You Can’t Have My Superfly 100…But You CAN Win My Other One

06.1.2011 | 10:37 am

As of this morning’s weigh-in, I weigh 156.6 pounds. Check me out:


After you’re done wigging out over my hairy toes and awful toenails, you’ll see that I lost 2.8 pounds yesterday, blowing right by my goal of the 158.0 I needed to reach by this Friday. Honestly, though, that big one-day loss is mostly attributable to being at the back end of the weight spike I always get after doing big efforts (a fast-paced 6+ hour road ride on Saturday, a hard downhill 11-mile run on Sunday). I’ve been working hard on my weight loss.

201106010941.jpg The thing to focus on here, though, is the number. So let’s say it again: 156. 6.

That’s an important number, because it means I’m going to get to keep that Superfly 100.

Sorry, folks. (And also, thank you for giving me the motivation I needed in order to finally lose that weight.)

You must be wondering how I’ve done it. And tomorrow I’m going to tell you all about it, probably at much greater length than you’d care to know.

But today, I’ve got something else to tell you. Something that I think is going to take the sting out of the fact that I’m keeping (and, early next week, building up) the Superfly 100.

As of right this second, you can still win one.

201106010955.jpg Win My (Other) Superfly 100

Back in 2010, I got a chance to go to the Gary Fisher Ride Camp in Park City. There, I got a chance to ride the just-announced Superfly 100.

I fell in love with it.

In fact, I fell in love with this bike enough that eventually I bought one. And it was the threat of losing this bike that finally got me motivated to get down to the racing weight I wanted to be at.

But now I feel kinda bad. A lot of you donated money to my LiveStrong Challenge page, and of course you all realized that your chances of winning were slim.

But for none of you to get a prize? That just sucks, man. Sucks hard. That’s not the way I want my contests to end.

So, this morning I called the good folks at Trek. I just got off the phone with them, really. I told them my story, and I’ve bought another Superfly 100 (don’t worry, they gave me a screamin’ deal).

And this one, I’m giving away for sure.

Here’s how it’s gonna work.

The Rules

Here’s how the rules to my Superfly 100 Contest work. It’s pretty easy (and for those of you who know the drill, you can skip straight over to my LiveStrong Challenge page to donate now).

  1. Donate at my LiveStrong Challenge page in multiples of $5.00.
  2. For every $5.00 you donate, you automatically get a number on my spreadsheet.
  3. The contest begins right now, and ends at Noon, Pacific Time, on Thursday, June 9.
  4. If you donated as part of the contest to win my first Superfly (the one I get to keep), those donations count in this contest, too. ‘Course, it’d be really cool if you donated some more.
  5. The bike will be delivered only within the U.S. Which means international Team Fatty folk aren’t eligible unless they’ve got a way to pick up the bike in the U.S. Sorry!
  6. I will mail a certificate to the winner, who can take it to their local Trek dealer to get their Superfly.
  7. The winner has until July 31 to redeem their prize at their Trek dealer.
  8. The winner must agree to ride, cherish, and keep this bike (or give it to a friend or relative who will). No ebaying it or trying to sell it or use it in another fundraiser or anything like that. I never thought I’d have to say this, but I guess I do: I want the bikes I give away in these contests to be ridden, not treated as fungibles. Got it?

If you have questions, ask them in the comments. I’ll answer as best as I can.

Why I’m Doing This Contest

I’m doing this contest for a lot of reasons, but it comes down to this:

I hate cancer, and I love the way LiveStrong helps people as they fight cancer. They do a fantastic job and they deserve my support and your support.

And this is a fun way to do it.

Also, I’m doing this particular contest because I thought it’s time I put a little skin in this game. I’ve given away a lot of bikes on this blog, but this is the first time I’m giving away one I bought.

Why this bike at this time? Well, because I’m really, really excited about my own Superfly 100, and I love the idea of someone else getting an awesome bike like this, too.

This isn’t just another bike I’m giving away. This is me giving away a bike I’ve been wanting for myself. This is the mountain bike I want. This is the bike I’m pretty sure will carry me across the finish line at the Leadville 100 in under 9 hours (after 14 unsuccessful prior attempts).

