Fight Cancer With Johan Bruyneel, Look Stylish

05.26.2010 | 8:08 am

A Note from Fatty: You probably know Noodle from her incredible “100 Miles of Nowhere” video last year. Well, she continues to be a remarkable supporter of Team Fatty in our fight against cancer. Well, she crashed into a patch of poison ivy on Day 4 of her Trans-America ride to raise money for Team Fatty Austin, broke her wrist and blacked out, and had to be airlifted to the hospital. She’s back in New York and on the mend, but I’m sure it would mean a lot to her if you dropped by her blog and left her a comment of support. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Fight Cancer, Look Stylish

Between the big LiveStrong / World Bicycle Relief fundraiser, my trip to Tucson and my trip to California, Johan Bruyneel had done plenty of nice things for me (and others lately).

But last night, I got this email from him:

Elden -

Back in Europe and I wanted to send you a quick email. First, it was so great to see you and Lisa on Saturday at the TT. We enjoyed having you by the bus and in the car for the ride behind Mura! It was an experience for me and Eki too, as normally there’s a quiet mechanic sitting back there!!

Secondly, thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do for all these philanthropic organizations. Whether it be for LIVESTRONG, World Bicycle Relief, Amgen Breakaway from Cancer or your nephew in need of a new kidney, you continue to inspire me and remind me that it’s about more than just winning bike races. From the comments I’ve read on my Twitter and Facebook pages and your blog, it’s safe to say that many people are inspired by you as well.

From our discussions, I know you have some big fundraising goals for Team Fatty at the LIVESTRONG Challenges. So I was thinking of a way that I can help the 2010 Team Fatty. What about if we donated 100% of the profits from my online clothing store — from Wednesday, May 26 til the end of May — to Team Fatty’s goal in support of LIVESTRONG? Whoever buys anything from the online store, we’ll give all the profits to LIVESTRONG via Team Fatty. I think that may be a simple way to help you and your team out. Let me know your thoughts.

Let’s also talk more about the other idea we discussed on Saturday. Something to think about when the season is over.

Need to go now.

Take care.


Well. That’s kind of awesome, isn’t it?

Check out some of the cool stuff from the Johan Bruyneel Collection. I really dig the “Cobbles” t-shirt:


And the “Bruyneel Cycling” t-shirt is very cool too:


And I wouldn’t mind having the “ride” jacket at all:


There’s lots of other cool designs there, too. So: check out the Johan Bruyneel Collection here. You’ll get some cool clothes and you’ll be helping Team Fatty fight cancer.

PS: If you haven’t joined Team Fatty in our fight against cancer yet, you should. For one thing, we’re doing something important here. For another, the more — and sooner — you raise, the better your chances of winning something outrageously cool.

And I’m not being hyperbolic here; the stuff I will be announcing soon is going to make your jaw drop. And — get this — money you have already raised is going to improve your chances for winning every contest I run.

So, just hypothetically, imagine that I’m going to give away four really amazing prizes in the next few months (those of you who have followed this blog for a while might have an idea what an “amazing prize” might be). And suppose you sign up right now for Team Fatty in any of the four cities, and you raise $500 before the first contest is even announced. Well, that $500 gets you chances to win in all four of those big giveaways.

In short, join Team Fatty, raise a lot of money, and do it soon. You may win something nearly too awesome for words.

So get started. Pick a city and sign up:

  • Seattle: June 19 – 20
  • San Jose: July 10 – 11
  • Philly: August 21 – 22
  • Austin: October 22 – 24
  • NYC Marathon !!! (Haven’t gotten the Team Fatty signup worked out yet; more on this soon)


  1. Comment by Marilla | 05.26.2010 | 8:45 am

    Walking in high cotton these days!

  2. Comment by EL Animal | 05.26.2010 | 8:49 am

    I got the cobbles, yeah.

  3. Comment by Kyle | 05.26.2010 | 9:06 am

    I can testify to the awesome prizes. I have an Ibis Mojo SL sitting in the back of my truck right now from the October 09 contest! Thanks Fatty, keep up the fight!

  4. Comment by Philly Jen | 05.26.2010 | 9:23 am

    Go, Noodle! Get well soon, and I hope you and Precious are on the road again in no time.

  5. Comment by Philly Jen | 05.26.2010 | 9:28 am

    P.S. Hey everybody else, don’t forget to kick in a nickel for Noodle. C’mon, if such a spectacular crash doesn’t merit a little something-something, then we’re all bleeped.

  6. Comment by Anthony | 05.26.2010 | 9:44 am

    Damn! I didn’t think I hit it right on the nose, I figured it was a marathon, but was taking a stab at it being NYC. SWEEEEEEEET!!!

  7. Comment by NYCCarlos | 05.26.2010 | 9:45 am

    Totally worth following noodle’s bike on twitter too…

  8. Comment by Peri | 05.26.2010 | 10:01 am

    Just bought 3 t-shirts from JB. They will make great presents! To think you spent time with JB and Eki makes me sooooo jealous but you deserved it after all the hard work.

  9. Comment by Roger Whitney | 05.26.2010 | 10:07 am

    I’m Runny NYC Marathon so please advise when sign up is ready.

    Will buy t-shirt in support

  10. Comment by Brandon | 05.26.2010 | 10:34 am

    I’m still trying to figure out why Lance’s adoptive state of Colorado doesn’t have a Livestrong team/race. What gives, Livestrong?!?

