Back to My Roots

01.9.2013 | 8:15 am

A Note from Fatty: Thank you to everyone who expressed their support and point of view regarding the future of this blog. A couple weeks of rest from writing has done me a lot of good and I am excited to be posting again.

So this blog’s not going away. In fact, I currently have nine items in my “things to write about” list, which is more than I usually have on tap.

While I was on break, though, I did have a couple of ideas I like about things I could do with this blog, and I’ve started work on them. Once I can tell that they’re going to amount to something, I’ll tell you more. Meanwhile, it’s been a while since I’ve just written for the fun of writing, so I’m pretty excited to post whatever pops into my head.

Also, I am working on a very exciting new project to help in the fight against cancer. I think you’ll be as surprised and excited by what it is as I am. I hope to be able to reveal what it is within the next couple weeks. 

Back to My Roots

I started this blog as a way to document my efforts at dropping a bunch of weight. Along the way it’s become about many more things . . . especially as I got my weight to the point where it ought to be. 

I mean, in 2011, I did the Leadville 100 in 8:18 — a time I could only accomplish when light and fast.

And in 2012, I did the Leadville 100 in 8:49, winning the singlespeed division. I wasn’t as light, but I was still plenty light.

And then after Leadville, I just kept on doing race after race after race. I was racing and riding so much that I didn’t feel like I needed to worry about what I ate. So I didn’t. And since I kept doing pretty well, results-wise, in those races, I kept on eating as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted.

The season tapered off. But I didn’t taper off my eating. 

In October, I noticed that my size Medium jerseys were no longer comfortable. So I shelved them and began wearing size Large. Same thing for t-shirts.

In November, I noticed that size Large jerseys were no longer comfortable, but I don’t have any XL jerseys, so I kept wearing Large. 

And every day, as I put my jeans on, I had started doing special exercises — squats and stretches — to stretch my pants’ waist out enough that my circulation wasn’t cut off.

I did not check my scale to see how bad the damage was. But I could tell it was bad. 

I found I was no longer comfortable sitting cross-legged on the floor, because my gut pushed into my lungs. And bending over to tie my shoes caused me to get woozy.

I began walking stairs, rather than running them — as had previously been my custom. 

Then I began using the rail to give me an assist.

No, I am not kidding. Also, I continued to not check the scale. Partially because I know my own body well enough that I could make a pretty accurate guess as to my weight. 

But also partially because I knew that once I saw the number, I would have to do something about it.

The Hammer — who raced like I did and eats like I do — encouraged me to continue to not look at the scale. “Once you do that, you’re going to have to start trying to lose weight, and starting a weight loss program right before Thanksgiving just won’t work,” she said, correctly. 

“Wait ’til New Year’s Day, after all the holidays are past us. Then we’ll get back to the diet.”

“OK,” I said, relieved, and dished myself up another serving of mashed potatoes.

Things got really bad after Christmas. I knew I had one week ’til all the candy I had been gifted would be off-limits, so I made a point of eating all of it during that one week.

Boxes and boxes of candy. Really.

On New Year’s Eve, The Hammer made taco soup. I added many spoonsful of sour cream, fistfuls of cheese and crushed chips galore. Knowing this was my last hurrah.

Except of course for the homemade donuts we made later that night. I, in spite of still being uncomfortably full, ate two. I think I was proving a point, which was that I can eat more than anyone thinks I can. 

As if that point continues to need to be proven. As if, further, there were any doubt regarding that point.

Finally, though, it was New Year’s Day. I told The Hammer, “I’m pretty sure my weight is 184,” as I mechanically walked to the scale and — for the first time in half a year — stepped on.


A maelstrom of thoughts barraged me:

  • I am fatter, by far, than I have ever been since marrying The Hammer. If I were her, I would demand a refund.
  • I am a pound lower than my estimate. Which is kind of like having lost a pound. Which is something to celebrate, right?
  • I am going to have the slowest year of cycling ever if I don’t lose some weight
  • I am right back where I was when I started writing my blog
Things Done In A Particular Order 

Knowing that I needed to take this seriously and make a commitment that I would not back out of, I did what any modern social media-ized person who wants to lose some weight would do, in the following order:

  1. I decided what weight I wanted to get down to. That was easy. 158 pounds by the beginning of the season. 153 pounds by August.
  2. I decided how long it should take to lose that first 25 pounds. I did this by using the very scientific method of saying, “three months sounds about right.”
  3. I added a weight tracker to the sidebar of my blog, which I will update (and have been updating) daily. Check it out; you’ll see it right there.
  4. I took “Before” pictures, both front- and side-views. I am not presenting these for you to view, because I like you too much. Also, I am observing the time-honored tradition of not showing off a “before” photo until you have a decent “after” photo to show along with it. Which gives rise to the question: what do you suppose is the ratio of “before” photos to “after” photos in the universe? (My guess: 20:1)
  5. I tweeted about my current weight and announced my intention to lose weight. And I announced this weight loss resolution on January 1, which makes me the biggest Twitter cliche in the whole world.

The Bet Is On

All of this went according to plan. However, a wrinkle in my plans occurred shortly after I tweeted my intentions:


Hmmm. Interesting. A weight loss contest, where each of the contestants starts from the same place and is working toward the same goal, on the same timeline. 

We commenced to negotiating, and wound up with the following terms:

  • We both have until 3/30 to get to 158lbs.
  • If BOTH of us get to 158, we both win and are happy, and should probably reward ourselves by buying something nice (like a pair of really expensive bibshorts). 
  • If ONE of us gets to 158, that person is the winner, and the loser must buy the winner a pair of ASSOS bibshorts of the winner’s choosing.
  • IF NEITHER of us gets to 158, we each must purchase a pair of ASSOS bibshorts for Jim, a guy I’ve never met in person but follow in the blog universe, as well as on Twitter. I put this rule in here so that if both of us fail we still suffer the consequence of having to buy someone else a pair of very expensive bibshorts, compounded by the agony of knowing that this guy didn’t do anything to get even one pair, much less two.
  • I’ll tweet my weight daily, and will include a running track of my weight in my blog sidebar. Adam will keep me apprised of his weight by tweeting it daily.

