Thank You

11.24.2016 | 8:39 am

About a week ago, I started a list of people and companies I’m grateful to. At some point, the list became overwhelming. Twelve years (I’m rounding up by four months or so, but I don’t think anyone is really surprised to have me exaggerate) of people being unbelievably nice to you can make creating a “gratitude list” almost impossible.

So I’m setting aside the list and am instead going to thank the people I really owe thanks to: my readers. You.

I love writing, but I am not content to write for myself. I need to know people read and enjoy what I write. And for twelve years, you’ve been here for me. Whether you’ve commented or put me in your RSS feed or just come back to the site on a regular basis, you’ve been here for me.

But you’ve done more for me than just read.

When I was in the most difficult part of my life — when Susan was suffering from and, eventually, dying from cancer — you read and commented in unimaginable numbers. I used this blog to express and document pain and death, and you stuck with me and supported me.

Even more, you changed me and my worldview. Until this tragedy, I had never really gotten behind a cause. In response to some prodding from readers, I experimented with asking you to fundraise with me, and you did. And you still do.

Together, you’ve raised well over three million dollars for charity. You’ve made me realize that people, when given a chance, want to do good. You’ve transformed me into a positive person.

Thank you for that, too.

I will miss writing here sometimes, I’m sure of it.

But mostly, I’m grateful. You have been wonderful readers for a dozen years, and I will always think of you as my friends.

Thank you.


  1. Comment by Michael Burdge | 11.24.2016 | 8:51 am

    Thanks for the last twelve years or so. I have been reading since before you offered your first jersey, and have enjoyed it, and followed the journey through Susan’s cancer with the sort of concern you’d have for a neighbour going through the same thing. Look forward to following along over at rkp.

  2. Comment by John Stevenson | 11.24.2016 | 8:55 am

    By one of those freak coincidences I’m wearing the t-shirt you gave me at Interbike a few years back right now and thinking how much I’ve enjoyed your writing over the years, both the funny and the amazingly raw and honest writing you shared during Susan’s illness.

    I hope the berth at RKP sees you find an even larger audience — being part of a bigger operation makes it much easier to get the word out, I find.

    Please don’t forget to renew your domain, though, otherwise this t-shirt will be even harder to explain.

    Good luck!

  3. Comment by Jim Tolar | 11.24.2016 | 8:55 am


    Thanks for taking us on your journey. Good luck going forward. Remember you’ve got friends down in Phoenix, even if you haven’t met them IRL, if you’re ever down here.

    100MtN (Dobson Ranch Edition) Executive Committee

  4. Comment by Bart the Clydesdale | 11.24.2016 | 8:56 am

    Thank you for all the great stories, and the sense of kinship friends of fatty created. Good luck at RKP. See you on the road, most likely on the LT100 trail.

  5. Comment by Allan | 11.24.2016 | 8:56 am

    It’s been a great 12 years man. Thanks for all the laughter and tears.

  6. Comment by Linda | 11.24.2016 | 9:00 am

    So many laughs and (for a long time) so many tears. Thanks for opening up your life to us and sharing so many stories.

  7. Comment by Kevin | 11.24.2016 | 9:00 am

    Thanks for the last 12 years and good luck for the future – Onwards!

  8. Comment by Connie Mundell | 11.24.2016 | 9:01 am

    Thank you so much for all the laughs and tears over the years. It’s been a blast, and you’ve had a profound influence on me. All the best in the future…

  9. Comment by Jeff Dieffenbach | 11.24.2016 | 9:04 am

    Elden, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to following the immeasurable good that you’ve done for the world over at RKP. I’ll miss this place immensely and be immensely better for its having been.

    See you all on the other side.

  10. Comment by Ingrid Arling | 11.24.2016 | 9:11 am

    Thanks Elden,

    For your beautiful and great stories and being so open about the tragic events in your life.

    Thank you also for your great Fat Cyclist bike clothing. I enjoy them a lot and wear them with pride in the Netherlands and around Europe.

    Good luck for the future.

  11. Comment by DonQuix | 11.24.2016 | 9:15 am


    What a bummer of a post to wake up to on Thanksgiving. I’m so very thankful for all your funny, inciteful, and funny posts. Thank you for sharing your wit and life with us and encouraging all of us to get out and do crazy things on two wheels. I’ll miss this site!

    Looking forward to your future on RKP.

  12. Comment by DonQuix | 11.24.2016 | 9:19 am

    One of those funny’s was supposed to insightful. But you really bring the funny and I’ve always appreciated that.

  13. Comment by DonQuix | 11.24.2016 | 9:20 am

    And by insightful i meant touching. Shut up. It’s early and I’m sad.

  14. Comment by davidh-marin,ca | 11.24.2016 | 9:22 am

    I’ve got nothing!

    I’m going to go ride The Appetite Seminar here in Marin, and I’ll think about all I’ve read these past years and the incredible people I’ve come into contact by way of you.

    I’m already missing this site.

  15. Comment by Alex Mathews | 11.24.2016 | 9:26 am


    Thank you for sharing your life’s story with us all these years. I’m very happy to have been able to be a part of Team Fatty. I wish you great luck with your future endeavors. Thanks for being you Fatty!


  16. Comment by Alex Mathews | 11.24.2016 | 9:27 am


    Thank you for sharing your life’s story with us all these years. I’m very happy to have been able to be a part of Team Fatty. I wish you great luck with your future endeavors. Thanks for being you Fatty!

  17. Comment by Jeff Yegian | 11.24.2016 | 9:30 am

    Dear Elden, I’m so glad to have found your blog (only one I’ve stuck with!) and shared in your experience. You’re a good person…on to RKP! JeffY

  18. Comment by TominAlbany | 11.24.2016 | 9:31 am

    Fatty, Thank you for all the laughter and the tears.

    I’m already a regular RKP reader so I won’t miss a thing.

  19. Comment by MikeL | 11.24.2016 | 9:39 am

    One door closes and another opens. Good Luck.

  20. Comment by Lowco2 | 11.24.2016 | 9:40 am

    Wow. Thank you for it all. It has been a great ride.

  21. Comment by Chris | 11.24.2016 | 9:49 am

    Thanks for the memories and I look forward to your future posts.

  22. Comment by Ryank | 11.24.2016 | 9:58 am

    Thanks for helping me to see how people want to do good too. I’ve never given or participated in your fundraisers, but hearing about them and seeing others generosity has inspired me to give now.

    I hope you enjoy your new life and new priorities, and look forward to reading about it!

  23. Comment by Chris | 11.24.2016 | 10:09 am

    Fatty in reading this I realize that I have been following your blog from almost day 1 and I have to say you have opened my eyes to the larger cycling community, you’ve encouraged me to push myself and you have broadened my perspective on how my charity dollars can help others.

    Best of luck at RKP and I look forward to continuing to following you.

  24. Comment by Susie H. | 11.24.2016 | 10:16 am

    Sitting on the tarmac in Vegas and crying a bit for all the time I’ve filled with your wonderfully witty and warm writing. Although we’ve only shared pie on a couple of occasions, that combined with these writings makes me think of you as a friend. Heck, I didn’t ride bikes at all when I first began reading your blog 10 years ago, and now I’m a bonafide cyclist. Although I will certainly continue to follow your writings, I feel it will be sometime before I can bring myself to unbookmark Wishing you all the best in this new direction, Eldon. It’s been a wonderful ride here in this venue!

  25. Comment by Jenni | 11.24.2016 | 10:34 am

    Oh Fatty, this makes me emotional. You have given so much to so many and I am most definitely a better person for knowing you.
    Sending much love and every positive vibe I have for your continued success and good health.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
    Always your friend,

  26. Comment by leroy | 11.24.2016 | 10:37 am

    Thanks for taking us along on a great ride!

    My dog would say I’m a better person for knowing you, but just right now, he’s speechless.

    That of course won’t last. He’s got some explaining to do.

    See you down the road and thanks!

  27. Comment by rb | 11.24.2016 | 10:39 am

    Of all the final posts I imagined, this is one of the best outcomes. I feel like you have launched the attack with Padrig and Hottie.

    Your writing and podcasting speaks to a big segment of the community that the magazines and other blogs/sites cannot. RKP+FC you all are off the front, and we’ll see if the rest of the pack organizes a chase. For the fans and readers, it’s all positive

    I know we won’t lose that Fatty positivity and polite irreverence. I also have a feeling those fundraisers are going to get explosively larger…maybe that RKP kit gets a piece of pie. Or a brat. Or a Clydesdale.

    Thank You for the last 12 years. Thank you for your courage, commitment, and “fartyness”. I wish I had more of each in me.

  28. Comment by rb | 11.24.2016 | 10:40 am

    Oh crap! I meant “fattyness”. I hate his phone

  29. Comment by Ingrid | 11.24.2016 | 10:47 am

    Thank you for entertaining and engaging me for so many years. I still do not like cycling other than as a necessary means of transportation here in the Netherlands.
    But I can now better understand those who do.
    Thank you for sharing all the tears, the laughter and the opportunities to support good causes.
    And as soon as my first and apparently last 100MoN shirt arrives I will go and earn it: in the division Walk-don’t-Ride-40K-steps-from-no-place-to-nowhere.
    Thank you for that too.

  30. Comment by John Juge | 11.24.2016 | 10:49 am

    Eldon, thank you so much for sharing your life and experiences with the rest of us. Your story inspired me, made me laugh, made me sad, and constantly reminded me to keep fighting for my goals. Thank you.

  31. Comment by Nick | 11.24.2016 | 10:54 am

    Elden, I found your blog in 2008 not long after my mom started breast cancer treatment and was a proud member of Team Fatty Philly in ‘09 and ‘10. My parents got really into helping me with the fundraising, which was a really good distraction from the crappy things we were dealing with at the time. When Susan passed, we all shared your pain.

    I can’t think of an adequate way to put it in words, but thank you.