  11. Comment by Scott | 05.26.2010 | 10:58 am

    Just wanted to comment on your ever growing fan club. I saw a cyclist wearing a Fat Cyclist jersey on my ride into work this morning here in Madison, WI. Love from the Midwest. I’ll eat a brat (or three) for you at Bratfest this weekend, which happens to be right along one of the many bike trails.

  12. Comment by Leslie | 05.26.2010 | 11:04 am

    If I don’t live in or near any of those cities, does it matter? I just need to pick one and I’m a virtual member of the team? Help a newbie out here!

  13. Comment by Tim | 05.26.2010 | 11:32 am

    I agree with Leslie, can you give a short primer on what the city means?

  14. Comment by Haven (KT) | 05.26.2010 | 11:59 am

    I’ve tried three times now to register for the Seattle Team Fatty, and all three times there’s been problems and my registration won’t go through.

    All three have been “unexpected problems” according to the error message I get.

    I’d really love to sign up, really really really. But I keep getting hosed and I really don’t like getting hosed.

    Fatty, if I just donate to someone else on the team instead of joining, will that count??

  15. Comment by MattC | 05.26.2010 | 12:14 pm

    Leslie & Tim…yes, you can just pick any city you want if you are just going to be a virtual member (meaning you don’t plan on actually going to the event). Your registration is cheaper (free? I can’t remember at this moment). I’d highly suggest San Jose (GRIN!) We desperatly need members! Last year we had 80, at the moment we are sitting at a paltry 36 counting Fatty. We’d sure love to have you onboard!

    And I can’t believe I got this in befor PhillyJen! HA!

  16. Comment by yannb | 05.26.2010 | 12:34 pm

    Just bought a hat and tshirt. Will be signing up for the livestrong challenge in San Jose later today.

    Keep up the great work Fatty.

    @mattc, will be joining your group in san jose, hopefully will talk 3-6 people in joining.

  17. Comment by MattC | 05.26.2010 | 12:51 pm

    yannb…you are my HERO! (can I give you a footrub or something?? Let me know!) I’ve tried and tried, can’t get any of my usual ‘riding buddies’ to join…they just aren’t that motivated…which is too bad. SJ is an AWESOME venue for the event! (IF we win the Team Champion award like we did last year, we get head-of-line privileges at the start. We chased the police motorcade for 18 miles thru the streets of SJ until we were out of town and they pulled off relegating us to the ‘rules of the road’…it was AWESOME! (and wickedly tiring…speeding up to 22/23mph then down to 17/18mph at EACH intersection as the motorcycles zoomed ahead to block the traffic…wind-sprints from HELL! Never done anything like that before!)

    However to win the Champion award we really need to get moving…we are getting killed at the moment!

  18. Comment by bobbie | 05.26.2010 | 1:01 pm

    Bruyneel RAWKS!!! As do you… off to visit his store ~

  19. Comment by fat dadoo | 05.26.2010 | 1:38 pm

    just joined team fatty SJ (gimme an “F”, gimme an “A” gimme a “T”…) and sent link for today’s post to others. Do I need a triple for Metcalf Road?

    Haven, keep trying – you will succeed.

  20. Comment by Jen Gatz | 05.26.2010 | 2:02 pm

    Fatty, I wasn’t going to do another marathon this year but if you get Team Fatty up and going for NYC marathon, I’m all over that!

  21. Comment by Clydesteve | 05.26.2010 | 2:51 pm

    KT – You live in Oregon, right? You need to join Team Fatty Seattle! Virtual is fine, participant, so much the better. Try this link: Click the ‘Join Our Team’ link right near the top, and see if that doesn’t do it for you. Otherwise email me at spete -at- and will get a LSC staffer to help if that is required.


  22. Comment by Lesley Jacobs | 05.26.2010 | 3:42 pm

    Hi Fatty and gang,
    I’m a team Fatty member already and I’ve got my fundraising going strong. I hope that counts! It all started with the 100 miles of nowhere and it continues! I’m volunteering at LiveStrong Challenge Seattle on the day of the event, so stop by the SWAG pickup area and say hi! I’ll be cheering the riders on!
    I want to hear about the contest, and I want to WIN it! I’m motivated by Fatty and all of the folks who have joined him in this entertaining and wacky journey!

  23. Comment by Lynn | 05.26.2010 | 4:44 pm

    I’m in NYC–if I can help with NYC marathon logistics, just ask–love you guys, big fan–Lynn 212.426.9886

  24. Comment by Noodle | 05.26.2010 | 5:58 pm

    Thanks for the shout-out Fatty. The kind words people left today really helped.

    Also, that cobbles t-shirt is clutch. :)

  25. Comment by Mike Roadie | 05.27.2010 | 6:28 am

    My head is swimming! I am just speechless over all this!!! Great news! Let’s go team Fatty!

  26. Comment by Taddie | 05.27.2010 | 7:33 am

    Ditto on the “what’s up with nothing in CO” …. we have more riders and runners here than we can count!!!!

    Elden, been a lurker for the past year and fell in love … you rock!

  27. Comment by Christi | 05.27.2010 | 8:49 am

    I am trying to do my part for your cause. I have posted the details of this on my blog. I hope it helps!

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  29. Comment by robert orler | 05.27.2010 | 11:58 am

    NYC 26.2 count me in Big dollars no whammys!

    Team fatty rides again, and runs :) We would need one of those special Team Philly cakes for NYC do you think Ray Ray would bake?


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