How to Get Lance Armstrong on Your Radio Show (LIVEBLOG)

03.19.2010 | 9:04 am

Okay. I got about three hours of sleep last night — parenting stuff — and so I am not feeling particularly funny today.

I am, however, feeling like writing something.

So I’m going to write about this ridiculous Tony Kornheiser, who yesterday used his radio show to urge people to get in their cars and run over cyclists.

I got a lot of comments and email yesterday, asking me to respond. So here’s my gut response:

A lot of people in the universe are jerks. Most of these people, sadly, have enormous metal weapons known as “cars.” This guy is one of those jerks with cars. The only difference is he has a radio show.

He didn’t say anything new, or interesting. Just stupid.

What is interesting, however, is that Lance Armstrong really got into this. Here are some of his tweets from yesterday:

First, this:

Listening to Tony Kornheiser’s comments/rant on ESPN radio re: cyclists. Disgusting, ignorant, foolish. What a complete f-ing idiot.

Next, this:

Tony Kornheiser on cyclists on the road, “run ‘em down”. Really? Big mistake, Tony.

Then, this:

Have a listen. Listen to the March 11, part 1 segment and go to 30 mins in.

And then, this:

How douchebags apologize…RT @ESPNRadio980: @ESPNRadio980 – Hoping to be a Trending Topic Worldwide today, keep your fingers crossed…

And, then, amazingly, this:

…just off the phone w/ Tony Kornheiser who’s very sorry 4 his comments re: cyclists. Going on the show 2morrow 2 discuss this w/ him.

Yes, that’s right. Tony, by being a total jerk, has gotten an interview with Lance Armstrong.

So, let’s liveblog that show right now.

9:04: Lance begins by accepting Tony’s apology (Tony called Lance and apologized, which is fine…for Lance). Says that he accepts the apology and thinks it’s sincere.

9:05: Lance is talking about a guy in NC who got killed yesterday by a car. Says, “Let’s all get along here.”

9:07: Tony says that yesterday Lance said that people in cars will get behind tractors or horses and wait forever, but get crazy angry when they get behind a cyclist. Asks why this is so. Lance says he doesn’t know. Says that he’s seen people do crazy things to avoid squirrels or dogs on the road, but get angry at cyclists on the road.

9:08: Lance says that 40 years ago, 40% of kids rode their bikes to school and there was 14% obesity rate. Now 3% ride to school, and obesity is much higher.

9:09: Lance talks about a hypothetical 40-year-old woman who gets brushed by a rear-view mirror, says she’ll never ride again. We need bike lanes for people who are new to riding, so people can ride and feel safe.

9:11: Lance asks Tony the furthest he’s ever ridden a bike, Tony admits to not riding at all, except spin classes. Tony makes fun of cycling clothes, Lance points out that all athletic clothing looks silly outside its context.

9:12: Tony asks Lance what it’s like to daily get the kind of scrutiny Tony’s getting because of this event. Lance takes the opportunity to tell him that this is the way the world is now, you big fool. Word spreads fast. Lance also holds Tony’s feet to the fire and reminds him that he was a jerk, for real.

9:15: Tony asks Lance why he retired and then came back to cycling. Great question, Tony, since it hasn’t been asked a million times before.

9:16: Lance tells him he’s racing to raise cancer awareness, and because he likes racing.

9:17: Tony asks Lance if he really drinks Ultra. Lance dances around the question, then finally says, “Yes, I drink Ultra.”

9:18: Tony says, “Someday we’ll go on a ride and then drink an Ultra together, OK?” And Lance says, “Sure,” essentially.

So the lesson we can all take from this, kids, is that if you want to go on a ride or have an interview with Lance Armstrong, get a radio show and urge people to run over cyclists.

Then just sit back and let the Internet do its thing.

Post-Interview Thoughts

Here are my “Now that I’ve had a few minutes to think” reactions to this whole thing:

  1. I need sleep.
  2. It’s easy for me to forget that a lot of people who listen to Kornheiser’s show wouldn’t have heard the outrage that came in response to it. So while to me it seems like Kornheiser was “punished” for his bad behavior by getting an interview with a guest he would have never otherwise netted, Lance coming on the show was probably a good thing for cycling and maybe hopefully got some people to reconsider their angry attitude toward cyclists.
  3. Kornheiser was a jerk for, after all this, needling Armstrong on the Ultra thing. Armstrong just gave him an easier time than he deserved, and Tony finishes by attacking the source of Armstrong’s paycheck?
  4. I need sleep.


  1. Comment by Dr. Randal Mandos | 03.19.2010 | 9:14 am

    Now that’s actually doing something for American cycling. Allez Lance!

