Fat Cyclist Jerseys — And Some Other Cool Surprise Stuff — Now Available

11.3.2008 | 1:28 pm

Right now, I expect pretty much everyone who comes to this blog is first and foremost interested in how Susan is doing. Well, I’m happy to be able to say there’s good news. Susan’s been back to herself since late Thursday — more than three days ago, now.

She’s also very weak and tired now, though. She’s unable to use the walker at all anymore, and sleeps about 16 hours per day.

She worries a lot about needing so much help from me right now. I have a simple and effective response: “If the tables were turned, would you resent having to help me this way?”

And of course she wouldn’t.

The real surprise, for me, is how much I enjoy taking care of Susan. I’m still very clumsy and slow at a lot of stuff, but I’m improving. It gives me lots of time to be with Susan, and it feels good to be needed.

I even feel like maybe I’m becoming a less selfish person because of this. And my kids have seemed to intuit what mom needs. Brice reads to her, Nigel’s typing Susan’s handwritten chapters for her novel, and the twins climb up on Susan’s bed and talk with her.

I’ve got a remarkable family.

A Whole Bunch of Cool Fat Cyclist Stuff Now Available

Long before Susan’s cancer got to this point, the guys at Twin Six and I started talking about making some other cool cycling gear to go with their awesome 2009 Fat Cyclist jersey design.

And now a lot of it’s arrived. I think you’re going to like it. Let’s take a look.

The 2009 Fat Cyclist Jersey


Originally, this jersey was only available by pre-order, but we went ahead and got a few extras. This jersey is available in both mens‘ and womens‘ sizing.

These are in stock now, so you can easily get them by Christmas as long as you order in time. However, there aren’t a lot of these in any given size, so I’d recommend against waiting.

By the way, the Twin Six guys are doing something very cool with this jersey: for the XL sizes on up, they’re turning all the profit over to me. To help defray ambulance costs, you know?I misunderstood; the Twin Six guys are being even more generous than I thought. See this post for details.

The Twin Six guys are cool.

Pre-Order: The WOOL Long-Sleeve 2009 Fat Cyclist Jersey — Limited Edition


If you’re planning to do some serious late-Autumn to early-Spring riding, you might want to take a look at this: The Fat Cyclist Wool Jersey. It’s 100% Merino wool with three pockets in the back, and we’re only making 100 of them. And one of them’s mine.

Pre-order is this week only and ends November 10 at 10:00am CST.

Bib Shorts and Womens’ Shorts


Want some bib shorts (for the guys) or shorts (for the women) that go perfectly with your Fat Cyclist jersey?

I do.

These are 8 panel shorts with a super soft, completely seamless and fully perforated chamois. I am told that bib shorts make me look ten pounds lighter, and so always wear bib shorts, even when I am not riding a bike.

Arm Warmers


Is there a piece of cycling clothing more practical and portable than arm warmers?

The answer is: “No, there is not.”

And now your nice, practical arm warmers will look sassy, too.

When people see you in full Fat Cyclist kit like this, they will think you are a pro cyclist, no matter how slow you ride.


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