OK, You’re in Leadville. Now What?

07.31.2018 | 8:45 am

We’re down to the second-to-last regular episode In season 1 of The Leadville Podcast, and I’m happy to say that in my opinion this is the most useful show we’ve recorded so far.

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Be sure to listen as Rebecca Rusch — The Queen of Pain — talks about the advice she gave my wife a few years ago: just four words that Lisa says changed her from a nine-something racer into a sub-nine racer:

“Pedal! Pedal! Pedal! Pedal!”

There’s (obviously) more to it than that, so don’t miss the “Questions for the Queen” segment this time. You’ll find that while it’s too late to do much about your fitness, it’s not even close to too late to have a much faster finish time than you ever thought possible.

Of course, before you RACE in Leadville, you’ve got to GET to Leadville. Once there, what are you (and more importantly, your family and crew) going to do for fun? And where are you going to eat? Michael Hotten and I have a long list of great ideas for you.

And we get to the penultimate episode of our detailed description of The Course, talking about the rocky descent down Sugarloaf, the flight down Hagerman’s Pass (on which we now have a ruling from Cole Chlouber for correct pronunciation) and then the climb up Turquoise Lake Road, which you’ll either love or…not. Hottie and I are going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

This is a packed and fun episode, with plenty of useful info for both you AND your family and friends. Enjoy!

PS: By popular request (seriously, the single most popular request we’ve received), we’ll be releasing a bonus episode that’s a compilation of all our “Course” segments this Thursday. Usually I put bonus shows up on Fridays, but you’ll need some extra time for this one. There’s a contest in this one where you can win one of 5 $50 boxes from The Feed, so don’t miss it (hint: winners will be the 5 people who guess closest to my LT100 finish time for this year. Get the jump on others by making your guess now.

PPS: A little pre-announcement here. We’ve already recorded episode 12 because I’m going to be racing Breck Epic starting this weekend and don’t expect to have time / energy to write and record a show (but we also don’t want to skip a week for this show). So i can already tell you that In that episode, we’ll be asking you to get in touch with us to tell us your amazing LT100 stories for the show. So start thinking about your story and get ready to share it!

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