  2. Comment by Francesca | 03.19.2010 | 9:16 am

    It is a shame that Kornheiser is not permanently suspended. I always found him to be ill-informed and irritating. But there we are.

    What a surprise; a non-cyclist pokes fun at cyclists.

  3. Comment by Farticus | 03.19.2010 | 9:20 am

    Korn-heiser? Korn-holeur. Be offended. Be very offended.

  4. Comment by Linda | 03.19.2010 | 9:23 am

    Years and years ago, Kornheiser used to be a sports columnist for the Washington Post and would actually put out well-informed, well-written, entertaining columns. Apparently now his occupation is making asinine comments. Francesca is right, it is a shame he’s not permanently suspended.

  5. Comment by Annie | 03.19.2010 | 9:29 am

    Lance should invite Tony for a long ride! We have a friend who was struck and killed while riding his bike two months into his lds mission. I hope his parents didn’t hear Tony’s rant!
    Tony- THINK before you speak.

  6. Comment by Laurie | 03.19.2010 | 9:29 am

    What a disappointment to hear Kornheiser’s remarks. I just listened to the interview online-interesting that Kornheiser’s daughter rides her bike to work some days. I wonder how he would feel if she were intentionally hit by one of his listeners? With a microphone comes responsibility that Kornheiser is clearly not capable of handling.

  7. Comment by Bashzilla | 03.19.2010 | 9:30 am

    The odd thing to me about this is that the radio show was actually a week ago. Lance tweeted about it yesterday and it became news. Kornheiser’s schtick, like many other talking heads, is to say outrageous things to stir the pot. ESPN suspended Kornheiser for making crude comments about reporter Hannah Storm but Mike Greenberg (Mike & Mike show) referred to Martin Luther King as a ‘coon’ and suffered no backlash from ESPN. See

    I guess it just depends on how much stink is raised, not the actual severity of the comments.

  8. Comment by Dave K | 03.19.2010 | 9:34 am

    I get from your entry that you don’t like that Lance would grant an interview just because some loudmouth jerk made a really bad joke about running down cyclists. I see your point, but on the other hand here’s an opportunity for probably the only famous cyclist among average people in the US to get a platform and put this guy in his place, in his house, and stand up for cyclists. This is an opportunity for Lance to reach out to people who (like Kornheiser) see cyclists as Lycra-clad snooty Frenchmen or dirty hippies and don’t think we should have any rights on the road. Lance ventures into enemy territory, gets the guy to bow down before him, I think it’s a win for cycling.

  9. Comment by Chuck | 03.19.2010 | 9:36 am

    Wasn’t Kornheiser suspended a few months ago for something else?? Sounds like his mouth is a reoccurring problem!

  10. Comment by daness40 | 03.19.2010 | 9:38 am

    Kornheiser has, and always will be, the biggest idiot associated with ESPN. How can you encourage people to harm other people and not get a serious suspension or fine? Why doesn’t he just tell people to run over kids in neighborhoods that happen to be playing in the street? It’s the same idea. I hope he realizes how much of an idiot he is.

  11. Comment by MattC | 03.19.2010 | 10:01 am

    Never heard of him (Kornholio) before, wouldn’t pay any attention to him now for sure.

    But on to a REAL topic of interest…the 100 MoN!

    Does anybody have any good ideas as for how to make this a fundraising event? I SUCK at fundraising and I’m always open to ideas.

    I was thinking if I could find a store of some sort to allow me to this at their location (where lots of people are coming and going throughout the day)…setup a table, have a banner maybe, and find someone to staff my table while I ride nowhere forever on a trainer…and hopefully get lots of small cash donations? Better yet would be to somehow have wireless internet on my laptop so people could go directly to my page and donate, and I could even have a printer setup to print out their tax deductable donation receipt…(just thinking in text here).

    Anybody try something like this last year? ClydeSteve, didn’t you do something similar last year (at a contry fair or something like that)?

    HELP!!! We (when I say We I really mean ME) REALLY need to really get cracking on Fundraising! And we need more team members! Team San Jose has a very dismal showing thus far! Come ON people!!! Get on the bus!

  12. Comment by TomE | 03.19.2010 | 10:03 am

    This is the same idiot (Kornheiser) that was suspended a few weeks ago for making fun of Hannah Storm’s outfit. Seriously Tony….look in the mirror….

  13. Comment by Terry | 03.19.2010 | 10:19 am

    I think he just needs some TP for his bunghole.

  14. Comment by Bridey | 03.19.2010 | 10:30 am

    Mike Greenberg (Mike & Mike show) referred to Martin Luther King as a ‘coon’

    Actually, he didn’t. Greenberg misspoke and appeared to pronounce King’s last name as the offensive term. He corrected himself immediately and apologized a couple of days later (and should’ve done so sooner).