So yeah, I’m confident that you are going to love this bike.

And I didn’t like the idea of me having a contest, and then me being the (only) winner.

So do me — and LiveStrong, and the people LiveStrong helps — a favor: go donate now. And maybe later this Summer, we’ll swap stories about our cool new bikes.


  1. Comment by rmullen | 06.1.2011 | 10:42 am

    Good work Fatty!

  2. Comment by kyle. | 06.1.2011 | 10:46 am


  3. Comment by Lisa | 06.1.2011 | 10:47 am

    May just have to play – my 82YO landlord was diagnosed last week with metastisized kidney cancer (we find out tomorrow if it’s in his brain) and now I really have a reason to hate cancer.

  4. Comment by Heather S | 06.1.2011 | 10:50 am

    Hooray! Now go build that bike!

  5. Comment by RedNBlondies | 06.1.2011 | 10:53 am

    Congratulations on the weight loss. I knew you could do it, despite the cookies! You definitely deserve the bike.

  6. Comment by NYCCarlos | 06.1.2011 | 11:05 am

    Will I still get the sick wheels if I win?

    Sorry, my pockets only go so deep! – FC

  7. Comment by Christina | 06.1.2011 | 11:07 am

    I’m just so thankful that the shadow in the picture appears to be your fingers taking the picture, rather than anything else :)

    And I posted earlier that I would have sold it, but now I know for sure that this bike, should it show up here, will go to my co-worker John who is a prostate cancer survivor who deserves an awesome ride like this to celebrate life.

    That would be an AWESOME use of the winnings. – FC

  8. Comment by Susan's Sister Christine | 06.1.2011 | 11:08 am

    Awesome job, Elden, getting below your goal weight. That’s a great accomplishment.

  9. Comment by bikemike | 06.1.2011 | 11:11 am

    i would be happy to win your scale with 156.6 permanently showing.

  10. Comment by Michele | 06.1.2011 | 11:14 am

    You rock!

  11. Comment by plutosdad | 06.1.2011 | 11:15 am

    woohoo thanks

    OT: Livestrong reminded of the 100 miles to nowhere coming up.

    This Saturday for the 100 miles of nowhere I thought I would combine it and use up the first 50ish miles at the Soldier Ride Chicago (I am Chris on team Freedom Riders at that site) (For the Chicago ride they are in concert with a rather cool charity Project Mobility out of St. Charles, IL, that provides custom bikes for the disabled.)

    I hope that is not cheating :), or should I do another 100 miles in a small circle afterwards? :)

    Actually if anyone wants to join us Saturday feel free, I’ll be wearing my 100 miles to nowhere shirt. This is a rather new ride I haven’t seen advertised much.

    (Sorry that is kind of competing.)

  12. Comment by NYCCarlos | 06.1.2011 | 11:16 am

    I guess if I win the bike I can afford to update the wheels! :-P

    Congratulations on 156! That’s huge! I’m certain you’ll break 9 hours this year. If I win the bike, I’ll be bringing it to Leadville (which I’m not racing, but crewing/cheering) and we’ll have to ride before or after the big day!

  13. Comment by briebecca | 06.1.2011 | 11:18 am

    Well done, Fatty! Now the real fun challenge of keeping the weight off begins. I’ve been losing weight as well but only been at it for 2 weeks. I will stick with it for another few weeks or so. I’m already stressing out about how to keep the weight off. That’s always been my problem. Once I lose the weight, I drink and eat whatever thinking that the long bike ride or long run will take care of it.. but then those 2-3 lbs you initially gain don’t concern you and then the other pounds slowly creep up.. and next thing you know, it’s 4 months later and you’ve put on 8-10 lbs. So I’m afraid I’m going to have to continue what I do, weigh deaily and record everything I eat. And be vigilant.. Good luck!

  14. Comment by Fish | 06.1.2011 | 11:19 am

    Ten points for use of the word “fungibles”! I always like seeing a high caliber wordsmith in action. Oh yea, and cool contest … I’ll be throwing a few more dollars towards the fight against cancer.

