Friday Laundry List of AWESOMENESS

06.24.2011 | 11:05 am

OK, first just a little bit about the title of today’s post. I originally called it my “Friday Laundry List,” thinking that because during most weeks on this blog I’ve started having enough smallish items I want to talk about that I don’t have a full-post’s-worth to say…about.

Wow, I really got last lost on that last sentence. Someone do me a favor and rewrite it for me, OK?

Anyway, “Friday Laundry List” doesn’t sound very exciting. And I have some stuff I want to bring up that is considerably more exciting than a laundry list to talk about. For example, pretty much anything in the world is more exciting than a laundry list.

I’m meandering again.

My point is, I added “of AWESOMENESS” so that you’d want to read what I have to say in today’s post. Because if something’s awesome — even a laundry list — you’ll want to read it. Right?

OK, let’s begin with the things I want to talk about

Thanks for Your Help

Yesterday I asked for help / guidance preparing for a 20 minute presentation I needed to give to the local cub scouts. And you all delivered; thank you! My presentation went fine. A few highlights:

  • I rode on rollers, which the kids thought was very cool.
  • I insta-flated a tube (not inside a tire) with a CO2 cartridge, which the kids thought was very cool.
  • I passed around some Shot Bloks (which everyone liked) and some Clif Shot (which nobody liked).
  • I taught Jenni’s ABC (Air, Brakes, Chain) pre-ride checklist, which everyone thought was easy to remember, and I got everyone to chant it.
  • I told the story, including gory never-published photos, of Kenny using his head as a brake. Both kids and parents were impressed.

And again, thank you everyone for your help. Seriously. I’m lucky to have readers who are willing to pitch in and help me do something waaaaaay outside my comfort zone.

The American Fork Canyon Half Marathon is Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the American Fork Canyon Half Marathon. The Hammer and I have pre-run part of the course, and pre-ridden the other part.

It’s a beautiful course. A nearly perfectly downhill course. And thanks to the canyon wind in the morning, it will be a wind-at-our-backs course.

It should be, in short, a very, very fast course. Perhaps a course where a person like me might be able to log a time that is much better than I have any right to log.

And so, with that in mind, I am going to break with my tradition of saying I have no expectations for this race and announce that I do in fact have a goal. And a stretch goal. Behold:

  • Goal: 1:50 (8:24 pace)
  • Stretch Goal: 1:45 (8:01 pace)

That’s fast. And honestly, I think the stretch goal may be too much of a stretch for me. But I’m going to give it a shot.

The Hammer also has a goal and a stretch goal, as follows:

  • Goal: 1:45 (8:01 pace)
  • Stretch Goal: 1:40 (7:38 pace)
  • Goal: 1:40 (7:38 pace)
  • Stretch Goal: 1:35 (7:15 pace)

Obviously, we will not be running together.

[Update: I misheard and misreported The Hammer's goals, originally, making them pretty much unrealistic. These have now been corrected.]

Speaking of The Hammer…

If, like me, you find yourself interested in all things related to The Hammer, you should read RabidRunner’s Ragnar (I used to say “RAGNAR” ’til I recently found out it’s a name, not an acronym) race report.

It’s definitely worth reading, especially if you’re left feeling a little bit unsatisfied after reading this laundry list.

Don’t Forget to Upload Your Workouts!

Did you know that Team Fatty on the +3 Network now has 472 people and has raised $5,727? That’s 47 bikes! We are setting fire to the place!

Help keep up the momentum. If you haven’t uploaded / recorded your workouts, do it today. Now, in fact.

And if you haven’t signed up to be part of Team Fatty on the +3 Network, raising money for World Bicycle Relief, you should. It won’t cost you a thing, and you’ll be doing a lot of good for some kids who need help. Learn how to sign up here.


  1. Comment by andy | 06.24.2011 | 11:23 am

    Emptied everything from my edge to the +3 site, which turned out to be quite a few rides. No wonder it was taking so much time to upload!

  2. Comment by Travis | 06.24.2011 | 12:06 pm

    Fatty, I’m running the half tomorrow and I have the same pace goals as you. Looks like we might be seeing a lot of each other. I am definitely looking forward to the downhill, wind at our backs course. Also looking forward to your sage advice and wise council for the pre race pep talk.