    If Greenberg had “referred to” King with that term or used it intentionally on the air in any context, he’d have been fired before he finished his shift. Just as Doug “Greaseman” Tracht was instantly fired for a racist “bit” too disgusting to describe here, and Don Imus lost his WFAN job and his syndication deal over a repellent comment.

    Radio is rough, and sports radio is rougher, but if he’d said it on purpose, Greenberg wouldn’t have a job. (Apologies for the hijack, but I write about the radio industry for a living.)

  15. Comment by Frank | 03.19.2010 | 10:33 am

    I say fire him. This is no different from other radio commentators who made comments about women’s basketball teams or any other hate mongering.

    It is not a joke.

    Inciting people to kill riders is not acceptable. Much less acceptable than other behaviors that have resulted in perps getting fired.

  16. Comment by mark | 03.19.2010 | 10:40 am

    Kornheiser is a complete and total douchebag. The fact that he still has a job is inconceivable.

  17. Comment by fatty | 03.19.2010 | 10:40 am

    I think you should get some sleep.

  18. Comment by Scott | 03.19.2010 | 10:41 am

    While we have free speech and everything, isn’t it against the law to incite unlawful behavior? The whole “fire in a crowded theater” thing? I thought the FCC had some sort of guidelines about what radio people could say.

    At any rate, Kornholio should lose his job over this, or at the very least dedicate 5 mins of his time every day to inform the masses about cyclists’ legal rights on the road.

  19. Comment by Pam | 03.19.2010 | 10:42 am

    And that is why I only ride on trails – people + cars = crazy crap happening.

  20. Comment by Scott M | 03.19.2010 | 10:43 am

    What’s really tragic as I listened to his show is how it mimicked almost word for word the comments I’ve been reading in the local paper (Boise) after any news article about cyclists. We had 3 people killed in a 2 month period last summer and the resulting comments are not of compassion or concern, but of anger and hate – how dare these *#&$#* cyclists dare to ride on the same road as the rest of us. The hate and anger our there is frightening and this guy just fed the fire.
    Will Lance change those people – no, they refuse to listen. But the good coming out of this is the other 98% of the people who hear about it are more aware.

  21. Comment by Jenn | 03.19.2010 | 10:53 am

    If Lance had gone on and blasted, what would that have done? Made the Car -Bicycle situation more tense. Lance to an opportunity to take a message to a group of people who probably would never had heard it – if one of those listeners decides to ride a bicycle, reprimand a fellow driver – isn’t that a good thing.
    Never heard the guy, will never listen, but thank you for the dialog of the show.

  22. Comment by John W | 03.19.2010 | 10:56 am

    I sent the following to ESPN.

    “As a sports fan and avid cyclist I am outraged at the comments made on your network by Tony Kornheiser. To advocate violence against cyclists is inexcusable.

    I will not listen to any ESPN radio programming nor view any ESPN television programming until Tony Kornheiser is fired. No lame, insincere apology is …acceptable. My breakfast won’t be the same without SportsCenter, but I can’t with good conscience support a network that provides a platform for this type of hate speech.”

    I hope many of you will consider doing the same.

  23. Comment by DCNewBiker | 03.19.2010 | 10:58 am

    Long-timer reader, first-time commenter. Here’s a bit of irony about this. For years Tony has almost always ended his show by saying something along the lines of “Remember — If you ride your bike at night, always wear white.” (Not sure if he still does as his show no longer airs early enough for me to hear it in the car on the way to work.)

    And while I have your collective ear (eye?) — I am about to buy a new bike. Any thoughts from the Friends of Fatty on the Trek 1.5 v. the Felt Z85 v. the Fuji Roubiax Pro?

  24. Comment by bikemike | 03.19.2010 | 11:04 am

    sadly, we are not of their world (though they may say otherwise). i sent my 2 cents to espn yesterday and i doubt if it scratched the surface. Lance got a reaction, good for him but he darn well should’ve held this guys feet to the fire and i don’t mean screaming at him. Great situation to inform the traditonal sports fan and public in general.

    i hope someone smarter than me has an answer for this increasing problem.

  25. Comment by Mike Roadie | 03.19.2010 | 11:44 am

    I usually like TK and PTI is the single best show on TV right now (OK, Wilbon is what makes it so good, not TK). However, this kind of irresponsible drivel is what gets people hurt!

    Love your Post Interview point #2—right on!

    Thanks Fatty and thanks Lance!

  26. Comment by XLHammy | 03.19.2010 | 11:51 am

    I used to work in radio as a DJ/Personality. One of the big reasons why I do not any longer is that that industry is operated on a misconception that unless you are creating a controversy, you are not doing your job properly. Being “good” is a byproduct is “misbehaving” more or less.