  15. Comment by Rob L | 06.1.2011 | 11:20 am

    Great job on the big win for you Fatty. Now its every contributor for themselves. :P

  16. Comment by Paul Guyot | 06.1.2011 | 11:52 am

    I so wish I could unsee that photo…

  17. Comment by mark | 06.1.2011 | 11:53 am

    Nice work. You’ve given me motivation to lose my last few pounds to reach racing weight. See you Saturday. Will be interesting to see how the climbing goes since I was 165 this morning. Not that it’s a race…

  18. Comment by KM | 06.1.2011 | 11:57 am

    Fatty, I begrudgingly admit defeat, however if I win this new awesome bike, I will still carry out my plan of taking pictures of my assembly of the bike including the licking shot (me licking the top tube….. nothing else, that’s just gross and you all should be ashamed of thinking otherwise). But I didn’t bet against you……BUT if I win, I still plan to track you down at an event and ride next to you at least until you get the creepy vibe and ride away b/c let’s face it, your awesomeness will leave me speechless. (gag) Will sucking up give me a better chance of winning?

  19. Comment by davidh-marin,ca | 06.1.2011 | 12:28 pm

    Good work fatty (can’t use the large ‘f’ anymore. I, like the others commend your success, though at the risk of seeing too much(way too much) a photo showing your hands free of the counter, or the ‘pull up bar’ in the doorway would cement the deal. Money to Livestrong next.

  20. Comment by dug | 06.1.2011 | 12:39 pm

    i’m not wigged out over your toes. i’m wigged out over the thought that you took that picture naked.

    you know what’s funny? i’ve never seen you naked.

    okay, it wasn’t as funny as i was thinking.

  21. Comment by JamesInPhoenix | 06.1.2011 | 12:46 pm

    Nice work Fatty! Now eat those cookies MattC sent you. I know they’re good he brought some to the LiveStrong San Jose ride.

  22. Comment by Rich | 06.1.2011 | 12:47 pm

    PLEEEEEASE find out why guys like you and me gain weight for a few days after we suffer for hours on a bike??? WHY LORD WHY??? And I, like you, lose weight after a few days after the weight gain after said torturous event. Enough “after’s”? No? After, after.

    I need a high-powered blogger to research this disturbing fact that my feebly non-high-powered-blogger mind can’t possibly interpret.



  23. Comment by LIz | 06.1.2011 | 1:05 pm

    Oh, Elden, you have totally disarmed me — here I was, about to complain about the 100 MON being at such a hot time of the year and I discover this marvelous, generous gesture. Well, I’ll make another contribution and I hope lots of others do, too.

    I have to go to my niece’s graduation on Saturday so I had to do my 100 MON today. It was 77.5 Farenheit when I started and 94.7 when I finished. Actually, all I managed was a metric century (65 miles) because I just totally bonked. I promise I will give you the full century, but maybe in the fall when it is cool again. On the bright side, it looks like it will be a tiny bit cooler here on Saturday for the other DC area riders.

  24. Comment by Elizabeth | 06.1.2011 | 1:06 pm

    Congratulations, Fatty!

  25. Comment by Angie | 06.1.2011 | 1:31 pm

    I knew you’d keep your bike!

  26. Comment by Heber Chad | 06.1.2011 | 1:43 pm

    This is just like when I buy a lottery ticket, I think of all the stuff I would do with the money. Now I’m sitting here at by desk, daydreaming of riding a sweet new Superfly. Wish we could get the Fatty Fly colors though!

  27. Comment by Dan | 06.1.2011 | 1:50 pm

    Awesome – both for the weight loss and for putting up another bike out of your own pocket! You are definitely inspiring.

  28. Comment by Brett | 06.1.2011 | 2:20 pm

    Getting to the right race weight is always a hard thing and dealing with the phantom workout weight that comes on after a hard weekend scares the crap out of me too! Great job!

  29. Comment by Keith Gilmore | 06.1.2011 | 2:21 pm

    I lost my father to cancer last October. I to hate cancer. I appreciate all you do for the fight for a cure. I just donated to your team Fatty in honor of my dad Bob Gilmore. Keep up the great work.

  30. Comment by Nick | 06.1.2011 | 3:43 pm

    nice work skinny. Enjoy the new bike. I look forward to some epic ride reports in the near future.

