Change a Life, Win the Trip of a Lifetime: 12 Days Cycling in Southern Italy with InGamba

07.14.2015 | 4:09 pm

Pssst. C’mere. I’ve got this idea, but I’m going to need your help to make it happen. It’s a little crazy, but I think you’re going to like it.

Oh, and you’ve got to promise not to tell anyone about this. If other people find out, it will completely mess up the plan.

Promise? OK. Good. Here’s how it goes.

First, I’m going to announce that as part of my Grand Slam for Kenya contest this month, I’m going to give away a fully-paid trip to Italy with InGamba.

Sounds good so far, doesn’t it? Yeah, I thought you’d think so.

So, as the second stage in this plan, I want you to donate as much money as you can possibly afford in this contest. I’m going to recommend you donate in multiples of $147, because that’s how much a Buffalo Bike costs. No matter how much you donate, though, that money is going to be matched, so your donation dollars go twice as far. 

I know, I know, this plan is so genius so far. But here’s where it gets really good.

When Katie Bolling at World Bicycle Relief draws a winner and calls you to tell you that you get to go on an expenses paid, incredible cycling vacation in Southern Italy, October 13-25 (yeah, that’s twelve days), with Eros Poli as your guide, you should politely say that you’d like me to go in your place.

Oh wait, sorry? I lost you on that part? 


Let’s Talk About This Prize

Okay, I never really expected that to work, but I had to try, right? I mean, it’s twelve days of biking, and eating, and hanging out and relaxing…in Southern Italy. While InGamba takes care of every single little thing for you.

Someone’s going to win this prize — worth $9150 — and I am so incredibly desperately jealous of you, I had to at least try to get you to give it up.

But honestly, I am not surprised you would want to keep this prize for yourself. Hey, if I won it there’s no way I’d give it to you.

So  let’s talk about what happens if you choose this prize. And — I’m just being honest here — you would be absolutely insane to not choose this prize.

The riding is going to be twelve days of the best of what Italy has to offer. Enough to challenge experienced riders, but no seven-hour death marches. 

On your first day in Tuscany, you’ll do the “Monti” ride — the quintessential glimpse into the Chianti region, rolling through small villages and past olive tree orchards.

2015 05 lecchi grubers 58

The next day, Pienza: into the heart of lesser-known Italy. 77Km of riding with one good climb takes you to the Relai Chiostro Di Pienza: an old Franciscan cloister from the 16th century.

And so it goes. On day three, into Lazio. Then toward rome on the fourth day. Then maybe a rest day, or maybe a lap around Lago di Canterno.

The days go on like this. Twelve days of the most perfect cycling adventure you could ever ask for.

2015 05 lecchi grubers 1

But what are you riding? Oh, good question. You don’t have to bring your own bike across the ocean and build it up. No. Instead, InGamba will have either a Pinarello Dogma F8 or Rokh ready for you to ride during your stay:

Screenshot 2015 07 14 15 43 49 

Fully loaded, too, with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2. And a Garmin 810, pre-loaded with the rides you’ll be doing.

And who’s going to take care of this bike while you’re there? Not you. Nosir. After each day’s ride, you’ll just hand your bike to one of the InGamba mechanics, who’ll wash and love your bike, ensuring it’s perfect for you the following day.


I swear, it is so not fair that I am giving this prize away. 

Screenshot 2015 07 14 15 50 04

Looking good: InGamba will have a kit for you to wear during your trip: jersey, shorts (or bibs), gloves, hat, and socks. And they’ll keep them clean during your ride. You know: so you’ll look PRO.

Eating and Drinking

You’re not going to be eating at tourist restaurants, you’re going to be savoring local cuisine, prepared by the best chefs and restaurants not found in guide books. 

And the meals, beer, and wine are all included as part of your trip. 

Oh, did I mention that this is a luxury cycling trip to Southern Italy? 

The Guide

Eros Poli is a legend, a Mt. Ventoux stage winner in the Tour de France. And he’s a great guy. And an amazing storyteller. 

You are going, in short, to be absolutely positively astonished at the amazingness of your vacation.

Right now I am crying I am so jealous of the winner of this prize.

Perhaps you’d like to have more details. Well, I don’t blame you. Click here to download the PDF, detailing the trip, to get all the detail you need.

