I Have a Theory

09.19.2008 | 10:07 am

A Note from Fatty: I’ll be at Interbike all next week, getting the stories nobody else has the guts to report. On Wednesday, I’ll also be on a panel called “Just the Basics: What You Need to Know About Web 2.0,” which will be in Casanova Room 601 at 2:30. I plan to show up about half an hour early with a few Fat Cyclist t-shirts to give away. If you’re going to be at Interbike, come by and introduce yourself. Then, if you feel like it, stick around for the panel.

I have a crazy theory. I’m almost entirely sure it’s wrong, what with the teeny little problem that I have exactly zero facts (or even rumors) to support it.

But I like my theory, so I’m going to bring it up anyway, in the hope that you too will like this theory, and you’ll spread it as if it were fact. And then it will become rumor.

And — as everyone knows — most rumors have a kernel of truth. And if it has a kernel of truth, well, why can’t the whole thing be true? See, my theory will go from ridiculous notion to plausible possibility in just a few short steps, without me having to do any work.

I should write a book on this technique. I could call it The Secret 2: This Time It Requires Even Less Actual Work.

OK, I’m off track, aren’t I? Yes, yes I am. Where was I? Oh yes, my theory.

My Theory
As you learned in my world-exclusive announcement last week, Lance Armstrong is returning to professional cycling. What Lance didn’t tell me — that dude can be so coy sometimes! — is what team he’ll be riding with.

So here’s my theory.

Lance Armstrong won’t be joining a team. He’ll be forming one: Team LiveStrong.

OK, that sounds a little nuts, but hear me out. Armstrong has said, “I have decided to return to professional cycling in order to raise awareness of the global cancer burden.” And he’s said he’ll be announcing more on September 24th (probably while I’m presenting at that panel at Interbike, with my luck).

Sure, as a cyclist on Astana he could have some impact, but on a team of his own — a team branded not to sell a product or company, but to raise money and awareness to fight cancer — he could have a much bigger impact.

I know that — for the first time ever — I’d buy a pro team kit. And I would root for Armstrong and his team like I never have before. And I daresay there’d be renewed interest in next year’s Tour.

When you think about it, you know what seems likely? Team Astana — a Trek-supported team with Bruyneel leading the way, but evidently locked out of the TdF due to its name — will be bought by Armstrong, becoming Team LiveStrong.

Would ASO — the organizer of the Tour de France — turn away a team explicitly created to fight cancer, helmed by winningest TdF racer in history?

Uh, no. No it wouldn’t.

I really like my theory. Sure, it’s probably wrong, but a man can dream, right?

And besides, just in case I’m right, I want to be on the record as being the guy who saw it coming.

Side Bets
Just supposing this works out to be real, I furthermore bet the following:

  • George Hincapie will find a way to join the team.
  • Alberto Contador will find a way to leave the team formerly known as Astana for some other team. He’s at the top of his game; he won’t want to play second fiddle to Lance. Something tells me he won’t have a difficult time finding a new team to race for.
  • Rock Racing will look even more ridiculous whenever they race alongside Team LiveStrong. Consider: one team is dedicated to fighting cancer, the other team is dedicated to selling very expensive pants (among other very expensive things).
  • FatCyclist.com will make a case to many people at LiveStrong that it should be the official blogger of Team LiveStrong. This case will take the form of open letters. Ultimately, I believe that these pleas will not be successful. But it’s worth trying anyway.

What do you think Armstrong will announce on 9/24? By all means, feel free to augment, supplement, or debunk my theory with your own.


  1. Comment by graisseux | 09.19.2008 | 10:16 am

    Starting “Team Livestrong” was one of my first thoughts too, so it isn’t all that nutty an idea. I’m not sure how long Astana will keep the Astana name, but perhaps Team Astana will simply become Team Livestrong. After all, his Snowmass team was named Team Livestrong and he wore a Livestrong jersey at Leadville, so I think it’s a very plausible theory.

  2. Comment by shane | 09.19.2008 | 10:17 am

    but then any athletes who wear a livestrong bracelette will have to get rid of it, or else support their opposing team…

  3. Comment by Benny | 09.19.2008 | 10:17 am

    I honestly thought that read a rumor to this effect somewhere online yesterday, but last night when someone asked me where I had heard (nice guy I met at the squaw peak overlook, the old owner of Gourmet Bikes in Provo) it I couldn’t remember a reference.

    Either way I count myself as hearing on this blog first and will vote for fatty to be the official blogger.