Why Assos?

You may be wondering why the contest centers around Assos bibshorts. The reasons are pretty good, actually.

First, because I have a little history with Assos, and thought it would be funny to center a contest around it. I’m sure Dr. Michael Lämmler would approve.

Second, because I would actually really like to try out a pair of Assos bibshorts. I can’t even tell you how many times people have approached me and said, “I know you hate Assos, but their shorts are the best.” The thing is, though, I don’t hate Assos. I’m totally neutral on them (a little Switzerland joke there), because I’ve never had any Assos item (except the chamois creme, and a too-large jersey, signed by Alexandre Vinokourov [yes, really]).

If you read what I’ve written about Assos, I’ve never attacked their products. I have done it was a teardown on their ad. I have done a teardown on Velonews’ craven advertorializing for Assos). But I haven’t attacked their clothes. In fact, I’d like to try out their shorts, just to see if they’re as great as people tell me.

That said, I simply cannot see myself paying that kind of money for shorts. I just can’t.

So, if I win this contest, I get a pair of Assos bibshorts for free, which seems pretty awesome. And if I lose, I have to spend the money on a pair of those shorts, but then don’t even get to wear them. 

Are you beginning to see the strength of this incentive?

No? Oh well. 

My Weight Loss Strategy

So here I am, 1640 words into a blog post about my new weight loss plan, and I haven’t even mentioned how I plan to lose weight. 

That’s because I’ve talked about that strategy before: Egg whites and avocados. Hey, it works for me.

However, there are a few things that are worth mentioning here in conjunction with this plan.

  1. I now put a little bit of cheese on the egg whites. I read somewhere that this doesn’t affect weight gain or loss. Honestly. And it makes the whole thing taste so much better.
  2. Sometimes instead of avocados, I include a yolk. Just to mix things up a bit.
  3. I’m using yolks for disaster prevention, too. Sometimes, when I can feel that my hunger is escalating beyond a dull rumble to a consciousness-dominating roar, I go ahead and cook myself a batch of eggs with two egg yolks, then still add avocados. If I fight back the hunger now with some extra good calories now, I head off the certainty of a binge later.
  4. Dinner is different: I’m having regular dinner with my family. Last night we had salmon, saffron rice and peas. Tonight, spaghetti and meatballs. Tomorrow night, chicken fajitas. I do not allow myself more than a fist-sized amount of carbohydrate in the dinner meal, though. I am not cutting carbs out of my diet, just cutting way back.
  5. I go to bed early and get plenty of sleep. This has a few different benefits. First, whenever I’m sleeping, I’m not eating. Second, if I don’t get enough sleep, I’m irritable and grouchy, and I know that I tend to eat more when I’m grouchy: angry eating. And third, if I get enough sleep, I put more into my exercise.
  6. I expect things will go badly at some point. Right now I’m totally focused and dedicated, just like I am at the beginning of any big weight loss effort. This time, though, I’m anticipating the certainty that at some point I’ll fail. I’ll have a bad day or will be at some conference where we go out to eat and my willpower completely implodes. I am specifically allowing five of these events during this project. Which means that when I have a bad day, I haven’t failed. I’ve just used one of my three tokens. This is a useful way to counteract the “Oh well, I’ve screwed up, may as well give up” impulse.
  7. I expect things to go really badly this week in particular. I’m stuck in a conference room from early morning to late afternoon, with a nearly infinite number of snacks. Including many that I find pretty much irresistible. I was pretty good (about a 6 on a 1-10 scale) on the first day of the long meeting, but I don’t honestly have much in the way of weight-loss expectations for the rest of this week.
For exercise, during the winter I’m spending an easy hour on my Kinetic by Kurt Rock and Roll Trainer (that’s what The Hammer got me for Christmas) or rollers, then going out with the family, walking the dog (often marching in the snow, which is a pretty good workout). As the weather gets better, I’ll step up the intensity. Right now, I’m just burning calories and rebuilding a base. 

Or possibly I’m just feeling too lazy to really go hard at it.

Hey Kids, Try This At Home

In the past I’ve done weight loss competitions as part of this blog. The problem is, they take a lot of work, and I am indescribably lazy. Or hungry. Yes, right now I’m definitely more hungry than lazy. Either way, though, I’m not going to orchestrate a big weight loss competition this year.

However, if you would like to — in the comments — post how much you’d like to lose, maybe you’ll find someone who would like to join you in a head-to-head competition, for a prize you determine. At which point, you’ve got yourself some brand new motivation to start losing some weight. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go eat another five eggs, while furiously avoiding making eye contact with the ENTIRE LOAF OF BREAD I really want to eat.


  1. Comment by Mark J. in Dallas | 01.9.2013 | 8:35 am

    You’re not alone Fatty. We shared the same ‘pound down as much as you can in the last few weeks of the year because on Jan. 1 I’m starting over’ strategy.

    I gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Good times.

    I’m sure we’re not alone. So I’ll be reading daily as usual and going through this with you. Again!

    -”Fatty” Mark J. in Dallas

  2. Comment by Bo-bewan-kano-be | 01.9.2013 | 8:43 am

    Dear Chunkettes:
    I too have fallen prey to the Calorie Monster. But from 190 to 157 during “Cockamamie” (personal synonym for the “C” word) treatments, I’m now at 173. I’m not in the Dire Straights (w/apologies to Mark Knopfler)noted above, but need to be in low 160’s. In addition, the Cockamamie treatments knocked me off my bike, and now with custody of two grandchildren, my road time has ceased to exist. Is there a very convoluted and devilish system FC Nation can get in on as another stellar FC fundraiser? .
    Will be watching this space for updates……and Roooooll Tide Roll !!!!!

  3. Comment by mykill | 01.9.2013 | 8:49 am

    Can’t wait to hear what the next cancer fighting project is!

    I am currently back up to where i was at the start of last year’s competition :/ I weighed in this morning at 205.5 and would like to be at 190 by 3/30. Any takers? ClydeinKS? I think we were pretty close last year… what’s the scale telling you these days?