  31. Comment by Patrick S | 06.1.2011 | 4:39 pm

    Well done Fatty! I look forward to finding out how you lost the weight, bring on the gory details!

    Also, have we got a twitter hashtag decided for 100 miles of nowhere?

  32. Comment by Laura S | 06.1.2011 | 4:42 pm

    Knew you’d pull it off! In the interests of good karma since I’m waiting on some test results (just routine screening) I’ll go donate again… also my poor 9 year old MTB has never been the same since that endo I took in Tahoe where I taco’ed the front wheel.

  33. Comment by Jacob | 06.1.2011 | 5:04 pm

    Sweet! Congrats on meeting your goal. I just found out that the too-small road bike I had been borrowing was the wrong bike and that my cousin was going to let me borrow the right size bike indefinitely. Now, I’d have no reason to eBay the mountain bike, especially since I’d really like a mountain bike.

    Also, now that you’ve met your goal, I’ve got no reason to taunt you about misusing your beloved Superfly.

  34. Comment by Triflefat | 06.1.2011 | 5:21 pm

    Good luck with assembling your Superfly with your now even more feeble arms.

  35. Comment by The Los | 06.1.2011 | 5:23 pm

    Good job on shedding those pounds. Donation made.
    F you, cancer.

  36. Comment by MattC | 06.1.2011 | 6:37 pm

    Nice work fatty. HAD my cookie-caper actually paid off (and you lost the bike) I have to admit I would have been HORRIBLY conflicted. Much less so if I was the one to win it, but conflicted none-the-less (or should that be much-the-less?)

    HOWEVER, you once again surprised me. BUYING another of the same awesome bike and giving it away, now that is class. My cookie-baker will be ticked but I’m going to have to put a few more $ to your page…I MUST WIN THAT BIKE! (I’ll never get a FS niner any other way I’m afraid…my wife thinks that three bikes is 2 two many for some odd reason…but only one is a mt bike). And as NYCCarlos mentioned, those wheels were the bomb, but I GUESS I could do without.

    And dug, I busted a gut at your comment. Glad Jeannie wasn’t home…she would have run in wondering what was the matter.

  37. Comment by The Banter | 06.1.2011 | 6:48 pm

    According to your fat log, you dropped 3 pounds in the same day. Were you sucking on helium? Thinking light thoughts? Seems a little fishy. I can’t wait. Must know.

    Folks who follow me on Twitter (and those who read today’s post carefully) already know the answer. During the weekend, I put in two BIG workouts, and had some post-effort weight retention that masked the fact that during the weekend I had been pretty much perfect, diet-wise. And in short, last night I peed it out. Will all 3 pounds of loss stick? We’ll see tomorrow when I weigh in! – FC

  38. Comment by stuckinmypedals | 06.1.2011 | 7:49 pm

    Great job, Fatty! I’m so glad you get to keep your bike. Now go build it and then shave your toes!

  39. Comment by MrDaveyGie | 06.1.2011 | 7:51 pm

    Good job, you earned the bike.

  40. Comment by Stephen | 06.1.2011 | 8:01 pm

    Man, I was hoping I would win your bike so I could offer to trade it back to you for a Fat Cyclist jersey* and a donation to my cancer center fund-raising ride.

    * A couple of times I went to buy a Fat Cyclist jersey or t-shirt, but something else at Twin Six always catches my eye and I buy that instead. Those guys do some good design.

  41. Comment by Dan in Sac | 06.1.2011 | 9:17 pm

    Awesome, time to double down! Quality work, per usual Fatty.

  42. Comment by aussie kev | 06.1.2011 | 9:53 pm

    i just put in 2 lines – i live in Australia though so if i win (and on past record its not likely!!!) then you can give it to runner.

  43. Comment by Sara | 06.1.2011 | 10:47 pm

    Tech support needed…..for the past few weeks I’ve been unable to get Fatty’s blog on my MacBook. It appears as a black screen. It comes up on my iPad just fine. Any idea how to fix? All of my other favorite sites come up fine.