    Radio uses the controversy created by this type of event as a way to promote themselves and their medium. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that, regardless of whether his comments are ignorant or not, the brass at that station are undoubtedly praising him for landing such a big interview and admiring themselves for the press they have received as a result of the original comments and the fall out from them.

    Sure, Kornheiser is a moron. But, right now, he is a moron that more people are aware of, which is exactly what station owners and managers want. I guarantee they use Kornheiser’s comment and/or the interview with Lance in promotional advertisements on that station in the very near future.

    To them, this is a win, regardless of whether someone is being run off the road or not.

  27. Comment by XLHammy | 03.19.2010 | 12:02 pm

    One more thought… f you really want to have your voice heard on what you think about Kornheiser, don’t contact only the radio station. The bottom line and ad dollars are all the station owners care about. Contact the sponsors of that show to express your displeasure and let them know you will not support their product/services since they support the host and his attitude will have far greater impact.

  28. Comment by Susan Helene Gottfried | 03.19.2010 | 12:18 pm

    Fatty, I think you should invite Kornheiser to come ride with you. Pick a route that’s on the road, well-trafficked, and maybe a bit scary for a newbie. (I sorta wish Lance had done this, too)

    Let him see first-hand what it’s like out there — and why I’m not the only 40-year-old mother who wishes like hell for more bike lanes. Little people depend on me. I’m too valuable to let this message lie.

  29. Comment by NC Rider | 03.19.2010 | 12:30 pm

    I watched this all go down yesterday… as the local news was talking about Adam Little (the cyclist in NC who was killed on Wed.) I didn’t know the guy… but I tip my helmet to a fallen brother on 2 wheels. I commute by bike to work at the same time as him, same city, and was in the middle of my commute when he was struck. Maybe… just maybe 2 wrongs can actually make a right for once. These comments coming to light the day after a cyclist (who by news reports was wearing a helmet, lights, and reflective clothing) was killed may make people more aware. Granted… in the grand scheme of things, I would rather just have that same guy back out on the road tomorrow spinning as usual. As for Armstrong… he has proved once again that he is a class act. He handled it with more restraint and civility than I can muster even on my best day. If he is the measuring stick for which cyclists are to be measured… we all have a lot of work to do. He is a great example of how a pro athlete should carry themselves in public. As for Tony… I’d love to hear someone plastered his car in pro bike bumperstickers. I think Armstrong did let him off easy… but he was reminded that we will keep an eye on him as well. Which was cool.

  30. Comment by skippy | 03.19.2010 | 12:50 pm

    Kornhole’s Sponsors deserve to be boycotted as this is the only way we cyclists can show our displeasure for the encouragement to “hoons” this lowlife has given!
    ESPN TV used to cover the TDF(perhaps still do) and that must encourage sponsors to do business with their network, so why are the “Brass” allowing a minion to turnoff people in this way? Getting Lance on their network is easily done without insulting the intelligence of their audience

  31. Comment by Justin | 03.19.2010 | 1:53 pm

    Arrrgh. Speaking of this issue I have to vent a little. Adam Little died less than 20 miles from my house while commuting to work. I did not know him but while reading the story on a local news affiliates website some inconsiderate individual commented on his death being the reason it should be illegal for cyclists to ride on roads without bike lanes and eluded to Adam’s untimely death as it was his fault. This is why it was dammaging for Tony Kornheiser to say the things he said about cyclists. This is the kind of person that made me afraid to ride alone for several years. When will people understand we (for the most part) are much safer riding our bikes than they are driving? When will people figure out that the person on the bike is just that, a person, with a passion or enthusiasm for experiencing the open road with out a motor?

  32. Comment by Bicycle Bill | 03.19.2010 | 1:56 pm

    A few years back Lance made some PSAs for the League of American Bicyclists (my name is a link) concerning rights to the road. Since he immediately jumped into the fray on this, it makes me think he did those PSAs because of his feelings and not just to collect a few more bucks as a “paid spokesman”.

    As far as Kornheiser goes, it’s crap like this that just goes to show that we, as cyclists, need to constantly be watching our backs…both literally as well as figuratively. Get involved! Join the League!!


  33. Comment by Bicycle Bill | 03.19.2010 | 2:00 pm

    Kornheiser does make a couple of valid points during his rant though. A lot of cyclists act like total jerks out there on the road too, some of us more than others.

    I’m not saying we have to be absolutely, candidate-for-sainthood perfect; but we do need to clean up our own act. It’s going to take work on both sides to resolve this issue.


  34. Comment by Kase | 03.19.2010 | 2:01 pm

    Kornheiser should be set on fire and put out with a crowbar.