  4. Comment by Barton | 01.9.2013 | 8:56 am

    I’d been losing weight steadily since July of 2011, until this November. A “staycation” for my birthday may have saved me $$, but since I wasn’t doing my typical active/walk-all-day sightseeing vacation where I can eat/drink anything b/c of the activity, I found myself grazing at home, and meeting friends for extended, daily happy hours. That morphed into T-day, and into Xmas. On top of winter hitting MN w/ darkness arriving at 4:30pm so no long rides after work. Now, I have to lose a heck of a lot to get where I was in October. And still having loads to lose.

    Well, goal is set. And it isn’t a weight, it is a clothing size by Memorial Day. Then we’ll focus on the goal for end of summer, one for end of year, and so on as I continue to use the bike to get to where I want to be.

    Fat – if you are still reading (I do go on…), I want to know if you love the K by K R&R trainer? It looks so effective – and cool – in theory, but is it worth it’s price over other trainers?

  5. Comment by Eddie | 01.9.2013 | 9:00 am

    I was 199.6 yesterday morning. Up from the 183 pounds I was November 3 for IMFL. So don’t go to getting all cocky about how awesome you are at gaining weight because I can do it just as good.

    My goal: 178 by April 1. Let the hunger pangs begin.

  6. Comment by Steven Toby | 01.9.2013 | 9:02 am

    The Hammer is too good to you. I bought a Rock and Roll Trainer a year ago and absolutely love it!

  7. Comment by Alan | 01.9.2013 | 9:03 am

    Good Luck Fatty

    I read the blog and follow on twitter. I too, am trying to slay the calorie monster. I know my body and generally what works for me.


    I get the egg whites, I understand that. Is there any specific role that the avocado plays in the diet? Do you consider it a ‘good’ source of fat and carbs? Antioxidants? Good karma ;-) ?

    Keep it up!

  8. Comment by roadrash | 01.9.2013 | 9:04 am

    The calorie monster got me too. Back up to 195 after getting down to 182 in June. Short term goal is 185 by March 11th ski trip. Really must fit into old ski bibs…

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  10. Comment by Jason | 01.9.2013 | 9:15 am

    I did the same … waited until after the new year to step on the scale, but KNEW I was getting chubby again. I felt it on NYE when out to dinner and I was uncomfortable sitting.

    I was 282 (I’ve always been big, so I’m a Clyde) which is roughly 22 pounds up from where I was late season last year. So the goal is 250 by July 1 (I want to do a race on 7/17), and ultimately 230 by next year.

  11. Comment by Chris | 01.9.2013 | 9:18 am

    If I get down to 158 first will you buy me bibs?? I’m starting at 168. Good luck to both of you but crush him Fatty.

  12. Comment by Robert | 01.9.2013 | 9:34 am

    After 12wks of nothing with a broken toe, I’ve put the weight on too.

    I’m up to 178. I was racing last year at 155-160. So, 18#.

    My first real “race” is May. But there are some running races in Feb/March. I’m hoping by 3/1, I’m sitting in the 150s and ready to race.

    Good luck Fatty!
    Robert (@TriRacer_Robert)

  13. Comment by Matt Boulanger | 01.9.2013 | 9:42 am

    Hey Fatty-

    You can do it, man. And your plan sounds remarkably similar to the one that got me down from 227 two years ago to 173 today. (Weigh in every day, make your goal public, limit carbs to fist-size/day).

    So just be glad you’re not 5′10″ and 227 right now and get on it.

    I know you probably never get out east but if you ever do during the winter you should check out our little indoor group ride. And even if you don’t, I want you to know that the whole reason I run that ride, the whole reason I have way too much money sunk into Sufferfest videos and projection equipment, is that two years ago I got on the scale, read about your weight challenge then, and resolved to be 30 pounds lighter and riding 100 Miles of Nowhere by June 1. I did that and more, and reading your blog was the primary inspiration. So thank you.

    I’m also hoping to add a social mission to VtIndoor at some point and would love your thoughts on that- put it in your “things to write about” hopper. How to take a great thing like cycling and turn it into a great thing for people who need great things in their lives.



  14. Comment by Susan's Sister Christine | 01.9.2013 | 9:44 am

    Elden, I have so much in common with you with the weight flucuation thing. And I also ate salmon and rice for dinner last night. So I will definitely join you again in this newest weight loss adventure. I’d like to lose about 20 lbs by Spring.

  15. Comment by Jonny R | 01.9.2013 | 9:47 am

    I’m a long time reader\blog stalker, but haven’t really replied to anything. Just like fatty, alot of us face the same battles from time to time.


    I plopped on the Withings Scale this morning at 207. I’ll take ya up on 190 by 3/30 if you are up for it.

  16. Comment by KM | 01.9.2013 | 9:52 am

    Darnit! I was looking forward to beating Fatty again in a weight loss competition…..except I’ve ballooned back up to 206lbs from my 184 for the Tour de Nowhere competition. So my goal is to get back to 185-186lbs by April. If there’s anyone in the Fatty blogoshpere who wants a partner I’m game. As for a competition……I could be enticed with an appropriate incentive but the glory of beating Fatty is so much more rewarding.

  17. Comment by roan | 01.9.2013 | 9:53 am

    Glad to tell ya, I still weigh the same as in summer. Haven’t stopped riding either, rain, darkness, rain, wind, rain, cold…more rain on a single speed 55×17. Takes a lot out of me each day, but I feel good too. In my 23rd month of straight riding (minus 5 day last winter with snow and no road shoulders).
    You didn’t go for the Team SKY bibs ! feather weight like wearing nothing but the breeze.

  18. Comment by SeanB | 01.9.2013 | 9:55 am


    Glad to hear about another weight loss challenege. It’s just what I needed! I’ve been indulging too much on the comfort food and feeling it. Having the same issue as you with clothes not fitting and stretching out the jeans to fit. I’m at 178 and want to be at 160 or less by 3/30. Traithlon season is coming up in May and I need to be in shape to meet my personal goals. It starts now!

  19. Comment by Ashley | 01.9.2013 | 10:07 am

    I did ok during the holidays. I, too, got a bunch of candy for some reason, and killed most of it before New Years. During this time I consumed less alcohol that I had been, and also get back on the bike after, more or less, two weeks off.