  4. Comment by tom | 09.19.2008 | 10:19 am

    Check out Joe Lindsay’s analysis at http://boulderreport.bicycling.com/2008/09/whats-armstrong.html

    Pertinent section to this discussion is
    “Because maybe Bruyneel isn’t returning with Astana either. The cycling team known as Astana is really Olympus Sarl, a holding company based in Luxembourg that is wholly owned by Johan Bruyneel. Bruyneel holds the UCI racing license for the team. His company employs the staff and directors. He owns the team busses and cars, signs the sponsor agreements for equipment and cash and has full operational control over the entire apparatus. Most crucially, when riders sign contracts, they do so with Bruyneel and Olympus, not the Kazakh sponsors. The smart money says get ready for something like Team Livestrong, presented by Nike.”

  5. Comment by CJ | 09.19.2008 | 10:20 am

    Well Fatty I could not agree with your theroy more. After seeing Lance’s Team Livestrong at Snowmass…I said to someone next to me “I bet that is his team for the TDF.” What better way to gain awareness for his cause then to have the cause as the team name. I am surprised that he isn’t riding for “Team Fat Cyclist” though….Just another idea,

  6. Comment by tom | 09.19.2008 | 10:20 am

    oops – that’s Joe Lindsey

  7. Comment by Carl | 09.19.2008 | 10:24 am

    I buy your theory. Let’s hope it becomes reality.

  8. Comment by Amy | 09.19.2008 | 10:26 am

    I like it. Furthermore, I’ll be kind of disappointed if it doesn’t happen that way. And in your bid to be the official blogger of Team LiveStrong, don’t forget to mention that you’ve won a major award…

  9. Comment by jason | 09.19.2008 | 10:28 am

    Main problem with forming a new team, is that it is difficult to guarantee entry to the tour de france(they have some discretion over who they invite- but there are a set of teams that should be insured entry barring a disqualifying factor). However, it is strange that Lance would ride for a team is sponsored by a coalition of Kazakhstan state-owned companies(maybe it would be a sort of apology for ‘Borat’).

  10. Comment by bikemike | 09.19.2008 | 10:33 am

    Team Livestrong is the only way it will work and i’m sure, no matter where he goes, that’ll be the name.

    go by the Gita booth at the show, they’re the distributors for the Livestrong clothing. it’s nice stuff.

    Lance will probably be looking for you at the show, now that he knows where you’ll be.

  11. Comment by Pammap | 09.19.2008 | 10:34 am

    I love what Lance has done for the cancer fight but, let’s face it, he’s not a backseat kind of guy. It makes total sense that the team will be something of his own design and LiveSTRONG is the obvious choice. Nice catch, FC.

    I’m with Amy, he will naturally want an award winner as his official blogger and don’t forget that he’s already heard of you courtesy of Mike’s “WIN SUSAN” achievements.

  12. Comment by dino | 09.19.2008 | 10:36 am

    Your Puma ad is really funny.
    “Click here to experience the Infinitus.”


  13. Comment by Gillian | 09.19.2008 | 10:39 am

    Who do I write to in order to request that FatCyclist be the official LiveSTRONG blog??? Who do I pester?? Let me at them!!!!

  14. Comment by KanyonKris | 09.19.2008 | 10:39 am

    Team LiveSTRONG – I like you’re theory.

    And the jersey will already be the right color (I bet ASO has a rule against team jerseys looking too much like any of the special leader jerseys).

  15. Comment by Rob | 09.19.2008 | 10:58 am

    It’s the only explanation that makes senses. And let’s be clear….Team Livestrong will have a primary mission MUCH more noble than to be “a team branded not to sell a product or company”. But Nike and Trek are gonna sell a LOT of team kits and bikes. A LOT!!!

  16. Comment by fatty | 09.19.2008 | 11:00 am

    rob – they sure will, and i’m totally cool with that. i’m a big fan of enlightened capitalism.

  17. Comment by Mary | 09.19.2008 | 11:06 am

    I can’t see Kazakh billionaires, let alone their government, letting loose of their eponymous team. They have supported it through good times and bad, unlike many, many other team sponsors, and they deserve the publicity and rewards that come with success. Besides, why should they stop now just when it’s getting interesting?

  18. Comment by DiscoBill | 09.19.2008 | 11:13 am

    Lance is outstanding, and a fantastic anti-cancer spokesperson, but at his age and having been out a few years, he might be better (and the team would be better) if he were captain/spokesperson/Inspirational Leader and chief support dude to Alberto Contador.

  19. Comment by Lifesgreat | 09.19.2008 | 11:14 am

    I was thinking the same thing a few days ago-Lance being on a team where he controls the agenda. Since his agenda is increasing the awareness of and fighting cancer, I am fine with his controlling a team’s agenda.