  32. Comment by Jeff Dieffenbach | 11.24.2016 | 10:57 am

    Fatty, you should leave the comments section of this post open longer than you do for other posts.

  33. Comment by Karen | 11.24.2016 | 11:00 am

    Thanks for sharing your story, the good times and the bad. It’s been quite the ride. Reading your posts inspired me to get back on my bike after at least 20 years and I re-found the joy of getting out on the trails and just pedaling. I’ve also found a great charity or two and just signed up through to continue supporting World Bicycle Relief. A really worthy cause. I also supported my first 100 miles of nowhere this year. Another great cause. Good luck in your new venture. Happy trails. Thank you.

  34. Comment by Heidi | 11.24.2016 | 11:02 am

    Spirit of generosity, that’s you. I’m so very thankful to have spent a wonderful weekend hiking in Zion with you and your family. Wishing you all the best, Elden. Allez!

  35. Comment by Corrine | 11.24.2016 | 11:21 am

    I’m so glad I found your blog while researching Leadville many years ago. Thanks for all your stories. Thanks for inspiring us to do insane things. Thanks for letting me know about great charities that I now support. Thank you for sharing your family with us. And thank you for bringing us FoF’s together. I feel like I know a lot more people that share my passions through you. Thank you for it all. I wish you and Lisa and your children all the best! Hope to see you and other FoF’s out on the trails.

  36. Comment by Mark | 11.24.2016 | 11:36 am

    Thank you, Elden. Because of you and your blog, I was welcomed into a fantastic circle of friends, which ultimately led to finding a job in and relocating my family to a community we love. Cycling isn’t a big part of my life anymore, but the community and memories you facilitated are. Thank you for that.

  37. Comment by NZ Ev | 11.24.2016 | 11:50 am

    Thank You so very very much Elden. I am going to miss reading this blog everyday, however onward ever onward. Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us and for being so open and honest and funny. Thanks for not taking things so seriously and reminding us all to laugh at ourselves and not take things so seriously. Even from the other side of the world I feel like I have been able to meet virtually so many like minded people because of you and this blog. I look forward to reading RKP daily moving forward. Thanks for providing me with a cause that I could get behind and support. Thanks for providing the forum for me to meet and know there are like minded people who love biking and doing crazy things on the bike to help and support those who need it most. Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the states. I am so thankful for you Elden and best wishes to your family and friends whose stories you have shared so eloquently with us. Now I need to go and find some tissues.. . . .

  38. Comment by Alister | 11.24.2016 | 11:53 am

    Thanks Elden for everything. I found your blog 7 years ago when I needed help to make sense of some difficult things happening in my own life and the grace and humour you and Susan showed inspired me and taught me a very important life lesson. You were a great friend to me at a time I needed it.

    I cheered out loud (oops, sorry office team…) when you and Lisa got hitched. You reminded me how we can all move forwards with joy.

    And throughout the whole journey, I just loved reading your writing about cycling, family, friendship and fun.

    I’ve bookmarked RKP. Nice pic there, BTW.

    Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  39. Comment by Linus Kron | 11.24.2016 | 11:55 am

    I’ve laughed and occasionally cried while reading your posts. You move a lot of people, including me!


  40. Comment by Jodi | 11.24.2016 | 12:09 pm

    I remember when you started this blog – like, I remember our phone conversation and you telling me about it, but first – what a blog even was. You inspired me to create (and then end) 2 of my own blogs in that time. So much has gone down between then and now but I love that you’re always pushing forward big brother. Always proud of you and will move with you over to the new spot. ????????

  41. Comment by Patrick Dontigny | 11.24.2016 | 12:16 pm

    Thank you Elden

    You and your family made me laugh and cry over the last 5-7 years. I love reading this blog, mainly due to your style of writing, which I will miss quite a bit. Seems like a very thoughtful decision which I kind of saw coming (without giving me any credit for it). I hope your transition to RKP will be smooth and I wish you the best to you and your family. I will continue to wear proudly those 2 Fatcyclist kits I own (honestly those bib are more comfortable than my ASSOS s7 bib. :) Enjoy life my friend with your family.

    Thank you from Quebec!

  42. Comment by Mark in Bremerton | 11.24.2016 | 12:26 pm

    Thank YOU, Elden.

    I’m going to miss your blog, here at least – the previous 40+ comments pretty much sum it up.

    See you on down the line…

  43. Comment by esteefatty | 11.24.2016 | 12:42 pm

    Thanks for all the years of great posts. First found you thru LiveStrong when I was dealing with breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. I was very glad to meet your FC community. Won the great prize of choosing a fabulous bike or LT100 entry and had to turn them both down which allowed you to find two fabulous women to accept the prizes. I am doing my 100MoN on the indoor cycle as part of my physio for recovery from treatment for a brain tumor which is unrelated to my BC and is the reason I had to decline your awesome prize. I am peddling to Corinne’s “My nose froze” Dukhs music and video. Thanks Corinne!and thanks to all the Nelsons and the FC friends who inspire us all. see you at RKP

  44. Comment by L'Hippo | 11.24.2016 | 12:51 pm

    I have read your blog for many years and have enjoyed it immensely. It has been a source of insight, joy, sorrow, and pleasure and cycling wisdom that I will miss. Best of luck and I know you will succeed!

  45. Comment by Gordon Henderson | 11.24.2016 | 12:57 pm

    Thank you, Fatty – see you at RKP.

  46. Comment by Slo Joe | 11.24.2016 | 1:07 pm

    On this Thanksgiving Day, a simple but heartfelt: Thank You.

  47. Comment by Andy | 11.24.2016 | 1:09 pm

    From one endurance racer to another, thanks Elden. This blog has been an inspiration and a mine of useful info for me since 2007 when your site popped up in a google search for “Leadville”; four LT100’s and a pair of Breck Epics later I’m still racing and still reading your blog. Good luck, team Nelson; I’ll be interested to see how the journey progresses.

  48. Comment by Jacob | 11.24.2016 | 1:11 pm

    Thank you. For sharing. For getting me back on the bike 5 years ago. For making my cry. But especially making me laugh. And know this: there are a lot of FoF in Europe. (PS: Don’t forget the complicity when writing at RKP)

  49. Comment by Aussie kev | 11.24.2016 | 1:24 pm

    Fat Man what the ?? i wouldnt even know when i started reading your blog – ages ago !!!!. god luck for your future, i still race with the twin six “Win” logo with the tear drop on stem !!!.
    Take care my fat friend.


  50. Comment by fattodd | 11.24.2016 | 1:31 pm

    :( I will miss reading your blog
    :) I am thrilled to see how the next chapter goes.
    Hope is all tailwinds.
    Enjoy the ride!

  51. Comment by Austin | 11.24.2016 | 1:53 pm

    Thank you for all you’ve done over the years to support charitable organizations and to express all that is great about cycling. While I am sad to see your site go, I am thrilled that you are joining forces with our RKP! It is cool to see great writers, bloggers and insightful individuals like yourself and Padraig join forces!

  52. Comment by Anonymous | 11.24.2016 | 1:57 pm

    I was a late-comer to this blog but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories and race reports. Your blog was a big inspiration in getting me back into cycling this year. Thank you for all of your charity work and keeping us entertained.

  53. Comment by Dylan | 11.24.2016 | 1:59 pm

    I was a late-comer to this blog but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories and race reports. Your blog was a big inspiration in getting me back into cycling this year. Thank you for all of your charity work and keeping us entertained.

  54. Comment by miles archer | 11.24.2016 | 2:03 pm

    I’ve been reading you here since your days in Washington. I’ve been reading RKP since you linked to it some years ago during the Deuce saga.

    Thanks for all you’ve done here and I look forward to mildly heckling you over on RKP.

  55. Comment by Ian Hopper | 11.24.2016 | 2:09 pm

    Oh fatty, I bid you good tidings on this day of Thanks! I am grateful to hear youwon’t be leaving writing all together and i promise to check out Red Kite Prayer. I have followed you since 2005 or so and I own a lot of Fatcyclist gear so please, maintain the domain! True story, I still regularly make rhe bercher mueslix recipe you sent me, the ergon grips from an early days raffle win are still on one of my bikes, and your persona and blog represent the state of Utah in my mind (whether that’s good or bad I’ll leave you to decide.) Good luck and godspeed!

  56. Comment by Zeeeter | 11.24.2016 | 2:10 pm

    Thank you Elden, you’ve shared the terrible, the inspirational and the hilarious with us, made us laugh, cry and sweat, and have led the way on giving to a number of very deserving charities. To say the least, a lot of good has come from your efforts. Personally I’ve made some wonderful friends, mainly from the Davis events, without your blog and motivation, none of whom I would have met. I wish you well on your future endeavors, and look forward to following and enjoying whatever comes next. Best wishes to you and your family from ours.

  57. Comment by Aaron | 11.24.2016 | 2:17 pm

    So long and thanks for all the fish. Fatty o followed you from very early on the ups the downs. I donated bought drink bottles that got shipped to Australia i never won a competition. Why did i do these things because you are a wonderful human being. Thank you for your writing and stories

  58. Comment by Mike | 11.24.2016 | 2:22 pm

    Thank you. I love your race reports. I love the interviews you did for the fattycast and now for cycling tips and the pinnacle podcast. I’ll definitely follow you to RKP. I guess it makes sense to alleviate pressure from yourself to post really frequently here so people keep coming back. Being on another site alleviates that pressure and let’s you focus on the the posts you have the time for and are the most passionate. Good luck. Keep being awesome.

  59. Comment by David Frost | 11.24.2016 | 2:34 pm

    So many thanks Eldon for being you and what you have given us all.
    You have brought out or at least accentuated the good in so many.
    I am pleased to have been a small part of it.


  60. Comment by Michael | 11.24.2016 | 2:36 pm

    Elden, thanks for all the insight, inspiration, and laughs over the years. What a tremendous amount of good you have done. Best wishes to you and yours, and here’s looking forward to your further adventures at RKP.