    This means I didn’t gain any weight, though I stopped losing it.

    I’m at 154 right now, with a season start goal of 145. But this is down from 176 at some point last year (I, too, avoided the scale).

    My breakfasts now are two eggs (with yolks, thank you) fried up with spinach and pepper in an omelette thing, with a slice and a half of cheese in the middle. So far so good. I still eat dinners normally, but I’ve been cooking a lot more and choosing healthier things.

    Rough goal is 1/4 plate protein (some sort of meat), 1/4 plate grains (rice, corn, etc) and 1/2 plate veggies or similar (usually a salad).

    The hardest part is trying to figure out lunch. I’ve been doing a salad and then bringing something else for protein, usually leftovers from the previous night. I’m also doing a snack at 10 and 2.

  20. Comment by T.J Olaussen | 01.9.2013 | 10:09 am

    You go fatty.
    Have a little weightloss plan myself. My plan is to go from 188 to 163 by the end of may when I will do my first race for the season. I don’t have a strict diet plan. I plan to just watch what I eat, and spend as many hours as possible on my Tacx i-Flow and see how that works out.

  21. Comment by RK | 01.9.2013 | 10:11 am

    226 this morning, up from a low of 180 (I’m pretty tall, so 180 is great.)

    Goal by 3/30 is 205, goal by end of summer is 185.

  22. Comment by Wife#1 | 01.9.2013 | 10:12 am

    I do confess I was hoping for a weight loss competition over the holidays this year, only because I started a medical weight loss program in October, so I would have been a total ringer!

    As mentioned previously, I am a clyde mare. Hmmm.. clydesdales are also tall though, let’s call me a fjord horse instead: short, squat and utterly adorable.

    However, I am down 51 pounds in the last 13 weeks, so I’ve got an excellent tailwind right now.

    My current goal is to lose 100 pounds by June 23.

    June 23, where I will do the Livestrong Davis ride along with the entire Davidh-in-Marin family. God help any of you that will be attending. ;-) The ride that I will have raised a few thousand dollars for Livestrong by then, because I am going to make my co-workers and friends pledge a buck a pound, and I work for a really big company.

    Not sure the distance I am going to aim for yet… 60, 80 or 100? I have never ridden more than 20 miles in my life, but I have 6 months to train and a family full of bike nuts!

    Hey Fatty, small world stuff, in addition to the weight loss facilitator who looks like you when you were younger, turns out the daughter of one of the ladies in the group with me works for Specialized. I was telling her how completely awesome they were for their amazing support of WBR and Grand Slam for Zambia.

    Anyhoo – so that’s my weight loss competition. I’ll be “losing for dollars”.

  23. Comment by Wife#1 | 01.9.2013 | 10:13 am

    oh bugger Fatty – will you add an bold end tag after buck a pound in my post above, or take the other one off. God I hate that you cannot edit comments. :-)

  24. Comment by jon (a clyde from Chi-town) | 01.9.2013 | 10:13 am

    Okay, Assos and not Rapha? Hmmm…

    Hit the scales at 220.6 this AM… So, if I want to hit 200, looks like I am going to drop about 10%… (I am really good at math, can’t you tell?) I would be in with others who are in the 10% club…

    To be fair (to me of course), I AM big boned… HAHAHA.

    The challenge for me will be to reduce the amount of wine I consume… Got to almost a bottle per day (for two of us – I have a problem, but not that BIG of a problem) in 2012. Just enjoy it too much…

    Separately, F, it is awesome that you have found new inspiration… Looking forward to your daily musings in 2013!!!

  25. Comment by Wife#1 | 01.9.2013 | 10:14 am

    Eeek. “oh bugger Fatty” really could have used a well placed comma!

  26. Comment by RL Julia | 01.9.2013 | 10:15 am

    Gotta loose that 20 pounds I’ve been trying to loose for three years. In the meantime I’ve ridden 2000 miles a year on my bike but the candy monster and my completely sedentary job always wins. Was home over the holidays and lost five pounds doing basically nothing – but not sitting at a desk all day. Maybe this year will go a little better? Goal is 150. Currently 172. Gotta say Fatty – we are about the same size and it’s really depressing when I read about your bike escapades and realize that you weigh less than I do (although maybe that’s a little silly on my part!).

  27. Comment by mykill | 01.9.2013 | 10:19 am

    Hey Jonny R | 01.9.2013 | 9:47 am, you’re on. Stakes? i am thinking maybe a donation to charities (like, say, Livestrong ride fundraising pages) of our choice?

    And ClydeinKS, i can probably do one more if you’re game (though hopefully you aren’t in the Clydesdale class anymore!). Seems like we drafted off each other pretty good last year.

  28. Comment by Pat in Westminster Co | 01.9.2013 | 10:19 am

    Let’s see, I was at 205 on September 15th racing in the Alpine Odyssey 100 in Crested Butte. Now after the holidays and a shoulder issue I am at 227.

    My plan is to ride more and eat less this year. I know work will cut into the ride side, so my eating habits need to change. My first goals are the spring classics here in the Boulder Co area, then onto MTB races in the summer. Hopefully LT100 and Ride the Rockies.

    If you notice I didn’t have a weight goal in mind, I am 6′2″ former football guy, that didn’t stop playing until a shoulder and knee forced me out at 33. So weight is not relative to me. Mountains are not my friend, they are a pain, but over I go.

    My real goal is to keep up with the fast guys in Tucson on the Shootout. I can hang with the “old” guys, but get spit very forcefully out the back in the “fast” guys ride.
    Thanks for continuing the blog and fight.

    Pat (heading out for a ride)

  29. Comment by caitbait | 01.9.2013 | 10:37 am

    I’m all in! I’ve just gotten really into cycling this past year (I dropped 40lbs)… since winter, I’ve gained about 10 back… now I’m in the 184 range and want to hit 160. (I’m a 5′9 lady).