  20. Comment by Maria | 09.19.2008 | 11:17 am

    I find your theory plausible, but personally, I’d like to see an official Team Fatty form. Not only mountain and road, but velodrome racing as well. All wearing a team kit colored with Win Susan pink. Of course, since you like it so much, you can always add all the swirly designs around the clydesdale like Rock does with their skulls :-D

  21. Comment by System6 | 09.19.2008 | 11:18 am

    Confirming FC’s suspicions, please note, dear FC, that:

    a) For the record, I beat your prognostication by several hours. If it turns out to be right, then someday I’ll die happy knowing this. Hopefully not soon.

    b) I got authentic second-hand inside-info over beer from the father of a well known pro racer, except that he didn’t exactly say this, but I’m sure I followed what he was hinting at.


    The article contains a photo that proves unequivocally that two people are standing together, and one of them looks like George Hincapie’s dad, and the other one looks like he had plenty of beer.

  22. Comment by Hamish A | 09.19.2008 | 11:24 am

    I’m pretty sure I saw a rumored approach by someone connected in some way to Lance to a team that was looking for a new sponsor reported on Bikeradar a little while back, this surfaced shortly after the announcement that he was coming back.

    Regardless, if it turns out to be fact then it will be forever known as a Fatty Fact!

    I’d love to see ‘Big George’ riding with Lance again and I really don’t think his (Lances) age is going to be as big a factor as people seem to think it will. Besides, all the other teams will be too intimidated by the return of Lances Look ™ to risk attacking, especially if he’s riding for such a worthy cause!

    Enjoy Interbike, I’m sorry I won’t be there to whoop you up from the crowd but plans had to change, I’ll be watching you via the online video feed though. Umm… or something that sounds much less stalker-ish…

    Win Susan!!

  23. Comment by getinlost | 09.19.2008 | 11:25 am

    This “theory” is not new to me. It was a topic of a conversation at work shortly after the rumors of Armstrong coming back surfaced. But I’ll also go with “I heard it on The Fat Cyclist first” line.

    WIN Susan!

  24. Comment by Al Maviva | 09.19.2008 | 11:29 am

    There’s only one option here. Lance needs a plausible name, something believable to hide some of the implausibilities of his past, and future racing success. It can only be one name:

    Team McLovin.

    I’m telling you, it will pull the ladies. The hot ones. ‘Cuz who wants to be seen with bowswers like Cheryl Crow, the Olson Twins, Matthew Mconnaugheyghe (it’s a Flemish name, means “skinny chick with a beard”) or that Kate Hudson chick, about whom it’s been said, “you can put lipstick on a Kate Hudson, but…? Not me, and not Lance A. McLovin, either.

    And what’s your problem with Michael Ball? You talk about overpriced pants like there’s something wrong with them. As a man who wears Armani pants (when he’s able to get away with shoplifting them) I have to stand up for overpriced pants. Lord knows, they can’t stand up for themselves. Well, unless you’re like a homeless crazy guy who walks around muttering to yourself and have done unthinkable things in the pants and never washed them or something, like Tyler Hamilton, or Greg Lemond in the first stages of his dementia, circa 2002.

  25. Comment by Scott in Owatonna, MN | 09.19.2008 | 11:35 am

    I, like many others, thought that exact same theory! I’ve often wondered since he retired and Discovery folded why the LAF didn’t become the title sponsor and form a LiveStrong team.

  26. Comment by Timrey | 09.19.2008 | 11:38 am

    I was asking this question on cycling forums when I first heard the news a while back. Not knowing a great deal about behind the scenes of racing I accepted the seemingly knowledge-based answer that it was impossible. I am grateful for your reminder that, especially with Lance, nothing is impossible.
    After the recent mess in the TdF it would be awesome and certainly get me watching again.
    So, I’ll give you credit. Fatty Fake News becomes Fatty Fact.

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  28. Comment by Jeff | 09.19.2008 | 11:45 am

    I look forward to those open letters, and the upcoming FCFNS announcement.

    A plausible scenario for sure–I can’t imagine Lance coming back with anything less than 100% control over his TdF team roster, and anything less than 100% focus on his GC result. Not because of ego, but simply because anything other than an 8th win is likely to be seen as a failure.

  29. Comment by Uphill Battle | 09.19.2008 | 11:49 am

    Fatty, I think it makes sense. Sponsors are there for their own purposes…promoting their product or service. Why not promote his foundation and the fight against cancer? Makes perfect sense to me.

  30. Comment by Emily | 09.19.2008 | 12:20 pm

    I would take that Hincapie bet. Maybe Lance’ll go one farther and really try to “get the band back together”… calling up the old Postal teammates like he’s reinacting a scene from the Blues Brothers.
    I mean, theres always Floyd, he seems to be at loose ends these days. And Levi seems, well, unsatisified? Hmmm.

  31. Comment by AMG in Texas | 09.19.2008 | 12:20 pm

    Fatty, I think that Lance is coming back to cycling since he found out that running marathons does something special to your body the same way his cancer treatment did to him when he last came back to cycling. Sneaky fella, Im sure. Must be a sure bet in it.

