FINAL DAY: Trek Project 1 / ENVE / SRAM / The Feed Contest

07.31.2013 | 7:20 am

7:00PM Update: The fundraising total, with Trek’s match, is now at $77,258. This means 776 donors have worked together to purchase 576 bikes. Incredible!

2:30PM Update: The fundraising total is now at $74,354 (when doubled by the Trek match), coming from 756 donors. You know how many bikes that is? I’ll tell you how many. That’s 554 bikes

That’s a lot of bikes — and a lot of lives changed — thanks to a lot of very generous people. Thank you!

9:00AM Update: The fundraising total is now at 731 donors and ~$67,500. That means 504 bikes.

If I were good at complicated, sophisticated, modern things like looking at a calendar, I would have realized that the final few days of July happened to coincide with an extremely busy workweek for me. One where I simply would not have enough personal time in a day to even exercise, much less write daily blog posts.

Luckily for me, this fundraiser for World Bicycle Relief doesn’t exactly need a carnival barker standing around and shouting nonstop. It sells itself rather nicely.

I mean, think about it. A Trek Madone 7 Series Frameset. Customized with Trek’s Project One program, letting you select from thousands of colors and design schemes.

And then wheels and cockpit by ENVE Composites. I’ve ridden with ENVE wheels, and I’ve never experienced anything like them. They are so fast. The aero advantage is noticeable, and it’s incredible.

Oh, and they’re dead gorgeous too.

And let’s not forget the full complement of SRAM RED – Black Edition components

Honestly, the two biggest problems you’re going to have if you win this bike are:

  1. Obsessing over the thousands of choices you have to make. This is what I like to call “a really, really, really, really good problem to have.” 
  2. Finding a way to make this bike weigh 15 pounds. Yeah, I’m afraid the UCI is going to be pretty upset with the way your bike is going to weigh around 14.something pounds. I know, that’s a tragedy.
And of course, there’s the daily drawing from The Feed — today’s is a $19.99 food box + 1lb Skratch Labs Hydration mix.

Why This Matters

Realistically, very few of you are going to win anything. And you know that. But hundreds of you have donated anyway. In fact, 724 of you have donated so far, raising $32,000 in this short couple of weeks. When the Trek dollar-for-dollar matching is applied, that’s $64,000 dollars. 

And do you know what $64,000 means? It means 477 bicycles to children in Zambia. Which means 477 children are going to be able to get to school by riding a bike for forty minutes each way, instead of walking for more than four hours per day.

Which means those 477 kids are a lot more likely to stay in school, a lot longer.

And these 477 kids will have a much larger geographical radius of job opportunities, once they leave school.

Fetching water from a well a couple of kilometers away will be much easier. And getting to the market — and bringing things back home from the market — will be easier and faster. 

For 477 people living a life without basic transportation, their world is about to explode with new possibilities. 

And this is thanks to you.

Today is the last day of the fundraiser. If you haven’t donated, why don’t you? You have a tiny chance of winning a bike worth around $15,000, but you’re guaranteed to improve someone’s life, instantly and permanently. 

Click here to donate.  

Thank you.


  1. Comment by Tom in Albany | 07.31.2013 | 8:02 am

    Fatty, This is an awesome effort by you, Trek, Enve, SRAM, and The Feed. Congratulations on making this happen. To whomever wins that awesome bike, Congrats. I envy you your choices!

    One thing I wonder. I know that Trek worked out a design of the bike for high reliability and durability. Have they considered manufacturing them in Africa? Create jobs and lift the economy further! Just wondering…

    Great job! Cheers!

  2. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 07.31.2013 | 9:30 am

    One Thought: PowerBall Ticket. Why not? Imagine the match, of a match, of a match you could make with that.

    When you get back Senor Fatty how ’bout telling us the significance of the fundraising goal: $26,978?

    Good Luck to everyone who was able to contribute.

    That was the amount we needed to raise in order to bring our fundraising total for WBR for the year to a nice round $400,000. – FC

  3. Comment by Wife#1 | 07.31.2013 | 10:10 am

    So amazing! I feel so lucky to be a part of this effort and community.

    But you left off the biggest problem many of us will have if we win the bike… getting up the courage to put anywhere from 1000 to 1500 percent of the bike’s weight… on TOP of the bike, and then riding really, really, really fast!

    But I am confident that should one of us win that would have that concern… we shall overcome! Right @christina? :-)

    And @Nancy – those monkey lights are the coolest thing EVER! Husband#1 got them going yesterday for Rune. I WANT SOME!!!!

  4. Comment by rich | 07.31.2013 | 1:16 pm

    Another great opportunity to do something good – thank you!

  5. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 07.31.2013 | 3:20 pm

    Thank you Fatty. 400K not too shabby!
    Saw that you were the ‘headliner’ for the seminar on social media imagine that! Hope it went well Also impressed how you got Stanley Tucci’s studio ‘head shot’ for your bio page.
    Suggested to Wife#1 that she would enjoy sitting in on this session. Sorry we didn’t get to see it on SpreeCast.

    Now to donation page. Good Luck everyone!

  6. Comment by Liz M. | 08.1.2013 | 5:14 am

    Work was crazy last month so I didn’t have a chance to get to this until this morning. So, no contest, no match for me, but hopefully my contribution will still do some good. Thanks for all you do, Fatty! And for other procrastinators, the link is still live.

  7. Comment by Davidh-marin,ca | 08.1.2013 | 9:43 am



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  9. Comment by tommy91 | 08.2.2013 | 12:09 pm

    I love your drive and what you have been able to achieve. Keep it up Fatty!! I’m convinced that karma is what makes you so damn fast.


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