    I’ve also just started racing (mtb racing…) I’ve not a flippin’ clue what I’m doing- all I know is that I have a bunch of scars and lots of good stories. I’m gonna give road racing a shot, and yeah, my chubby butt has to slim down if I want to make it up some hills…

  30. Comment by Graham | 01.9.2013 | 10:45 am

    Greetings Fellow Mega-Clydes! Are you amused by the lamenting of normal-sized people? Do you wish that there was someone out there who really understands you? Well, let me introduce you to a fellow Mega-Clyde.


    Over the holidays I gained who knows how much and am now back to 271 lbs. I know this because I weighed myself today and about died on the spot. My stated goal for the year is to pare down to 235 lbs. I have no idea how long this will take, but I’m willing to take on any/all comers in my Mega-Clyde Weight Loss Challenge!

    Even if we don’t reach our goals, our pedals and seat posts will thank us!

  31. Comment by Wife#1 | 01.9.2013 | 11:02 am

    @graham – cracking me up! “Even if we don’t reach our goals, our pedals and seat posts will thank us!” Not to mention no longer being labelled as “carbon wheelset killers!”

  32. Comment by babble on | 01.9.2013 | 11:33 am

    Thank you for sharing, Fatty! I think you’ll win, because you were smart enough to include lots of sleep in your plan. A lack of sleep decreases your levels of leptin (regulates energy expenditures) and decreases your levels of ghrelin (regulates hunger).

    So few people take sleep into account, but poor sleep is definitely linked to obesity.

    One more tip for you from someone who has also lost a fair bit of weight over the years? Water first thing in the morning. Actually, it’s best after you clean your mouth and tongue, since your body rids itself of toxins via your tongue as you sleep. A full pint of water on an empty stomach and a bit of time for it to work its way through your system is incredibly beneficial to your weight loss efforts for any number of reasons. But don’t take my word for it… try it!

    Best of luck!

  33. Comment by babble on | 01.9.2013 | 11:33 am

    oops – lack of sleep increases Ghrelin. Makes you hungry… ;)

  34. Comment by patty | 01.9.2013 | 11:45 am

    I feel your pain! I love to eat and can be lazy too! I have lost 33 pounds since Oct. 2011, but there are a few more still to go. I was in Del Mar, CA for 5 days and any time I could I would spend walking on the beach. I lost 1″ in my waist! No wonder everyone I saw on the beach looked great – all the walking, surfing, and biking on such a beautiful beach. No beaches in Ohio so I am doing home improvement to keep the weight loss going. Yes, I always seem to lose weight when spending several hours every week day evening and 10 to 12 hours on weekend days working on the house. It keeps me moving and my mind occupied. If your not moving, your not losing – Dovett from the Biggest Loser – I need to get that burnt into my brain. Best of luck with your weight loss.

  35. Comment by Brandy | 01.9.2013 | 11:52 am

    one of your best posts in a long time Fatty. You just fired me up on my fitness too ! I am going to be at fighting weight for Levi’s! thank you, -Brandy

  36. Comment by Andrew | 01.9.2013 | 11:58 am

    Oh man, I’m there too. And I did the exact same thing—eat every ounce of candy I knew would tempt me once the new year started.

    I’m at a high of 230 (natural clyde) but my ideal is right around 200.

    30 lbs, anyone?

  37. Comment by | 01.9.2013 | 12:01 pm

    oh man, the Calorie-monster crosses borders too, I’m in Ontario, Canada , just north of Toronto and yep, up about 15 pounds. Broke my arm in August, didn’t clip out on a downgrade, my elbow found the only FRICKEN chunk of stone in the area….. Am 155lbs and will be 140lbs by the end of this contest….go Fatty go. I’m going to try the avocado/egg dish., sounds yummmy..

  38. Comment by Bryan | 01.9.2013 | 12:16 pm

    On Jan 1 I crushed my scale at 286.5. I need to lose a 100 pounds. Mega-clyde indeed. For a long time I thought my bottom bracket needed replacement due to its constant squeaking. Turns out it was my frame begging for mercy.

  39. Comment by lulea | 01.9.2013 | 12:24 pm

    I am at 153.25 lbs and my goal is 132 lbs. I did try to workin on this throught the holiday season but with no succcess other than I did maintain at least. Any women out there looking to have a similair weight loss in the next three months?

  40. Comment by davidh-marin,ca | 01.9.2013 | 12:34 pm

    Just back from kids to school, my morning Diet Coke, Doughnut, Chips (it’s a chemical thing) and now reading this post.

    With Wife#1 on a medically supervised diet I have been responsible for both her and my plate at the family table and it shows! Like Jon(a clyde from chi town) 10% would get me down to the 210 range, and at 6-4, while not svelte like Greg and MattC, would certainly extend the life of my Kyserium SL Wheels.(they came with the bike, and have been pricey to replace-trust me). So I’ll step away from the doughnuts, the chips, and the empty calories, and ride.

    June is another matter.
    I hope we’ll all be together in Davis! I intend to cook, and to make a weekend of it. I’ll take suggestions(Zeeter, I’m thinking of you), Brats will probably be part of the equation, but Guacamole figures as the centerpiece of the Friday night affair.

    Rain threatens today so let’s get a ride in early. If anyone wants to see a TRUE FOF and determination take a look at The Noodler’s Strava record: 200miles in January already! Daily! Wind or Rain (sleet uncommon here at the California Coast) You would think she’s apprenticing as a postal carrier.(not a good career choice):

  41. Comment by Liz M. | 01.9.2013 | 12:48 pm

    Good luck to everyone in their weight loss goals!

    I was so busy with work in December that I didn’t get to express my thoughts about the future of the blog. If you ever decide to stop, please publish more books so we can relive all the great stuff. But I’m glad you are inspired to continue now — looking forward to all the exciting things you are promising!

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    [...] recently posted about his goal to shed some pounds and invited anyone who wanted to lose weight with him. It’s not a contest, just an [...]

  43. Comment by Jeff | 01.9.2013 | 1:09 pm

    Why is it that everybody in the Assos ads look seriously constipated?