  35. Comment by MattC | 03.19.2010 | 2:25 pm

    BB…you bring up a valid point: “A lot of cyclists act like total jerks out there on the road”. Not that this in any way makes it OK to run someone down. However we are our own worst enemy (both road and MTB). I can’t tell you how often I see road bikers (when I am in my car) riding 2 or 3 abreast and NOT care that a car is coming up on them (on a narrow road). And then to see them toss their Gu wrappers and such right onto the road wherever they happen to be…that just infuriates me, and I’m a biker! How do non-bikers think when they see this action? No WONDER they hate us!

    As for MTB…I always try to be the ambassador of the sport..whenever I come upon hikers I make it a point to pull over and let them by, all the while chatting them up briefly. And when they step aside for ME I make sure to thank them and pass slowly (nobody likes to have a bike fly by in a cloud of dust). As to horses…I always always always talk to them as I slowly approach from behind… (if approaching from the front I pull off the trail BEFORE they do and let them go by)..and I’ve never had any animosity towards me from them, only kindness (and sometimes shock).

    And then I see the hammerheads flying downhill on public trails like it’s a full on race, and actually run me (climbing) right off the trail w/ narry a word. Hikers and horses must truly despise this activity. It might take a thousand kind gestures on our part to win over a non cyclist, but it only takes one as$h&&! to make an enemy of the same person. It’s hard to change someones opinion to the contrary…only the bad apples stick in the mind.

  36. Comment by Boz | 03.19.2010 | 2:46 pm

    Of course ESPN isn’t going to suspend Tony for advocating violence, because violence is what that station is all about. The hard hits and injuries in football, baseball fights, mixed-martial arts, boxing, hockey and all, are what their audience thrives on. So hitting one of us on his daily ride to work? No big deal to them. Our society is obsessed with violence as a means to an end and as entertainment. What else would you expect from a company that makes a profit from pain?

  37. Comment by anji | 03.19.2010 | 2:53 pm

    Reminds me a bit of this moron, Greg Gutfeld, who has a 3 am show down in the states (IE, too much of a loser to get a show at a decent hour) who made fun of Canadian soldiers.

    It almost pitted a war from ALL Canadians over this. He eventually apologised. But man… do you need to be a complete, ignorant arse down that way to get your own show?

    Maybe we should start doing that up here…

    Glad that things got sorted out with your issue. Until then, I’m gonna go do some yoga in my capris pants and “take a break”…

  38. Comment by anji | 03.19.2010 | 2:53 pm

  39. Comment by Jill2 | 03.19.2010 | 4:06 pm

    I see a lot of cyclists that blatantly violate traffic laws and it irritates me whether I am driving or riding. It makes us all look bad. If we want to share the road, we’ve got to abide by the rules (IMO).

  40. Comment by Chris | 03.19.2010 | 4:19 pm

    You guys aren’t getting it.

    I just listened to the interview (the one in which Tony K admits his daughter rides to work) and it was the most high profile discussion of bicycle safety and advocacy I’ve ever heard. The rational, thoughtful discussion brought up ideas about bikes that are usually buried on bike forums and blogs. And Lance may have just taken a step towards becoming the biggest (and only mainstream) voice for bike advocacy/safety.

    These are the kinds of discussions we need drivers to hear. And Lance may be the only person who they’ll listen to.

  41. Comment by dpinner | 03.19.2010 | 4:25 pm

    If Tony Kornheiser had said, “Go run over black people”, he would have been fired. So why is it OK that he said, go run over cyclists? For insighting hate like that he should be fired or at the very least suspended. I didn’t see that ESPN punished him in any way -in fact his ratings probably got a boost by having Lance on his show. Sad.

  42. Comment by thormoo | 03.19.2010 | 4:43 pm

    Ultimately, I would have to say that this whole thing w/Lance getting on Kornheiser show today was a good thing for cycling and cyclists. A very good thing. Tony K is a jerk, no doubt about it and saying things to outrage and shock is what he does for a living. But the opinions that he and his on air staff expressed the other day unfortunately are fairly common and I applaud Armstrong for starting this with his tweets in the first place, calling Kornheiser on it then stepping up to the plate and going on air to discuss this with him. Considering he just withdrew from the Milan-Sanremo because he had a bad case of the runs, I’m sure there were other things he’d rather been doing then talking to that moron from Europe. And it did hold T.K. accountable and brought the conflict to the public forum on big time radio which is a good thing since this is still a continuing problem between cyclists/drivers.

  43. Comment by Clydesteve | 03.19.2010 | 4:44 pm

    MattC – Yes did 100 Miles to NoWhere last year as a fundraiser. Booth at the local Farmers’ Market. We raised $300. Not really spectacular.