So, do you think the possibility of winning this prize is donation-worthy? Because I kind of think it is. So: Click here to donate now.

Let’s Talk About InGamba

Ingamba is — obviously — being incredibly generous by supporting the Grand Slam for Zambia fundraiser. And it’s not the first time they’ve done this.  

The thing is, InGamba isn’t just doing this prize donation for this WBR fundraiser. In fact, the InGamba community has raised over $90,000 for World Bicycle Relief.

MG 9738

Here’s what InGamba founder, Joao Correia, has to say about why they support WBR:

Bikes change people’s lives.  For some of us it was a tool to make a living, for others a way to lose a little extra weight or simply blow off some stress.  But yet for a different group of people it’s a way to get around, that allows you to get to a job or school.  It can be that little push you need to get over the poverty line and make a difference for you family.  At inGamba we believe in bikes.  We also believe in making a difference and making sure it’s part of what we do.  Although our trips are about great food, wine and riding bikes our inspiration as a business is to make people’s lives better.  It can be one of our guests or it can be a young person in Africa whom we’ll never meet but along with our guests we will affect with our contribution that gives them the ability to get from point A to point B easier and therefore transform their lives.  Join the cause and make a difference.

This is a great guy, doing great things for the best reasons. I love seeing this. 

So: donate now to support WBR. You might win an unimaginably wonderful trip. Or you might win one of the two incredible dream bikes we’ve announced

Or you might win another grand prize from the Grand Slam for Kenya. Because there’s more coming. Oh yes. Much more. You’re going to love it.

Donate now.


  1. Comment by JustaGuyfromCanada | 07.14.2015 | 4:36 pm

    Awesome cause! Awesome prizes! I read through the rules but did not see – are Canadians eligible to win and claim prizes?

  2. Comment by Anon | 07.14.2015 | 4:37 pm

    Such a cute try in getting us to give you the prize!

    Yeah, no dice! =P

  3. Comment by Katie Bolling | 07.14.2015 | 4:41 pm

    Hi @JustaGuyfromCanada,
    Yes, Canadians are eligible. Feel free to use this link to contribute:
    Please comment when you’ve donated and then I’ll reach out to let you know that you’ll be added to the prize drawing. I will need your first and last name. Thank you!

  4. Comment by ScottR | 07.14.2015 | 4:57 pm

    Definitely droolworthy, as always.

  5. Comment by Brian Ogilvie | 07.14.2015 | 8:18 pm

    Hey Fatty – I have a question about this prize (and similar ones in the past). What do you do when the winner turns out to be a recreational cyclist who thinks that 20 miles is plenty long, or even someone like me, who has done 200K rides in the mountains, but not at anything near a Cat 5 rider’s speed, and with a 28 x 30 low gear?

    There’s no risk that I’ll win this, because I teach at a university, so taking off in the middle of the semester is impossible; I have my dream bike, a Boulder All Road, so I don’t need another; and I want to take the tax writeoff for my WBR donation, so I give without entering the contests. But I am genuinely curious as to whether there’s an alternative for a winner who wouldn’t actually enjoy the prize that she or he has won.

    There will be enough prizes that I expect everyone will find something they’re excited about. In the past, however, I have had one person who was not able to take a prize and asked me to choose someone else. That worked out well for everyone.

    One way or another, if you draw something, we’re going to make sure you’re stoked. – FC

  6. Comment by AKChick | 07.14.2015 | 9:11 pm

    This is so freaking amazing! I wish I were wealthy enough to donate more than one bike, but I can only do one. I would love this trip! A huge thank you to InGamba for making it possible. One of my favorite writers/cyclists, Heidi Swift, is about to embark on an InGamba tour soon. She organized the ReveTour a couple year ago where a group of ladies rode the Tour de France course one day ahead of the guys. It was super awesome. Wish they’d do it again or have a women’s version of the race.

    Happy Bastille Day!

  7. Comment by Wife#1 | 07.14.2015 | 9:55 pm

    @Brian Ogilvie no worries, I got your back. We have a now fully grown (and tall!) hardcore 14 y/o daughter that is ready for a mountain bike up to the standards of Marin County high school racing (birth place of mountain biking, of course these kids are freakishly good – just check the 8 hours of Boggs results!).