  44. Comment by Eric | 01.9.2013 | 1:25 pm

    Hey jon (a clyde from Chi-town):

    I’m 213 this morning and in Chicago (uptown) myself. I’m looking at having to get to 193 to equal your drop to 200. I’m game if you are…

    Pick your poison, we can make it loser covers the others entry into a ride locally (bike the drive, the 4 star, apple cider, a couple growlers from half acre or some piece of incredibly sexy spandex I couldn’t wear after Novemeber…

    Also, I havent weighed <200 since highschool, so you've got that going for you.

    eric dot olson @ ally dot com if you want a piece of this…

  45. Comment by ClydeinKS | 01.9.2013 | 1:28 pm

    Alright so here’s my update, searched back in the blog to 4/14/12 and found the link to our weigh-in pages for accuracy, they’re still accessible!

    So… on 3/15/12 I started the weight loss challenge at 245.6 (gasp) and exactly 4 weeks later on 4/12/12 I won Lance’s shoes by weighing in at 218.3 – still amazed at where I started and I accomplished by an increase in gym activity and riding and cutting out drive-thru breakfasts and watching portion size.

    @mykill – you had said then that I’d hit 190 by the end of the summer but was unable to keep that fire lit. I have continued near daily weigh-ins and basically just watching the weight (I’ve resumed some drive-thru breakfasts prior to work and my riding decreased and the gym stopped.
    I have put some weight back on but pleased to say I’ve been right around 225 for some time now – this morning was 226.? so still holding good at having kept 20 off from the challenge. I was hoping for another challenge but I guess I can pay for my 100MoN entry this year.

    I’m thinking 195-200 this year is totally doable and thinking by the end of March 215 would be good. Will have to see if my wife (MightyAthena) will get involved here again, I know she’s signed up for a challenge at the gym…

    @Susan’s Sister Christine – how are the pull-ups coming along?

    ClydeinKS (@DeVriesJS)

  46. Comment by Jonny R | 01.9.2013 | 1:46 pm


    So if both of us make weight (IE: hit 190), neither is really a loser correct? It’s not a race to the weight, just a matter of hitting the weight by the deadline.

    I’m fine with donating to a charity. Livestrong, any # of veteran organizations, etc.

  47. Comment by Clydesteve | 01.9.2013 | 2:28 pm

    The season tapered off. But I didn’t taper off my eating…

    I know, right?

    Season low: 195
    right now: 214
    goal: 188

  48. Comment by Kukui | 01.9.2013 | 2:34 pm

    I’m embarrassed to say that after getting down to 235 lbs in August, I’m back up to 262 (!). And that’s with staying active (running) all winter.

    And may I just say, running is NOT a fun alternative sport to cycling.

    I’m aiming for a full 30 pounds lost by April 1 (232 lbs).

    I’m hoping the pounds will melt off faster once I’m able to start riding in to work again.

    Good luck Fatty and everyone else working on their weight goals!

  49. Comment by Kukui | 01.9.2013 | 2:39 pm

    Hey, Graham! I’m a fellow Mega-Clyde!

    Current weight: 262
    Short-term goal: 232
    2013 year-end goal: 199 (or less…)

    Are there any other Mega-Clydes out there and what are your ideas?

  50. Comment by mykill | 01.9.2013 | 2:52 pm

    Jonny R: Sounds like the right terms to me, if we both get there by the end date we both win. I’d be glad to make a donation to a veterans org if you win, you name it. I’ll make my pick LiveStrong through my Davis Challenge fundraising page.

    ClydeinKS: Get back on the bike and not in the drive thru! Good-natured kidding aside, good job keeping off what you kept off, i found all but 2 of those pounds lost in last year’s challenge.

    I’ll probably post regular updates in the old forum from last year since it sounds like that’s up and running (Thanks for pointing that out, ClydeinKS). Public accountability goes a long way with me.

  51. Comment by GregC | 01.9.2013 | 2:59 pm

    @davidh-marin,ca: I feel your pain (literally). I’m hoping to get back on my bike this weekend for the first time this year (doctor ordered time off). I look forward to riding with you and the all the other Fattys in Davis later this summer. Like many others, I have a lot of hard work ahead to get back to where I need to be. I will not let Fatty and Lisa pull me the last 30 miles again (or at least I will be taking my turn on the front!)

  52. Comment by dirteng | 01.9.2013 | 3:00 pm

    One of the groups that I kinda but don’t really ride with talk about the race against the “dark monster” (sunset), i like how there is now a “calorie monster as well”.

    I’ve been high (285), and I’ve been low (175), but now am at a fairly steady 240-ish (at about 6′1″-6′2″) for 2 years. As of Jan 1 I was 245, and my goal is 215, a 30 pound drop (and the point where my BMI goes from obese to overweight). To make it real, I shaved my beard that I have had for nearly 6 years on NYE (shaved once a few months before I got married since my wife had never seen my face). I promise to not grow the beard back until I hit 215. I miss it. Diet underway and thinking of trying P90x like programs to see how they help.

  53. Comment by RG | 01.9.2013 | 3:14 pm

    Good luck! You can do it – you are the amazing weight loss genius.

    As for ideas for the blog, I mentioned this once before, and I’ll mention again – one idea is a series for newbie cyclists. I have no cycling friends . . . I want to do my first tri . . . but I don’t know how to change a flat tire let alone how to hold my posture in a way that doesn’t destroy my back. Etc. etc. You could go all Pioneer Woman on us, and do a series of picture heavy “how-to” posts for people who want to cycle more and have no one in person to learn the basics from. Just throwing it out there as a suggestion again!

  54. Comment by davidh-marin,ca | 01.9.2013 | 3:22 pm

    @GregC Glad to hear we’ll see you in Davis, and happy to hear you’ll be riding again. Off the bike on Doctor’s orders….”???? I thought the point of therapy was to find your inner child?

  55. Comment by Bart | 01.9.2013 | 3:27 pm

    I do not get fat between x-mas and newyear but between newyear and x-mas.

  56. Comment by melicious | 01.9.2013 | 3:57 pm

    @caitbait – we sound very similar. I’m currently 186 and am also a tall girl at 5′10″ and looking to drop to around 165. Mountain biking is fun but yes, can leave some fun scars! Best of luck to you!

  57. Comment by briebecca | 01.9.2013 | 4:07 pm

    Lulea- you’re on! I’m 153 today and 132 sounds good to me for 3 months… which would be April 9th? Email me at and we can make it fun!

