Free Verse Friday: Miscellaneous Morning Musings

01.25.2013 | 12:27 pm

Stanza 1 – My Daughters

My daughters look
At their data
For their science project
Hopeful, yet concerned.
“There must be more twins out there,”
They say
And I assure them they are correct 

“They just need time”
I say
While I cross my fingers
And hope
That many sets of twins
Will soon
By Saturday evening, really 
Take the very simple and fun test 
And submit their results 

Stanza 2 – The Air

I look outside
And see firsthand
The worst air in America
Oh, to be superlative
Is it not always
A source of pride?

But it matters not
Because it is way too cold
For a sissy boy
Such as myself
To go riding anyway

But all is not lost 
For I have rollers
And Netflix
And DVR’d episodes
Of many television shows
Which I did not watch
During times of better weather
So I am quite pleased with myself

Stanza 3 – A Crossroads

If my life is always hectic
Do I have others to blame?
My life is what
I have made it

And yet
Between insurance woes
And employment concerns
And more outside projects
Than I could ever do
Even if this were
What I did
Full time

Well it’s a lot
To deal with
Wondering whether
And what
And how

So it’s nice
To see one thing
At least
Coming together
And know that soon
I’ll be able to tell you more

Thank you.

ForgottenGift Mockup1 


  1. Comment by Kellene | 01.25.2013 | 12:49 pm

    She would be so happy about this! She worked so hard at her writings and had both talent and passion for it! Thank you for finishing it for her. A promised kept!
    Stay warm in the crazy ice storm that has come your way!
    We miss you all!

  2. Comment by davidh-marin,ca | 01.25.2013 | 12:56 pm

    Stanza 1 -Time
    fear not
    the results
    will come
    if only
    as long

    Stanza 2 – Wuss
    the air
    your air
    this week
    was ours
    yet Dr. Laura
    Nic Grillo
    I rode
    at night
    and the Noodle
    we all know

    Stanza -Checkout
    this one
    m/c or

    thank you

  3. Comment by Saso | 01.25.2013 | 1:05 pm

    It is great
    to see the novel
    published at last
    with open ending

    Weight loss effort
    is tremendous
    you are disappearing
    day by day

    Dont forget to stop!

  4. Comment by TominAlbany | 01.25.2013 | 1:44 pm

    I was expecting a 100MON announcement. The book is even better!!!!!!!!!

    Great job, Fatty.

    P.S. Still want my 100MON announcement!

  5. Comment by Patty | 01.25.2013 | 2:21 pm

    So excited about this –! I’m also a writer and this is such a gift of love. Can’t wait.

  6. Comment by AKChick55 | 01.25.2013 | 3:21 pm

    No fair making me cry at lunch. I can’t wait for the book announcement!!! :) So excited.

    Know you’re never alone no matter what. You have a steadfast team of Fattys here to support you and your family. Hang in there. Your poems remind me that I’m not the only one going through life/work stresses right now and it’s comforting to know that others struggle too. Even award-winning, massive quad wielding, super populuar awesome bloggers have stressful moments. I guess we have these moments so we can truly appreciate when times are good.

    Take care Fatty soon to be Thinny. Love to you, the Hammer and your family!

    PS It helps when one is headed to the Big Island and gets to break out the cyclocross bike for some road and off road riding. Our winter can be summed up in one word: ice. I haven’t been able to ride my fat tire bike this winter due to lack of snow and LOTS of ice. Studded tires are $225 each! Eep!

  7. Comment by Clydesteve | 01.25.2013 | 3:27 pm

    Fatty’s poetry
    reminds me

    He sucks at
    traditional poetry.

    Or, maybe,
    since the only poetry
    I ever enjoys
    is found
    Free Verse Friday
    maybe it means

    Fatty is a genius
    at poetry!

    Or, I am a
    at reading

    thankyou very much

  8. Comment by Clydesteve | 01.25.2013 | 3:28 pm

    Beautiful mock-up cover, BTW!

  9. Comment by Heidi | 01.25.2013 | 3:29 pm

    I’m with AKChick55. As I scrolled down the page, tears unexpectedly sprung (sprang?) to my eyes when I saw the name Susan Nelson. Whatta guy, Elden. (And gorgeous, gorgeous cover art/design…)

  10. Comment by Kristina | 01.25.2013 | 4:38 pm

    the cover image.
    watery eyes.
    amazed, with all
    else that is

    you have kept this

    i never
    buy books from blogs
    i already have
    too many
    i will buy this.

    this poetry
    is fun.
    i just press
    whenever i want. and tell
    myself that it is
    brilliant. genius, even.

    thank you.

  11. Comment by JAT in Seattle | 01.25.2013 | 5:01 pm

    I forwarded the link to the experiment to a friend who’s the aunt of twins just last night; I’m sure I’m not alone on that…

  12. Comment by Wife#1 | 01.25.2013 | 10:59 pm

    What AKChick said minus heading to Hawaii. :-)

    That cover is wonderful!

  13. Comment by Jeremy | 01.26.2013 | 12:01 am

    Wow! A surprise ending to Free Verse Friday.

  14. Comment by roan | 01.26.2013 | 12:11 am

    This Free Verse Friday left me speechless. I can’t pull the words together at the end of the scrolling.

    Thank you,…Fatty I hope you can feel the hug.

  15. Comment by roan | 01.26.2013 | 12:21 am

    A thought of what others must be going though this winter. Alaska not enough snow for a FatBack or Surly, too much ice without studs. Minnesota -47F without the chill factor. While in Seattle area my best January cycling in 40 years. Luv cycling at 25F, experimenting with clothing, little rain then wambang at 47F day, feels like summer.

  16. Comment by davidh-marin,ca | 01.26.2013 | 12:33 am

    @roan I’m sure it’s a ‘locals’ thing but you’ll never convince me that 47 feels like summer.

    Conversely, when we were at 28-34 last week I might have looked at AK Chick’s studded tires, ’cause there was definitely ice on our roads….in spots…..random spots.

  17. Comment by Daddy style | 01.26.2013 | 6:51 am

    No twins here, sorry.

    Hectic, I suspect a lot of us can relate. There is a saying though, want somethging done, get a busy person on it, they get things done. Keep on keepin on

  18. Comment by Leroy | 01.26.2013 | 9:48 pm

    I did my half of survey
    Have pestered my twin to do his half
    But we are
    Very different folks

    My dog says it’s
    Because my twin has cats.

    But you can’t believe
    Half the stuff my dog says.

  19. Comment by traci | 01.27.2013 | 6:58 pm

    I am sorry that I am not a twin but interesting factoid: my 7th grade daughter has 17 sets of multiples in her class this year. They are actually being vetted by Guiness as it is a world record.

    Can’t wait to read the book


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