    But I digress.

    When you win, feel free to donate it to Sage Houston. And if somehow you get a request for a freakishly large frame, don’t fall for it. Her dad already has an awesome Specialized MTB bike he won 2 years ago in one of these FatCyclist WBR contests!

    That said, if you win, you should TOTALLY go to Italy yourself! You can make it work.

  8. Comment by Wife#1 | 07.14.2015 | 9:57 pm

    Okay AKChick, I am in for 2 bikes so far, but it’s your birthday today, so…

    The first bike I donated in Sage’s name last week, cause she could use a sweet bike. But bike #199 I just donated as Wife#1 tonight, so if Katie Bolling pulls that one of the hat, that prize is all yours. Happy birthday!

  9. Comment by Cyclingjimbo | 07.15.2015 | 1:57 am

    So many choices. This is your most extensive collection of prizes to date, and it is really impressive to see so many top notch companies lining up to support WBR and your fund raiser.

    I am in, or will be as soon as I can get back home and make our donation to WBR.

    Good on you, Fatty.

  10. Comment by Steph | 07.15.2015 | 7:35 am

    Super excited to be participating in this raffle and to be able to donate to such a great cause… a teeny weeny bit stressed that I will be away on results day with no access to email…nooo!!!

  11. Comment by MattC | 07.15.2015 | 7:42 am

    What? No ANDY FREAKING HAMPSTEN? that’s just wrong (just kidding…WAY TO GO FATTY!!!)

    And I’m guessing you’re not EVEN done yet disclosing prizes…your schmoozing and strong-arming companies to donate prizes is world-class!

  12. Comment by Welnic | 07.15.2015 | 10:16 am

    I thought it would be a cycling trip, I even suspected that it would be in Italy. But Eros Poli? Wow! I’ll have to hook up my VCR and watch his stage win again.

  13. Comment by bykjunkie | 07.15.2015 | 10:59 am

    For the record, If I won (hey, one can dream) there is no way I would select this. Why you might ask? Because I would be taking an incredible adventure away from someone. You see, I’m fortunate to live right outside Naples. Yes, I know the area around days 7,8,9and 10 and someone is going to just absolutely love it! If you wanted to climb Mt Vesuvius (10k climb) you could do the afternoon you get to Naples. Sorento and the Amalfi coast….stunning! oh you are going to love it!!! Maybe I can play Hooky from work and join you on the road!! All kitted up in Fatty WBR gear of course.

  14. Comment by DavidV | 07.15.2015 | 2:36 pm

    Katie / Fatty,

    I went to the Canadian site since I’m Canadian (go PanAM Games!). When I click on making a donation, it says one bike is $147, and $1,470 is five bikes. Two bikes is $730. Obviously the math doesn’t make sense, and if I donated $730 it would really buy 5 bikes, but I thought I’d let you know of the errors.

  15. Comment by DavidV | 07.15.2015 | 2:42 pm

    Katie, I made a donation on the Canadian site. David Visschedyk

  16. Comment by leroy | 07.15.2015 | 2:52 pm

    Do they allow dogs?

    What if promises not to attack on climbs?

  17. Comment by AKChick | 07.15.2015 | 8:53 pm

    @WIFE#1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m speechless and that isn’t easy to do! Thank you so much! Wow!

  18. Comment by AKChick | 07.15.2015 | 8:55 pm

    @leroy LOL!

  19. Comment by Brian in VA | 07.16.2015 | 7:13 am

    I”m in for a bike today and my company matches so that’s really 2. And those get matched so it’s 4! How cool is this?

    Good luck Team Fatty! Can’t wait to hear the stories of how all these bikes change lives for the better!

  20. Comment by Katie R | 07.16.2015 | 1:49 pm

    Hello Fatty! I would really like to donate and participate in this event, but i have a quick question. My company will match my donation, but in order to do so, I must donate through our corporate giving site instead of through your site. Have you had anyone do this before? I think I just need the EIN, which I beleive is 205080679 and an ID for you so that you get the credit. Let me know if you think this would be possible

  21. Comment by Eros Poli | 07.20.2015 | 12:20 pm

    hey guys, I’m very happy to see so much interest in this wonderful initiative, grazie…ci vediamo in Italia
    Eros Poli


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