    The real team name will be Team OCP (Overwieght Couch Potatoes). I can just imagine the jersey design with the chocolate covered donuts with whipped cream… Imagine the marketing impact to all of the Overweight Couch Potatoes who really want to lose weight but have no vehicle to do so. Why not a bike? Lance is such an inspiration. I can foresee the reality TV show about him taking several overweight cycling wannabes and mold them into top shape. Weight loss plan? Tired of being Tired? Their slogan: “We ride to lose (not really)”. I think this team concept fits the bill.

    There must be a movie deal in this somewhere… can I have the rights?

  32. Comment by Heatherann | 09.19.2008 | 12:44 pm

    If that’s not his plan, it should be!

  33. Comment by Paul Johnson | 09.19.2008 | 12:48 pm

    I thought this too. Not so much because it furthers his interests, but because I’m wondering what team will have him. OK, maybe many sponsors will want him (It’s all about the ‘Pub” after all) but what riders, DS’s etc. want ‘my way or the highway’ Armstrong on the squad? These days, I think the only way he can do it his way is to own the team himself or maybe ride for Team Mafia.

    In the past the winning formula was first, last, and always, everyone rides for the Boss. And secondly, he made his hay by hiring other legitimate contenders or at least top ten contenders as domestiques. I believe many riders will feel resentment that he’s back, won’t want to ride for him (he had his time, now it’s our time) and will work all the harder (on other teams) to beat him. “I beat Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France!” might rank right up there with a stage jersey.

    But I’ll play along with the side bets, hows this:

    1. I bet Ivan Basso rides for Livestrong (when will he be eligible to return?)

    2. I bet he gets Merck on board as a sponsor,

    3. I bet there are at least two large, multi-million dollar lawsuits between Team Livestrong and Rock Racing, whith several smaller multi-million dollar law suites between Lance Armstrong and Michael Ball.

    4. I bet Lance Armstrong petitions the Tour de France to allow Team Livestrong ro ride in all yellow kit.

    5. I bet this petition is denied but

    6. I bet that team Livestrong comes up with some clever, not quite all yellow kit. Oh, and

    7. I bet he puts a call into his pal Nick Sakozy when he does nto get his way,

    8. I bet Arnstrong takes a hit in the media for spending a huge amount of Livestrong money on the TdF team expenses.

    and here is the out on a limb bet:

    9. I bet Lance Armstrong never wins another Tour de France.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wish the best for Armstrong, and I would be happy to loose bet #9, but I’d just rather see him do what he’s doing or try to find some other venue to advocate for cancer research funding and all the oher things that Livestrong helps with.

    Oh and BTW, Rock Racing looking even more rediculous? I dunno, they are pretty hard to be as is.

    Yr Pal, Dr Codfish

  34. Comment by pipebaum | 09.19.2008 | 12:51 pm

    Contador stays around to defend his Giro and Vuelta titles, he can come back to the tour in 2010.

  35. Comment by Jim | 09.19.2008 | 12:57 pm


    I think it’s obvious he’s already joined Team Fat Cyclist – we all saw his “WIN Susan” pic, afterall. And that would pretty much make you the official blogger, too.

    Nice try – you can’t throw us off the obvious truth that easily! But we understand you have to keep it secret until it’s official. We promise not to tell.



  36. Comment by monkeywebb | 09.19.2008 | 1:06 pm

    My first guess was that he’d be announcing a new super-efficient drip watering system which would reduce his ranch’s water usage by 78%, but I think you’re a little closer to reality than I am.

    Since the yellow team colors will probably be a problem for the TdF, perhaps you could get T6 to fire off a special run of pink FC kit. After seeing how well Contador has done in baby blue I’m sure Lance would consider pink shorts.

  37. Comment by Bitter (formerly known as Lissee) | 09.19.2008 | 1:06 pm

    My favorite parts lol

    “But I like my theory, so I’m going to bring it up anyway, in the hope that you too will like this theory, and you’ll spread it as if it were fact. And then it will become rumor.”

    Al Mavia, of course.

    and BikeMike
    “Lance will probably be looking for you at the show, now that he knows where you’ll be.”

  38. Comment by Drew | 09.19.2008 | 1:17 pm

    I hate to nitpick, but if this is true:

    I have a crazy theory. I’m almost entirely sure it’s wrong, what with the teeny little problem that I have exactly zero facts (or even rumors) to support it.
    then it cannot be a theory. Theories are well supported by facts and evidence. What you have sir, is a hypothosis.

    Now that we have that out of the way, I think your hypothosis is a great idea, and I hope that it works out that way. When I first heard the news from Lance himself, in a personal email to my private email address, I thought much the same. A new team like Garmin, only LiveSTRONG.