  44. Comment by FatJeff | 03.19.2010 | 5:18 pm

    Lance drinks Ultra…when you peel off the label does the one under say Shiner Bock? Personally…I hope it does!

  45. Comment by Jeff (not FatJeff) | 03.19.2010 | 5:43 pm

    I like how they’re going to go for a ride together. They’ll go up one hill and Lance will start doing repeats while Kornheiser is pushing his bike up.

  46. Comment by Jenn | 03.19.2010 | 6:04 pm

    Prior to this week, I hadn’t been on a road bike in 20 years because of this issue – it just isn’t enjoyable when I have to worry about texting teens and road rage. I’m not a ‘Europhile’, but they are advanced in this regard – drivers treat cyclists with much more care and respect.

    I was probably seventeen the last time I was on a bike moving 25mph+ and let me tell you, when I took my brand new shiny Orbea out for the first time this week it took me right back there. It was truly beautiful. Between the cycling, the beer, and the wine…I may just never come home!

  47. Comment by Doug | 03.19.2010 | 6:09 pm

    Tony said at one point that the bikers should not be on the road and should ride on the sidewalk. In DC, where Tony is from, it is illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk in the business district (NW DC). It makes TK look even dumber and he should have been called on that too.

  48. Comment by PhilaUte | 03.19.2010 | 6:26 pm

    The interweb algorithm gods apparently have a healthy sense of irony…when I clicked the link to the radio show, the banner ad at the top was for RoadID.

  49. Comment by Larry | 03.19.2010 | 6:51 pm

    I personally think that the fallout from this issue will do more good for cycling than bad.

    If you want to attack people that are really giving cyclists a bad name and continuing to ratchet up the animosity between cyclists and automobiles, go after Critical Mass.

  50. Comment by Nic Grillo | 03.19.2010 | 7:12 pm

    Agree w/ Larry re: Critical Mass. They do more harm than good.
    I still think Kornhole is an a-hole, and probably wouldn’t have apologized if ESPN management hadn’t made him. Bravo to Lance for getting so many of us mobilized on this. I fired off two emails and several tweets to ESPN myself.

    Elden – get some sleep. I know how you feel. My son was born last friday. #tired

  51. Comment by eclecticdeb | 03.19.2010 | 7:38 pm

    @Nic Grillo — CONGRATULATIONS! But hate to break it to you, you don’t know what “tired” is yet. (heh heh)

  52. Comment by Kermitsgirl | 03.19.2010 | 8:02 pm

    A few years ago, I was forced off my regular Rail-Trail ride due to part of the trail in PA washing out after some severe rains. I only had a short 2 mile ride on the road but I will never forget that day. Some asswipe in a large cream-colored truck came within mere inches of me on a stretch of the road that was cut out of the side of a hill. He very nearly pinned me between his truck and sharp, jagged rocks. I had no room to respond because the road had no shoulder on this part. Very scary!! The fool was also speeding…I just kept it in the little bit of space I had and tried not to freak out. Tonys’ comment really hit home with me and brought back this very unpleasant memory. The guy is a total waste and hopefully Karma will kick his ass. Sorry Roadies…I’m sticking to the Rail-Trails!!!

  53. Comment by Rob M | 03.19.2010 | 8:06 pm

    There are great comments above, especially MattC @2:25pm and dpinner @4:25pm.

    One issue that hasn’t been addressed is when Kornheiser makes his comments to “tap” a cyclist with a car there is laughter in the studio. His sidekick adds, “Make them take a spill. Not a lethal spill, just a limb losing spill.”

    It isn’t until a week later, when Lance gets involved, and there are numerous calls for his firing, that Kornheiser chooses to apologize.

    I think it is proper and gracious for Lance to accept the apology, but I am not convinced that it is a sincere apology by Mr. Kornheiser.

    In view of the laughter in the studio and the time delay in an apology I believe that the problem is larger than Kornheiser. For one week, his insipid comments were quietly condoned by those present in the studio as well as the radio station management and the ESPN network.

  54. Comment by Kermitsgirl | 03.19.2010 | 8:09 pm

    Totally agree with you, Rob M…

  55. Comment by RB | 03.19.2010 | 8:46 pm

    I am an avid cyclist and have been listening to kornheiser’s show for years. It is usually self deprecating and addressing politics, pop culture, and is meant to be funny, (though he does have an ongoing issue with cyclists in Rock Creek Park). When he said what he said, I thought, “you think you are being funny but you have gone way too far.” It has taken him a long time to realize he is not just taking to the few people who e-mail regularly and live in the area. I bet he is really sorry and not just for the grief. He does need to lay off the cyclists even if they permanently close Rock Creek Park (now just closed on Sunday), however. I listened to the whole show, which Kornheiser at the top said that Armstrong was coming on and he was going to let armstrong beat up on him for 10-12 minutes because he was a “complete idiot.” Instead, the discussion was informative, perhaps not for us, but for those who never thought about cyclists. Remember Becky (I think it was) that FC wrote an open letter to several years back. Keep focused on what is important. Many people have never been on a bike. Most people aren’t mean only stupid.