  61. Comment by Michelle NZ | 11.24.2016 | 2:37 pm

    What a ride, Fatty! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for years, thanks so much for the laughs, tears and insights. I’ll bookmark RKP to get my daily fix now. I hope it is obvious to you from all the comments here just how much of an impact you have had on your readers, across so many different countries. Aside from the massive task of facilitating 3 million(!) in fundraising. I’m proud to have played my very small part in that and to have found worthwhile charities to support. Looking forward that following you on RKP. Thanks.

  62. Comment by SLL | 11.24.2016 | 2:50 pm


  63. Comment by Sarah | 11.24.2016 | 3:08 pm

    Wait. What?!? I didn’t see this coming at all! But I am happy for you, happy to know you and happy to be inspired by you. Wishing you the best always!!

  64. Comment by Clydesteve | 11.24.2016 | 3:31 pm

    Thanks for all, Fatty! You got me back into: fundraising against cancer, bicycle appreciation, and, of course amused. Say hi to Lisa from me. (As nice of a person you are, she is nicer, you know!)

  65. Comment by Scott D Gilbert | 11.24.2016 | 4:15 pm

    Thank you Fatty! And I’ve been following RKP since the beginning so it will be great to see you “over there”.

  66. Comment by AngieG | 11.24.2016 | 4:28 pm

    WOW, I didn’t see this coming. As Zeeter said, we have shared laughter and tears. I will have the memories of my first century as a member of Team Fatty at Livestrong San Jose and the craziness of taking over Davis. All the 100 Miles of Nowhere and crazy fundraisers. More importantly I am blessed to have the memories and love for a group of amazing people that are now considered more like family than friends :DavidH, Dave, Rob and Amy Thompson, my brothers from another mother MattC and Greg Chapek, Zeeter, Yann and Karen, Carlos Perea…..

    All my love to you and Lisa!!! Please keep in touch. Don’t make me hunt you down, remember I know where you live, (MMUUUAAAAHHAAAHHHAAAHHH)

  67. Comment by Barb | 11.24.2016 | 4:46 pm

    Thank you for sharing your life journey, your family, you cycling exploits and your humorous moments. I’ll miss reading your posts for sure. Hopefully if our paths cross again in the middle of nowhere Utah you will give me another hug

    Barb Douglas

  68. Comment by Chris | 11.24.2016 | 6:00 pm

    Thank you for all the years of entertainment and enjoyment I’ve had by following your life stories through your blog. I’ll be looking forward to more posts over at RKP.


  69. Comment by Jared13 | 11.24.2016 | 6:39 pm

    Thanks for the inspiration and laughs, Elden!

    P.S. Great pic over on RKP! Definitely helped the mood.

  70. Comment by Jon | 11.24.2016 | 6:45 pm

    This is not at all like the normal, obligatory cliff-hangers that I am used to reading on this blog.

    Thank you and enjoy your change. It ain’t always easy.

  71. Comment by Yannb | 11.24.2016 | 7:21 pm

    Elden, as everyone else as said. Thank you for your wonderful, funny, sad stories you have shared with us over the years. I too am grateful for making all these new friends through these pages, you all know who you are. Too many to list here, you all know who you are.

    Looking forward to following your new adventures on RKP. See you on the flip side.

  72. Comment by ClydeinKS | 11.24.2016 | 7:26 pm

    On this Thanksgiving Day I thought no better shirt to wear than my “Fatty’s Last Stop Pie Shop & Bicycle Repair” tee. I HAD NOT thought it to foreshadow Fatty’s last stop here! Elden – THANK YOU for the many days of joy reading your stories, providing the motivation for a needed weight loss (despite not being able to keep it off), bringing an unmatched insanity to the 100 MoN, creating the incredible platform you provided for helping us pay it forward and do good things for others in various areas, and creating a network of #FoF’s – it is clear any friend of Fatty is “good people.” You have welcomed many and coming to know you and your family has been a joy. I am very thankful this day in thinking back over the past 4-5ish years of being a reader/supporter/contributor here. There is so much more that could be said here but will sum it up with I wish you and your family nothing but the best moving forward, I hope to still find you/your writings often, and again THANK YOU!

  73. Comment by BradL | 11.24.2016 | 7:51 pm

    Wow. Shocked. Like so many others, I did not see this one coming. I found FatCyclist when the Fredcast pod-faded, and I feel like I’ve gained a virtual family. Elden, over 10 years, I have met Susan, Lisa, the twins, the Monster, Dug, Kevin and a litany of FoF. You have touched our hearts as we see the world through your eyes. I see that bicycles can bring joy, pain, and even improve lives. Because of you, I’ve tried my first endurance mountain bike race, and hope to race Leadville some day. I’ll look you up when I get there.
    I know the only constant in life is change, or something like that! I look forward to following you on RKP, and hope the friendship continues and expands as I get to know Patrick & Michael better. Best of luck as you make this transition. Know that you have lots of friends with you! See you on RKP!

  74. Comment by Eric | 11.24.2016 | 8:30 pm

    Thanks for everything Fatty.

  75. Comment by Drew | 11.24.2016 | 9:01 pm

    It’s too little to say thank you for everything you’ve done for cancer, for children in Africa, children going to camp, and all of the other charities you’ve supported. Thank you for all the wonderful stories and sharing your life with me. Thank you.

  76. Comment by Ian | 11.24.2016 | 9:17 pm

    Thank you. That it all

    Ps. I have all these egg whites. What shall I do with them?

    PPS. Apparently that wasn’t all.

  77. Comment by Dylan | 11.24.2016 | 9:29 pm

    Thanks for everything Fatty! I’ve read every entry for over ten years, and have enjoyed participating in a community of your creation. It has been inspiring. You will be missed; but if I’m ever in your neck of the woods, I’ll drop you a line and maybe we can go for a ride.
    Good luck in all your adventures!

  78. Comment by Zach and Fred | 11.24.2016 | 10:07 pm

    Thank you fatty. Looks like Fred and I will have to meet on the trail. Til the next race and/or adventure. Cheers.

  79. Comment by Brian | 11.24.2016 | 10:11 pm

    Thanks for all the great posts Fatty. Will continue to follow on RKP.

    All the best!

  80. Comment by Greg | 11.24.2016 | 10:36 pm

    Thank you for an amazing run and for some inspiration to move forward ourselves, along with you, in our own way. Peace.

  81. Comment by Padraig | 11.24.2016 | 10:50 pm

    On behalf of Red Kite Prayer, I want to thank Fatty and all the FC readers for placing even a modicum (relatively tiny amount) of trust in us. This is a big honor and it is our hope that this change of venue will allow Fatty to sing a new song or two. We plan to do all we can to support him.

  82. Comment by Rob M | 11.24.2016 | 11:20 pm

    Fatty, I learned of this blog when you were trying to get Bob Roll to shave his hair,(‘09 Tour of Cali). He was a good sport and it turned into a successful fundraiser against cancer. Chapeau.

    I have had many laughs from your posts since then, but there was that one short post about Susan’s passing that brought tears for someone I never met, but wish I had.

    I did meet you at Philly LiveStrong when we rode together briefly and you made a difficult ride much more enjoyable. I introduced myself but failed to confess that I had sometimes posted in your comments section as Dr. Lammler. I hope it added to the spirit of your blog.

    Fatty, thanks for being a part of my life. I wish you all the best.

  83. Comment by Jesse King | 11.24.2016 | 11:40 pm

    I met you in 2015 climbing Powerline and instantly knew I liked you. Not sure why exactly but you got me hooked on root beer GU so that’s definitely a plus. Listening to your tales of almost 20 years of Leadville helped me so much that first year and even the second. Your podcasts helped drive me from Florida to Colorado for a second year. I’ve appreciated reading your stories and enjoy listening to your knowledge and banter. Thank you. I’ll continue to be a fan, wherever you end up, and I’ll see you in Leadville until they don’t let one of us race. Thank you Fatty.

  84. Comment by Jeremy | 11.24.2016 | 11:42 pm

    I know I don’t comment often enough, but thank you, Elden. You’ve provided humor, inspiration, and motivation. I still regard our rides at the Livestrong Challenges in Davis as some of my favorite ride rides ever. Someday, our paths may cross again in real life, but for now, I will look forward to your posts on RKP.

  85. Comment by Brett Sellers | 11.24.2016 | 11:59 pm

    Thank you, Fatty. You have amused me with your stories and inspired me at the same time to get on a mountain
    bike and then to actually race the darn thing. Keep up the good work over at RKP.

  86. Comment by Alan S | 11.25.2016 | 12:04 am

    Long time reader of RKP and Fatcyclist, so I’m mostly OK with this.

    Still 100 Miles of Nowhere next year, right?

    Yep, planning to do 100MoN next year…and Grand Slam for WBR next week. – FC

  87. Comment by Anonymous | 11.25.2016 | 1:14 am

    Thank you for running the best cycling blog ever. You made me laugh, cry and triggered most of the emotions in between. It was a wonderful ride and I’ll keep on following you on RKP. Godspeed!

  88. Comment by The Flying Ute (Mike Lewis) | 11.25.2016 | 8:56 am

    You have put words to so many little nuances of riding and racing bikes that I have loved reading about all of these years. Your writing has added more meaning to racing Leadville for the 10 years that I did. I remember getting my picture with you by the fire in Moab while eating one of Kennys brats, before a RAWROD,while Suncrest Dug looked on in wonder at the making of a legend.

    Great times! Thanks for putting me on your WBR team to get me into Leadville for my 1,000 mile buckle. It has been a great ride following you for over a decade now. Good luck with the new adventure and I will always love running into any member of the Core team on the trails.
    Also, kudos to the Hammer for beating my time up to the gate above Silver Lake. She is fast! Good luck to you both.

  89. Comment by BamaJim | 11.25.2016 | 9:10 am

    Thanks for all the entertainment and charity work through this venue. Wishing you all the best in your next endeavors!