    I do not have any pro cycling jerseys, but I do own a LiveSTRONG jersey, so my question for anyone with style sense would be, is it ok to keep wearing it, or should I retire it should Fatty be correct?

  39. Comment by Kathleen | 09.19.2008 | 1:30 pm

    Well I have to say that SOME of you folks are super tuned into the whole cycling rumour mill…very impressive.

    I’ll shout loud and clear for Fatty when it comes time to vote for Team Livestrong blogger rights.

    WIN Susan!

  40. Comment by joe blow | 09.19.2008 | 1:39 pm

    Neat theory. But, as someone alluded to above, I don’t think you can just start a team and sign up for the Tour de France. You need a license, and the team needs cred (which I think you get through racing in other things) to get invited. And, its not like the French love him. They are sort of tepid on the guy. I think Sandy Casar would have a better chance of starting “Team Casar” that can’t compete with the big boys and would still get invited to the Tour. Check that. Sandy Casar is already on that team. Never mind.

  41. Comment by KC - Kendra | 09.19.2008 | 1:46 pm

    I like this theory and if it comes to fruitition I will be even happier. I had a hard time imagining how Lance could go back to racing to promote cancer awareness and do more good than he already is now. But having his own team riding to raise money for cancer that would definitely add to what is currently being done. Hmmm….it will be interesting to see what happens.

  42. Comment by Juls | 09.19.2008 | 1:48 pm

    Great theory, Fatty! I do have to say, though, the members of the Paceline Forum had the Team LiveStrong idea last summer (2007). True, it didn’t involve Armstrong riding, but it had the name, the team, the kits and the sponsors all lined out.

    I was just trying to come up with a way to continue the team (prior to knowing about Astana).

    I think it is a great idea. Maybe this will bring back the LiveStrong Challenge – sponsoring riders for the season. You pick which riders you want to sponsor, select the $ amount you wish to pledge, then for every mile that rider(s), multiply the $ amount you pledged.
    The people who sponsored the riders and pledged the money could win all kinds of things: signed jersey’s, trips with VIP tickets to see US races, etc…
    And…money was raised for an excellent cause.

    I am all for Team LiveStrong.

  43. Comment by Formely Bent022 | 09.19.2008 | 1:49 pm

    Fatty – First I think you are right and Team LiveStrong would not be the first to be a team with a message instead of a sponsor’s name. Currently there is Team Type 1 (http://www.teamtype1.org/) which raises awareness of type 1 diabetes and some of the riders on the team are diabetic.
    See you in Vegas!

  44. Comment by rexinsea | 09.19.2008 | 1:59 pm

    hmm.. I seem to remember reading this theory on the Internet earlier today. Therefore it might be a fact. Fatty, I think your theory has officially become rumor!

  45. Comment by Big Boned | 09.19.2008 | 2:15 pm

    With all these “I already knew that” responses, I fear that I’m the only one on the planet (other than YOU) who already knew that…
    At least I’m in good company on the short bus!

  46. Comment by Rod Newbound, RN | 09.19.2008 | 2:27 pm

    OK, so it’s a good idea, even if the theory doesn’t never gets beyond the rumor stage.

    I also have a theory… admittedly only peripherally related.

    Lance Armstrong will be strong enough to eventually effect a cure for cancer by bringing together a group of people who really have that as a goal. This cure will come about by focusing on the underlying structure of all creation – vibration.

    The reason it will be necessary to have such a strong person like Lance Armstrong, as he will have to overcome the self-serving objections and political clout of the current cancer economy that will collapse when a real cure is brought to the people.

  47. Comment by dan | 09.19.2008 | 2:54 pm

    It would be amazing to have a team Livestrong! I would vote for, cheer for and put my heart and soul into the best team in the world. The only thing better than him announcing (possibly) this at Interbike, is if he would announce it on 10/2, the day he was diagnosed with cancer.

    Oh, let the planets be aligned and may this dream become a reality!

    Win Susan…

    Your never met friend,
    Dan (aka Happy Rider)

  48. Comment by Paul | 09.19.2008 | 3:02 pm

    I think if Lance reads this he will execute your plan. I can’t see any reason why not. It’s so full of win!

    Speaking of win

  49. Comment by Clydesteve | 09.19.2008 | 3:22 pm

    The coolest LiveSTRONG jerseys are mostly black, with yellow highlights. I don;t think they would have to tone down the jeaune in this kit http://www.store-laf.org/sg-2000.html much to get it to work.

    Note: – As you can see Fatty, I have already COMPLETLY bought in to your theory. I am busy spreading the rumor and considering the pertient details.

  50. Comment by El Animal | 09.19.2008 | 3:33 pm

    Fatty, did you know that Lance is launching his own team? “LiveStrong”….I heard it from somebody down the street.

