The Course and Nothing But The Course

08.2.2018 | 5:17 am

A Note from Fatty: I know I’m not getting a lot of FatCyclist-exclusive posts up lately. Work + podcast commitments + prep for the Breck Epic / Leadville 100 race vacation has left me with little time for writing. I will have a lot of stories to tell when I come back, however, and I am looking forward to writing them!

Meanwhile, please do listen and subscribe to my podcast. Alongside this blog, it is my proudest cycling content accomplishment (and like this blog, it’s free).

New BONUS episode of the Leadville Podcast out today — a compilation of all of our segments on “The Course,” taking you from when you’re standing in the cold to powering across the finish line.

Of course (ha), twelve segments at around fifteen minutes each means this show clocks in at over three hours. Which means it’s just about right for your flight to Leadville. Or for a few hours of your long drive to Leadville. Or as you’re on your last ride of any significant length before racing in Leadville.

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Guess My Time, Win a Prize
Our presenting sponsor for this episode, The Feed, is launching a contest for this episode. Be one of the 5 closest guesses to my finish time this year and win a Leadville Box from The Feed. Listen for details in the show, and go to to enter (you’ll be registered for The Feed newsletter, and no charge to enter).

PS: Episode 12 will come out this Monday instead of the regular Tuesday release, to give the many of you traveling this week another thing to listen to.

PPSMichael Hotten and I are planning to record a post-race episode 13 the evening after the race — it will be a different kind of show than we usually do: just a stream-of-conciousness recounting of how the day went.

PPPS: We are considering doing a show 14 and 15 for this season as well, where we interview other folks to get their amazing race stories. Message either Hottie or me and give us the short version of your story and we’ll be in touch.


  1. Comment by Perry Andrews | 08.2.2018 | 12:18 pm

    You’ve really found your stride with this podcast — I can hear both you and Hottie are having fun. I don’t think I’ll ever race the Leadville 100, but I’m learning anyway.

    One thing I have wondered: you and Michael were both on The Paceline, and then suddenly you weren’t, and then you were both doing this instead and now Selene (I cringe at the nickname “Fit Chick” as much as I do “Fatty” and won’t use either)is on the Paceline with Patrick.

    And then about the same time you started posting here again.

    It seems like too much happened too fast for it to be a coincidence.

    Can you tell us what’s behind all this if there’s a story to tell?as

    Short version:

    1. A few years ago I wrote a highly detailed table of contents for a book about the Leadville 100 and pitched it to Life Time Fitness, but it never went anywhere.

    2. I woke up in March in the middle of a night with a moment of clarity: I hadn’t outlined a book, I had written a content grid for a podcast.

    3. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night and went and checked my book table of contents. It strengthened my conviction: I had written a smart, well-considered content outline; just not for the medium I had ever done anything with back when I wrote the outline.

    4. I thought about it for a few weeks, waiting to see if the idea cooled off. It did not cool off. For the first time ever, I was certain of what I wanted to create before I started creating it.

    5. I let Patrick know that I had a new project I needed to work on and that I had enough going on in my life that I couldn’t keep doing the Paceline at the same time. Patrick invited Selene to be on The Paceline. I’m happy to hear that they’ve retained the “Pulls and Picks” format Hottie and I designed, and I’m glad Selene’s doing a podcast. She’s awesome. She and I should have a conversation someday about impetuously-chosen self-titles that follow you for the rest of your life.

    6. Hottie agreed to help me on my new project. I am incredibly grateful; he brings discipline and experience to this show. We have produced 24 episodes (6 Season 0 shows, 12 regular episodes, and 6 bonus episodes) in just twelve weeks. That’s two shows per week on average.

  2. Comment by Nathan | 08.10.2018 | 7:34 am

    Did you see whose the cover picture for this article: ?

  3. Comment by leroy | 08.13.2018 | 3:05 pm

    My dog bet me you will finish Leadville in 9:05:34 next weekend.

    He seems oddly confident.


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