  58. Comment by Heidi | 01.9.2013 | 7:04 pm

    ““OK,” I said, relieved, and dished myself up another serving of mashed potatoes.” Hahahahaha!

    So glad the break did you some good. And hey, I called it right on egg whites and avocados!

  59. Comment by aussie kev | 01.9.2013 | 7:13 pm

    Ive missed your writings big fella !!!


  60. Comment by Steve E. | 01.9.2013 | 7:22 pm

    It looks like we’re on a similar schedule. I started last year at 193lbs and got down to 167 (the lowest my wife has witnessed since we met in 1999).

    After my last duathlon of 2012, the flood gates were opened. Those were a good three+ months (Halloween candy, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are delightfully food-related). Flying home on New Year’s Eve, I binged like everyone on the rehab shows, the night before they enter. So my starting weight was up a bit higher than I had thought:

    01 Jan: 184.0
    02 Jan: 180.4
    03 Jan: 181.6
    04 Jan: 180.4
    05 Jan: 178.8
    06 Jan: 178.8
    07 Jan: 177.4
    08 Jan: 178.8
    09 Jan: 176.8

    My goal is to get below 160 this year, and do my first (sprint) triathlon June 1st near that weight. I’m using the Dukan diet, which allows me to eat pretty much as much of the foods I’m allowed.

  61. Comment by Not so fat | 01.9.2013 | 7:35 pm

    Sorry to hear you got fat. It happens to all of us over the holidays. Now go out and stop being so fat.

    To the poster before me, Steve. Don’t ever go above sprints or olys. HIMs & IMs suck. No one likes them. OK, maybe just do one so you can say you did it. Then reflect on how much it sucks.

  62. Comment by RipkenLady | 01.9.2013 | 9:03 pm

    I am very glad that you have recharged your batteries. I certainly did not want to tell you to stop writing but was hoping it was not so. Good luck on the weight loss challenge. I only need to lose about 7 lbs or so. Not much of a contest for me to have. I will try to use your progress as incentive. Thanks for everything.

  63. Comment by LiveSTRONG4Life | 01.9.2013 | 9:50 pm

    Party Season for me has been typically from Thanksgiving until my birthday on January 23. I’m in, as I’m heading back weight-wise to those pre-chemo days. I’m down for 20 by 3/30, but I’ll just be getting a late start. I think 10-15 is doable, 20’s a stretch, but weather permitting…

  64. Comment by jones | 01.9.2013 | 10:34 pm

    Fatty – I’m 183 as of this morning.

    Wanna make it a 3-way?


  65. Comment by Mark F. | 01.9.2013 | 10:41 pm

    Hey Kukui! I would put myself in the Mega-Clyde category for sure. I am currently at 419.4 down from a beginning weight of 465. My goal is 360 by April. Started riding cause of Fatty’s blog and so far so good. I wish you good luck getting to your goal.

  66. Comment by Nurse Betsy | 01.9.2013 | 10:55 pm

    I have alot to lose, but won’t state how much. I started eating healthy, green shakes and more fruits and veggies. So far so good. Lost 5 lbs in the first week. I’ll keep you posted. Keep up the good work.

  67. Comment by AKChick | 01.9.2013 | 11:12 pm

    So glad you’re back! :) I racked up over 740 miles on my spin bike last year and close to a 1000 miles on my cross. Our winter has been horrid – hardly any snow, super cold temps, and then a warm up to almost 50 on one day and now it’s icy so without studs on the fat bike, I haven’t ridden it hardly at all. :( I know you feel sorry for me. Hubby and I have been pretty good over the holidays and neither of us ate a lot of candy or cookies. We kept up our workouts. My biggest downfall has been lack of sleep. I tend to only get around 5 hours a night which isn’t enough. I’m working on that.

    I’m also torn as I wasn’t planning on doing Davis this year, but I see my cohort in crime, Wife#1 is planning on riding and I’d love to meet her in person. Imagine the mischief we could think of! If the OT keeps up, I can probably afford to come down again if I can find a place to stay while I’m down there. Airfare is the biggest factor since flying down from Alaska is REALLY expensive. We opted to go the Big Island in Hawaii this year so that’s where my airfare money went and I was going to focus on more local rides…I’ll have to give this more thought. I love meeting all the other Fatty’s in person and matching post names with faces. And there’s brats, cake, pie, and fun. Hmmm…

  68. Comment by Jonny R | 01.10.2013 | 6:51 am


    Where exactly are we posting our results to? I wasn’t in on the challenge last year. Everything else sounds good.

  69. Comment by mims | 01.10.2013 | 8:29 am

    yikes, I gained 10 pounds since Thanksgiving. And if had to go out and ride Coleman Valley Rd today I woudl die. It is amazing how quickly one loses conditioning and can gain weight when activity level chnges. I swear I pushed the candy box away (but wne tby the cookie plate alot). Thanks for helping me get back in the saddle. Good luck to you!

  70. Comment by Daddy style | 01.10.2013 | 9:08 am

    Every year I say Nay, not this year, not the winter layer, but every year I still seam to gain 20 lbs in the fall, Amazing how it can pile on when your activity level comes down.

    Guess were not the only ones

  71. Comment by Susan's Sister Christine | 01.10.2013 | 1:15 pm

    ClydeinKS–hey, thanks for remembering. I was doing pretty good with the pull-ups. Then I pulled a muscle or something in my shoulder and stopped. I would like to work back up to it. And I need to lose a few pounds along the way. Maybe I’ll get back on that forum from last year too. If enough people get back on it will help motivate me and keep me accountable.

  72. Comment by Skippy | 01.10.2013 | 1:26 pm

    As you have been tweeting about the ” O show Controversy ” , here is my take on that subject !

    My first thoughts on the announcement were that he was announcing a second bout of Big C:!

    Nothing less will get him off the hook ! Too many people are feeling a sinking feeling since October ? Betrayal and disillusion will follow this TV Event ?