  51. Comment by Tim Jordan | 09.19.2008 | 3:53 pm

    Yeah, screw Rock Racing with their expensive pants and their Professional Cyclist Catastrophic Injury Fund and their sponsorship of races and their general efforts to promote the sport of cycling and their rider-empowering team. What a bunch of asses!

  52. Comment by Philly Jen | 09.19.2008 | 6:58 pm

    Team LiveStrong would be awesome, especially with Big George. The black kits with the yellow highlights are already very attractive, not to mention slimming. Sidney Kimmel and Jon Huntsman as major sponsors, FTW.

  53. Comment by Dobovedo | 09.19.2008 | 7:06 pm

    A couple of commentors mentioned they thought they saw something about Lance forming a Livestrong team somewhere previously. It was on Cycling News a few days ago.

    “Another possibility is that Armstrong may well set up an entirely new team. Racing in an Astana jersey is not going to get his message out there as effectively as one embossed with Livestrong livery.”


  54. Comment by Dobovedo | 09.19.2008 | 7:13 pm

    Oh… but Fatty’s theory was way more original and interesting.

    I have also heard rumors, not related to Armstrong’s announcement, that Astana was going to be replaced by a new unnamed sponsor.

    Put the two together and I’ll throw my best guess out there: Team Nike-Livestrong?

  55. Comment by Marla | 09.19.2008 | 8:01 pm

    I think that would be wonderful. It’d sure make me watch the Tour again and get excited about it. And I’d vote for you as official blogger! Keep the steam rolling on this one:)

  56. Comment by Bike RIder Guy | 09.19.2008 | 9:00 pm

    Lance and Nike should buy the licence for Cofidis or Credit Agricole. Rename the team to Livestrong-Nike. The team races under the a French team licence so there would be no problems getting a start for a TDF. It would be seen as un-patriotic (if that’s a word) if they were rejected.

    Get some of the French guys that from those two teams that are unsigned for next year. Lance would be the saviour for French cycling!

  57. Comment by Bombadil | 09.19.2008 | 10:26 pm

    Rumor has it Armstrong has dropped Astana and has instead joined Team Rivendell, led by Grant Petersen.

    Since this is the Tour de France, the team will be riding the lugged steel Atlantis touring bike, complete with racks, front and rear panniers, generator hub, lights, 36 spoke wheels and Schwalbe ‘Big Apple’ racing tires.

    Armstrong feels any time lost due to excess weight will be recaptured in momentum during the downhill stages. Riders will have the option of adding fairings to gain an aerodynamic advantage.

    “It IS all about the bike, after all!” exclaimed Armstrong. “By riding a fine classic lugged steel bicycle, not only are we actually gaining a weight and durability advantage over our carbon fiber counterparts, but we are adding style points…if the Tour de France actually awarded style points.”

    The stoic Grant Petersen had no comment. Sources close to Rivendell say he is busy formulating strategy and designing a classic custom wool jersey for the event. Cycling caps are required, however, helmets will be optional.

  58. Comment by MikeonHisBike | 09.19.2008 | 11:28 pm

    I think your dead on Fatty. The only way he’ll do it though is if Bruyneel somehow is his coach. I don’t think he’d race without him.


  59. Comment by MikeonHisBike | 09.19.2008 | 11:29 pm

    I think your dead on Fatty. The only way he’ll do it though is if Bruyneel somehow is his coach. I don’t think he’d race without him.


  60. Comment by Mary | 09.20.2008 | 12:15 am

    Oh, I can easily envision an Astana-Livestrong pairing. The Kazakh billionaires would love that, it would add further class to their investment. But Lance Armstrong would be a fool to start a pick-up team from scratch, as many of you here suggest. He would not win with it.

  61. Comment by Mike Roadie | 09.20.2008 | 3:49 am

    It is definitely in the works….and as for marketing, what better vehicle than Nike?? And Nike already donates 100% of the proceeds from the sale of LiveSTRONG items to the LAF!!!

    I’ll ask him (he hasn’t returned my Happy Birthday e-mail from earlier in the week, yet).

    Enjoy Interbike!


  62. Comment by Swedoz | 09.20.2008 | 4:12 am

    Wow just saw exactly the same thing here:


    Well kind of, I think Fatty´s idea is even crazier and more likely to be true. Whatever happened to going out on top and staying out.

  63. Comment by Dzrtrat | 09.20.2008 | 6:41 am

    I believe your theory is definitely plausible, I think in all actuality that would be what he would need to do if he is wanting to raise awareness. I don’t race, don’t want to race, I don’t own a single stitch of lycra, and for the most part the other names that have been mentioned above ….well…I wouldn’t know them from Adam, however, Mr. Armstrong is known to everyone and you can hear cheering even by those who don’t know a seat post from a kickstand.

