if you buy a jersey, in a sense you’re taking her, too. Which is not to say that you’re invited to come along.

When Will the Jerseys Arrive?
This is the great thing. Instead of having to wait for four months for these jerseys to arrive, the Twin Six guys have managed to do some serious line-cutting; these jerseys will be arriving before the end of June. Yeah, that’s right. This month.

So guess what I’ll be wearing at Leadville this year.

But Wait, There’s More! In Fact, Quite a Bit More
Once you get those Twin Six guys started, they just don’t quit. Which is to say, you can now also order:

Socks: You can get black and orange socks or black and pink socks to go with whichever jersey you like. These will be arriving next week.


The Fat Cyclist T-Shirt: I personally intend to order five of these, and never wear any other shirt ever again. I think you should do the same. Check it out:


and back

Sexy. Very sexy.

Big Thanks
And now for a non-jersey-related note.

I’ve been pretty scared of what this week would bring. I was worried that once Susan’s chemo started, she’d be sick non-stop, and that that would be what we’d have to look forward to for pretty much ever.

The overwhelmingly huge number and quality of cards and positive comments, thoughts, and prayers you have sent our way have played a big part in getting us to and through this first round.

Now it’s Friday — three days after the chemo — and Susan hasn’t had an especially bad reaction to it. She’s doing OK. Which means I’m doing great.

Thanks, everyone, for being so good about this blog going from extremely goofy all the time to kinda serious some of the time. Your support has made a big difference in how well I’m coping with all this.


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