  3. Comment by SRC | 06.24.2011 | 12:17 pm

    “Wow, I really got last on that last sentence.”

    And this one too, apparently.

  4. Comment by davidh-marin,ca | 06.24.2011 | 12:22 pm

    Now we know where all the English grammartarians hang out.

    Glad to know the Cub Scouts were impressed. We we’re too!

    On the +3 account: Has SRAM set a limit to their generosity? Seriously?

    Best wishes on the run. Snaps to The Hammer!

  5. Comment by Clydesteve | 06.24.2011 | 12:29 pm

    They would have liked the Shot Blocks even better if you had called them Snot Blocks. I know this for a fact.

  6. Comment by gregc | 06.24.2011 | 1:12 pm

    More on the SRAM generocity- how far back can/ should we go? My Garmin uploaded all my rides since I bought it the end of March. I have records that go back 10 years on rides that I could (if I chose to take the time) manually enter. This is kind of an ethical thing here- I would like to take advantage of SRAM’s generocity, but I also dont want to take advantage of them.

    How about back to the beginning of 2010? – FC

  7. Comment by The Banter | 06.24.2011 | 1:16 pm

    “I told the story, including gory never-published photos, of Kenny using his head as a brake. Both kids and parents were impressed.”

    There seems to be a South Park joke in here somewhere.

  8. Comment by rabidrunner | 06.24.2011 | 1:17 pm

    After the hammering of last weekend, I’m totally impressed with The Hammer’s goal for tomorrow. Which, once again, proves that The Hammer is the fittest person I know. Seriously, she’s the fittest person I know.

  9. Comment by Patrick #4091 | 06.24.2011 | 1:23 pm

    Good luck Hammer and Fatty, I look forward to reading about your half marathon soon! Just about to add my first workout!

  10. Comment by John | 06.24.2011 | 3:06 pm


    Thanks for accepting my friend request… For some reason, my garmin would only upload my activities from early june (not including 100 miles of nowhere… had to do the manual upload). Also, it seems that the altitude numbers are a little off. For example my 30+ mile ride at Buffalo Creek yielded some interesting results..

    Total Time: 04:01:49 Distance: 31.6 Miles
    Elevation Gain: 704148 ft / -711043 ft Calories: 2964

  11. Comment by Jefferson | 06.24.2011 | 3:07 pm

    Just uploaded my Garmin Edge 500 workouts…ended up with over 2K kudos and raised over $30 just for inputing the workouts I need to do anyway…

    Good luck in AF – love that place!

  12. Comment by Steve | 06.24.2011 | 3:30 pm

    Who makes a list of their laundry anyway? Anybody know where that phrase comes from?

  13. Comment by evil3 | 06.24.2011 | 3:33 pm

    I haven’t had many work outs/rides (mostly due to storms and me not yet having indoor training equipment), and I can’t remember details of my older ones (it would help if I had a gps unit, so if someone wants to buy me one so I don’t have to manually enter workout data, that would be great).

  14. Comment by Don | 06.24.2011 | 7:17 pm

    Everything you write is awesome. Even a laundry list.

  15. Comment by ABQ Steve | 06.24.2011 | 9:44 pm

    I had a bike in my Garmin!!! Just signed up for +3 and uploaded the contents of my Garmin. Turn out I had just enough in there for a bike in Zambia! Who knew?!?!

  16. Comment by skippy | 06.25.2011 | 1:32 am

    Noticed that the weight measure stopped 3rd june and so weekly updates could motivate others .
    Constant at 80+kg depending on training efforts but will have to take more care as TDF starts next week and thus less chance to observe loss of weight .
    Still having a problem giving away “Conti tyre products” ! Helping others is what the “competition ” is about so checkout the rules and join the action !

  17. Comment by roan | 06.25.2011 | 4:26 pm

    WOW! SRAM is extremely generous. But 2010 ? Without a Garmin I would be hard pressed to list about 5500 miles/yr(this yr sucks though).
    If there is one trait I share with Kenny it is to shun technology. I removed my computer after a warning for being 17mph over the speed limit on the Burke.
    I’m impressed with SRAM’s generocity but will only handload my ‘current’ rides, AND still feel quite pleased.


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