  56. Comment by Erin | 03.19.2010 | 9:12 pm

    I’ve always disliked Tony Kornheiser (if only because of the way he says “Sox”) but this is a new low.

    I guess at the very least, Lance was able to get in front of an audience that he wouldn’t normally, and bring awareness to cycling and the importance of being cognizant of cyclists on roadways.

  57. Comment by leroy | 03.19.2010 | 10:18 pm

    More and more I realize I know less and less.

    But I know this:

    Life is too short to waste analyzng the Tony Kornheisers of this world.

    I’m glad Armstrong set the record straight.

    But in the end, life really is too short to waste time on an uninteresting and unoriginal bone head.

  58. Comment by MattC | 03.19.2010 | 10:48 pm

    Here Here Leroy! Time to suck down an Ultra (heh heh) and relax! (any beer that I’ll be drinking will have a TAD bit more substance to it than an Ultra I can assure you…will be some kind of a DARK English ale, or port…or even a stout…MMMMM! I like my beer to look like used motor oil! YUMMY!!!!

  59. Comment by Matthew | 03.20.2010 | 12:40 am

    The motorist encountering the adult cyclist(s) really is a unique phenomenon. I do not understand what makes them so angry at us. They will be slightly delayed by large, heavy, and slow moving farm machinery, semis hauling houses (it happened to me mid-90s), horse drawn buggeys (Amish territory), and they will stay relatively calm. Yet…..when they (not all, thankfully, but some) get behind me, an adult cyclist operating my bicycle in a responsible manner, as a vehicle, for some odd reason they turn all agressive and rude and stupid. And I take up a width of, what, probably twenty inches when I am on the bike. And I am always hugging the far right of any road/street I am cycling on.

    I just do not get it. Are they jealous of us? To me its a sad commentary on our motorised-obsessed American culture. Its tragic. Our children are obese and do not play outside anymore. Heck, I am 36 years old and I get more use out of some playground equipment a few blocks from me which I utilize to do pull-ups and dips on. I almost never see parents with children there.


  60. Comment by Jenn | 03.20.2010 | 1:16 am

    Not that anyone cares, but my comment last night was totally insomniac (Fatty – your lack of sleep is contagious!) and more than a little nonsensical. Thus, to clarify:
    1) I am American, living in Europe.
    2) Didn’t mean to speak for the whole continent, just my experience in Italy and Germany.
    3) I certainly did not mean to imply that the wine here is better. It’s not. But it is cheaper. WAY cheaper.
    4) The beer….well, it’s just better. Sorry.
    5) Note where I ultimately referred to as ‘home’.

    Finally, great points in and about this post, from our own behavior to trying not to let the K-holes of the world bother us too much.

    Ride on, Team Fatty!

  61. Comment by Beast Mom | 03.20.2010 | 1:40 am

    The beast husband wrote his first ever complaint letter when he heard this broadcast. He was furious.


  62. Comment by Greg @ Greg Rides Trails | 03.20.2010 | 7:04 am

    I had listened to some of that guys comments yesterday. What a douchebag. sounds like Lance went too easy on him.

  63. Comment by Noomi Rapace | 03.20.2010 | 3:50 pm

    Lance amstrong is one the legends of bike history…Douchebag doesnt suits….

  64. Comment by Paul | 03.20.2010 | 6:18 pm

    Fire Kornheiser? Why not just run him over!!

  65. Comment by Doug/Way Upstate NY | 03.21.2010 | 6:31 am

    Its sad and not funny. I do not think that Tony realized what he was saying. How many of us have had incidents with people in cars who purposely came after us just because we were on bikes.

    Go Lance. I think he was well spoken and hopefully this will help in some way.

  66. Comment by Karcher | 03.21.2010 | 10:51 am

    First, to the commenter above who stated that Rock Creek Parkway is closed to cars on Sunday: It’s not. A portion of Beach Drive is closed to cars on Sundays. Not the Rock Creek Parkway.

    Kornheiser’s issue is with cyclists riding abreast on Rock Creek Parkway. I agree with him. (And I am a cyclist myself.)

    RCP is a major thoroughfare in DC. Traffic moves at 45MPH, and it’s so heavily utilized by commuters that it runs in a single direction at peak times. Riding on the RCP is more akin to riding your bike on an interstate highway than it is to riding on a city street.