  90. Comment by sr | 11.25.2016 | 9:28 am

    Whoa, really did not see that coming. Best of luck with family, career, future fundraising efforts, and content creation at RKP. Will follow you there- been following you since that day when BikeSnob linked to you, on a day the New York Times linked to him. I got hooked on your writing and spent hours reading through your archives. Sometimes I go back and re-read bits again. Thanks for all of it- the writing, the humor, the pathos, the sharing (I also read your sister’s blog, and Dug’s blog too), the inspiration … even as a non-cyclist, I liked donating to WBR because I felt like I was part of your team of good, funny, people … I love your writing very much and will miss this site. With thanks and best wishes.

  91. Comment by Chris | 11.25.2016 | 9:46 am

    Thanks for the memories, Fatty and for the example of using ones stunning good looks and charm for the forces of good.
    Chris in Austin

  92. Comment by Michael Clark | 11.25.2016 | 9:53 am

    Thanks for the memories. I’ve learned a lot over the years from your blog. Best wishes to you and your family as things progress on your new adventures.

  93. Comment by Matt Close | 11.25.2016 | 10:09 am

    Fatty, I am very happy for you. I know this must have been a difficult decision as so much of your life and passions have been captured here. Community has been created here, friendships have been created here, working relationships (albeit brief ;-) ) have been created here, pounds have been gained and lost here (down 35 lbs this year due to your motivation). So glad you are joining the ranks at RKP, life is always good in community. I think this is the motivation to go over to RKP and sign up to support monthly. Always a FOF. Matt

  94. Comment by wharton_crew | 11.25.2016 | 10:25 am

    Fatty, thanks for all you do and have done. I’m feeling conflicted – happy, on one hand, that you’re still going to be around at RKP, but also sad that fatcyclist won’t be as much of a ‘thing’. I agree that explaining my kits will be a lot more difficult now. :-)

    But mostly, I’m grateful for the time you’ve taken to reach out and connect a diverse group of people into one team. We’re all Fatty at heart and will continue to love cycling, each other, as well as hate cancer.

    Thanks again.

  95. Comment by GregP | 11.25.2016 | 10:31 am

    Thanks for sharing your life’s journey with us. I’ve been reading since nearly the beginning; it’s been heartbreaking, inspirational and endlessly entertaining. Thank you!

  96. Comment by Mike C | 11.25.2016 | 10:34 am

    Fatty/Elden, it has been such a pleasure following you blog for the last several years. Thanks for the many years of laughter, and even some tears. It has been an honor to support some of causes that you’ve promoted, and to even have the chance to ride with (get dropped by) you in the Livestrong Davis rides. I intend to continue to follow along with your adventures at RKP.

    Thanks again!

  97. Comment by Dave M | 11.25.2016 | 11:17 am

    Thanks for the 12 years of laughter and tears. I first came across you at cycling where you wrote an article on Jan Ulrich. It was unlike anything I had read before in the cycling world. Thank you for sharing your sense of humor and your humility. It’s been a lot of fun for me and my family. And thank you most of all for the Best Cake in the World. Looking forward to see what you’re up to at RKP.

  98. Comment by Sarah | 11.25.2016 | 11:41 am


    You will be missed. Your blog was one of the reasons I got into biking (I stumbled upon it while doing bike research).

    Thank you for the last 12 years of quality writing, laughter, and inspiration to keep up the good fight.

    And does this mean we’ll never hear the end of the Monster’s Leadville write up?!

    Good luck on the next adventure.

  99. Comment by Mark in Bremerton | 11.25.2016 | 2:01 pm

    Great comments, all. Huge following, just huge.

    I will miss commenting – I tried to comment on RKP and got a message that JavaScript and Cookies are not enabled on my browser. I tried two browsers. I will miss the community here…

    (P.S. If someone has a quick answer for this non-geek, my email is mju55(at)wavecable(dot)com).

  100. Comment by Casey W | 11.25.2016 | 2:46 pm

    Thank you, from Finland!

    I’ve enjoyed following you here, and I’m sure I’ll follow you to RKP. Thanks for the years of encouragement and entertainment, it’s been very much appreciated!

  101. Comment by Jeff Dieffenbach | 11.25.2016 | 3:02 pm

    Felt appropriate on multiple levels to ride fat today.

    Short video of me riding what’s behind me in the photo.


  102. Comment by Jeff Dieffenbach | 11.25.2016 | 3:03 pm

    This image was supposed to be in my prior post:

  103. Comment by Fedor | 11.25.2016 | 3:24 pm

    Thank you. I used to read your stories and they came to my imagination in very vivid colors with your unmistakable writing style. Good luck with what you’re going to do and thank you once again.

  104. Comment by Christina | 11.25.2016 | 3:31 pm

    Thanks for everything. I’m not going to lie- this was kinda a sucker punch, even though you’re not leaving leaving.

    I’ll miss the community here as well.

    Take care and I’m off to RSS RKP.

  105. Comment by MtlDan | 11.25.2016 | 4:13 pm

    Hey Fatty,
    Good pull. I’ve had some tough times these last 12 years, and your writing (and experiences) helped make things a little easier, like you were blocking the wind for me. Also, some times I felt great, and you added to that, too, like you were leading me out. Thanks.

  106. Comment by GregC | 11.25.2016 | 5:20 pm

    Hi Eldon,
    Thanks for allowing us to become part of your family and share your joy’s, sorrow, observations and venting. I laughed at your fake news, I cried through Susan’s suffering and passing, I celebrated on the event of Lisa coming into your life and all the details in between that make up life. Thanks for allowing us to live vicariously as a part of your race team through so many events that no one could count (although you still owe us a few from last summer). I’ve been a RKP reader for quite some time (you turned me on to them) and enjoy Pradig, the Robot and others. I finally started listening to your podcasts this summer while traveling and really enjoy. I’ve made some good friends through you (the San Jose, Davis and Austin LiveStrong events and the pie and the BBQ and David H beer selection and the bicycle hall of fame). You better be careful that you don’t make Angie G come find you, she drives a giant truck and she isn’t afraid to use it! Frankly I’m amazed that you kept on with the blog as long as you did, and I’m thank full. As Mr. Spock would say, “live long and prosper”. I expect our paths will cross again one day.

  107. Comment by Ian | 11.25.2016 | 6:05 pm

    Dr Lammler will have to go back to riding his bike!

  108. Comment by mbunge | 11.25.2016 | 7:14 pm


    You’ve touched my life in ways I can’t really put into words. I “discovered” you in 2008 and was hooked. The past eight years have been a combination of eager anticipation, laughter and awe.

    My bucket list still includes riding (note I didn’t say racing) trails with you.

    Glad to know I can still find you on RKP. Thanks for letting us join you on this fantastic ride!

  109. Comment by joliver3 | 11.25.2016 | 9:36 pm

    Nooooooooo! Say it isn’t so! I guess I will have to become familiar with RKP.

    Thanks for sharing so much with us over the years — the good and the bad, the fun and the not-so-fun. I know I never could have shared so publicly some of the things that you’ve gone through.

    I’m glad to know you’ll still be publishing online and organizing the 100 MoN fundraiser each year. I never finished my write-up of this year’s ride, but I guess it’s too late now. I’ll have to figure out how to find your posts over on RKP without having to wade through too many posts from other writers.

    See you on the other side!

  110. Comment by Benneca1 | 11.26.2016 | 8:45 am

    Thanks for interesting observations for last 12 years Even though I am thousands of miles away in Ireland I could relate to your blog. I will miss reading it. You tell a good story i bet you have Irish genes somewhere????

  111. Comment by Brian in VA | 11.26.2016 | 10:04 am

    Well, this is a sad day although not as sad as it could be, I suppose.

    I’ve been half expecting this, just my sixth sense telling me that you were running out of road. You’re writing has remained at a very high level but it felt like you were just running out of gas. I can’t blame you; it’s a weird time in America and in a lot of our lives. You can’t be any different. In fact, it’s that you’re just like the rest of us that has made your blog so inspiring and addictive.

    I stumbled upon this about 5 years ago when I got back into cycling. Thanks to you, I’ve become a cycling fundraiser myself while joining in your efforts, too. My focus has been on Diabetes but you’ve gotten me for just about every other cause, as well. I appreciate that! (I’ve gotten a lot of people contributing to WBR and that’s been very enriching.)

    I’ve bought your books, gotten some great jerseys, learned how to eat, race, even pee on a bike thanks to you, Fatty. I’ve learned to enjoy the pain cave, too. I’ve watched your family grow up and watched them become killer racers and that’s been great fun. I look forward to reading your future missives and watching your podcasts, too.

    Thanks Elden! You’re still one of the 3 people I’d most like to have a beer and a brat with.

  112. Comment by Jeff Dieffenbach | 11.26.2016 | 11:57 am

    Anyone have the 2014 jersey (pie/bratwurst/horse) in men’s large that they’d like to sell? That’s the only one I’m missing from when I started following. Email me: deepbrook at gmail.

  113. Comment by BostonCarlos | 11.26.2016 | 1:26 pm

    Don’t know what else to say that hasn’t been said… We love you, Elden, and can’t wait to see what you do on RKP.

  114. Comment by Jonathan | 11.26.2016 | 2:20 pm

    Thanks Fatty, have really enjoyed your posts and humor, even in difficult times. All the best!

  115. Comment by David | 11.26.2016 | 3:00 pm

    I came to this blog because of your open letter to Lance Armstrong, and have loved it ever since. The race reports are epic, and have helped me through several of my own races! Your blog always seems to have what I need: laughter, inspiration, or just the struggles of another guy trying to get on the bike more often.

    Ironfatty, we will miss you.

  116. Comment by ED | 11.26.2016 | 3:41 pm

    Thanks we have really enjoyed your work, thanks for being so cool about the picture we roped you in to outside the Leadville store in 2015, I’ll start checking out Red Kite and good luck to you and your family.