    Commuter Trash,

  64. Comment by Sandy B | 09.20.2008 | 7:18 am

    I love your theory, and have the feeling you might be right.

  65. Comment by wing-nut | 09.20.2008 | 10:53 am

    I mentioned the same theory in comments after your first fake-news post.

    Maybe Lance is not so sure he will another TdF.
    Maybe he is not so sure the French will let him or his new team race again.
    Maybe he wants more money from product sales.
    Maybe he will get all this publicity and profit by saying “I want to race again” all the while knowing he hasn’t a chance.

    His next announcement: “I woulda kicked their butts”

  66. Comment by wing-nut | 09.20.2008 | 10:54 am

    oops 1st maybe: Maybe Lance is not so sure he will win another TdF

  67. Comment by BotchedExperiment | 09.20.2008 | 4:59 pm

    I think he will announce that in order to kick-start his weight loss for the comeback, he’s had the other testicle removed. As such, he’s going to race the TDF in a class by himself: Cat0.

    Further, he’ll want to bring attention to the plight of eunuchs everywhere, so the name of the new team will probably be Eunuchs-LiveStrong.

  68. Comment by Dobovedo | 09.20.2008 | 10:46 pm

    Hmmm… Amgen-Livestrong?

    He could simultaneously take over Astana, get back his entire team (riders and staff and directors), further his LiveSTRONG cause (and planned future political agenda), piss off the French (even more), make the Tour of California profitable (and win it too), and save the Tour of Georgia from extinction (again).

  69. Comment by Big Mike In Oz | 09.21.2008 | 4:26 am

    It still hasn’t been said. I can’t believe I camped on this for 48 hours to let someone else have the glory and it never happened.

    Lance is waiting until Interbike to make the announcement because he still doesn’t have an announcement to make. He knows he’s going to say something important but until he consults with THE FAT CYCLIST he has no idea what direction this project is going to take.

  70. Comment by Bjorn 4 Lycra | 09.21.2008 | 5:27 am

    What a brilliant idea. I know a lot of other people have said they heard it elsewhere or thought of it themselves and they may well have done but it only becomes official as hypothisis bordering on theory approaching fact when the yet to be announced official blogger for the Team Livestrong says it. Ok suck up finished.

    Just a comment though a lot of people don’t think he can win the TDF again but that’s not really the point is it. Sure he’s going to try and I for one hope he does but if not he is still going to be around the mark and getting the message out and growing the support and the next step will be to WIN the fight. There is a chance he will ride down under in our tour and the buzz here is huge. Surely that’s the point it’s all about the buzz.

    Have fun at Interbike – whatever it is.

  71. Comment by blinddrew | 09.21.2008 | 5:41 am

    i propose the following twist:
    Team Astana-LiveSTRONG.
    The team and manager is in place, the legalities and licenses are there as are the mechanisms for promotion and operation.
    This, i accept, has been mentioned above, so here comes the twist:
    Lance (or Mr Armstrong as i prefer to think of him) will actually ride as a chief domestique to Contador.
    Wait, wait! it’s not that crazy! Listen…
    Mr A is doing this for the foundation, it’s about getting that jersey on the podium and the name in the papers as often as possible. That’s his motivation, his true motivation. What better way to do this than by supporting probably the best GC rider around at the moment. Those who think he couldn’t be this selfless need just look at what he’s done since retiring.
    Think also of how this would mitigate any rumours around drugs etc – he’s just the domestique, he’s not the challenger, why focus on bad press for a dom? It sidelines that who line of built-up vitriol.
    Ultimately consider two possibilities: Contador on the winners podium wearing his dual-branded astana LiveSTRONG top saying his team and Mr A helped get him there,
    Mr A, as his team’s highest finisher, languishing down in 18th spot on the GC and getting just a couple of lines mention in the more dedicated of the sporting papers.
    I’m going with my theory and hoping that by posting it on Fatty’s site i will piggy-back on his rumour mill!


  72. Comment by Travis | 09.21.2008 | 7:55 am

    yeah, they will be a Team LiveStrong, as he said recently, he wants to race around the World, therefore promoting the Fight against the Big C.

  73. Comment by KatieA978 | 09.21.2008 | 4:44 pm

    Saw the same article as Swedoz – theory has it (theory, being that it was a news article, and therefore more highly regarded than a hypothesis) that Lance is buying the ASO – which covers marathons, cycling events, etc.