    Thank you,

  44. Comment by Russell | 06.1.2011 | 10:49 pm

    I have that same scale and when I saw that photo I wondered “how the hell did Fatty get my feet on his blog.” Then I realized that I don’t have hairy toes. Congratulations!

  45. Comment by KanyonKris | 06.1.2011 | 10:58 pm

    You never cease to amaze me with new ways to fight cancer. Bravo!

  46. Comment by Tom Fort | 06.1.2011 | 11:17 pm


    Hate to say this, but can you donate to an organization other than LiveStrong? I know they did some good work with you when you needed it, but there are better organizations out there, and the cycling community needs to wean itself from Lance.

    Sorry to say it, but you need to think about it.


    P.S. When are you going to write your book? I know a couple of people who could probably learn a lot form what you have been through.

    There are a lot of good organizations out there, Tom, and I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of what some of them are; and of course you’re welcome to put your money and time into them. Later this year, in fact, I may do some fundraisers for other organizations myself. But right now, I’m working to raise money for LiveStrong, an organization that does great work.

    As far as the book goes, I haven’t done much with it yet. In order to really get going on it, I need to find an extra 4 or 5 hours in the day.

    Thanks for your thoughts. – FC

  47. Comment by Mark J. | 06.2.2011 | 7:41 am

    Good job Fatty. I am really looking forward to hearing how you lost your weight. The more detail the better. I can use all the help I can get – I got lazy the last month and a half and gained every pound you lost.

    I’m sure you will, but please post details with lots of pics of you building that awesome new bike. I am really looking forward to seeing that. Not only am I lazy these days but I’m mechanically challenged so I’ve never built my own bike and would like to see the details.

    Yeah, I think I’ll liveblog the event. Thanks! – FC

  48. Comment by Jenni | 06.2.2011 | 8:01 am

    If the purpose is to help people with cancer, I’d also like to suggest another organization. Some team members I’ve spoken to are not feeling the Livestrong love so much these days and why squander people’s desire to kick cancer’s butt? They still want to fight, and preferrably with you. Maybe concurrent donation sites- Livestrong and “insert other choice here”. I’m saying what many are feeling. Just my $0.02.
    Much love

  49. Comment by David T | 06.2.2011 | 8:29 am

    It’s a double win for me… helping Livestrong and I get a new bike! Thanks a million Fatty!

  50. Comment by Sandra | 06.2.2011 | 9:53 am

    I am In..just made my donation!!

  51. Comment by Tyler G | 06.2.2011 | 9:59 am

    Yeah Buddy!

    Glad you hit you goal and are going to build up that beautiful bike. I just threw my donation out there so I can have a chance to be as cool as you and hopefully some day have some elden Calves!!

  52. Comment by Erik | 06.2.2011 | 10:00 am

    Wow! Big time giveaway. Love it. Also can’t wait to hear how you lost the weight down to the minutest detail. I’ve been hauling 50 pounds of kid on 35 pounds of trail-a-bike and somehow I’m gaining weight anyway.

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  54. Comment by L'Hippo | 06.2.2011 | 6:54 pm

    Wow, I haven’t seen 157# since the 7th grade! Good job…

  55. Comment by pakistancycling | 06.3.2011 | 5:07 am

    Thanks for the nice information :)

  56. Comment by Doug (Way upstate NY) | 06.3.2011 | 7:53 am

    Donated. I so need a mountain bike, glad I am not taking yours :)

  57. Comment by Patrick | 06.4.2011 | 9:45 am

    I just donated to this fabulous cause. I currently live in Italy will be moving back to the US on July 1st to collect my Superfly!!

    Way to go on the weight loss. I was already overweight, but two years in Italy have helped me hit an all time high – even with all the tremendous cycling I get to do. I’m sure a Superfly will inspire me to get off road and have some fun while losing some weight.

  58. Comment by Jay | 06.4.2011 | 4:18 pm

    I need win this bike. It feels even better donating to the cause. Can we ride together after I win? :-)

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  61. Comment by Steve W. | 06.14.2011 | 9:06 am

    Has the winner been announced? I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but glad Livestrong is $50 ahead for my part either way–thanks for the raffle, and congrats on getting to keep yours!

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