  117. Comment by Anon | 11.26.2016 | 3:44 pm

    Like so many others, for years I’ve read your blog while laughing or crying (sometimes both), but always enjoying what you write. Our house is often filled with “did you read Fat Cyclist today” because you have a special gift that makes people want to read – and it’s easy to feel as though we’re right along with you on your journey (whether a race report or those times that have been more personal). Twelve years is a long time to maintain a blog and you’ve touched so many in that time. Wishing you and all the Fatty family well!!

  118. Comment by MattC | 11.26.2016 | 4:18 pm

    Holy smokes, I’m late to the party (3000 miles from home is still a poor excuse these days). To say I’m stunned is an understatement. Life moves on, but I’m a guy…we HATE change. It’s just the way it is, we don’t have to like it. Not all change is for the better, but we won’t know that until we are down the road looking back and can make that decision.

    I certainly wish you the best of luck on RKP, and it’s been a true honor to ride with you and support you when I was able. And I also thank you for you taking me along for THE RIDE these last many years here at fatcyclist, along with the THOUSANDS of my friends here, some that I’ve met, some not yet.

    I still miss our TEAMS (San Jose/Davis, Austin, Seattle and Philly) more than I can say, and I’m still hoping something comes along to take that place in my cycling life.

    Break a leg Fatty! See you on the other side!

  119. Comment by MJ | 11.26.2016 | 6:33 pm

    Your blog has been a constant companion for the last ten years and I am going to miss it quite badly. Thank you for sharing your humor and your cycling life. I can’t effectively express how bummed I am that you are giving this up but I hope it represents the start of a joyful new phase in your life. Best wishes to you and your family.

  120. Comment by UpTheGrade, SR, CA | 11.26.2016 | 8:54 pm

    I’m going to miss this blog which has become dear to me over the years. (I like RKP, and I’ll look for you there)

    All that comes to mind are Fatty’s famous words of wisdom, solace, insight and fun:
    “You go on, I’m riding sweep today.”

  121. Comment by UpTheGrade, SR, CA | 11.26.2016 | 8:58 pm

    I’m going to miss your blog that has become dear to me over the years. I will look out for you at RKP.

    The only words that come to mind are Fatty’s wise, insightful, and fun
    “You go on, I’m riding sweep today.”

  122. Comment by Mel | 11.27.2016 | 6:17 am

    Am at a loss for words, just THANK YOU xo

  123. Comment by Dave T | 11.27.2016 | 1:06 pm

    Thank you Elden for bring so many of us together and taking us along on your amazing adventures. Glad to hear you are going to be continuing to write on RKP. Here’s to continuing to do good things.

  124. Comment by Jim B | 11.27.2016 | 3:25 pm


    I’ve been out of town for a week so I haven’t been keeping up with my daily blog rounds. I’m surprised/not surprised to read this. It has been astonishing how much time/energy/care you put into these blog posts, and of course all the additional time/energy/care that laid the groundwork for the blog posts.

    Thanks for being a force for good in the world; we need more people like you.

  125. Comment by Tim | 11.27.2016 | 3:56 pm

    Do we get to hear the last part of The Monster’s Leadville story?

    I kinda doubt it. – FC

  126. Comment by Triflefat | 11.27.2016 | 4:58 pm

    What BostonCarlos said.

  127. Comment by Terri | 11.28.2016 | 7:31 am

    Elden, Thank you. You are a light in a sometimes dark world. Be well.

  128. Comment by Arizona Guy | 11.28.2016 | 8:19 am

    Fatty -

    You have been a highlight in many of my days over the years, with your energy your humor and particularly your honesty have made your site one of the Good Things on the Internet.

    I’ve wondered what happens to blogs after all the stories are told – you managed to find enough fresh perspectives in races like Leadville to make reading about your 12th, 15th and 19th or 20th times as engaging as the first… it is a proof of your excellent writing that I kept coming back checking / hoping for an update or a resolution to a cliffhanger ( Will Fatty find another GU??)

    All the best to you and your family, may RKP offer you sweet singletrack and miles of fresh trails!

    How about the last batch of MON stories – will they get posted?

  129. Comment by Ed | 11.28.2016 | 9:48 am


    It’s been a pleasure reading your many blogs over the years. Your blog was the first blog I really ever started reading, and the content made it worth coming back to over the years.

    I was one of the fortunate ones to benefit from the many raffles you held during your fundraising efforts. It was an honor to be invited into your home and to ride with you and the Hammer on your home trails.

    Sounds like I’ll be able to continue to read your posts over at RKP.

    Good luck!!


  130. Comment by Jim | 11.28.2016 | 9:53 am

    Interesting decision, Fatty. Best of luck. I’ve been a reader since you were on CN and myspace.

  131. Comment by Scott R | 11.28.2016 | 10:41 am

    I’m very sorry to hear this news after reading for a decade or so… and not just because it will make my response to questions about the shirts and jerseys more complicated :-)

    Hoping the RKP move gives you more flexibility and less pressure than being a solo act.


  132. Comment by AKChick | 11.28.2016 | 11:00 am

    Oh my goodness. Where to begin? I was not expecting to come to my favorite site and read this news…I have to admit that I got just a WEE bit panicky. Okay, maybe a LOT panicky (anybody have a paper bag I can breathe into?).

    I have not been a faithful reader for the entirety of this blog, but it feels like I have because of the friendships I’ve made through this blog. People I would have never met except we had this cycling blogger in common who united us in doing GOOD. A lot of GOOD. And we made a difference through you for many people. That’s a pretty dang awesome thing.

    So while I’m excited for you and the new possibilities this will bring for you and for us, your fans, friends and readers, I’m a little afraid of losing what we have with this blog – a cyber family that pulls together when we are needed. Laughs over silly things. My hope is that we all follow you to your new home and hopefully overstay our welcome and eat your food and maybe hang out in our underwear (okay, I may be kidding a little here).

    Thank you for all that you’ve done over the past 12 years. Thank you for sharing some of the most intimate (and sometimes painful) details of your life and for allowing us to be part of your family. I hope that we have given you inspiration and lift when you needed it and that the hecklers have been kept to a minimum. I hope that your new blog venture is a smashing success! I will greatly miss the posts on this blog (hey, aren’t there still some race reports left?), but I look forward to seeing what you come up with next at RKP. I kinda like those folks. They are good people. :) HUGS!!!!

  133. Comment by Eric Finn | 11.28.2016 | 11:02 am


    I’m, like my others before me, very sorry to hear this. Your site was one of only 3 or 4 that I checked on a regular basis. I understand life changes and all, but I’m really going to miss your writing. I’ve never done any of the rides you wrote about and likely never will because I am truly a fay cyclist, but your writing was one of the few things on the internet that held my attention for any sustained period of time. I will truly miss you and hope that all well for you. For me personally I hope this year is over sooner rather than later… I lost my father in August, my job in November and now FatCyclist. Keep the rubber side down.

  134. Comment by Richard Hekman | 11.28.2016 | 12:15 pm

    Fatty, thanks for your humor, thoughtfulness and compassion. I have looked forward to checking your blog every day for several years. Blessings to you and your family, and best of luck on your new adventure!

  135. Comment by Kyle | 11.28.2016 | 12:47 pm

    I wanted to thank your for your writing over these many years. It has been an entertaining journey that captures the experience of cycling both for fun and to push oneself to see just how far you can go.

  136. Comment by Hautacam | 11.28.2016 | 1:31 pm

    Thanks for the long pull, Fatty. It’s been great to sit on your wheel.

    I followed your blog closely for at least 10 of the past 12 years, and I’ve enjoyed it for all of them. I think that what you and RKP have done (and are doing) blazed a path for how to publish and create community online.

    Best wishes and tailwinds.

  137. Comment by old guy who likes to ride | 11.28.2016 | 1:49 pm

    Everybody needs their tree shaken now and then, all the best moving forward.
    see you on RKP.
    And, thanks.

  138. Comment by berry | 11.28.2016 | 1:50 pm

    Well, dammit.

    I first read this post on Thanksgiving, and I’m not sure which stage of grief I’m in now, but at least I’ve gotten through ‘denial.’

    Thanks for all you’ve done here. And one of these days I’m going to wear my FC gear ironically. One of these days.

  139. Comment by walter | 11.28.2016 | 1:53 pm

    Fatty, Thanks for everything. It has been a wonderful ride since I joined the pace-line back in 2006. I have checked your blog almost everyday since then and never been disappointed (this is the only blog that I followed for that long). While we have really never met (I did say hello briefly in Leadville at the finish line a few years back but that was it), I have truly enjoyed your writing about, well, everything. You have given me (and others) much joy and a smile when needed. I felt that we (the readers) went through your good times and bad times together. I cried through many of your posts about Susan but also cheered and laughed at your other posts, fake news, race reports, etc. You have a wonderful talent (more than just eating) and done fantastic good through your charitable work, making the world a better place. Anyway, unfortunately, I could tell this sad day was coming for quite some time but that didn’t make this easier to accept. To lose and Rush – what is this world coming to? :) Sniff, sniff. I wish you well with your new adventure with RKP!

  140. Comment by Eric T. | 11.28.2016 | 2:36 pm

    Bon voyage and Chapeau to This blog has been one of my daily reads since 2007, so it will be missed. I wish you well in the next chapter of your blogging journey at RKP. Hopefully we will still get multi-post race reports over there.

  141. Comment by Bob B. | 11.28.2016 | 3:40 pm

    Fatty! Baby! Say it ain’t so! I sure did love this blog. I will miss it. All the best my man.

  142. Comment by JRLand | 11.28.2016 | 4:17 pm

    Been reading RKP here and there since I first read about it in one of your write-ups a long while back. I guess I will be going there a bit more often now.
    I am sure that this is exciting and weird for you. As for me I thank you for being (and continuing to be) the FatCyclist who conveys his love of cycling in such a down to earth way that I fall in love with my hobby a little more each time I read it.
    Thanks Fattie we’ll see (read?) you around. Peace!