    My votes on this one, as I have an Australian newspaper article to back it up. And we know so much about European cycling teams, companies and racing. :)

  74. Comment by Carl Hogg | 09.21.2008 | 6:41 pm

    here’s my variation on your theory fatty. Lance should not buy Astana, but buy out the Lotto sponsorship of silence lotto, thus changing their name to “Silence Cancer”, with livestorng as sub sponsors. he would get enough exposure that he wouldnt need to win and would win many new fans if he in fact helped Cadel win the TDF.

  75. Comment by DougG | 09.21.2008 | 7:01 pm

    I agree he will have his own team. But it will be called Team Cervelo LiveStrong. After all Cervelo is forming their own team. What better way to promote it than to have Lance at the helm? I think their philosophy would work nicley with what Lance is trying to do also.

  76. Comment by LanterneRouge | 09.21.2008 | 7:01 pm

    Fatty, your ideas are are intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  77. Comment by Korps | 09.21.2008 | 8:59 pm

    I think your right. Would that not be the bee’s knee’s if cycling did something for others!!

  78. Comment by buckythedonkey | 09.22.2008 | 2:39 am

    I really hope that this is true. A LiveStrong team would be an amazing platform for the campaign. I think you’d be crazy not to offer yourself up as part of their communications team. I think I’m being serious here.

    > Rock Racing … to selling very expensive pants

    There are two British definitions of “pants” that make this concept hilarious. Did anybody see them in their ghastly Harrods livery on Day 1 of the Tour of Britain? Ugh!


  79. Comment by FliesOnly | 09.22.2008 | 5:06 am

    Nice idea Fatty. However, I have just one small, tiny, itsi-bitsi problem with your post. What you have is a hypothesis, not a theory.

    Sorry, but as science educator, it’s sort of a pet-peeve of mine…the all too common misuse of the word “theory”.

    Nonetheless, I would not be in the least bit surprised to see you hypothesis confirmed in the not too distant future.

  80. Comment by Ethan | 09.22.2008 | 10:18 am

    Someone else posited this theory about a week ago (on velonews.com).

    Regarding Astana and the whole Contador/Armstrong thing, I would say this: Lance’s comeback will certainly be the biggest story of 2009. Heck, it might be the only story of 2009. And any team would love to be on the receiving end of all that (presumably) positive publicity.

    HOWEVER, it would be extremely foolish and short-sighted to put a long-term relationship with Contador in jeopardy in order to form a short-term relationship with Armstrong. Alberto is 3 for 3 in Grand Tour victories since July 2007. Armstrong might have a killer season next year….he might win all 5 races that he enters…but what about 2010? and 2011? and 2012???

    Contador has more of a future (on the bike) than Armstrong does. I hope that Bruyneel keeps that in mind.

  81. Comment by Kt | 09.22.2008 | 11:28 am

    Re: Livestrong team colors and what to wear on the TdF: is Saunier Duval can wear yellow kit, then the Livestrong team would be able to wear yellow kit.

    But, as someone posted above, the coolest Livestrong jerseys and gear come in black with yellow highlights. The only draw-back I can see is riding in all black during the heat of July in Southern France. Call me crazy, but that does NOT sound like fun.

    This will be interesting to see play out, to be sure!

    WIN SUSAN!!!

  82. Comment by Mel | 09.22.2008 | 11:30 am

    Fatty, you’re a genius – this surely is exactly what’s going to be announced on Wednesday.

    As for an all-yellow kit upsetting the TdF organisers, Saunier-Duval got away with it:
    http://scottusa.com/news/bike/790/saunier_duval_and_scott_an_unshakable_alliance (unshakable until their riders got caught doping, anyway!)


  83. Comment by Cyclechic | 09.22.2008 | 12:15 pm

    Hi Fatty

    I rode in the “Tour De Woodside” with my fatcyclist.com Jersey on yesterday. I got a ton of shout outs plus a lot of people asking about the Jersey. I was proud to show everyone the checklist inside the pocket and share your story. Thanks for doing all you do!

    Win Susan!!!!

    Oh and…I’ve been boycotting the Tour De France by not watching it these past couple of years. Team Livestrong may actually bring me back.

  84. Comment by John Daigle | 09.22.2008 | 2:26 pm

    What about a relationship with High Road instead of Astana? He wants to do the same sort of things they advertise (clean sport, open doors), and they’ve got Hincapie. It’s an American team–Crucial to the US fan–and I don’t see any major conflicts between his sponsors and theirs.

  85. Comment by SurlyCommuter | 09.22.2008 | 2:48 pm

    The only blow I can see against your lead-pipe-cinch theory is the date of the announcement. If he can announce on 9/24 – surely he could announce it on a date with a bunch more significance for him – 10/2

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  87. Comment by Mtbnomore | 09.23.2008 | 2:34 pm

    I think you’re on to something here. In fact, I’d say you’re probably dead on.

  88. Comment by Timrey | 09.23.2008 | 3:55 pm

    How about this as an ad for your site?

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