  73. Comment by mykill | 01.10.2013 | 1:32 pm

    Jonny R, the forum we have mentioned is forum (dot) fatcyclist (dot) com. You just need to register to use it if you are new. Like Christine says, if enough people get back on there it would provide some motivation and help keep us accountable and on track. I sure benefited from that last year. With the forum we could set up separate topics for each head-to-head competition, so the weight tracking stays in one place and other users can watch progress of other races.

  74. Comment by leroy | 01.10.2013 | 1:52 pm

    Health tip:

    Never weigh yourself while your dog is standing next to you.

    They always sneak a paw onto the scale when you’re not looking.

    Don’t ask me how I know. I just know.

  75. Comment by Jonny R | 01.10.2013 | 2:05 pm


    Roger that. Registered and new topic created. Good luck!

    I’m good with an on-going mtc or future goal thread too.

  76. Comment by Jenny Jane | 01.10.2013 | 3:06 pm

    Great article ! I learned some new things while reading ! I’m from Please visit our website to learn about bike trails in YOUR area. Our goal is to help preserve and expand this country’s bike path system, as well as promote a clean and healthy environment for the community.

  77. Comment by auchefdave | 01.10.2013 | 8:21 pm

    GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK!! Listen if it is 25 or 225 it is one lb. at a time. You can’t look at set-backs or stumbles as the end, just causes to get better and keep on pedaling! It was and is my only sanity and best weight loss program.

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  79. Comment by bob | 01.11.2013 | 12:03 am

    After 3 massive surgeries on my spine I was 233 before Xmas, now at 225 and looking for 200 by March 1st(ish).

    Let’s go Clydes! I have races to, um, race!

  80. Comment by Jeremy | 01.11.2013 | 12:43 am

    I started “working on it” after my family heading home after Christmas, but I’m not working very hard. Started the new year at 185.8 and am down to 183, after a post-high school low of 173.2 this past summer (hadn’t seen that since I was sophomore or junior). I need motivation. Is Davis on?

  81. Comment by davidh-marin,ca | 01.11.2013 | 1:47 am

    Wife#1 says Fatty has twitted about it. She also hopes top ride some portion this year, so let’s think good thoughts and we’ll all be together.

    Remember, if we’re in Davis there will be PIE!

  82. Comment by Bicycle Bill | 01.11.2013 | 5:42 am

    Fatty, you are inspiring me too.  I also need to shed some of my avoirdupois; as of my last weigh-in I was standing (naked and shivering) with the scale reading around 180.  Unfortunately, that was kilos, not pounds.  I cannot remember the last time I rode my bike without significant effort; “Rusty”, my 1978-vintage Trek 700, is beginning to cringe and cower away any time I walk close to her; and I have entertained serious and favorable thoughts about — shudder — recumbents.  

    Enough is enough.  I have decided to become a shadow of my former self as well, and may occasionally check back in here with progress — or setback — reports.

    Let the weight loss commence!!!


  83. Comment by lulea | 01.11.2013 | 11:02 am

    Thanks so much for the suggestion and providing a platform to find others with similiar weight loss goals to compete with. It is helping already amongst our 4 women competition.

  84. Comment by Kit | 01.12.2013 | 9:12 pm

    Oh honey, I feel your yo-yo style pain. I let myself get too soft around the edges to fit into some of my super cute and also super expensive running skirts, the worst of which is having my super most duperest awesome red and black one bunch up before it fails to cover my backside at all. So! I don’t own a scale, but I’m determined to rock that skirt within 3 months. My farts will be one eggy miasma right along with yours.

  85. Comment by Nate O. | 01.13.2013 | 8:10 pm

    I’ve hit a personal nadir this year (227.4 lbs). That’s the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. I was 176 in college, when I was on the cycling team. Short-term goal is to break under 200, long-term to hit 180 (dream big, right?).

    I’ll throw a topic up on the fatty forums if anyone wants to join me. It looks like a few people here are in my weight bracket.

    I moved to rural Missouri for work last year, and I had to buy a car! I used to ride my bike everywhere, so that was a bummer.

  86. Comment by metalcommuter | 01.14.2013 | 3:32 pm

    Just go primal and never look back. 50 pounds down, maintaining for over a year now, and I eat as much as I want.

  87. Pingback by Fat Cyclist » Blog Archive » This Year Will Be Different. Except It Won’t | 01.14.2013 | 4:54 pm

    [...] I’ll have plenty of recovery time. That said, I have never raced in February before. And as I’ve mentioned recently, I kinda let myself go during the past few months, to the extent that — even though I’m [...]

  88. Comment by Ben | 01.15.2013 | 11:33 am

    Current weight: 230. My goal is to get to 190. Then I get a new set of wheels. I loose 10 lbs, I get a new gloves, at 20 lbs I get a new jersey, at 30 lbs, I get a bike fitting, at 40 lbs, I get new wheels. I really want the bike fit and wheels.

  89. Comment by Matt S | 01.15.2013 | 4:48 pm

    Heh, I can still remember finding your blog way back when linked to your “An Open Letter to the Tour de France” in 2005. Wow, that was a long time ago. I’ve followed you sporadically ever since.

    I don’t think I ever congratulated you for the sub-9 Leadville, so double-congrats!

  90. Comment by Carissa | 01.17.2013 | 12:17 am

    I’m new here. A few of your tweets have floated past my twitterfeed from time to time but today, I finally tuned in. And I’m glad I did, mostly because ever since I ‘met’ a beautiful pair of Assos bibs at Interbike 2009, I’ve dreamt about slipping into them ever since.

    But, seriously, I’ve got some ambitious weight loss goals and for an athlete who never had to worry much about losing weight other than for vanity sake, the fact that I have at least 40 pounds to drop has been and continues to be a daunting prospect. But, I’m game. And I’m especially keen to keep tuning into a blog/community who gets me and my obsessive love for cycling.

    I just got blood work back to confirm that I am working with a clean bill of health after discovering a low thyroid 2 years ago that contributed to some weight gain but ultimately affected energy and other aspects of my overall functioning that were much harder to recover from.

    So, here I am, happy to tune in, be motivated, hopefully contribute if and where its needed and be entertained along the way!


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    [...] Which meant I had only 5 more pounds to lose in the final month of my big 25-pound weight loss contest / challenge / mutual accountability support group thingy I have …. [...]


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