  143. Comment by 331miles | 11.28.2016 | 5:01 pm

    I am one of the many that have donated, purchased, and ridden to support your causes. The *only* reason that happened is that through reading your blog, and later listening to your Paceline podcast, I came to feel like you were a friend, albeit a “virtual” one. Friends support friends. Thank you for writing and inspiring. I am looking forward to your RKP posts!

  144. Comment by Scott | 11.28.2016 | 5:46 pm

    Echoing dozens of readers above, I’ve followed FatCyclist for 10+ years. I rarely, if ever, comment. You’ve entertained, inspired, and educated. I even added a stop on a vacation road trip a few years ago to visit the Colorado Monument — which I learned about from your blog. Thank you again for pouring yourself into this site. It’s been an excellent read.
    As a big fan of RKP, I’ll see your work there, I’m sure.
    All the best.

  145. Comment by Eric | 11.28.2016 | 5:47 pm

    Late to the party here, but thank you, Fatty! I only started reading a few years ago, but I learned about Leadville from this blog, and rode it last year after raising money for WBR as part of your team. I also got to do Montebello repeats with Jill Homer last year for 100 MoN. It’s been great to read your stories, and good luck with your next adventures!

  146. Comment by Paul | 11.28.2016 | 6:15 pm

    Thank you for all the amazing moments you have given me while reading this blog – the only one I ever read!
    You have the balance between great humor and seriousness in your writing and I have always loved the personal touch when you write about all the people in your life that matter.

    I started reading your blog many years ago – but not 12 years ago. That’s impressive – what a ride!
    While i will miss the community on here, i think you’re making a great decision and look forward to reading more from you on RKP.
    Good Luck FATTY!

  147. Comment by MattC | 11.28.2016 | 7:05 pm

    I do have to add this Fatty: thanks for screwing up my blogroll (blogs I like list) on my site (that was sarcasm btw). You’ve been my first stop for SO LONG…and now that’s all messed up. It will be total chaos trying to figure out the NEW order.

    Yeah…sure, RKP is a great site, but now that I’ve had a bit to think about it (and in part due to your response to Tim who asked “do we get the last part of Monsters Leadville story?”)…well, I’m kind of freaked. You see, a HUGE part of your sites appeal has always been the personal stuff. YOUR (and your familes and friends) race/ride stories.

    YOU OWE US DAMIT! (I’m so upset that I can’t even spell DAMIT right!) I’m STILL waiting for you to publish davidh’s WBR-Italy story from 8 or 9 years ago (or was that just last year? Seems longer). And honestly in your defense, this one is likely on davidh cuz HE hasn’t written it yet, am I right?) But there are SO MANY MORE stories you OWE US! Yeah yeah…times change and we must change with them…yada yada yada, blah blah blah. I don’t WANT them to change! (cuz it’s all about me, I sort of thought we had that established by now).

    Well…life goes on and we shall just see how THINGS go. I just get the feeling that I’m going to get gypped out of my ‘usual’ amount of fatcyclist.

    AND I will eventually have to edit my blogroll.


  148. Comment by Lon MIller | 11.28.2016 | 9:02 pm

    Thanks for the opportunity you have given to many of us to support charities through our passion for cycling. You will continue to do good things with a different and larger audience. Job well done and I look forward to what the future brings you.

  149. Comment by Richard P. Kelly | 11.28.2016 | 9:08 pm

    Even before you started, ‘Elden Nelson should do this’ was my first thought when blogging became a ‘thing’ all those years ago. Your subject matter was a surprise, but only that. Everything else was exactly what I expected–you delivered in spades.

    While most of your readers are entertained by Elden Nelson the cycling enthusiast, I come to FatCyclist to enjoy Elden Nelson the writer. I come to read the words of a storyteller; a humorist; a satirist, and a kind, gentle soul who is a master wordsmith. You never disappointed; you never jumped the shark. You’ve had a commendable run by any metric and your writing has only improved over time: Given the bar was so high to begin with, this is an incredible achievement.

    I offer my heartfelt congratulations, Elden, and the best of luck in your future endeavors.

  150. Comment by Richard P. Kelly | 11.28.2016 | 9:11 pm

    Even before you started, ‘Elden Nelson should do this’ was my first thought when blogging became a ‘thing’ all those years ago. Your subject matter was a surprise, but only that. Everything else was exactly what I expected–you delivered in spades.

    While most of your readers are entertained by Elden Nelson the cycling enthusiast, I come to FatCyclist to enjoy Elden Nelson the writer. I come to read the words of a storyteller; a humorist; a satirist, and a kind, gentle soul who is a master wordsmith. You never disappointed; you never jumped the shark. You’ve had a commendable run by any metric and your writing has only improved over time: Given the bar was so high to begin with, this is an incredible achievement.

    I offer my heartfelt congratulations, Elden, and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

  151. Comment by Sylvia S. | 11.28.2016 | 10:09 pm

    Thanks Fatty! Good Luck!

  152. Comment by Linda (from Maryland) | 11.29.2016 | 6:56 am

    Thank you Elden. Thank you Lisa and the rest of your family for sharing your stories. Wishing you all the best for the future and looking forward to new stories in your new home

  153. Comment by Daniel | 11.29.2016 | 8:24 am

    Been reading since the early days, a truly big thanks for everything. Best of luck!

  154. Comment by Gumby | 11.29.2016 | 11:36 am

    So long, and thanks for all the brats (and pie)!

  155. Comment by Kim | 11.29.2016 | 12:05 pm

    I have been reading for 7 years! Only blog I read. And this past Saturday I finally did my first 100 MoN! Glad to hear you still plan on doing those! Didn’t want this to be my first and last!!

  156. Comment by Johan | 11.29.2016 | 12:25 pm

    Always enjoyed reading your stories !!
    Thanks to you the Leadville is on my to-do list!
    Grtz from Belgium !

  157. Comment by Handz98 | 11.29.2016 | 12:57 pm

    Thanks for everything, Fatty!!! See you over at RKP!!!

  158. Comment by Welnic | 11.29.2016 | 2:31 pm

    Thanks for all of the years of writing.

  159. Comment by David | 11.29.2016 | 3:34 pm

    Thanks for the many years of one of the best blogs out there. Good luck on your next venture.

    BTW – Loved the FattyCast!

    Thanks David! And while I’ve had to shelf the FattyCast for now, I have been thinking about ways I might bring it back. Watch for it over at RKP. – FC

  160. Comment by Matt | 11.29.2016 | 6:05 pm

    Fatty, while I’m sure the readers have inspired you, don’t think for one moment that your writing hasn’t affected many of us who read your site, but never comment. There have been many times I’ve found myself in a “predicament” on a bike and asked myself, “What would Fatty do?” Your wisdom and insight has induced a multitude of emotions as I chose to ride on (when I probably shouldn’t have), chose to keep trying to clear this one descent (when clearly I can’t), chose to lecture my pit crew with how efficient yours is (they told me to marry into yours), and also when I chose to recognize that the world is bigger than myself (I know, I’m exactly as disappointed as you imagine me to be). Most importantly through your sharing of your life’s story, the mantra “Fight Like Susan” inspired me to start supporting charities that fought cancer. Your blog made a positive difference in this world. Kudos to you, sir.

    I love your blog and will certainly follow you on over to RKP.

    Best of regards,

    Thanks, Matt! And thanks even more for making the jump to RKP. I have to admit, when I’m in a predicament and ask myself “What would Fatty do,” the answer is usually not very helpful. – FC

  161. Comment by Tim Guthrie | 11.29.2016 | 6:52 pm

    Thanks Fatty.

    I know the real reason you are making the changes… you have now written about every aspect of cycling accept…recumbents..and you frankly are afraid that once going ‘bent you will never go back…

    You know, I really would like to try a ‘bent some day. – FC

  162. Comment by Ken | 11.29.2016 | 8:06 pm

    Thanks Fatty! For a lot of inspiration and a whole range of emotions over the years. I imagine that just like I keep my Dad’s phone number in my contacts even after he’s gone, I’ll keep this address in my favorites. Just cause… :-) Best of luck and look forward to seeing you on RKP.

    Thanks Ken! I expect coming here to check and reply to comments is going to be a hard habit for me to break. I’m glad I’ll mostly just be able to redirect it over at RKP. – FC

  163. Comment by Jeff Dieffenbach | 11.29.2016 | 8:14 pm

    So, here’s my vote for Best. Cliffhanger. Ever.

    Ha! I have been trying to decide whether to pick the story up at RKP. I kinda think I might. I don’t know for sure. It’s a good story, but with a couple of elements I need to consider how I’d approach. – FC

  164. Comment by Ben | 11.29.2016 | 8:43 pm

    I’m honored to have gotten to know you and your family through this website. You’ve inspired me to do bigger and better things for the world and the people we share it with. Good luck to you on your next venture!

    Thanks very much, Ben; I appreciate the kind words and the credit for giving you a nudge to do good in the world. That’s a pretty amazing compliment. – FC

  165. Comment by Stef | 11.30.2016 | 12:51 am

    This might be the first time I’ve ever commented on one of your posts, and I’ve been following it for years. While I know things don’t last forever, I’m glad you’ll continue with RKP. And because of you, people were given a chance people do good. Keep on writing (riding) Fatty.

    Thanks Stef! – FC

  166. Comment by Jarom | 11.30.2016 | 1:04 pm

    Thanks Fatty – it’s been quite the ride!

    I’ve been a faithful reader for years, and even though I will follow you over to RKP, I will miss coming here for my regular dose of Fatty and family’s take on cycling and life. It feels like a close friend moving away – they’re still your friend, but it’s just never quite the same when something that integral in your daily life moves on.