    Here’s a fact that no one seems to be pointing out: There is a completely separate bike path alongside most of the RCP. I have never understood why cyclists insist on not using that bike path and instead choose the heavily traveled road.

    It’s not only a traffic flow issue, but also a safety issue. Given the way most people drive on the RCP, and the many blind curves, I am always nervous when riding on that road.

    Obviously Kornheiser shouldn’t be advocating that people hit cyclists. But I understand his frustration. Those cyclists who refuse to use a bike path when available & prudent only add to drivers’ frustration with cyclists and endanger all of our safety.

  67. Comment by Waterlilykari | 03.21.2010 | 12:46 pm

    This is why I used to carry a hard object in hand on the most dangerous road out here in California, there always seemed to be some jerk in his big red truck that would purposely pull into the bike lane and speed up, then veer back out again just inches short of hitting me, all the time laughing about it. The police told me I would have to have hard evidence of this. E.i. A video of it, which was not going to happen since I didnt have a camera or any safe way to attach it to the bike and I sure as hell needed to be undistracted when he came along. I started carrying my water bottle in hand soon after to bang on his truck, being the only way he could hear me over the roar of his engine. After putting a few good dings in his paint he began to content himself with just blowing by with a cloud of dust and a one fingered salute. I hate and regret the image I gave of cyclists but it was clear that I was to recieve no help from anyone else and not roding there was not an option.

  68. Comment by bh | 03.21.2010 | 6:29 pm

    Just goes to show the ignorance of many people … my four year old son, just the other day, was watching out for cyclists on the road while we were running errands.

    A local morning radio host on 101.9 The End in Salt Lake City (who has a huge local following) was complaining about cyclists about a month ago … Fatty, let’s arrange an appearance on the show and cancer charity ride with that dj. H

  69. Comment by buckythedonkey | 03.22.2010 | 1:31 am

    100MoN registration is open. Get in you Brits!

  70. Comment by Fletch | 03.22.2010 | 5:07 am

    March 11 podcast has been removed from the show listings for some reason!

  71. Comment by NYCCarlos | 03.22.2010 | 6:58 am

    woo! 100 MoN Registered! :)

    Central Park on 5/9! :) Join us!

    carlosgperea AT gmail DOT com

  72. Comment by cbuffy | 03.22.2010 | 9:44 am

    Mattc – as a horseback rider on the trails, I want to say THANK YOU! I try to be a considerate rider, riding during times when I’m less likely to meet bikers on the trails, getting off and removing any “droppings” my horse generously leaves behind, etc. (I can only imagine how horrible it would be to run your skinny tires through a fresh pile..)

    Most of the bikers I do meet are gracious and pleasant. I try to pull my horse off and let them pass if possible, chatting about the beauty of the woods and trails. Once in awhile I will meet someone in “the zone” who doesn’t look up until nearly the last second.

    It is my sincere hope we can continue to share our resources and treat each other with the respect we would like to receive.

  73. Comment by Lancelot | 03.22.2010 | 10:38 am

    I believe Armstong was too easy on Tony Kornheiser -this guy should be treated like a juvenile delinquent. It would of been great if Armstong challenged him to commit his time and or money to a worthy bicycle cause – people like this really get the message if it effects their wallet or time. I would of pressed him to use his voice and influence with his audience to raise not just awareness but to take a chunk of his personal time and his money (and ESPN’s too) to donate to a local, national or international bicycling organization. Fatty you raised over $50K for World Bicycle Relief with your audience it would of been interesting to see Tony put his money where his mouth is!!

  74. Comment by Kelly | 03.23.2010 | 5:41 am

    Terry-totally agree & Susan Gottfried I am in the same camp-slightly over 40 with loved ones at home that depend on me. I absolutely love riding my bike and it drives me insane that this hate toward cyclists is fed by someone I’m sure has never expeienced the fear of a car only inches from you. I am always cautious, but it seems I can never go a season without facing a car/truck driven by a tool that thinks it’s funny to run me off the road.

    In fact, last summer was no exception:

  75. Comment by Decker | 03.24.2010 | 3:08 pm

    Everybody chillax! Listen, I dropped Kornholio last night with one punch, then “poured” Ultra all over him…if you know what I mean. Justice served!!

  76. Comment by zerotopanmass | 03.25.2010 | 8:43 am

    I was so mad about this I started a group on Facebook gathering support against Kornheiser’s anti-cyclist rant. The group had over 2000 members in the first day, now over 3000. People have posted great info on how to complain about this to the FCC and ESPN, please check it out if you’re interested.!/group.php?gid=379899676399

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