    I do feel like I need to update you on the status of an entry level bike I won through your “Lose 10 pounds by Christmas” weight loss challenge back in 2011. I admit I was a bit disappointed when comparing it to other dream bikes you’ve given away, but ended up giving it to my brother for his oldest kid to ride, and it’s gone through at least 3 kids to date. It’s given them something great to ride when their family probably couldn’t have afforded anything. Just a snapshot on a personal level of the good you have accomplished through Thank you.

    Thanks again for great writing, and I look forward to following you in your new adventures.

  167. Comment by Joachim | 11.30.2016 | 1:50 pm

    Thank you, Elden! I feel really sad right now, but I hope to read a lot more of you in the future! For now, again, thank you and, as we say in Germany, tschuess und mach es gut! Joachim

  168. Comment by YNWA Steve | 11.30.2016 | 4:49 pm

    Thank you Fatty for great writing, introductions to great causes and a devoted passion for all things cycling. Will miss checking the site daily! All the best to you and yours as you make the move!

    -YNWA Steve

  169. Comment by Ferde | 12.1.2016 | 3:23 am

    Thank you it has been a great blog.

  170. Comment by Kevin | 12.1.2016 | 12:36 pm


    Ten years or so ago, I found your site. Your almost daily posts about the fight against cancer with Susan, the challenge for you, your kids, inspired me to be a part of something bigger than myself. You helped me be a better person. And, like so many others, the opportunity to actually ride with you and the gang, in the days before you did Leadville in 2009 was something else. I still have those pictures of us, standing by my Envoy, smiling and laughing. You guys blew me away, but always waited, always made sure that I was ok, which it seems is your life in a microcosm- always making sure and taking care of everyone else.

    Take care of yourself, I look forward to seeing you again, one of these days. As life changes for me, I hope to take advantage of some of the challenges you continue to do.

    I will always #FIGHTLIKESUSAN, but remain a Fat Cyclist for life. Thanks for the laughs, the tears, but most of all, welcoming us into your life.

  171. Comment by Bill | 12.1.2016 | 1:51 pm

    I have never posted a comment on your but have been reading your blog for several years. I know it has been a huge commitment and extremely time consuming but your passion is obvious. Good luck to you in the future. I feel like I know you and your family eventhough we have never met and I live thousands of miles away. I wish you and your family the best. Good luck.


  172. Comment by Ryan | 12.1.2016 | 2:30 pm

    A big thanks for the blog and all it entailed. I’m sure I will try to follow your writings on RKP, but it won’t be the same. Like many others, I will miss the loss of this blog, because we come here to read about you and yours, without having to consciously filter through anything else.

    Anyways, again, a heartfelt thanks. Best of luck on your future endeavors.

  173. Comment by Oheckler | 12.1.2016 | 2:32 pm


  174. Comment by Donal Smith | 12.1.2016 | 4:35 pm

    Dear Elden,

    This has made me more sad than I expected. I didn’t ever envisage a time without I’ve been a regular reader but irregular commenter since about 2009 and have absolutely loved it. Thank you for everything. Your posts have helped me in many ways.
    I will miss this site but will now switch to RKP for my regular cycle blogging fix. Onwards and upwards!


  175. Comment by Allison | 12.1.2016 | 8:01 pm

    Long long time reader, first time commenter! I couldn’t let this end without thanking you. Thank you! I wish you and your family all the very best.

  176. Comment by Eric | 12.1.2016 | 8:46 pm


    …I’m a little at a loss.

    I need you to know something. 6 years ago, I was angry. I was tired. I was out of breath. I was out of shape, and I knew it. I was 60 pounds overweight and hated myself and I didn’t know what to do about it.

    And then I stumbled onto your website.

    Your writing made me realize I wasn’t alone. Your writing made me laugh. Your writing reminded me how much I loved and still love my bicycle. It’s due to you and THIS BLOG that I began to turn my health around and got back on my bike. I’m not a racer but I’ve always loved going places on my bike, so I began commuting to work (after driving most of the way) after reading one of your long race reports. Then I stopped overeating, then I began trying to ride longer and longer distances. I still don’t race, but I love to go bike camping and I’ve done the 100 Miles of Nowhere four times.

    I’m not as hardcore as you, but because of you and this blog I’ve lost 40 pounds over the last six years and I’ve kept it off. Thank you.

    Your writing and BikeSnob’s have inspired me to do my own writing. Thank you

    You have shown me over the last six years that there’s way more to life than just a 9-5 job. We should all use our time to improve ourselves and others. Thank you.

    Thank you.

  177. Comment by Jeff Dieffenbach | 12.2.2016 | 11:40 am

    @Eric, GREAT post. I bet there are hundreds if not thousands of people with a similar story. I keep coming back to this post each day and pressing F5 … LOVE how the comments keep coming.

  178. Comment by Anne | 12.2.2016 | 1:12 pm

    So looking forward to reading at your new home – this blog has got me thru some pretty rough days at work. It has inspired me to ride! It makes me laugh and cry – and really it helps me understand my crazy biking husband. Thanks so all the good times

  179. Comment by Matt | 12.4.2016 | 3:55 pm

    Thanks for such a lot of great laughs Fatty! I’ve been reading for maybe a year or two, but have often dug back in the archives for more stuff to read – I love your honesty, humour and style! Looking forwards to seeing more of you over at RKP, and of course, I’m pleased to hear that the FattyCast may make a return alongside the Paceline!

  180. Comment by lynn e | 12.5.2016 | 12:21 am

    it’s been a hell of a ride.

  181. Comment by Jo, Dorset | 12.5.2016 | 3:05 am

    Late to this, whoops!

    Just wanted to thank you, I think this is only my 2nd or so comment, but I have been reading from over the pond in the UK for many years, and have followed you through good times and bad. It’s a weird thing, isn’t it, to know so much about someone who lives thousands of miles away? Thank you so much for sharing your life, for your brilliant writing, many laughs, cliffhanger race reports, impressive charity endeavours and some tears.

    All the very best to you, the Hammer and your families – you are clearly all amazing, warm, and all-round lovely people.

    I’m off to RKP. All the best. Jo

  182. Comment by GrannyGear | 12.5.2016 | 9:23 am

    I have laughed
    I have cried
    I have forwarded your insights to others
    I have opened my wallet
    I have laughed…repeat

    Each of us can only hope to make some small difference in this world. In our family, our community etc.

    You succeeded.

    See you at RKP

  183. Comment by GJMAlcyon | 12.5.2016 | 2:53 pm

    Several years ago, and in a different (much sadder than this) sad context, I commented here, “we’ll be right here, waiting…”

    I know I will – good writing (funny or not), as long it is heartfelt and genuine will always have an audience.

    I’ll see you over at RKP, but if choose to fire up this blog again, your audience awaits.

    Tailwinds and downhills forever, and so long and thanks for all the fish….

  184. Comment by cyclingjimbo | 12.5.2016 | 6:22 pm

    Surprised, yet not surprised

    Elden, you have touched many hearts and you have brought a lot of people together to make good things happen. You can tell from the long string of comments that you have many good people out here who are honored to call you a friend.

    Best wishes to you, Lisa, and all of your family as you move on to do what you do in other ways.

    Allez! Allez!

  185. Comment by walter | 12.7.2016 | 12:02 pm

    Wait, is this a cliff hanger or multi-part post? If a 9 hour Leadville race can have multi-posts, the ending of this great blog of 12 years should also be a multi-post with much fanfare, cliff hangers, charitable raffles, fake news, etc. Sigh, I guess it is not to be. Anyway, thanks for your devotion to this blog and to your readers. I am looking forward to your next adventure over or RKP.

  186. Comment by Meghan | 12.8.2016 | 12:23 pm

    Fatty, what a wild ride. Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself with your readers, the tragic, the poignant, and the irreverent irrelevance of everyday life. I’ve never ridden with you or met you, but you’ve inspired me nonetheless. And I will always remember to Fight Like Susan.


    Now, to capture the momentum of the Red Kite…

  187. Comment by Jouni | 12.8.2016 | 3:33 pm

    Wow, I’m kinda gutted. I just did not see this coming, but hey, c’est la vie. I really wish for you what you think is best for you. If that makes any sense at all. I’ve bookmarked RKP, and will check in; in the meantime, I wish you tail winds and the rubber side down.

    Hyvaa onnea,ystavani. (Sorry, NA keyboard, no accents.)

  188. Comment by James | 12.8.2016 | 4:19 pm

    I know from experience that it’s not easy to end a blog that you put a decade of your life into, but for me at least, it did feel good to write the final post and formally close that chapter. I was a follower of Fat Cyclist (on MSN Spaces) from the beginning, and you were definitely on influence on me in the early days. , I haven’t really been following any bike blogs since I ended Bicycle Design last year, but I do listen to cycling podcasts, including The Paceline. You guys are doing a great job, and I look forward to your future work there.

    Thanks James, and as you know I followed you since the MSN days as well. I think you understand better than most anyone why at some point you need to end a blog. Better that than knowing you’ll find yourself looking back soon and saying, “I should have ended that blog.” – FC

  189. Comment by Akeyla Ulii (kukui) | 12.8.2016 | 5:53 pm

    Fatty, you are the reason I gave cycling a shot in the first place. My brother had just given me his bike and I was feeling real low and googled “cycling while fat.” This was the first page that popped up and it changed my life. Thank you for all you’ve done; you and The Hammer have inspired me on and off the bike. I love this community and will continue follow over at RKP.

    So much love! Ride Safe.


  190. Comment by Akeyla Ulii (kukui) | 12.8.2016 | 5:54 pm

    Fatty, you are the reason I gave cycling a shot in the first place. My brother had just given me his bike and I was feeling real low and googled “cycling while fat.” This was the first page that popped up and it changed my life. Thank you for all you’ve done; you and The Hammer have inspired me on and off the bike. I love this community and will continue follow over at RKP.

    So much love! Ride Safe.


  191. Comment by ac | 12.8.2016 | 6:47 pm

    Dear Fatty and family,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing so much of your lives and yourselves with us.
    Though we’ve never met, and perhaps never likely to, I feel a sense of connection, of knowing you, as my friends.
    This change feels a little like loss of that connection and friendship with you, your family and the broader Friends of Fatty community. However I realise that I have received so much inspiration, enjoyment, commiseration and amazement from a world-renowned, award-winning, yet modest and humble, mega-superstar blogger. It’s been real and personal and raw and funny and so much more. (Really.) It’s amazingly amazing that you continued writing so much engaging material for so long. Chapeau! (mandatory faux Francais)
    I’ve been enjoying RKP too now for a little while. It’s a great site and fatcyclist +RKP is a great blending of strengths and opportunities for all the writers there. Nonetheless at some level there is a loss of the more personal aspects and the connected-ness we readers have with you. That the personal stories and the smaller, more informal/goofy moments will be lost. Such as, Hey I’m having an off day today but I’ll get back in a day or two to part eleventy thousand of the how-to on why purple, 3/4 capri pants are in fact faster than orange, 2/3 trousers for trials riding slickrock on a 23.667″ wheel, semi-suspended granite bike. (I assure you granite bikes will be “A Thing” one day. Rock bikes? Pffft! That’s so, like, 2025 man. Mark my words.)
    So, yes, I’m mourning a little right now, but simultaneously happy for you and this new, less-intensive outlet for your writing skills.
    A big, big thanks and virtual hugs (but in a manly, non-creepy, totally virtual-acquaintance appropriate way) to you and your family.
    BTW whatever happened to PorkoVelo Enterprises?

  192. Comment by erin | 12.9.2016 | 3:30 pm

    Thanks for all the good stories! I cannot tell you how many times I read and laughed at my desk when I should have been working. I have enjoyed your writing immensely and shared your blog posts with my brother at times. Thank you and good luck with your future!

  193. Comment by HH | 12.10.2016 | 2:02 pm

    Thank you.


    Thank YOU. – FC

  194. Comment by Impy | 12.12.2016 | 1:42 pm

    I know I should be all supportive, and wish you well, and tell you do what’s right for you, but screw that. I’m gutted. You were the closest thing I ever experienced to exercise. You nearly made me want to. You are a brilliant read, a positive vibe that it’s so incredibly easy to feed off of. So no, I’m not saying any of those happy trails comments. Screw you Fat Cyclist, for making us love you, giving us a taste for your delicious blog, and then leaving us. Screw you. My life will never be the same.

    This is my favorite “screw you” comment of all time. Thank you. – FC

  195. Comment by Doug | 12.14.2016 | 11:48 pm

    I always read you. But seeing I am a couple weeks late reading this, I guess I don’t, now, always read you first. So perhaps apt, this comment on this post.

    I do want to say thanks. Belatedly. Thanks are often given today, having never been earned. These thanks, however, not so. And much, much deserved they are.


    Thank you. I don’t mind that you didn’t read me first; I’m happy you stopped by to read at all. – FC

  196. Comment by Matty G. | 12.17.2016 | 7:04 am

    Fatty – this blog has given me many hours of enjoyment. You have an eye for the absurd and comical (both of which are abundant in the world of cycling) and a wonderfully entertaining turn of phrase.
    I look forward to undertaking my first 100 MoN next year and to following your exploits on RKP in the meantime. Keep up the great work.

  197. Comment by David H | 12.19.2016 | 12:33 pm

    I stopped reading the blog years ago when it became less about the struggles of some average guy like me into what it became. Once the name dropping with pros happened, I was over it.

  198. Comment by Jon | 12.19.2016 | 1:21 pm

    Ah, you’re a quitter. After all, you have an obligation to entertain us… And, we are entitled to our dose of Fatty.

    Whatever this has represented to you, for those of us who have been on the other side of the glass, it has been a blast. You have an ability to share your narrative as though you were sitting next to me sharing a cup of coffee…

    I am not a huge fan of RKP, but, now that you are managing their editorial content and publishing every day (hahahaha!), I will regularly visit and support their site.

    Happy trails…

    Oh, and, in your absence, to whom shall we look for our annual review of Assos cycling gear?

  199. Comment by Aidan | 12.22.2016 | 3:49 am

    From across the pond, would just like to say thanks for the tails, as a returning portly ex cyclist, your blog was just the motivation needed in the midst of our wet n wild winters.

  200. Comment by leroy | 12.23.2016 | 11:12 am

    200th Comment Podium!

    My dog assured me if I just waited here long enough, I could claim a podium. After all these years, he was finally right about something.

    I will miss this place.

    Thanks Fatty and thanks to the community you built with this blog. See you over at Red Kite Prayer.

  201. Comment by Claud Butler | 12.25.2016 | 5:08 am

    Oh no. I have discovered you much too late, introduced to you – via your podcasts – by a cycling friend who lived in the US. Too sad. I loved your blog and the podcasts. I hope you will keep the latter up. For the former I shall head over to RKP.

    Thank you very much for your EE-posts … entertaining and enlightening.

    All the best, Claud Butler, Aarau, Switzerland

  202. Comment by Mike Quinn | 12.26.2016 | 8:25 am

    Wow it really is the end of an era. I’m amazed that you kept going as long as you did considering how much time and effort it must have taken to keep so many people entertained.

    I first found this site over 10 years ago and you took us all on an incredible journey. Your enthusiasm has been infectious and I hope that you continue to spread the disease ;-)

    Many, many thanks and I’m off to RKP right now.

  203. Comment by SEN | 12.27.2016 | 9:06 am

    Sad decision but I expected it eventually. First, your podcast( whatever you call it, not really a fan) and this.

    Your humor and grace kept me here this long, even when you cut loose the people who helped you with Susan but that comes out in your writing not in the fatty cast which is a different medium and not one I prefer.

    I’m not sure if I am willing to plow through all the other people to find you at Red Kite. I see no advantage to that change at all.

    Best of luck but I suspect I’m out of here.


    Not everything’s for everyone, and I am for sure still learning the podcasting ropes, so completely understand there are a lot of reasons you may not want to follow the conversations I have on the Paceline, CyclingTips, or The Pinnacle. That said, I don’t believe I have ever “cut loose” anyone. – FC

  204. Comment by Anonymous | 12.27.2016 | 10:45 am

    I came to Fatty about 6 months ago as I was considering doing some blogging of my own about one of my passions (cycling). I wanted to see what was out there and found Fatty to be most like me – as far as how I like to communicate in a humourous way.

    I never did get into blogging in a real way, as it quickly became evident I just didn’t have the time needed to do it well (and I’m already doing a weekly golf league synopsis that I’ve been told I should publish); but I did begin to read you as a nice respite from the mundane. I’ve enjoyed the time and am sad to see it end.

    The only thing better than reading about your rides was taking one of my own.

    Thanks for your efforts and I’m sure I’ll check out the RKP site to see you’re future work.

  205. Comment by VA Biker | 12.30.2016 | 12:34 pm

    Elden, I’m way late to the party wrap-up, so I hope you don’t mind. I’ve always found great inspiration in your writings through the years. I will check in at Red Kite, also. A big “Thank you!” to you and your family for all the years of riding and writing. Greatly appreciated by those of us who are hacks in writing (and cycling)! Allez!

    Thank you! While I am definitely a hack (both at writing and riding) I appreciate the kind thoughts. – FC

  206. Comment by TomInAlbany | 01.4.2017 | 7:33 am

    So long and thanks for all the fish!

  207. Comment by eclecticdeb | 01.8.2017 | 8:16 pm

    Well isn’t this ironic. In addition to being totally consumed with personal stuff the past few months, I had told myself to stop checking your blog so often — I wanted to be able to read your epic stories in one fell swoop and not deal with the the oh-so-sweet pain of the cliffhanger.

    On this rainy Sunday evening, I settle in for what I believe to be at least an hour of great reading and then … this.

    I’ve been following you since (almost) the beginning. I cried when I read about Susan’s diagnosis, I hoped that a miracle would happen, I was gutted when it didn’t. And I was so very very happy to know that you found love again.

    My pink FC jersey is still my favorite. I wore it to Levi’s Gran Fondo (where I met you and Susan). I’ve had challenges the past few years with knee injuries (stupid skiing), but I hope to keep “fighting like Susan” and get back to riding.

    Thanks for the ride. You’ll be missed.

  208. Comment by Jane | 01.15.2017 | 5:40 am

    Thank you for sharing your experiences during all these years

  209. Comment by Saso | 01.18.2017 | 4:21 pm

    Hi Elden,

    thanks for all the years. You have had a positive influence on my life. All the best in your future endeavours.

  210. Comment by Kristina | 01.18.2017 | 11:30 pm

    I first read this shortly after it was posted, and it has taken me nearly two months to come back and comment. On the first read, I actually did not realize that the ‘gratitude’ post was also the ‘goodbye’ post until I got to the “It’s pretty obvious…” line, which says a great deal about my powers of observation. When I finally reached that realization (ie, when you said so), I cried. I realize this is not a normal reaction to reading that someone you have never met is going to stop writing about something that you don’t really do, but there it is. was a regular part of my day for nearly a decade, though I’ve commented only a few times. But I have so loved reading about your races, rides, struggles, family, fundraising, bratwursts, wrecks, and other assorted escapades. I’ve perused RPK and while it’s clearly not the same, I’ll keep trying.

    Regardless, THANK you for sharing so much in such an entertaining way, and THANK you for all you have done in your fundraising efforts. You’ve made a tremendous difference in this world, probably in more ways than you know.

  211. Comment by Janet | 01.19.2017 | 1:45 pm

    Just one more person to say thanks for the writing/reading. I have absolutely no memory of how I found your site. I don’t have a bike but I loved reading about the bike races/competitions. I especially loved the 100 Miles of Nowhere and the wonderful stories. I tried (twice) to complete the 100 miles of nowhere as a foot race within a self-imposed time limit but never quite made it. Will have to try again this year. All the best to you and yours. Thanks


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